Can You Be F*cked?

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When it comes to sex, honestly….can you be fucked?!

This is something I’ve been pondering for a while

(And felt ‘appropriate’ for a late night CWD discussion)

I remember reading a blog from some tech billionaire dude and he spoke – eloquently – about how he sees Sex as a nootropic

It was fascinating

Cards on the table?

A lot of what I have done in my past (lifting weights, clothes, going to bars/clubs, playing rugby, getting £££ – has (in part) been to attract the opposite sex

(I was not confident in who I was or my personality back then and sought like a magpie to ‘feather my nest’)

It was – at one time in my life – a big focus

Yet now?

I can’t be fucked

(Forgive the pun)

I’ve been studying philosophy a lot more, and reading books that – in part – discuss things like the meaning of life, having a purpose, consciousness and so forth

And I’ve seen so many people fucked up by feeling they have to look or act a certain way, having hearts broken by infidelity, needing attention from what they go for (gender neutral AF there lol) or people playing games or just messing with their heads

It’s important of course

But – forgive the copy – fuck me, it sometimes seems more effort that it’s worth

Yes it’s fun
Yes I enjoy it
Yes it’s human

But we are programmed to want it

We get a nice hit of oxytocin (don’t get that from ‘solo’ fun, #fact)

Sometimes it seems it’s such a focus in society, yet there’s so much more important stuff (IMO, hence wanted a debate) in the world than rubbin midsections together

It all seems so silly sometimes

(I know quite a few very attractive, successful, eligible entrepesingletons who have remained horizontal jogging free for quite some time and they seem rather happy and it doesn’t bother them, they seem peaceful!)

If you have been here for a while, you will remember the sheer fuck tonne of singlepreneurs there are

We seem to be a rather challenging bunch

That and – again from observation please do educate me if I’m wrong

Many men seem to be operating more out of feminine energy

And many ladies operate from a masculine energy

People don’t seem to know what to do, where they stand or what they want

(And it’s very easy to fuck up nowadays hence I know many who just simply don’t bother as it isn’t worth the drama)

Confusing eh?

That and our society is very ‘instant gratification’

From porn that you had to find in a hedge when I was a kid now a click of your finger


Fuck me I hate that shitty app


Wanna know something – a programme called JAM by Chris Morris (channel 4, 15+ years ago) basically predicated this as a spoof and a satire on how morally bankrupt people were in the future

Anyways lots of points above

Sex is a part of life

I believe in the 4 ‘pillars’ we promote

– health
– wealth
– productivity
– connectivity

^^ that last one (friendships, family, kids, relationships, sex)

Is one I’ve seen many struggle with

Don’t get me wrong reading back through may seem like I’m a bit bitter or something

I’m not

Happy as a clam, forgive the pun

But I get so much more from helping others, from work, from doing fun things – that and would choose a ride on DucatiBAE over riding anything else

That and have found the HTBFA course so fucking rewarding; I’ve not given anything else a second thought

It’s been nice tbh

Just been thinking more about humans, life, why we do the things we do – and don’t – and this was a musing sparked by seeing the throngs of folks doing the Saturday night mating dance

Rather memes and some orange fudge

Anyways wanted to get a discussion going, we are all adults – and I learn from you and we all learn from each other

Interesting to see what the denizens of CWD think eh….

As Always respectful chats, no slinging mud at anyone’s beliefs or genders

Worlds a confusing place at times

Talking and learning

How we grow innit


Wirte, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

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