17 Jul

13 Days Of Social Media Isolation Post# 2 of 4

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[Post #2 of 4] The curious and unexpected benefits of 13 days of social media isolation…

I didn’t expect to be so TIRED

Social media is – and has been – a huge part of my life for such a long time I couldn’t remember NOT posting/cracking on

As I said yesterday I didn’t so much phase out as cut myself off completely with every app deleted and a cursory check of WhatsApp twice a day to see if there was anything I needed to be aware of

– all was good as I said the team were fab –

I went straight on a 5 day ‘bender’ of motorcycling and racing bikes (that’s me in the video in comment #1)

My birthday was on the weds and then when I finally slowed down

I just crashed

I had zero energy and all I did for close to 5 days straight was lie here and play games

(I’m a catch arent i)

It was a sign that I needed to clearly slow down a but as my brain is NEVER off and when I gave it a chance it holy fuck it took it!

Yes I had planned to play all the ‘DOOM’s but I didn’t expect that was all I could in fact physically do for a few day’s

But this is the thing about lessons; they come when you least expect them

The forced downtime gave me time to think and get clear on some things I wanted from life as well as some things I simply won’t tolerate anymore – plus some goals that’s maybe I didn’t think I wanted but now do

The clarity isn’t quite there yet; I realise I’ve been distracting myself from what my subconscious has probably been trying to tell me for a long time but it’s all good – clarity comes when you least expect it!

I’ve said it many times before;

Your brain is smarter than you


So you need to take time OFF – time to time – so that when you are back ON you are able to do and perform and show up and be happy and all the things that make life worthwhile

Hard work is always going to be the ‘backbone’ of success; I don’t believe anything good comes easy

But equally you have to factor in time OFF and AWAY to be an effective entrepreneur and effective human full stop

Rest doesn’t make you weak; in fact if you DONT rest you’re more likely to fuck yourself up during these shitty, wierd and random AF times

So if you have been redlining for a while – which many of you have – give yourself permission to carve out some time for you to do NOTHING

Fuck the hustle 24/7 crew they are bell ends

Hustle and grind


Chill and unwind

(You need both)

Ultimately you can’t be on all the time, and if all you do is work what’s the fucking point in life?

Stealing and making my own from ‘The Shining’:

‘All work and no play makes Dan a dull boy’


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