7 Tips To Kick Procrastination In Its Stupid Fvcking Face

I shared this on my wall some time ago, and as I’m totally chilled AF (earned, check out comment #1 lol) felt this was a useful post for those who *maybe* need a bit of a nudge to do the things 😉


It’s a right bell end isnt it

We all – to one degree or another – suffer from it…even me lol

Which is why, considering it’s Sunday, I’d thought I’d share with you how I get shit done

These 7 little things I’ve done for a period of time that’ve worked really well.

(Oh And I came up with seven because everything has to be seven when you’re doing things on the internet. lol)

Shall we then?

One: The 3 Second Rule

I learned this from a filmed called ‘We are the Millers’. In the story, the main dude is talking to a younger boy who’s got a lady he likes – but too scared to talk to her. He basically says ‘you’ve got three seconds to catch your breath and go ask her out’.

And it’s no different when it comes to doing stuff in business. If you come up with an idea, a concept or a thought where you think ‘fuck it – I want to do that’, you’ve got three seconds to talk yourself out of it.

So what do I do?

In those 3 seconds, I’ll quickly message someone who can help me with it, I’ll write a post on facebook or I’ll call one of my team members and say ‘fuck it we’ve got to do this’

Bless them, both Tega my second in command and Dex my mentor have been at the mercy of the 3 second rule numerous times. I have an idea and I simply take action.

Imperfect action is the key to success. Most of the things I’ve done, I’ve had no idea what i’m doing.

I’ve just given it a go and figured it out as I’m going along.

Two: The Dentist Appointment.

If you’ve read my book you will be familiar with this one – it’s so simple but it WORKS

I learned this from one of my very first coaches, John Logar.

A Bit unusual but if you go to the dentist, you block out 1 hour of your time. That’s one hour you’re doing absolutely fuck all. Why? Because you’re having your fucking face drilled 😉

No calls – No messages -Nothing.

When I had my marketing agency, we blocked out one hour everyday (even if we didn’t need to) for new business development. And as a result, we built a huge business pipeline which is why I’ve managed to scale up so quickly.

Before I knew it, we were making $50-60k a month. I’d recruiting team members to help and I was working just 2-4 hours a week.

Use time blocking, turn your phone off, and get focussed. Use an alarm to tell you when to start and when to stop. This is extremely important for getting shit done.

Three: My Sunday Braindump & 3-5 System

This is the productive section of HTBFA and if you haven’t bought my book yet… it’s about £10 on Amazon.

Equally this is the basis of my ‘I GET SH*T DONE’ planner which is a physical thing which you write in; was a bastard to make but it’s awesome

Save me going over old ground, here’s a snippet from ‘How to Be F*cking Awesome’…

‘As I’m a simpleton, I get rather frustrated and overwhelmed with all the shit in my head. So I decided to do a brain dump. It took me 2 hours and resulted in a mammoth list of 169 things to do. I thought fuck this I’m never going to get this done – this is what most people do – they remain overworked, bitter fuck whitts. You my friend are not a fuck whitt. ‘

Keith, one of my personal training clients at the time taught me a really simple system – not just that, but keith had a business that turned over 40 million a year, had a wonderful house, wife and lifestyle – I wanted to be Keith.

The simple system was writing a list. A list with no less than 3 and no more than 5 important things I need to do for my business. And then I rank them.

One: Super Important (tasks only Dan can do)
Two: Important but doesn’t need to be done now.
Three: Not time bound (someone else can do it)

Four: Batching

A lot of people try to do multiple things all at once on different days. Here’s a sample of a typical ‘Dan Week’…

Monday – Planning
Tuesday – Coaching Calls
Wednesday – In person meetings
Thursday – Copy and content creation
Friday – Marketing
Saturday – Social Media
Sunday – Free Day

This is one of the easiest ways to get shit done. If you know each day has a specific theme, it’s super easy to stay on track.

Five: Goals

I have goals written fucking everywhere. Little business cards with my goals written down which I’ve stuck everywhere round my house. Everything I do always goes through my filter:

Am I being a busy fool or is this moving the needle?

If there’s something that’s kinda working but really isn’t doing anything to develop my business, that’s just being a busy fool. You’ve gotta be honest with yourself. The filter is based on the art of Kaizen – continuous movement.

I don’t try and smash out crazy to do lists or goals – everyday I ask myself ‘am I moving the needle towards the bigger goal?’

Simple but easy to avoid.

Six: Punishment VS Reward

When was the last time you truly rewarded yourself or punished yourself?

Case in point, by Friday I had everything I needed to do done – content created, emails sent, social media posts written. In my head I’d ticked off a shit ton of priority 1’s.

So as had the whole weekend off and fucked around on jet skis with my old friends from school

And I said to myself, If I didn’t’ get the work done, I wasn’t going to go out to sea. It was that simple.

(And I would of been letting my friends down)

It’s all about becoming self reliant and self aware. Be honest with yourself and if you struggle, find yourself

An accountability partner
A coach or mentor
Join a paid group like EWD
Social proof – whack your goal on social media and hold yourself accountable

Be responsible for your own fucking life. Which brings me nicely onto the final point…

Seven: Take Responsibility

If you’re procrastinating and not getting shit done, that is 100% your fault. If everything is going well and you’re making money, you’ve got a great relationship and your physique/health is on point, that’s also your fault.

Where you are right now is 100% your fault. No one else’s. You can influence exactly when and what happens to you. And to influence it, you must taking action.

That’s it. Seven tips and a couple of resources (if you want them). All you need to do is re read this, take notes, pick a few points to work on and take action.

Hope you find that useful, equally if you have any tips share them below – it all adds up!

Motivational Quotes and Whatnots

DO MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES WORK FOR YOU? (And what do you think when you see them)

Had an interesting conversation earlier with a friend who mentioned seeing motivational quotes from a life coach who was maybe 22/23 at best

I joked back saying it’s funny when you see ‘Instagram models’ sharing something quite aspirational while bending over and arching their back like a stripper

Sometimes you look at them and thing

‘What the absolute fuck are you doing sharing that’ lol

(Especially if the imagery or that persons background is utterly incongruent)

Equally there has been times when I have seen a quote or saying and BAM hit me at exactly the right time and made me thing about things in a different way

What about you

Like em?

Hate em?


Use em yourself?

It’s so prevalent in the entrepreneurial world I’ve never given it a moment of my time therefore thought it would make for a good discussion….

What say you?

When You Were Younger

What did you want to be when you were younger (and share ‘young you’ pics fro trolololz if you dare)

This was me at 31

If just quit a slightly intense relationship (now friends again, me and my weakness for ladies that lift lol), my job as a PT back in london

Had (I think) 5 grand cash saved and a few empty credit cards

Since I was 19 all I had wanted was my own gym

Had – of course – no fucking idea how to do that lol

Anyways I ended up maxing out 6 credit cards and getting my my first one in Somerset

(Have a few now – still running and not by moi – automated AF)

Then I wanted to be a copywriter

Then own an agency

Then an author




But if you go waaaaaaay back to my teens (bar wanting to be an astronaut as a kid) I wanted to be an engineer

An aerospace engineer to be precise

Did my A-levels (non UK peeps higher education from 16-18) in double maths, physics and design…


Was accepted into a 4 year degree to design planes n engines n wings n shit then (because needed to for family reasons) went into work, then headhunting and the rest is history

Goes to show that you can always change

Don’t have to be doing in the future what you are doing now

Can always retool

Can always change

Just takes a bit of effort eh?

Anyways – are you doing what you set out to to?

Had your life taken the path you expected?

What’s your story?!

(And see if you can beat shiny chest dan for an old school pic!)

Two Methods I’ve Used To Change My Life

Two simple methods I’ve used to change my life; and how YOU can use them to change yours

There’s a question I get asked all the time

‘Aren’t you worried about about dying?’

(and that’s really asked not internet BS post ‘people always ask me’ blah blah fuck off lol)

My hobbies include motorbikes and jet skiing; the ones I have are massively overpowered and ridiculous fast

I plan to add free-fall skydiving (the goal is wingsuit), drag racing and paragliding in 2019/2020

Nothing much scares me

I don’t fear death in the slightest anymore

And as a result I feel a peace that I’ve struggled to find since a young lad

Let’s face it we all have the thoughts where we thing ‘no one thinks like me’

We all question our choices and past and run the ‘what if’ scenario generator in our minds

Ya know what?

Soon as I STOPPED that – I started growing

I started enjoying life

I started LIVING

If you spend your life over analysing, constantly worrying or in fear you are using up a fuck tonne of mental energy that COULD be used to create the life/business/body/relationship you want

Instead of squandering away the most precious resource you have – your time – on shit that does nothing for you

There’s two zones that you need to, IMO, move towards

Most folks?

In the what it zone

I would advise, depending on your tolerance to risk, moving towards the ‘fuck it’ or ‘plan it/do it’ zones that I spoke about in CWD earlier

The ‘fuck it’ zone?

That’s my happy place

If I allow myself to think too much I simply talk myself out of it


1. Get an idea
2. Act on it

Generally go with gut feeling and majority of the time it works out

Sometimes it doesn’t and fucks up spectacularly

But mostly awesome

This is good for the procrastinators amongst you

You don’t nee another plan/blueprint/course/coaching call you simply need to fucking ACT

The ‘do it’ zone is better for the overwhelmed amongst you

Y’all gonna need a bit of time to not stress yourself out; get a plan that doesn’t overwhelmed you together that ISNT perfect but DOESNT stress you out

Doing something daily that moves the needle is you’re bag

Stop trying to plan EVERYTHING

Get an idea
Get a basic plan/framework
Do stuff
Adjust workload up/down as needed

Ultimately both work and you DO need to work to achieve better things and stuff and businesses and lives and bodies

– nothing good comes easy –

But as soon as you stop worrying about what could happen and just start fucking living and doing and enjoying the journey and NOT the destination?

You will be amazed at how (relatively) quickly things change for the better

Can You Be F*cked?

When it comes to sex, honestly….can you be fucked?!

This is something I’ve been pondering for a while

(And felt ‘appropriate’ for a late night CWD discussion)

I remember reading a blog from some tech billionaire dude and he spoke – eloquently – about how he sees Sex as a nootropic

It was fascinating

Cards on the table?

A lot of what I have done in my past (lifting weights, clothes, going to bars/clubs, playing rugby, getting £££ – has (in part) been to attract the opposite sex

(I was not confident in who I was or my personality back then and sought like a magpie to ‘feather my nest’)

It was – at one time in my life – a big focus

Yet now?

I can’t be fucked

(Forgive the pun)

I’ve been studying philosophy a lot more, and reading books that – in part – discuss things like the meaning of life, having a purpose, consciousness and so forth

And I’ve seen so many people fucked up by feeling they have to look or act a certain way, having hearts broken by infidelity, needing attention from what they go for (gender neutral AF there lol) or people playing games or just messing with their heads

It’s important of course

But – forgive the copy – fuck me, it sometimes seems more effort that it’s worth

Yes it’s fun
Yes I enjoy it
Yes it’s human

But we are programmed to want it

We get a nice hit of oxytocin (don’t get that from ‘solo’ fun, #fact)

Sometimes it seems it’s such a focus in society, yet there’s so much more important stuff (IMO, hence wanted a debate) in the world than rubbin midsections together

It all seems so silly sometimes

(I know quite a few very attractive, successful, eligible entrepesingletons who have remained horizontal jogging free for quite some time and they seem rather happy and it doesn’t bother them, they seem peaceful!)

If you have been here for a while, you will remember the sheer fuck tonne of singlepreneurs there are

We seem to be a rather challenging bunch

That and – again from observation please do educate me if I’m wrong

Many men seem to be operating more out of feminine energy

And many ladies operate from a masculine energy

People don’t seem to know what to do, where they stand or what they want

(And it’s very easy to fuck up nowadays hence I know many who just simply don’t bother as it isn’t worth the drama)

Confusing eh?

That and our society is very ‘instant gratification’

From porn that you had to find in a hedge when I was a kid now a click of your finger


Fuck me I hate that shitty app


Wanna know something – a programme called JAM by Chris Morris (channel 4, 15+ years ago) basically predicated this as a spoof and a satire on how morally bankrupt people were in the future

Anyways lots of points above

Sex is a part of life

I believe in the 4 ‘pillars’ we promote

– health
– wealth
– productivity
– connectivity

^^ that last one (friendships, family, kids, relationships, sex)

Is one I’ve seen many struggle with

Don’t get me wrong reading back through may seem like I’m a bit bitter or something

I’m not

Happy as a clam, forgive the pun

But I get so much more from helping others, from work, from doing fun things – that and would choose a ride on DucatiBAE over riding anything else

That and have found the HTBFA course so fucking rewarding; I’ve not given anything else a second thought

It’s been nice tbh

Just been thinking more about humans, life, why we do the things we do – and don’t – and this was a musing sparked by seeing the throngs of folks doing the Saturday night mating dance

Rather memes and some orange fudge

Anyways wanted to get a discussion going, we are all adults – and I learn from you and we all learn from each other

Interesting to see what the denizens of CWD think eh….

As Always respectful chats, no slinging mud at anyone’s beliefs or genders

Worlds a confusing place at times

Talking and learning

How we grow innit

From Breakdown To Breakthrough

[A valuable read for anyone who DEMANDS more from life]

From cracked to crushing life; lessons from my pain for your gain

I can still remember it as clear as anything; I had a pretty tough New Years and some personal stuff that was beyond kicking my ass

I was on my knees

Literally in fact

Now as you know, I’ve struggled with my demons and he panacea was often at the bottom of a bottle of distilled grains or potatoes

I quit the drink a year ago, but still had the urge

If you have ever struggled with a ‘bad habit’? You’ll know what I mean…

That ‘little voice’…

The nagging ‘hunger’…

The pull of something – or someone – that you KNOW is bad for you tagging you inexorably towards your own downfall…


Fucker ain’t it?

Anyways that first 6 months was PURE will power and spite

Then what happened over New Years happened and then the familiar dark passenger came along for the ride once more

I couldn’t of felt more of a last down…

A liar…

A fraud…

If I tried

Hardly a fucking ‘hero’s journey’ is it?!


I realised I had come close to losing it all – and possible my life – not even 6 months prior to this

Aaaaand they do say breakdown comes before breakthrough

So I did


I had so much pent up rage and anger and sadness and regrets as well as felt my life was no longer my own to control

I felt taken advantage of…

I was mentally battered via supposed trusted confidants who had ended up being ‘snakers ’n’ takers’…

I was pushed past my limits and I was fucking DONE


Roll forward to now:

Life is pretty fucking good


In fact, life is FUCKING AWESOME


Because for the first time in my ENTIRE life I attacked the root cause of the head trash that was holding me back

I had managed to achieve a surprisingly successful empire from pretty much nothing but will power and work ethic alone

But at the expense of other areas of my life

Now my mentor Dex has a huge part fo play in this, because we came up with a way to:

Get my physical and mental health on point so I looked and FELT good with enough ‘gas in the tank’ to get shit done daily…

My productivity nailed the fuck DOWN to work on only what I needed to work on…

Reconnect with who I am as a person, what I stood for (and didn’t) and rebuild old relationships and create new ones from scratch…

AND the big one?

Business grew without killing myself in the process by a profit margin of 32%; as well as adding in 3 new streams of revenue, new team members, opening another gym

Not bad eh?

Ya see, I’m a complicated fuck

I know this

As flawed as the next man

But I’m also – and some of you may struggle with this next bit – actually kinda smart…



Due the the fact I do have some lovely folks who have my back, and the crazy memory thing I spoke about; I remember all the things


(Well the ones The Goose didn’t destroy the neurones for banwaysy lol)

I see people launching and selling shit they ain’t even done before

Let alone had success with

Which is why I’ve done some things they way I’ve done them

For example; ‘Espresso With Dan’

Usually we open every 3 months, we decided 6 months was better this time


Because the first three months of the year I was a human fucking guinea pig

Kill or cure

Sink or swim

Death or glory

The next 3 months I was PROVING what we had created worked and massively improved the 4 areas that – from my perspective and 10’s of 1000’s of hours of coaching have taught me are crucial for a happy, productive and wealthy life

– Health (physical, mental and spiritual – yes I said spiritual!)

– Wealth (assets, cash, business growth, leverage and scale)

– Productivity (getting shit DONE; having more time & energy to pursue life and business pursuits as well as personal development)

– Connectivity (family, friendships, relationships – biz & personal, dealing with limiting beliefs/inner head trash. Being part of something bigger than you. Giving back & loving life)

I have this, I think (in this really permutation anyways)


And I wanted to make sure that I had conquered pretty much every fuckery I had let rule my life

I took full control of ALL aspects of my life


And I made it 100% what I wanted; healthy, happy, wealthy, fun, free and on my fucking terms

I truly believe that ANYONE can take what I’ve learned and make massive changes in their life; because I would be an incongruent piece of shit writing to you now If I didn’t eh?

This could end up being my ‘magnum opus’

But I need people to come with me on this journey to prove what I have done for me and my private coaching clients can be done for YOU as well

This WILL be a thing

A BIG thing in my world moving forward

And I would like to invite you – if you feel there is more to life than you currently have – to join me

Is this free?

Is it fuck

But for this first ever group there will be a reduction in costs (in return for comprehensive feedback), free membership to ‘Espresso With Dan’ for the duration, and private coaching with me monthly to ensure we are on form

Everyone I see is churning out the same old tired crap; and the system I’ve created IS different

We attack the root causes FIRST

Most people?

Try burial a business on fucked up foundations

My job is to gut the ones you have, and help you rebuild something that will actually LAST and allow you to build the life and business you want on top of them – as well as kicking the living shit out of the negative self talk, and helping you get control over your thoughts and feelings

Like I mentioned the other day

Had bit of an epiphany

My ethos?

Fun and profits

My group?

Get shit done

My mission?

I finally fucking have it

To create well rounded entrepreneurs who get to experience the life, business, health and relationships THEY want on THEIR terms – and have a fuck tonne of fun doing it

And if that sounds like a ‘mission’ you would like to be part of?

There’s nothing to pay right now

We had 69 applications yesterday – I sent this to my list after the massive live stream I did

Going through them tomorrow

If you would like me to send you the link to find out more?

Drop me a comment below

Not interested?

At the very least learn from the fact that it’s never to late to change and take ownership of your life

Own it
Get help
Take action

And if I can help? Lemme know

Embracing Change

You CAN change…

…if you want to

This pic?

Was me 3 years ago to the day

It’s not secret I have had a long running issue with the drink that – I’m proud to say – I’m 11 months (a year I will be behind proud!) sober

I used it to mast a lot of self worth…

Self doubt…

And self hatred….

Since I was in my teens

And I was fucking good at hiding it as well! I could nail a bottle of vodka a day; and still run multiple businesses, have a life, go to the gym – proper functional alcoholic lol

But ultimately it was going to bring me down

Last year?

It nearly did

I almost lost everything

See, when you are ‘normal’ (well as normal as I can be lol), and you don’t think you are going to amount to much – but you keep fucking trying and one day


Suddenly you’re a thing

It messes with your head

I never expected to have ANY of this

I don’t feel ‘special’

I’m still the same Dan I was since I was a kid

People I’ve known since the start of this ‘online thing’ are surprised I’m still ‘me’ if that makes any sense

I share this with you today because many of you will think you aren’t worthy of X or Y

And – quite frankly – that’s bullshit

If vapid celebrities, compete fraudulent fucksticks and utter cock wombles with staged photos, lambos and models can make a shit tonne of cash?

Why the fuck can’t you?

And that’s the thing

IF you believe you can and IF you put the work in

You can

In a shit place right now?


You know what did it for me?


Which – you have as many people who rely on you as I do?

Is hard

Bastard hard

I didn’t want to appear weak
I didn’t want to let people down
I didn’t want to worry people

But that ^^^ ?

Was all in my fucking head

When I finally asked those close to me for a hand – it was like a fucking special forces team swung into action

From my family, team, mentor, friends – you name it – they picked me up…

Dusted me off…

Smacked me around the head…

Then put white arm around mind and said ‘let’s share the load for a bit’

And the rest is history

Without those people (and you know who you are I’m not going to tag you – ya know I love ya more than anything) I don’t know where I would be today

You NEED people around you who give a shit
You NEED to be with people who will help you when you can’t help yourself
You NEED people who don’t judge and just want the best for you

Those people?

Are worth their weight in gold

In this group?

1000’s of them

The amount of times I have seen complete strangers swing into action in this group for someone in need


And if you need a more focused, more caring, more giving version of this group?

That’s what ‘Espresso With Dan’ is, And what it’s all about

We are shutting up shop tomorrow night – and I’m conscious it’s not for everyone for a variety of reasons

But if you could do with a bit more support in life and in business right now?

You’re welcome to join us:


And if not? Please – I implore you understand this; you can be, five or take, anyone you want to be

Just don’t try do it alone, OK?


PS ayes I do have a Big assed hairy chest( I used to care what proper thought of me looking the way I do

Shaved it off for years

Now I don’t give a fuck and love WHO and WHAT I am

^^^ I couldn’t say that a few years back

Amazing how things can change eh?

The Story of Two Dan’s

Vindification of an (ex) scumbag; the story of two Dan’s, D.R.S. and how a to be a man



What I said to Danny Clarke once


Came from the world of MLM – which for me is already a red flag

Danny made a mistake

Danny was coming from a dark place and took actions that – in all honesty – weren’t ‘him’

Dan (aka me) has been mentored well

If someone screws you for a $

You spend $5 to get it back

(And please note Danny never did that)

But if I think you have fucked me, taken advantage of been a sneaky fuck – to me or any decent human

I will fucking come after you in more ways than you don’t want to know

I’m old school

I don’t like bullies



I will proactively go out of my way to fuck you up so you don’t do it to anyone else


(Side note – if YOU have ever been hurt – PM Me – I enjoy fucking over bad people ha)


Danny – as he said on a post – did something that wasn’t him

I – as a man – will ALWAYS give someone a second chance if they apologise

Danny did

And danny is – and I’ve not told him this – is someone I would genuinely like to class as a true friend one day

Because when you fuck up

You have two choices

Man (or woman) up

Or be a little pussy (or soft cock)

I’m proud to say Danny chose option 1

And as well as being a fucking epic customer and client

He took the time to figure out where I am

My room

And send me a very expensive bottle of champagne

Fair play my man

And to the rest of you?

You will fuck up
You will do dumb shit
You will do things that morally don’t align (time to time)


If you are a good human?

You can always fix it

Carry on

Review, Plan, Do

Going From Zero to ‘Something’

I put a post out in Coffee With Dan the other day asking people what they wanted to learn from me.

Or in other words, ‘sucking from the teet of my knowledge’ that I’ve somehow managed to accumulate over the last three years on my entrepreneurial adventure.

And one of the questions that came up over and over and OVER again was how to get something off the ground, how to launch a product or how to create something from nothing.

And I’m sick to death of giving the same answer.
So let me show you a really really f*cking simple system I use to get things off the ground and off to the races.

One: I have an idea
Two: I spend an incredibly short period of time researching on Google or Facebook to see the validity of the idea.
And Three: I Take Action

Now this may seem incredibly – fucking – simple. And the truth is….it is.

Case In Point: Now I’ve been wanting to do stand up comedy for a long time now. So what did Dan go and do?

Dan did a Google search for ‘stand up comedy in Brighton’. Dan found a course. Then Dan immediately messaged the person and signed up. That simple.

When we launched GRIT 1.0, which was the most successful – probably ever – off the cuff training course about personal development and ‘getting out your own way bullsh*t’ course we’ve ever ran.

I came up with the idea. I had a look to see what was on the market already. I wrote a very ‘salesy-esque’ post in Coffee With Dan and I launched it….plus obviously letting Tega there was going to be some ‘stuff’ happening soon which he was delighted to hear.

Here’s something I learned from a film called We’re The Millers. This is in regards to the young chap in the film who was struggling to meet a lady. The main character was giving him some advice from a dating perspective and he called it his ‘Three Second Rule’.

He said you’ve got three seconds to talk yourself out of doing something.

Every single person I speak to has an internal monologue that runs the same old story; ‘I cant’ do that’ and ‘I’t won’t work’. They spend so much time analysing their own bullsh*t, they don’t take any action.

This may seem incredibly simplistic – and you’d be correct.

A lot of people ask me for advice on how to set up a business or how to launch products or how to become a coach…even if you’ve got the skillset. And here’s the answer I tell them…


I really wish I could wrap it up in some expensive course and just take all of the monies for it but it really is not that hard. You have an idea. You look at the validity of that idea and you take f*cking action.

And the best way I’ve found to do that is with money.

For example, when I first wanted to start my gym, I spent a few years collecting credit cards and kept them empty. I went into a Real Estate Agent, and as soon as something came up and took my fancy…BOSH. I snapped it up. Deposit down.

Consider this for a second…

Had I launched a gym before? No

Had I staffed a gym before? Nope

Had I done any of the things I’d needed to do to set up a gym before?

Had I fuck. Nothing.

As soon as you take action, put some actual pennies down and set a deadline; whether it’s in a course, personal training or you want to do something…something happens.

All the bullsh*t thoughts disappear and you’re mind focusses on ‘how do I fulfill this’ rather than ‘this can’t work’.

All the ideas you may have…if you don’t take action, they’re just dreams and thoughts that will stay up in your little peanut and take them to the grave.

My mentor Dexter says this is my genius – surprisingly enough.

Dan is kinda smart but dumb. In other words, I like to think I’ve got a decent brain on me but I don’t think things through too much. I spent a long time of my life just thinking and overthinking about the things that could happen. But you know what matters?


What matters is the fact I took – fucking – action.
It’s really that simple. and I do wish I had some fancy programme I could sell to you off the back of this but I don’t.

It’s dead simple.

Find out if your idea is available. Put some money down. Give yourself a deadline. Crack the fuck on.
Here’s a little secret. Some of the most successful people in the world, some of which I’ve met have absolutely no idea what they’re doing until they do it.

And that’s the fun thing! But a lot of people have lost the joy in figuring things out. None of us know what we’re doing when we start out. You could get coaching, read books and go through courses but ultimately, we’re all figuring it out as we go a long.

I’m not saying you should do stuff that you’re not good at. You’ve got to have a degree of skill first and have the ability to do what you say you’re going to do.

But honestly, so many people I’ve spoken to who’ve got 8-9 figure empires have absolutely no idea what was going to happen until they did it.

And I said this on a coaching call the other day to one of my clients…

Imagine you want to launch a business, put a product out there or even ask someone out.

You don’t know what’s going to happen until you invest.

Whether it’s your time, energy or money. It doesn’t matter. What matters more is that you choose to invest in it.

Think about your phone or laptop. I can bet right now you’ve probably got 5,10,15,20 tabs open at the same time.

Imagine how much RAM your phone is using trying to keep up with all the ‘stuff’ that’s going on in the background? You’re no different.

Once you’ve invested and said ‘F*ck It, I’m doing the thing’, all those ‘what ifs’ vanish. All your precious thoughts and energy are now focused on how you actually fulfil this thing.

Once You Commit…Good Shit Happens!

So when did things switch for Dan?

I just decided to stop giving myself excuses and put my money where my mouth was. I announced what I was going to do socially to my tribe and did it.

Did I have failures? Of course. But not that many. Definitely more successes than failures.
I’ve written two books now, both of which best sellers.

How to Be F*cking Awesome

I Get Sh*t Done Planner

What did I do? I put my money down, hired someone who know how to create books, paid them and wrote my book in 7 days. I did the best I could. I just gave it a go. I learned on the job.

And that’s my little tip bit today…

Fail first, fail often and crack – the – fuck – on.
Hope that was useful. If not, no worries. It’s only 10 minutes of your time.

Toodle Pip.