2 Sep

‘Are you alright mate?’

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‘Are you alright mate?’

Was what a friend asked me last night, and my first thought was:

‘Course, fine…why?’

Then we had a bit of a chat on messenger and – he was right

On my personal wall and in here, some of my posts have been somewhat tinged with anger…

I’ve been shorter with people…

Friends who’s status updates I usually would chuckle at or ignore, pissed me off…

I’m not a violent person at all, but have had an intense desire to get in the ring and kick fuck out of someone/get the fuck kicked out of me…

Dealing with the shit in your head?

Honestly is hard

I’ve been lucky to have some good friends who have helped me work on this. Before I would deal with all my problems with crazy behaviour, travelling or the goose

Now I’m forced to deal with them

It’s caused me to take a pause – to NOT press the ‘self destruct’ button and just relax

Deep down?

I’m a happy little dork who likes museums and stationary and pebbles beaches and pizza and boobs and Brighton

I don’t really want for much

I’m lucky that what I do, somehow, helps thousands of people every day – and every day in my inbox or email I get wonderful messages from people who I have helped

Which, is another issue as taking compliments, taking the thank you’s from people I still find hard

I’m just me

I do my best

But it IS time to let go of a lot of shit; I’m not going to delete the ‘FILE OF RAGE’ – but the people in it?

I now forgive

Believe it or not this came to me this morning after a session in the float spa, because I found myself:

– unable to relax
– chest breathing
– focusing on negative things
– pissed off that it was taking so long to finish
– grinding my teeth

When in reality

– I have my health (back)
– I have a wonderful job/career that I love
– I have all I need
– the people that have done me wrong are to blame, not me

I’ve still got my teeth, I’ll still say how I fell and if someone steps out of line I have no issue putting them back and – being honest – enjoy rather feeling angry: it gives me energy to propel me forward…

…but now I’m just going to get angry at the RIGHT things now

Time to let go 🙂

I’ll do me

You do you

And if I can help you on that journey? I am actually truly Humbled and grateful.

Seeing as I now have a wealth of energy and time on my hands, i will add as much value in here, in EWD and with my private clients – and those that I’m grateful who follow me – as I can

It’s an honour to do so – I mean it

Have a great Sunday


PS my testosterone has DEFINITELY come back with abundance since no more drink…If only I had a natural release of this ‘pent up’ side of me… 😉

PPS as well as floating – I’m going to spend all the monies on stationary, books, the arcade, a coffee walking along the beech…some boobs might happen if I’m lucky! Lol – bye!


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