From Breakdown To Breakthrough

[A valuable read for anyone who DEMANDS more from life]

From cracked to crushing life; lessons from my pain for your gain

I can still remember it as clear as anything; I had a pretty tough New Years and some personal stuff that was beyond kicking my ass

I was on my knees

Literally in fact

Now as you know, I’ve struggled with my demons and he panacea was often at the bottom of a bottle of distilled grains or potatoes

I quit the drink a year ago, but still had the urge

If you have ever struggled with a ‘bad habit’? You’ll know what I mean…

That ‘little voice’…

The nagging ‘hunger’…

The pull of something – or someone – that you KNOW is bad for you tagging you inexorably towards your own downfall…


Fucker ain’t it?

Anyways that first 6 months was PURE will power and spite

Then what happened over New Years happened and then the familiar dark passenger came along for the ride once more

I couldn’t of felt more of a last down…

A liar…

A fraud…

If I tried

Hardly a fucking ‘hero’s journey’ is it?!


I realised I had come close to losing it all – and possible my life – not even 6 months prior to this

Aaaaand they do say breakdown comes before breakthrough

So I did


I had so much pent up rage and anger and sadness and regrets as well as felt my life was no longer my own to control

I felt taken advantage of…

I was mentally battered via supposed trusted confidants who had ended up being ‘snakers ’n’ takers’…

I was pushed past my limits and I was fucking DONE


Roll forward to now:

Life is pretty fucking good


In fact, life is FUCKING AWESOME


Because for the first time in my ENTIRE life I attacked the root cause of the head trash that was holding me back

I had managed to achieve a surprisingly successful empire from pretty much nothing but will power and work ethic alone

But at the expense of other areas of my life

Now my mentor Dex has a huge part fo play in this, because we came up with a way to:

Get my physical and mental health on point so I looked and FELT good with enough ‘gas in the tank’ to get shit done daily…

My productivity nailed the fuck DOWN to work on only what I needed to work on…

Reconnect with who I am as a person, what I stood for (and didn’t) and rebuild old relationships and create new ones from scratch…

AND the big one?

Business grew without killing myself in the process by a profit margin of 32%; as well as adding in 3 new streams of revenue, new team members, opening another gym

Not bad eh?

Ya see, I’m a complicated fuck

I know this

As flawed as the next man

But I’m also – and some of you may struggle with this next bit – actually kinda smart…



Due the the fact I do have some lovely folks who have my back, and the crazy memory thing I spoke about; I remember all the things


(Well the ones The Goose didn’t destroy the neurones for banwaysy lol)

I see people launching and selling shit they ain’t even done before

Let alone had success with

Which is why I’ve done some things they way I’ve done them

For example; ‘Espresso With Dan’

Usually we open every 3 months, we decided 6 months was better this time


Because the first three months of the year I was a human fucking guinea pig

Kill or cure

Sink or swim

Death or glory

The next 3 months I was PROVING what we had created worked and massively improved the 4 areas that – from my perspective and 10’s of 1000’s of hours of coaching have taught me are crucial for a happy, productive and wealthy life

– Health (physical, mental and spiritual – yes I said spiritual!)

– Wealth (assets, cash, business growth, leverage and scale)

– Productivity (getting shit DONE; having more time & energy to pursue life and business pursuits as well as personal development)

– Connectivity (family, friendships, relationships – biz & personal, dealing with limiting beliefs/inner head trash. Being part of something bigger than you. Giving back & loving life)

I have this, I think (in this really permutation anyways)


And I wanted to make sure that I had conquered pretty much every fuckery I had let rule my life

I took full control of ALL aspects of my life


And I made it 100% what I wanted; healthy, happy, wealthy, fun, free and on my fucking terms

I truly believe that ANYONE can take what I’ve learned and make massive changes in their life; because I would be an incongruent piece of shit writing to you now If I didn’t eh?

This could end up being my ‘magnum opus’

But I need people to come with me on this journey to prove what I have done for me and my private coaching clients can be done for YOU as well

This WILL be a thing

A BIG thing in my world moving forward

And I would like to invite you – if you feel there is more to life than you currently have – to join me

Is this free?

Is it fuck

But for this first ever group there will be a reduction in costs (in return for comprehensive feedback), free membership to ‘Espresso With Dan’ for the duration, and private coaching with me monthly to ensure we are on form

Everyone I see is churning out the same old tired crap; and the system I’ve created IS different

We attack the root causes FIRST

Most people?

Try burial a business on fucked up foundations

My job is to gut the ones you have, and help you rebuild something that will actually LAST and allow you to build the life and business you want on top of them – as well as kicking the living shit out of the negative self talk, and helping you get control over your thoughts and feelings

Like I mentioned the other day

Had bit of an epiphany

My ethos?

Fun and profits

My group?

Get shit done

My mission?

I finally fucking have it

To create well rounded entrepreneurs who get to experience the life, business, health and relationships THEY want on THEIR terms – and have a fuck tonne of fun doing it

And if that sounds like a ‘mission’ you would like to be part of?

There’s nothing to pay right now

We had 69 applications yesterday – I sent this to my list after the massive live stream I did

Going through them tomorrow

If you would like me to send you the link to find out more?

Drop me a comment below

Not interested?

At the very least learn from the fact that it’s never to late to change and take ownership of your life

Own it
Get help
Take action

And if I can help? Lemme know

Embracing Change

You CAN change…

…if you want to

This pic?

Was me 3 years ago to the day

It’s not secret I have had a long running issue with the drink that – I’m proud to say – I’m 11 months (a year I will be behind proud!) sober

I used it to mast a lot of self worth…

Self doubt…

And self hatred….

Since I was in my teens

And I was fucking good at hiding it as well! I could nail a bottle of vodka a day; and still run multiple businesses, have a life, go to the gym – proper functional alcoholic lol

But ultimately it was going to bring me down

Last year?

It nearly did

I almost lost everything

See, when you are ‘normal’ (well as normal as I can be lol), and you don’t think you are going to amount to much – but you keep fucking trying and one day


Suddenly you’re a thing

It messes with your head

I never expected to have ANY of this

I don’t feel ‘special’

I’m still the same Dan I was since I was a kid

People I’ve known since the start of this ‘online thing’ are surprised I’m still ‘me’ if that makes any sense

I share this with you today because many of you will think you aren’t worthy of X or Y

And – quite frankly – that’s bullshit

If vapid celebrities, compete fraudulent fucksticks and utter cock wombles with staged photos, lambos and models can make a shit tonne of cash?

Why the fuck can’t you?

And that’s the thing

IF you believe you can and IF you put the work in

You can

In a shit place right now?


You know what did it for me?


Which – you have as many people who rely on you as I do?

Is hard

Bastard hard

I didn’t want to appear weak
I didn’t want to let people down
I didn’t want to worry people

But that ^^^ ?

Was all in my fucking head

When I finally asked those close to me for a hand – it was like a fucking special forces team swung into action

From my family, team, mentor, friends – you name it – they picked me up…

Dusted me off…

Smacked me around the head…

Then put white arm around mind and said ‘let’s share the load for a bit’

And the rest is history

Without those people (and you know who you are I’m not going to tag you – ya know I love ya more than anything) I don’t know where I would be today

You NEED people around you who give a shit
You NEED to be with people who will help you when you can’t help yourself
You NEED people who don’t judge and just want the best for you

Those people?

Are worth their weight in gold

In this group?

1000’s of them

The amount of times I have seen complete strangers swing into action in this group for someone in need


And if you need a more focused, more caring, more giving version of this group?

That’s what ‘Espresso With Dan’ is, And what it’s all about

We are shutting up shop tomorrow night – and I’m conscious it’s not for everyone for a variety of reasons

But if you could do with a bit more support in life and in business right now?

You’re welcome to join us:

And if not? Please – I implore you understand this; you can be, five or take, anyone you want to be

Just don’t try do it alone, OK?


PS ayes I do have a Big assed hairy chest( I used to care what proper thought of me looking the way I do

Shaved it off for years

Now I don’t give a fuck and love WHO and WHAT I am

^^^ I couldn’t say that a few years back

Amazing how things can change eh?

The Story of Two Dan’s

Vindification of an (ex) scumbag; the story of two Dan’s, D.R.S. and how a to be a man



What I said to Danny Clarke once


Came from the world of MLM – which for me is already a red flag

Danny made a mistake

Danny was coming from a dark place and took actions that – in all honesty – weren’t ‘him’

Dan (aka me) has been mentored well

If someone screws you for a $

You spend $5 to get it back

(And please note Danny never did that)

But if I think you have fucked me, taken advantage of been a sneaky fuck – to me or any decent human

I will fucking come after you in more ways than you don’t want to know

I’m old school

I don’t like bullies



I will proactively go out of my way to fuck you up so you don’t do it to anyone else


(Side note – if YOU have ever been hurt – PM Me – I enjoy fucking over bad people ha)


Danny – as he said on a post – did something that wasn’t him

I – as a man – will ALWAYS give someone a second chance if they apologise

Danny did

And danny is – and I’ve not told him this – is someone I would genuinely like to class as a true friend one day

Because when you fuck up

You have two choices

Man (or woman) up

Or be a little pussy (or soft cock)

I’m proud to say Danny chose option 1

And as well as being a fucking epic customer and client

He took the time to figure out where I am

My room

And send me a very expensive bottle of champagne

Fair play my man

And to the rest of you?

You will fuck up
You will do dumb shit
You will do things that morally don’t align (time to time)


If you are a good human?

You can always fix it

Carry on

Review, Plan, Do

Going From Zero to ‘Something’

I put a post out in Coffee With Dan the other day asking people what they wanted to learn from me.

Or in other words, ‘sucking from the teet of my knowledge’ that I’ve somehow managed to accumulate over the last three years on my entrepreneurial adventure.

And one of the questions that came up over and over and OVER again was how to get something off the ground, how to launch a product or how to create something from nothing.

And I’m sick to death of giving the same answer.
So let me show you a really really f*cking simple system I use to get things off the ground and off to the races.

One: I have an idea
Two: I spend an incredibly short period of time researching on Google or Facebook to see the validity of the idea.
And Three: I Take Action

Now this may seem incredibly – fucking – simple. And the truth is….it is.

Case In Point: Now I’ve been wanting to do stand up comedy for a long time now. So what did Dan go and do?

Dan did a Google search for ‘stand up comedy in Brighton’. Dan found a course. Then Dan immediately messaged the person and signed up. That simple.

When we launched GRIT 1.0, which was the most successful – probably ever – off the cuff training course about personal development and ‘getting out your own way bullsh*t’ course we’ve ever ran.

I came up with the idea. I had a look to see what was on the market already. I wrote a very ‘salesy-esque’ post in Coffee With Dan and I launched it….plus obviously letting Tega there was going to be some ‘stuff’ happening soon which he was delighted to hear.

Here’s something I learned from a film called We’re The Millers. This is in regards to the young chap in the film who was struggling to meet a lady. The main character was giving him some advice from a dating perspective and he called it his ‘Three Second Rule’.

He said you’ve got three seconds to talk yourself out of doing something.

Every single person I speak to has an internal monologue that runs the same old story; ‘I cant’ do that’ and ‘I’t won’t work’. They spend so much time analysing their own bullsh*t, they don’t take any action.

This may seem incredibly simplistic – and you’d be correct.

A lot of people ask me for advice on how to set up a business or how to launch products or how to become a coach…even if you’ve got the skillset. And here’s the answer I tell them…


I really wish I could wrap it up in some expensive course and just take all of the monies for it but it really is not that hard. You have an idea. You look at the validity of that idea and you take f*cking action.

And the best way I’ve found to do that is with money.

For example, when I first wanted to start my gym, I spent a few years collecting credit cards and kept them empty. I went into a Real Estate Agent, and as soon as something came up and took my fancy…BOSH. I snapped it up. Deposit down.

Consider this for a second…

Had I launched a gym before? No

Had I staffed a gym before? Nope

Had I done any of the things I’d needed to do to set up a gym before?

Had I fuck. Nothing.

As soon as you take action, put some actual pennies down and set a deadline; whether it’s in a course, personal training or you want to do something…something happens.

All the bullsh*t thoughts disappear and you’re mind focusses on ‘how do I fulfill this’ rather than ‘this can’t work’.

All the ideas you may have…if you don’t take action, they’re just dreams and thoughts that will stay up in your little peanut and take them to the grave.

My mentor Dexter says this is my genius – surprisingly enough.

Dan is kinda smart but dumb. In other words, I like to think I’ve got a decent brain on me but I don’t think things through too much. I spent a long time of my life just thinking and overthinking about the things that could happen. But you know what matters?


What matters is the fact I took – fucking – action.
It’s really that simple. and I do wish I had some fancy programme I could sell to you off the back of this but I don’t.

It’s dead simple.

Find out if your idea is available. Put some money down. Give yourself a deadline. Crack the fuck on.
Here’s a little secret. Some of the most successful people in the world, some of which I’ve met have absolutely no idea what they’re doing until they do it.

And that’s the fun thing! But a lot of people have lost the joy in figuring things out. None of us know what we’re doing when we start out. You could get coaching, read books and go through courses but ultimately, we’re all figuring it out as we go a long.

I’m not saying you should do stuff that you’re not good at. You’ve got to have a degree of skill first and have the ability to do what you say you’re going to do.

But honestly, so many people I’ve spoken to who’ve got 8-9 figure empires have absolutely no idea what was going to happen until they did it.

And I said this on a coaching call the other day to one of my clients…

Imagine you want to launch a business, put a product out there or even ask someone out.

You don’t know what’s going to happen until you invest.

Whether it’s your time, energy or money. It doesn’t matter. What matters more is that you choose to invest in it.

Think about your phone or laptop. I can bet right now you’ve probably got 5,10,15,20 tabs open at the same time.

Imagine how much RAM your phone is using trying to keep up with all the ‘stuff’ that’s going on in the background? You’re no different.

Once you’ve invested and said ‘F*ck It, I’m doing the thing’, all those ‘what ifs’ vanish. All your precious thoughts and energy are now focused on how you actually fulfil this thing.

Once You Commit…Good Shit Happens!

So when did things switch for Dan?

I just decided to stop giving myself excuses and put my money where my mouth was. I announced what I was going to do socially to my tribe and did it.

Did I have failures? Of course. But not that many. Definitely more successes than failures.
I’ve written two books now, both of which best sellers.

How to Be F*cking Awesome

I Get Sh*t Done Planner

What did I do? I put my money down, hired someone who know how to create books, paid them and wrote my book in 7 days. I did the best I could. I just gave it a go. I learned on the job.

And that’s my little tip bit today…

Fail first, fail often and crack – the – fuck – on.
Hope that was useful. If not, no worries. It’s only 10 minutes of your time.

Toodle Pip.


The Key Is To Start

***Daily Dose Of Dan***

We all have to start somewhere – the key thing?

Is fucking STARTING

This pen was from my first foray into marketing myself back in my PT only days:

‘the body you want in the time you have – Dan Meredith, ELITE personal trainer’


What a plum

And you should of seen my flyers!

A5, CRAMMED with text, all about the amazing service I could supply, the qualifications that I have, my background….AAAAAAAANNNNDDDD nothing about the customer

Lol, again

Amazing how things change but the thing is they HAVE changed; one thing that has served me VERY well (and would serve you very well if you are NOT following this) is:


Seriously I have never been to proud or humble to do ANYTHING – if there is someone who is kicking my ass in business/life, doing better than me financially, or they are simply the ‘go-to- person or business in the niche

Ill tell you what I’m going to do?

Find a way to pay them, or work my ass of to prove them Im worthy of their time to get their advice

I see a LOT of coaching/mentor bashing on line…and some RIGHTLY so…but I didn’t even DREAM of showing other people how to do stuff….until I had done it myself – and well for that matter!

What I’m trying to say, as I said in my book, NO ONE IS BETTER THAN YOU – they are simply further along, or have invested more time than you (or a gifted fuck and, well, thats just the way it is)

So instead of looking at those who are doing better than you with green eyes….get in their world and learn their shit

Thats all I’ve done

I look at someone who is doing what I want to do

Then pay them money for me to teach them what they did

Level up Dan-stylee



‘Are you alright mate?’

***Daily Dose Of Dan***

‘Are you alright mate?’

Was what a friend asked me last night, and my first thought was:

‘Course, fine…why?’

Then we had a bit of a chat on messenger and – he was right

On my personal wall and in here, some of my posts have been somewhat tinged with anger…

I’ve been shorter with people…

Friends who’s status updates I usually would chuckle at or ignore, pissed me off…

I’m not a violent person at all, but have had an intense desire to get in the ring and kick fuck out of someone/get the fuck kicked out of me…

Dealing with the shit in your head?

Honestly is hard

I’ve been lucky to have some good friends who have helped me work on this. Before I would deal with all my problems with crazy behaviour, travelling or the goose

Now I’m forced to deal with them

It’s caused me to take a pause – to NOT press the ‘self destruct’ button and just relax

Deep down?

I’m a happy little dork who likes museums and stationary and pebbles beaches and pizza and boobs and Brighton

I don’t really want for much

I’m lucky that what I do, somehow, helps thousands of people every day – and every day in my inbox or email I get wonderful messages from people who I have helped

Which, is another issue as taking compliments, taking the thank you’s from people I still find hard

I’m just me

I do my best

But it IS time to let go of a lot of shit; I’m not going to delete the ‘FILE OF RAGE’ – but the people in it?

I now forgive

Believe it or not this came to me this morning after a session in the float spa, because I found myself:

– unable to relax
– chest breathing
– focusing on negative things
– pissed off that it was taking so long to finish
– grinding my teeth

When in reality

– I have my health (back)
– I have a wonderful job/career that I love
– I have all I need
– the people that have done me wrong are to blame, not me

I’ve still got my teeth, I’ll still say how I fell and if someone steps out of line I have no issue putting them back and – being honest – enjoy rather feeling angry: it gives me energy to propel me forward…

…but now I’m just going to get angry at the RIGHT things now

Time to let go 🙂

I’ll do me

You do you

And if I can help you on that journey? I am actually truly Humbled and grateful.

Seeing as I now have a wealth of energy and time on my hands, i will add as much value in here, in EWD and with my private clients – and those that I’m grateful who follow me – as I can

It’s an honour to do so – I mean it

Have a great Sunday


PS my testosterone has DEFINITELY come back with abundance since no more drink…If only I had a natural release of this ‘pent up’ side of me… 😉

PPS as well as floating – I’m going to spend all the monies on stationary, books, the arcade, a coffee walking along the beech…some boobs might happen if I’m lucky! Lol – bye!

Dan’s 5-Point Guide on How To Build a Business Online From Scratch

Would you like to save $1000, $2000 or even as much as $5000 on expensive coaching courses? (while spending jack shit on advertising?)

Well I’ll do my best to show you how 🙂

I have had some people come into my world, though EWD and 121 coaching – as well as hearing some rather shocking horror stories in CWD for what has been sold as ‘business mentoring’

Their model?

So simple its almost offensive that they charge for it!

The advise I am about to impart?

Is HUGELY valuable

I will, of course, litter it with humour and a touch of sarcasm but if you would like a coaching or consulting business, with some simple steps to take to make it happen?

Im happy to share

(PS this is honestly a model some dodgy fuckers are charging thousands for…bless!)

1. Be good at something

If you are going to be a business coach = have a successful business

If you are going to be a mindset coach = be qualified

If you are going to be a PT = be skilled

If you are going to be a consultant = have a track record of helping business

If you DONT have the above? Offer to work with people a) for free or b) for a % of sales AFTER you have done the work for testimonials and then begin in earnest

2. Put out content

Write a book

There are SO MANY WAYS to get your content out there; you have NO excuse NOT to do it

Worried your content will be shit to start with? It always is! But you get better by doing this every single day. Not sexy but it works. Commit to learning and honing your craft and putting it out every day

You won’t get much traction to start with, but no one does

This takes times accept that

3. Leverage my IPP method

I = influencers
P = peers
P = prospects

Connect with influencers in your world. As a rule buy their products, invest in them = quickest way to get the attention of the right people

This is what I accidentally learned (and only figured out when looking back) with the likes of Dexter Abraham, Ryan Lee, Ryan Levesque, Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon, Joe Polish, James AltucherMichael Lovitch & Hollis Carter, and Shaa Wasmund as an example

(worth every penny IMO)

I HAPPILY paid to play (often when I didn’t have the money and lied my ass of to them to tell them that I did lol – you know this NOW) – and although this wasn’t my intention, now as I have grown – I realise IF you want to get someones attention, invest in their world = the quickest way

(and being a tenacious little pricks eh Dex & The Ryan’s lol)

That or drag your ass on a plane any offer to go see then no matter what the cost of ‘ball ache’!

Money tight? Commit to commenting, liking and sharing their content regularly – be respectful, funny, insightful and charming – make yourself known and add value to THEIR content

I would suggest you try to get to as many events as people like this put on, meet them in person and

Do NOT promote yourself

Connect with other people like you – who do the same job, and have the same client base etc

Some people who are friends and peers (and influencers in their own right – plucked at random as they are good peeps and Im waiting for the quad-shot coffee to kick in), often are the likes of Justin Devonshire, Scott Oldford, Stephen Somers, Jamie Alderton, Mitch Miller, Shane Hunter, AJ Mihrzad, Vincent Dignan, Chris Burgess, Mike Samuels, Neil Bannister/ Joe Kensett and so on – again top of mind list & hope you don’t mind being classed as a peer/friend as I have learned something great from you, and you are *proper* mate!)

(when I case a PT – i connected with other PT’s, when I was copywriter, I connected with other copywriter s and so on)

PS ALL the people above are legit, have great products, and worth investing in FYI

Thes are people who a) would like to be doing what you are doing, b) could benefit from your services and c) could learn from you and although they may never invest in you – will be advocates for your work

Show up daily
Serve them
Reply to comments
Put out interesting and infotaining content daily across multiple channels

It may be tempting – especially when money is tight – to PM people to get them on a strategy call (aka the dick move) IMMEDIATELY when you add them; however when you take the slightly slower approach your build a breadth AND depth of ‘fans’ and people who have consciously invested their time in your world

Thank them for sharing, give your time and attention with MEANING

4. Give away your time and skills freely…to START with

When I first started? I shared as much content as I could:

I would offer to put on free webinars, write guest posts, deliver 100’s (was close to a thousand) of ‘turbo coaching calls’ for anyone that wanted my advice or I felt I could add value

I would speak at the opening of a bag of chips, let alone the stages I am asked to speak on now

When you are starting to expect sales, clients or commissions RIGHT out of the gate? Will set you up for disappointment

Of course you will get people interested but I have found this is off the BACK of giving value first

You do, one day, need to transition to a paid model and get paid what you are worth, and once you have the skills, the testimonials and the social infuelnce that is, in my opinion, the time to charge your worth and increase your prices thusly

5. Commit

This. Takes. Time.

No one, and I mean NO ONE does this overnight, quickly or without effort

Yes of course the likes of paid advertising will speed things along and if, IF you have a solid track record OR your product really is ‘the tits’ then this can be a great way to speed things along

But the reality is there is no shortcut – thing 12-18 months if you are mental like me, 2 years+ for a normal person… 😉

I have literally given you a very simple, step loaded approach to growing a business online, exactly how I have done it

Now, here come the do’s AND DONTS (all of em, no order)

1. Don’t add someone as a friend, then send them a message for a strategy call (which is a sales cll in disguise) = THE BIGGEST DICK MOVE OF THEM ALL – lol
2. If you can’t afford to work with an influencer? Be creative – send gifts, offer your time and services for free, have fun with it – some of my close team have gotten my attention by doing some mad shit!
3. Do invest in digital courses, IMPLEMENT them, then give the creator feedback and a testimonial
4. Be patient – for example I get 200-500 inbox messages a DAY, I always make time to get back to everyone but its NOT quick sometimes – if someone is a client, they will always get first priority so be mindful of who you are approaching
5. If you ask someone to invest in your services and they can’t afford them – be nice! We all start somewhere, from fuck all in my case 😉
6. Always take time to comment on peoples comments and tags – it means a lot
7. Start as you mean to go on – consistency is KEY – show up every day
8. Don’t offer free training and then pitch, its shitty – be upfront on what you are offering and if there will be an offer to work with you/invest, no need to be a Sneaky Mc Sneakerson
9. If you are going to go #ballsdeep with a pitch? Do some research; take time to find out about what the person you are messaging likes, dislikes, follow them on social for a while etc – make it a bespoke and custom message – NO canned messages!
10. Be cool – we are all on a journey, we all have similar wants needs and desires; be respectful and mindful of what people are doing, where they may be in life, what THEY may have to deal with day to day – a little bit of empathy with regards to who you are talking to/messaging goes a LONG way

Right, thats it from me – I hope you have enjoyed reading (and if you have been tagged I hope you don’t mind but you is good peoples)

Welcome your thoughts and ideas, and feel free to share this in your worlds if you feel it could benefit people

In a nutshell;

– follow the above
– action
– probably chuck someone a few quid to keep you accountable and push you out of your comfort zone
– don’t be a melt


Off you go now…

Toodle pip


Action Is What Changes Your Life For Good

I can’t stand whining

Let’s face it life, more often than not, decides to bend us over and give us a seeing to – and not has life not even had the decency to take us to dinner, but not even bothered to use a bit of spit or give us a hug after…

But sitting around moaning about the hand you have been dealt doesn’t really do much for you does it?

Yeah a bit of ‘woe is me’ whining is acceptable and fair and by all means blame the world…for a bit

But then you need to put on your big boy/big girl/gender neutral pronoun pants and just accept your situation is the way it is RIGHT NOW…but it doesn’t have to stay like that

Just start taking action and you will be amazed at how quickly your situation – or at very least how you feel about it – changes

Crack the fuck on then! 😘

The Hack To Reputation Management

PRO-TIP about ‘reputation management’ & would you like to be on my ‘go to’ list of experts?

One thing you need to grasp is reputation, especially online – is something you need to manage carefully as it can be lost in a heartbeat

(Such as a strategy call which is a disguised bullying sales pitch, stealing someone’s content and sayings it’s your own and putting In a private group and or simply taking the money and fucking off – all of those have heard of in last 4-8 weeks)

Today and a few days ago, two people started working with friends of mine – I politely (and non publicly) let them know that these folks aren’t the real deal as any good friend would

The funny thing?

Multiple people had said the same things about them (two different people I might add)

Look, we all fuck up – and there are always, ALWAYS people that are never going to be happy no matter what you do

Have I fucked up?


Have I done what I can to make amends and fix things? As much as I can – yes

I know sometimes people take on work or a project solely because they need the money and times are tough

Many of us have done his when we had to

And I am aware of people doing something dodgy once – and they probably get away with it

^^ i don’t advise this I might add

But more than once and PEOPLE DO TALK

Offers of coaching suddenly dry up…

Skype calls and catch ups get ignored/”sorry I’m just snowed under tight now”…

You are not longer tagged in updates…

People slowly but surely distance themselves from you…

It’s cruel, but it’s also human nature – we want to move away from poisonous people and towards people that add value to heir life

I’m a little but fucked (Thailand tummy got me – if it’s not a thing it is now!) so a little low energy and needing all the sales

I was a headhunter and one of the best (really, I have stats still) and recruitment and team building game – as well as my ability to network – is obscene


So My question? (well 2)

1) as someone who can do something (copy, coaching, FB ads, web dev, sales, mindset – whatever) would you be interested in being on a list, curated by me, that I could send all the leads (I average 2/3 requests a day for ‘good people’ and farm out between $20-50k/MONTH of work)

2) as someone that hires people like those
Above, would you like to have access to people who can ‘do the job?’

Thinking modest (purely admin) fee, mixture of profiling tests (kolbe, strengths finder, etc) with reviews and testimonials – curated, not a huge list and with $$ ranges from low to high per category

Of interest?

Was a thought on the flight and wanted to get it out of my head while I still remember!

Let me know below – as always enough interest will make it a thing etc…

Your Only Limit Is Your Mind

A little bit of motivation for those that might need it this Monday

Was talking to a friend this morning; they are in a situation that is a bit ‘meh’ – now it’s always hard coaching friends, but I did my best

Theirs background is – how can I put this – a little ‘checkered’ and they have (by their own admission) made a few wrong moves

But haven’t we all?

Humans but their very nature like things to stay the same – change brings the possibility of danger from an evolutionary standpoint

But equally change can bring fucking AWESOME things; new people, new opportunities, new connections, new adventures

Don’t be defined by your past or what you THINK you can’t do; focus on what you can change and just GO FOR IT

You never know what might happen and trust me it’s way more good than bad

Best of luck to you and the rest of your Monday 😘