Day 15: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain


Today I am grateful for not only my humour, but the humour of

– my mum

– my team

– my friends 

– this group

– EWD 

This shit is hard – lockdown that is – and one of best ways Myself and my family have got through stuff is with humour

None of us getting out alive, and shits gonna happen regardless 

So learn to have a giggle eh

That and laughter is good for the soul so try have some fucking fun 

And you? What y’all grateful for?!

Day 14: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for today – Monday edition 

A bit later today

I am always very honest, I got triggered massively today (we all have our little buttons) and I was able – I hope – to negate any negative effects 

Today I’m grateful for breathing and breath work

I calmed my ass down

Looked at shit rationally 

And refocused

This is – for me – not easy and not something that is natural to me

It’s something I’ve had to work on and at

– and I’m glad I have learned what I have learned – 

AND for the amazing humans around me

And you?

What are you grateful for?

(Pain element coming later, had a little adductor tear so back on it today)

Day 13: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

As you may of noticed I wasn’t around yesterday – I did a post explaining why on my wall

Today’s one is in relation to that

I am grateful for nature 

I was a huge nature fan as a kid and in the U.K. we have some wonderful nature, green spaces and coast

– it’s a beautiful country – 

Yesterday I needed to think

And mature – and reconnecting with it – does some wondeful things

Hence, that’s what I’m grateful for today

What about you?

What have you been grateful for this weekend?!

Day 12: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for?

For me? I am grateful for the fact I have the ability to define and enforce boundaries 

It’s been a literal life changer for

Might seem like an odd one for ‘gratitude’ but I was musing this morning in bed on some humans I have removed from my life/not allowed in because of my ability to (now lol) rationally define what is/isn’t acceptable 

And the strength of character to enforce them

It’s saved me so much money, heartache, stress and time but sticking to my guns and keeping form boundaries

I am grateful for them

And what about you?

What are YOU grateful for?!

Day 11: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

Day 11/Thursday – what are YOU grateful today?


I am really grateful for music

When I’m not talking to some quite Iovely humans for work?

Music is on for the rest of the days

It’s been the background to some of my biggest successes (CWD and HTBFA are here because of ‘Above and Beyond #truestory)…

It lifts me up..

It helps me process my thoughts and feelings…

It makes the shitty parts of life bearable..

I fucking love music and and so grateful that I have a device that means I can listen to what I want when I want it’s fucking lush 


What are you grateful for?!

Day 10: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for? #10/Wednesday 

Today I am grateful for my mind

Have my sister coming over today, and as much as she can get on mine and mums tits at times

I love her to bits

Her brain doesn’t work like ours (she’s basically a young child) and there’s not a day I don’t think about it TBH

Is why I have little truck for moaning – myself included – as I have a brain that works ( like a brain should

I can think and feel and act upon my thoughts and feelings

My sister can’t

And I’m very grateful that my mind is one


Day 9: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for? – post #9

Today I am grateful for the sacrifices I made for the last 9 years to be able to do things like I’m doing today

Le fucking le off

The feed (social) has been somewhat toxic, spammy and just full of shared shite – so I’m fucking off for 24 hours to

– think

– relax

– listen to music

– read 

– plan

– rest

And it’s going to be lush (I recommend you try it) 

My pain I’ll post up tomorrow as YEETing off here till then, but I want to see what you are grateful for

Shits weird in the world and people ain’t being themselves you know?

But if you look – EVERY day you’re above ground – you can find something to be grateful for

What you got?

Day 8: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for? Day #8

Today I am simply grateful for being alive

Sadly the goat is no longer with us, and I’m sure many of you reading this have lost loved ones and friends

As cheesy as it sounds, every day above ground is a good day and this little gratitude exercise helps me focus on finding the GOOD in every day

It’s harder some than others but I find it

And I’m grateful to still be here, especially as there was a large part of my life when I didn’t?

What about you?

Day 7: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for – day #7

Today I am grateful for the Internet 

Take a moment to think how brilliant it is!

The internet changed my life and it has

– educated me

– entertained me

– made me money

– created amazing connections 

– kept me safe

– helped me navigate the world

– introduced me to pretty ladies who are totes ok with me touching their twinkle cave


I remember the time before the internet and we have it fucking good right now I tell you

Proper grateful 

And you?

PS ‘pain’ today is recovery so gonna sweat my tits off in a sauna blanket for an hour 

Day 6: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for? Day #6

Today I am grateful for my resilience 

My friends used to say I was a weeble

If you haven’t seen one – you probably had one as a kid if your similar age (pic in comment #1) 

They have a jingle:

‘Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down’

And that kinda sums me up

I can take beating after beating after beating – and somehow I always (not as quick sometimes!) I always get back ‘up’

The ability to be resilient and to take a pounding (#lol) is something I worked on over years and now?

Not much worries me

I don’t let shit get me down and I get back on the horse 

I’m glad that my parents and sister showed me how important this is, and now – especially after the year I’ve had – I’m more grateful than ever that I have this ‘skill’

And what about you? What are you grateful for today?!

(No peloton ‘pain’ today; I’ve shredded my quads and they are red raw…29 inch thighs will do that – I’ll find some form of misery to do)