13 Days Of Social Media Isolation Post# 3 OF 4

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[post #3 of 4] The curious and unexpected benefits of 13 days social media isolation


This is honestly perhaps the biggest thing I got from being away – for a bit – from not just social but everything

I was forced to take stock of both a) what I have and b) what I have not

For a long time for all I wanted was peace; I found myself going though all the fun things I had done in my past and – relatively less ‘fun’ in the last few years

Old dan had LOADS of fun; it was a properly wild ride but a ride that was dangerous and likely would of brought about my early demise

New dan was very much at peace and more family centric and very stable…but I’ve also realised he’s a bit boring

Lockdown hasn’t helped; but I seem to of ‘misplaced’ some of the things that helped me get to where I am today

Dex mentioned it on a post the other day; I built what I have now on 100’s of 1000’s of miles flown/trained/travelled as well as 100’s of meetings and events and talks and all sorts

That’s something I haven’t done for a while and – on reflection – something I have missed

But I wouldn’t of realised I had missed it if I hadn’t had the time to thing and process why I was feeling the way I was – that and why I was a touch ‘low energy’

Completely removing yourself away from distractions and ‘quick hits of happiness’ like social media gives I think all of us need to do from time to time as it helps us just be alone with out thoughts and make conclusions without influence

As well as the above, the lack of social made me examine what I wanted from life and realised if I’m going to attract the partner and new freedom of my dreams – much like I have the clients and business of my dreams – I was going to have to focus on new areas of my life and make positive changes in due course

Many of us seek validation (it’s subconscious for ‘normal’ folks) and with lockdown many of the things I USED to thing were important are in fact quite a lot of bullshit

It’s why if you’ve followed me personally you will of seen a few ‘pokey’ posts about the complete nonsense I see paraded online

It’s such bollocks isn’t it?

People with their Humblebrag posts – STFU – that isn’t how you live life; you’re just trying to appear a certain way to make people think a certain thing about you

I say this fully owning the fact that I have done that myself!


So it’s made me think – I have no answer yet – what I want my life to be like not only now but in the future

All the goals I wanted to achieve in my early 30’s I’ve hit and surpassed

Every single one

So the time away from the social noise – although I don’t have them YET – has made me think I need new goals, new projects and new passions in my life

I don’t know what they are yet; but that’s the fun of both entrepreneurship and life itself

Goals are BRILLIANT and – I always will be – a goal focussed individual

But if that’s ALL you focus on you miss out on the journey which is when you look back and reflect (as I did) you realised that was the best bit of all

Not so much of a conclusion on this one, but one that I thought you would be interested I hear from someone who has been grinding away for many many years at this

Oh and this pic? Just over 4 years old and was taken before I was guest at the playboy mansion and had dinner and drinks with Richard Branson

Like I said, the journey was quite fun 🙂


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