11 Nov

5 Reasons Why They Don’t Buy

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5 reasons why they don’t buy (and what you can learn from our mistakes)

It’s all well and good showing what works and what gets results.

What people don’t often share is what doesn’t

I thought it would be useful to share with you some of the reasons people don’t join Espresso.

Some of these things are just facts of life.

Other’s? Well they are down to me and where I could do a better job.

As you’re reading this, think about your own business.

How these things show up.

And how you can implement the advice I share to avoid and eliminate them.

#1 – Not everyone knows exactly what it is on offer

This one falls squarely in the “Dan’s fault” category.

Last time we did a launch was about a year ago.

Since then?

Few mentions here and there when we’ve opened up a few spaces made when people have moved on.

And that’s about it.

So unless you’ve directly asked about it or know someone who is a member, chances are you wouldn’t really know what it is.

Funnily enough, if you don’t let people know what you’re selling, they don’t tend to start clamouring to buy it.

(Mad that eh?)

As I say, we’ve not opened in a year due to people joining always staying for so long.

There’s no huge need to promote it and that means too many people don’t know what it is.

Takeaway – there will be people in your world who are exactly the same.

Especially if you don’t show up consistently and/or you don’t have a clear offer and well defined Core Story.

If you’re worried about talking too much about what you do, chances are you aren’t talking about it nearly enough.

#2 – Some people simply aren’t ready yet

Maybe what you offer feels too advanced.

Maybe they feel the need to do more research – particularly if it’s a large investment.

Maybe they feel they aren’t “good enough” or “at the right stage”

Those things and phrases have come up when myself and my team have spoken to people about EWD.

If you’ve seen the legends of EWD posts in Coffee over the last few weeks, you may have noticed some of them had the very same concerns.

Again the buck stops at me.

Sometimes it’s true, there will be offers out there that are only for people at a certain stage.

That’s not the case with EWD.

So when those concerns come up, it’s because I haven’t made sure people know the group is full of people setting up from zero and making their first sales right the way to 7 figure businesses that have been established for years and everyone learns from everyone.

Takeaway – not everyone will be ready to jump in with what you have to offer.

Your job is to help them reach that stage and give them a little extra self-belief for those times when the only thing holding them back from results is themselves.


Ensure they know it is great for someone who is where they are right now when that is the case.

#3 – The timing is completely wrong or theres no warning

When we’ve had mini openings for spaces there’s been zero warning.

We opened a small amount of space for the make bank challenges…even then there was no lead up.

The challenge wasnt even a thing until a couple of days before it kicked off.

What I’ve often found is theres people who would have joined when we’ve opened but the timing wasnt right.

They were waiting on invoices or just made a big investment in something else.

If they knew EWD was going to be opening up, they could have planned better for it and got in.

Rather than being locked out because doors closed before they were ready.

Takeaway – think about when you do launches and let people know that something is coming

Another one that catches me is school holidays.


Single (😏) with no kids so I’ve got no idea when they are until I set a date for an event and the parents on my team tell me it won’t work for lots of people or it’s in the madness of Brightons tourism high points back when I was living there.

Little planning can make a big difference.

#4 – It’s out of the scope of some peoples budgets…and that’s ok

Everyone is at different stages of life and business.

There are no barriers in Coffee beyond being a decent human who wants to improve

It’s something that has always been important to me because I never want people to feel left out.

I want to make sure that everyone has a chance to succeed.

I hope that’s something you can see from the things we do such as the meginar and the make bank challenge.

Every single member is valued whether you buy from me or not.

And if it’s too much of a stretch and money needs to go on cards and food and things I’d honestly prefer people didn’t join.

I never want to put someones family in a risky financial position.

Yes, I did the Amex gamble and that was right for me

If you choose to do similar – that’s down to you.

My advice. It should be a stretch without breaking yourself.

Invest in yourself and back yourself to succeed.

But never go to far with that.

Takeaway – Not everyone can afford what you’re offering.

If price comes up too often as an objection it doesn’t mean you need to drop your prices to the ground.

Different people can afford different things at different times.

You need to look at how you position your offer to demonstrate the value of it, ensure your lead generation is bringing in plenty of people who are able to buy and remember that those who can’t invest now are still people, still of value and may even make that leap later down the line.

#5 Some people don’t believe they can succeed

This one absolutely sucks.

The reasons for it are varied.

Plenty of people have been burned by those who promise the world and deliver fuck all.

When I hear how many thousands of pounds people have lost when they’ve bought courses and programs or joined other memberships out there it makes me sick.


All of us.

Every single one of us.

Has had experiences that knock us back.

Even the best of us who always seem to deal well with things and keep going feel those big hits that stop us in our tracks.

If someones life has been completely plain sailing then good for them.

Most of us live in the real world.

A world where we have to work on our mindset and our confidence and develop skills we weren’t naturally blessed with.

Takeaway – it’s not good enough to simply get results for yourself or for other people.

You have to instill belief in your audience despite their personal challenges and experiences so they can trust they can get the results you promise.

…and then follow through and deliver.

The 5 things above probably arent something you’ve really thought about.

Which is awesome.

Because now you have opportunities to improve.

As always.

I don’t want you to nod your head and tell me I’ve shared something great with you.

I want you to go out there and get some results.

If what I have can help? You’re welcome to join us

Y’all have just over 48 hours left until we shut up shop


Whatever you decide?

Get out of here and go do 😉



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