• 10 Jul

    Take A Moment Today

    Blog Post

    Please remember to be kind to you

    IF you can and WHEN you can, take WHATEVER moments you can to do a little something for you

    I promise you if you are constantly GOGOGOGOGO not only will you break eventually; but it gets harder and harder to get back up when you test – and push past – your limits

    ON is important as OFF – I’ve learned this the hard way… That and life, fuck the WORLD right now, is a hard place

    Take a moment today – my advice – and just do something small for you

    It makes all the difference… 

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  • Today I am rehabbing my dad, and I wanted to share a lesson from this

    MANY of you reading this have skills, talents and expertise that – due to time – you have forgotten

    Lately I’ve got back into doing into ‘hustle’ mode as thats what I built my entire business on

    Hard work repeated daily (as well as being enjoyable it gives me purpose)

    That – with a little bit of help with a rehab specialist – I’m helping dad get mobility back after the shitstorm of operations he had

    Sounds daft but I had ‘forgotten’ that I was a pretty fucking good and highly qualified PT with 14,000+ hours delivered ‘on the tools’

    I know what I’m doing and I’m smart enough to get help as well

    Right now, life might be confusing as fuck for you

    But take a moment to remember all the shit you are good at and see how you can apply that to your world right now

    You have skills that can change lives and the only thing stopping you putting that out there is you

    Crack on



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  • 3 Jul

    Keep Goating

    Blog Post

    Yesterday I had a nice surprise

    When I was on the phone with my mentees, the goat – aka my dad – just ‘appeared’ in the hallway

    Not in a spectral force-ghost kinda way, mum said she was nipping out to get the shopping…

    …and she came home with my dad

    (I was hoping for snacks…but the goat probably better lol)

    Now because the world is a cynical and jaded place when it comes to many entrepreneurial things – nothing is sacred – I’ll cover exactly what HE said to me:

    1. ‘Can you make a few quid off me coming back’

    2. ‘You should sell a thing you do on the internet I can teach goaty sales and we can spend the money on the nurses who helped me’

    3. ‘Would your people from the internet want a book, I could write it called ‘the wisdom of goat…they can add it to yours’

    Bear in mind he has been in hospital for 3 weeks, had 6 pages of procedures done and – I know I joke but he shouldn’t even be here now

    (The doctors were genuinely surprised that he was there on the Monday after seeing him a week ago Friday)

    He does crack me up with his cheeky and shameless ways


    (TBH I’m probably going to do all of the above with him while I can because he wants to do it…I’ll do anything he wants – no questions asked)

    So anyways I’ve learned a lot from my dad; but lately I’ve simply just been proud

    I don’t know how he got through what he did, I’m not gonna go into detail out of respect to him – but he wanted me to share this

    So I am

    If I can pass on ONE piece of advice form him to you, it’s this


    That’s it

    As long as you are still alive it’s your duty to keep fucking going – as best you can – for a as long as you can

    I’m sure in the quiet hours dad didn’t want to keep going

    But he’s a husband and a father and equally even at the age of 69 (#lol) he still wants to look after and provide – however he can – for his family

    Shit proper choked me up eh?

    So I’ll level with you; there has been multiple times both personally and professionally when I have wanted to give up


    But I didn’t

    Even when I was this *makes very small gap with fingers* close to saying:

    ‘FUCK IT’

    – I’m out –

    I keep going

    Not because I was told to, but because the goat and mum and my sister lead by example

    Everyone should of quit but no one did

    Now I don’t know if it’s because I’m smart or dumb or some mixture that seems to work

    No idea

    But even when I don’t want to I keep going, and as much as I learned anything from goat it’s exactly that and I do

    It’s that to you HAVE to keep going ESPECIALLY when you don’t want to

    Because as long as your heart beats in your chest, you can still change your life for the better

    And that’s that

    I’ll be back to more ‘entrepreneurialy’ things from tomorrow onwards; but you’ve been patient with me last few weeks

    – hence wanted to update you as to whats happening –

    We ain’t out the woods yet (gotta help build him up for chemo next, dusting off my PT boots 🤣) but I got him home and now it’s time for me to step up for him, my family AND you…

    …tomorrow 😉


    Right, I’m off to go get the shopping for everyone seeing as mother didn’t yesterday the little liar that she is…🤣

    Y’all have any idea how hard it is to bring home the weekly shop on a 170mph crotch rocket?!?


    Speak soon & fighting the good fight


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  • 29 Jun

    Check This Checklist

    Blog Post

    Why your free Facebook group (may) be shit, and what to do about it…a 20 point checklist

    Right, now – I get added to a lot of groups

    And thats cool, if it looks vaguely interesting ill stay and have a nose around – as a rule I am less than impressed

    Do I think I am the bee’s knees at FB groups?

    Well, Im pretty good – but one thing I AM – is very, very observant (and I’m a little be smarter than people give me credit for ha)

    So below is a little checklist I put together a while back about what you are doing wrong, and will help you focus on what you can do to fix it. I have spent a LONG time studying groups, tribes, social dynamics – Im quite a geek about this!

    The groups that work have common themes of do’s and donts – this is a brain dump of the list, and if you have ANY problems with your group – whack them up below, and ill try give you some pointers as best I can

    RIghty-o, here we go

    1. you’re not consistent
    2. you don’t show up daily
    3. your sole purpose of the group is to make $$$
    4. you lose interest
    5. you mass add people without messaging them first
    6. you haven’t spent long enough building influence online before you create a group
    7. you try and take from the group (sell shit) before you add value (give shit)
    8. you don’t put your hand in your pocket (i.e. you don’t do prizes, give aways, treat people) or give your time freely without expecting anything in return
    9. you don’t enforce rules – have a clear ‘this is how the group works’
    10. you don’t make people feel welcome; you allow cliques to take a hold
    11. you don’t encourage/foster people who add value
    12. you don’t call out people for not contributing or taking without giving
    13. the the theme of your group is boring
    14. you don’t treat people like people – no fun/personal stuff
    15. you change what the group stands for too often
    16. you promote too often
    17. you let anyone in – you don’t have any ‘filters’ for who can/cannot come in
    18. you don’t know what curation is, and what it means to the group as a whole
    19. you are rigid; you don’t adapt with the group and its needs
    20. its all about you, when the focus should be on the community

    NOw, if your group is humming – people are commenting -good shit is going down?

    Ignore the above

    BUT, if its died off, you are losing interest or its just not working – run it though the above

    have a question on FB groups or commutes as a whole?

    You know what to do….its called comment below btw

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  • THANK YOU for not fucking this group up (and why the fact I don’t give a fuck what you think* = makes it work)

    The world – is quite frankly – lol

    As someone who has made a pretty penny of odd words, I simply don’t have the ability to convey my thoughts



    I digress

    You see that’s are groups bigger than this one…

    More popular than this one…

    More successful than this one…

    That’s for sure

    But so far it’s remains day to day:

    – spam free
    – argument free
    – dickhead free

    AND it’s ALSO free

    Which I think is pretty good tbh

    We have worked hard to set both the tone and the ethos for the group

    Yes some take advantage
    Yes some are snakes
    Yes some will only ever be here for their own good

    Humans are humans and do human things

    But as someone who has done this for a while, you have to if you run/lead anything is set the tone

    What you do/don’t stand for
    What you do/don’t belief
    What you will/won’t do

    And so forth

    Do I have views or opinions that some of you would fucking hate?

    Likely close to 100%

    Equally there are some of yours that, quite frankly, might me a little meh

    But do you see me wasting my time arguing with people online?

    Do you see me calling people our and being deliberately polarising?


    I simply can’t be arsed

    My opinions, thoughts and feelings are sovereign and my right to have

    – as are yours –

    But much like your ‘esoteric’ porn searches; they are for you to enjoy and keep to yourself most of the time

    Hence why we have such a diverse group

    There’s plenty of people who I am friends with/follow who I think talk utter shite in some matters

    And that’s cool

    Because I can separate the person from their beliefs and – believe it or not – I’m an adult and can have a good conversation without resorting to insults

    #socontroversial eh?

    I know some groups are a bit more of a free for all, pitch whatever you want, lots of drawn out posts, non stop engagement coloured boxes


    We have been around for 5 or 6 years now (I can’t remember lol) and bar a few very very rare occasions I’ve shown up here every day

    We will still be around for many, many years to come

    Because we set the tone right

    If you want to run a group, a movement, have a following – doesn’t really matter

    Getting the who/what/why bit right, plus leading from the front with those in the forefront of your mind is key

    That and understanding you are dealing with humans

    And humans are who frankly ridiculous

    (The sheer amount of effort and energy they expend to touch another human in the place where they wee from is quite hilarious when you think about it)

    Most humans at their core are good

    Some were bad and have now worked hard to be good

    And some are just complete scum

    It’s up to you to define who you want to work with and why, and you attract the right ones from the above medley by setting the tone and leading from the front

    Ultimately I judge people on what they do and how they do it, not what they say (or type on social media)

    Hence the * at the start:

    I simply don’t give a fuck what you believe in as long as you do good work, be as decent a human being as you can and try not to harm others

    Pretty fucking simple really

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  • You don’t want a “Dan” in your industry

    Might seem like a strange way of starting a post, But let me explain

    What I’m about to tell you?

    Probably the most important thing I know and try and impart

    Taking action will get you ahead quicker and more effectively than any other technique or strategy that exists

    There, I’ve said it, its out

    “The Magic bullet”

    The “One Weird Trick”

    “The Golden Key”

    Everything I’ve achieved?

    Everything I’ve earned?

    Every success I’ve ever had?

    All comes down to:


    See an opportunity – take an opportunity

    And that is why YOU don’t want a “Dan” in your industry

    A “Dan” will see an opportunity, take action and make bank while you’re still wondering if it’s even an opportunity

    It’s what I do, It’s how I’ve built all my businesses

    See it
    Like it
    Take it
    Do it

    If you take nothing else from all the emails I ever send you?

    ^^^That is gold

    (And of course you have to have skills/talent/something useful to sell…that goes without saying – and don’t think you’d be on my list if you were the sort of scammy douchebag who does such things)

    But enough about that, and more about this

    Today is your last chance to grab The How To Be F*cking Awesome System for the frankly, stupidly low price of £595

    After that it’s going up to £995

    Maybe more.

    And I don’t say that just to try and strongarm you into getting your credit card out

    I think you know that’s not my style

    I say it because it’s true. Check back in a few days and I promise you the price will be up around a grand.

    That and when we made this available before people thought I was making up what’s on offer.

    Wondering why?

    There were so many pieces of training, resources and bonuses included (all of which have been kept inside the course so you get access to each and every bonus offered before) people simply didn’t believe that so much could be offered for such a low rate.

    Because really and truly, we’re not just talking about another internet course that promises the world but only delivers meh…

    We’re talking about


    Distilled down into easily digestible “chunks” that you can implement simply into your own life and business

    How do I put a value on that?

    I can’t

    But what I do know is that I’ve seen courses that don’t even come close to The HTBFA System selling out for £2000 +

    So realistically, I could charge that and then some for this

    But I know that would put it out of reach for a lot of people that would benefit from it
    So a price of around a grand is is a steal

    A price of £595?

    Is RIDIK


    It’s like that for a reason

    That reason?

    I know that the people who will make the most from this?

    Are the people who are prepared to take action quickly

    Like I was saying earlier

    See it, like it, take it, do it

    Those are the people that HTBFA is truly for

    So I wanted the barrier to be as low as possible for them – for the last time – and at a time when you likely HAVE time to invest in you


    Even if ALL you did was consume 30% of this system and implement 10%

    (Which would be daft, but there are people who do this.)

    Do I think you’d be in profit?

    Without a doubt.

    Clearly I want you to do more than that.

    But worst case scenario –

    Implement just 10% of HTBFA and I’d be amazed if you weren’t in profit in 8 weeks’ time.

    So the question to ask yourself is:

    Do you trust me to give you ALL my tools PLUS all I’ve learned (which has cost me a legit 6-figures+) to get where I am now, AND at a fraction of the cost?

    If the answer is yes?

    Click here to get started now:


    P.S. £595 as a lump sum might be a bit of a stretch right now

    There is ZERO ‘tax’ for instalments

    In fact, I’m putting my trust in anyone who does this

    If you want you can do 4 x payments of £150

    Can’t say fairer than that:

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  • Thinking about The How To Be F*cking Awesome System?

    Well that’s handy

    Because today I wanted to tell you a little bit more about The How To BE Fucking Awesome System

    Or, more importantly, what you’ll gain access to when you invest.

    Firstly all of the below modules:

    – Work out what “Awesome” means for you – then make it a reality
    – Build a profitable business
    – Mindset tips
    – Work out what to make and how to sell it
    – How to make your business FUN
    -Discover how to write words that sell
    – Create your ideal lifestyle
    – Learn how to gett out of your own way and GET SHIT DONE
    – How to leverage social media
    – Product creation
    – Launches
    – Level up your biz and personal life
    – My own particular take on sales aka “The Meredith Method”
    – Become more productive than ever

    12 Complete modules on everything from Getting Shit Done to Outsourcing and everything in between.


    Loads more


    P.S. As you might know, last year I moved from The Sky Lodge in Brighton, back the West Country.

    While I was packing my Brighton life into boxes I got a chance to get all the books, courses and trainings that I’ve invested in together.

    Guess how much I’ve spent investing in myself?

    Go on….

    Just over $70,000

    (it’s in dollars because I just couldn’t find anything good UK based at the time and ‘learned my trade’ stateside – don’t seem to be as shy as us Brits about wanting to be more successful it seems! #shykidsdontgetsweets)

    And that doesn’t even include all the mentoring and coaching I’ve paid for.

    If you add that in?

    Hundreds of thousands.

    Honestly, it shocked me a bit when I worked it out. I thought “could I really justify spending that amount of money?

    But then I realised. That $70,000 grand I invested in myself has paid off time and time again.

    It is literally the cornerstone that ‘PLANET DAN’ is built on.

    Without it, I probably wouldn’t be here writing this email.


    Probably wouldn’t exist.

    So it’s not a case of whether I could afford to spend that amount of money, it’s really a case of “Could I afford NOT to spend that money?”

    You might be thinking the same.

    “Can I really afford to invest in The How To Be Fucking Awesome System?”

    But here’s the thing, you’re not investing in a system.

    You’re investing in YOU!

    The price?

    Just £595 or 4 payments of £150

    That’s it

    Nothing hidden and all to discover

    So ask this instead “Can I afford NOT to invest in myself?”

    If the answer is no?

    Then say YES to YOU and dive in here:


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  • Simple, but so fucking easy to talk complete and utter shite to ourselves isn’t it?


    So how DO you do the things you say you’re going to do?

    Well I have figured out 4 areas you need to cover to achieve more from life

    1. A goal

    Simple but most people fuck this up; they either come up with some crazy-assed goal that they don’t achieve and get crushed, demotivated and tap out…

    …or they totally lowball it and achieve what at best can be filed under ‘meh’ and wonder why they don’t achieve X or why and again

    Tap out

    So when it comes to setting a goal; make it simple;

    Something that you COULD achieve IF you stretched yourself 5-10%

    That’s it

    2. Social Accountability

    There are but a few folks who are disciplined enough to do what they say

    I wasn’t

    On some areas of life I am less so (and actively working on it hence *this*)

    However this does take time and for most people social accountability is extremely powerful

    Yes you can tell a friend or partner

    A coach or mentor is another viable option

    However I find posting things on social media and saying what I’m going to do is best because:

    a) if I don’t keep my word it makes any subsequent sales or marketing activities less impactful

    b) I don’t want to look like a twat

    So today we are going to leverage social media – because you don’t want to look like a twat, do you?


    3. Specifics/deadline

    – What is the thing you are going to achieve
    – When are you going to achieve it by


    4. Emotional attachment to the goal and NOT the outcome

    Now you will have heard me – and others – talk about ‘not being emotionally attached to the outcome’

    That, is still true

    (And coming from a hardcore corpse sales background, this was HARD)

    However you DO need to be emotionally attached to the reason WHY you are doing the thing you are doing

    Make sense?

    Even simpler – WHAT IS YOUR WHY’S (plural)

    – What is the altruistic reason you want to achieve the goal (family, spouse, charity etc)
    – What selfish reason do you want to achieve the goal (looks, treats, holidays, status, etc)

    If you define those four and DO THE WORK

    You’re good to go

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  • 12 Jun

    Dominate Your Newsfeed

    Blog Post

    If you are looking to come out the other side of all this craziness ahead of the game – now is the time to go all in on organic social media.


    Everyone is online.

    Everyone is bored.

    Everyone is scrolling away.

    All looking for something to plug into.

    If you can take the time now to go hard and capture that attention

    Even if you’ve had to put the brakes on your business due to shut downs you can get yourself positioned for re-opening and be bigger and better than ever before.

    Already selling lockdown-friendly products and services or pivoted what you offer so you could keep going?

    They aren’t going to sell themselves if you don’t talk about them.

    It’s really as simple as that.

    If you choose now to show up consistently for your audience.

    Be the steady voice.

    The place they can trust.



    Take their minds off some of the crap that is weighing them down, it’ll pay off BIG TIME.

    Not really sure what you should be posting, how to post it, where you soul,d post and why the fuck people would even want to pay you attention?

    You’re in luck.

    If you want to build a solid fan base who loves you and what you do, social media is one of the best ways out there to do it.

    Especially if you have more time than money which is a situ a whole lot of people are finding themselves in right now.

    This whole Planet Dan “thing” has developed through social media.

    Completely organically.

    Over the last 6 years, my ad spend has been £0.00

    Will that change in the future?

    At some point I’ll possibly run some ads.

    For now? Nope!

    Coffee With Dan has over 16,000 people in.

    16,000 GOOD people.

    People who engage, share, support and inspire.

    People who – beside the occasional rare numbnuts – don’t spam the fuck out of the group and cause trouble.

    People who I enjoy spending time around.

    From CWD’s small beginnings has developed a 7-figure business, a thriving membership community that takes things to a whole other level, book sales in the hundreds of thousands, courses that have transformed peoples lives and businesses and so many great opportunities.

    All through organic social media.

    I’ve earned my stripes for sure.

    This…it’s taken time.

    It’s taken graft and genuine care.

    I’m not gonna promise that you can go from zero to achieving everything I’ve achieved in 6 weeks.

    Or am I going to say you’re going to have just an easy time of it as I’vew had it.

    Let’s face it, there are BIG changes going on in the world right now so it would be disingenuous for me to make big promises based on my experience.

    There is going to be a different trajectory in the growth of your reach and the income you generate from it.

    Depending on how things go and what industry you are in, things could go faster or slower.

    What I have found is the best ways you can create a MASSIVE impact online.

    The SOLID principles that never change.

    Because people – at their core – are human.

    So no matter what is going on in the world.

    You can always rely on humans being human.

    And if you know how to work with that, connect with them and serve them well?

    You have the power to influence and create a positive impact in this world.

    I’m not gonna show you any sneaky tactics.

    I’m not going to tell you how to hack the system.

    I’m sure as shit not going to tell you to schedule and automate the fuck out of everything.

    Because all that sneaky bollocks and techie magic only screws things up.

    You get ahead for 5 minutes till you get caught out and shut down because you’re playing in someone else’s sandpit.


    You spend so long trying to do it the easy way without putting the work in, you don’t build up that genuine connection with your audience, you don’t understand what makes them tick, they know you don’t care about them and they rightfully reject what you offer them.

    As always, I’m here to share with you the shit that works…and keeps on working.



    So you can succeed and profit for a long time to come.

    Instead of jumping from bright shiny object to bright shiny object.

    Here are 5 things you MUST do to dominate social media in 2020 and beyond.

    1. Commit to consistency

    Heard me talking about consistency time and time again?

    Well I’m gonna keep on talking about it because it really is that important.

    You NEED to be consistent in the way you show up.

    For your productivity – because consistency creates a habit

    For your mindset – because it’s harder to get started again once you stop and you get all those shitty self doubts

    For your audience – because you need to be a stable presence.

    You need to connect with them.

    Show them again and again what you’re all about.

    Expect them to only see a fraction of what you’re posting and be there at the time when they are ready, willing and able to buy.

    2. Give a shit about your audience

    If they are giving you their time and attention, you should return the favour.

    It’s called social media for a reason so don’t expect to just blast out your stuff and run.

    The added bonus is you get to really know who is in your world, what they need and what drives them so you can create packages and offers they actually want.

    3. Be infotaining

    You want a mixture of entertainment and information that you’re posting as well as the occasional straight up promotion

    Too much of one or another and people tune out.

    Dull, predictable, seen and heard it all before.

    Plus have you seen the state of the newsfeeds right now?!

    Corona, conspiracies and lockdown galore.

    People are uncertain, lonely, drowning in lonlieness and surrounded by crazy.

    Bring some positivity, support and guidance into their feed and you can make a real positive impact – for them and for you.

    4. Be YOU

    You’ll drive yourself loopy if you try to be someone else.

    Best you can do is a crappy second rate version of someone else’s personality that the whole damn world can see through.

    Don’t get sucked into the need to copy “what successful people do” just because you’re scared and stuck comparing yourself.

    Model what other people do and put your take on it for sure.

    Just don’t try to be someone else.

    It never works. If feels bad and you’ll only attract people you’d never get on with and wouldn’t even like you if they knew who you were.

    Whatever personality you have – there are people out there who will love it.

    Show up YOUR WAY and let the people who love you find you.

    5. Share your story and your peoples stories

    Storytelling is one of THE most powerful things you can do to grow a following that is truly connected to you and rooting for you to win.

    It’s how we have communicated information since the dawn of time because stories stick in our minds.

    Stories take ideas and concepts and turn them into something real and tangible.

    They help us connect and they help us find the places we belong.

    It CAN be intimidating to put yourself out there to start with but the more you do – the easier it gets and the happier you’ll be to be even more you.

    Sharing stories of clients and group members you want to highlight is a great way to make your people feel seen and valued, and showcase how you help people too.

    Combine these 5 things and you have a recipe for long term success whatever the platform.

    Because you’ll have a strong audience that will follow you wherever you go and you’ll stay top of mind and top of their feed.

    This ^^^ right there has been my advice for years.

    And it will still be my advice for years to come.


    Because it works.

    It builds your following.

    It maximises your reach.

    It creates real connection and leads people to buying the things they want and need from you rather than anyone else.

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how to be f*cking awesome




coming soon