Day 10: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for? #10/Wednesday 

Today I am grateful for my mind

Have my sister coming over today, and as much as she can get on mine and mums tits at times

I love her to bits

Her brain doesn’t work like ours (she’s basically a young child) and there’s not a day I don’t think about it TBH

Is why I have little truck for moaning – myself included – as I have a brain that works ( like a brain should

I can think and feel and act upon my thoughts and feelings

My sister can’t

And I’m very grateful that my mind is one


Day 9: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for? – post #9

Today I am grateful for the sacrifices I made for the last 9 years to be able to do things like I’m doing today

Le fucking le off

The feed (social) has been somewhat toxic, spammy and just full of shared shite – so I’m fucking off for 24 hours to

– think

– relax

– listen to music

– read 

– plan

– rest

And it’s going to be lush (I recommend you try it) 

My pain I’ll post up tomorrow as YEETing off here till then, but I want to see what you are grateful for

Shits weird in the world and people ain’t being themselves you know?

But if you look – EVERY day you’re above ground – you can find something to be grateful for

What you got?

Day 8: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for? Day #8

Today I am simply grateful for being alive

Sadly the goat is no longer with us, and I’m sure many of you reading this have lost loved ones and friends

As cheesy as it sounds, every day above ground is a good day and this little gratitude exercise helps me focus on finding the GOOD in every day

It’s harder some than others but I find it

And I’m grateful to still be here, especially as there was a large part of my life when I didn’t?

What about you?

Day 7: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for – day #7

Today I am grateful for the Internet 

Take a moment to think how brilliant it is!

The internet changed my life and it has

– educated me

– entertained me

– made me money

– created amazing connections 

– kept me safe

– helped me navigate the world

– introduced me to pretty ladies who are totes ok with me touching their twinkle cave


I remember the time before the internet and we have it fucking good right now I tell you

Proper grateful 

And you?

PS ‘pain’ today is recovery so gonna sweat my tits off in a sauna blanket for an hour 

Day 6: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for? Day #6

Today I am grateful for my resilience 

My friends used to say I was a weeble

If you haven’t seen one – you probably had one as a kid if your similar age (pic in comment #1) 

They have a jingle:

‘Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down’

And that kinda sums me up

I can take beating after beating after beating – and somehow I always (not as quick sometimes!) I always get back ‘up’

The ability to be resilient and to take a pounding (#lol) is something I worked on over years and now?

Not much worries me

I don’t let shit get me down and I get back on the horse 

I’m glad that my parents and sister showed me how important this is, and now – especially after the year I’ve had – I’m more grateful than ever that I have this ‘skill’

And what about you? What are you grateful for today?!

(No peloton ‘pain’ today; I’ve shredded my quads and they are red raw…29 inch thighs will do that – I’ll find some form of misery to do)

Day 5: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

What are YOU grateful for – Day #5 

This is gonna sound cringe AF


I feel a bit 

 typing it but it’s true

You know what I’m grateful for?

This group 

Honestly I am a normal Male human from Somerset who wanted more from life and to provide for his family’s future




I never expected anything like what I have!

This group was started as an accountability group to help me quit/ease off the drink and in return I’d share what I knew from biz & marketing 

Look at it now!

It’s not the biggest but honestly I think it’s one of the most unique, caring, fun, productive and epic groups there is

The lack of bullshit and humour of y’all is amazing

Thank you so much for being a part of my life 

And you?

Day 4: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

Day #4 – What are YOU grateful for?

Today’s one sounds so fucking suck up and like a cheesy pitch

– but I swear down it’s true –

Today I am grateful for my clients


It’s taken a good few years, and a good few versions of ‘Dan’, but I only seem to attract humans to work with who are a fucking delight 

No moaning

No ‘woe is me’

No bullshit 

Just positivity and action and genuine kindness 

Yes I am being paid (happily!) to do a job but it’s been a good few years since I’ve needed to ‘work’ per se

I work with people that I believe in and enjoy their company each call is fun and each DM is a delight 

But the kindness, compassion and empathy they have shown to me with regards to the things that have happened in my life (not that I make it a big deal, I’m just very open/honest) is unreal

If you’re reading?

Seriously I am grateful for you

And what about you fellow CWD human? What you greatful for today?


PS pain will be a late one today as all the prep for the (mini) MEGINAR

#joy lol

Day 3: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

Day 3 – what are you grateful for?

Today I’m grateful for my mum

This year has been quite frankly one I didn’t expect; and last night I’m not going to lie I was I. A bit of a funk

FB memories showed us as a family together at centre Parcs for the last time, and seeing dad pottering away in the background hit hard 

As much as I’ve spoken about dad


She is the rock we all relied on and the glue that kept it together

She has a 40 year old manchild to contend with and full time care of my sister too

Yet she still finds time to make me smile and be there for me every day

She is an amazing woman

I’ve never ever known her to let anyone down, and her kindness and compassion are off the charts 

I’m very lucky to have such an amazing family and grateful that my teeny little mother has been there for me my whole life

Thanks mum

And what about you? What are your grateful for today?

PS ‘Rawdogging’ with dan will be tonight and my ‘PAIN’ will done once I’ve coached my clients; they come first weds and Thursday 

I ain’t cheating

(Mun would know and tell me off for telling porkies if I did lol)

Day 2: 30 Days of Gratitude/Pain

Day #2

What are you grateful for?

Today I am grateful for my friends 

Doing what I do it’s actually quite hard to make friends especially as a man over 30 

That and if I meet someone via the world I work I’m there’s quite often an agenda of what that can get out of me 

I have a handful of true, loyal, kind friends who have been there for me through thick and thin and actually make an effort 

You don’t need lots

If you have a small band of loyal humans who have your back and they have yours your rich AF

And what about you?

What are you grateful today

(The ‘pain’ element will be coming later if I don’t prove I did the miserable cardio give me shit)

Over to you…

Day 1: 30 days of Gratitude/Pain

30 days of gratitude/30 days of pain – intro post & Day #1

Yesterday I floated the idea of doing a daily ‘gratitude’ exercise 

Now before you think I’ve gone all floaty, one of the things I’ve been aggressively doubling down on is my mindfulness

Had some chest pains lately (I’m getting them checked out don’t worry had two lil heart attacks already and I’m NAILZ lol) hence I’ve been doing things such as:

– Phone free time

– Meditation (via my MUSE)

– More nature 

– Cutting back coffee/stimulants 

– Exploring ways to be more mindful 

The whole gratitude exercise thing?

Honestly was pretty dubious about it but have seen loads of articles and this snippet stood out

‘When we express gratitude and receive the same, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions, and they make us feel ‘good’. They enhance our mood immediately, making us feel happy from the inside.’

I don’t know about you but I could do with some more happy chemicals eh?

So fuck it 

Thoughts I’d give it a try

(The article is is the first comment, was looking up some stuff on dealing with grief and found it )


With a twist



I fucking HATE cardio

It’s mule

I’ve love lifting heavy things – and I’m quote good at it but cardio just sucks balls

I’m lucky enough to have a home gym with a fancy bike so thought what I would do is this

1. Wake up 

2. Regret doing this challenge immediately 

3. Quit being a whiny bitch and do the bastard cardio 

4. Write a post in here with what I’m grateful for that day

5. Screenshot my exercise and post in the comments as proof 

6. Repeat for 30 days

And then YOU, ever day if you like, join along with me

Not with the pain bit, that’s just me being a sadistic fucker lol

But with what YOU are grateful for 

Look, I know right now there may not seem much to be grateful for, but if you take a moment to look you will find something – no matter how small

And besides, giving it a go for 30 days can’t hurt can it?

Right with that in mind:

I am grateful for this wonderful community that I am proud to serve; it literally brings joy to my life and I am honoured you chose to be here and proud of it and what we have achieved 

Right, now it’s your turn

What are YOU grateful for?


And the links in comment #1, the screenshot of bastard misery – aka the proof of my exercise – will be in the comments soon

If you don’t see one every day give me shit!

PS will be using the same image (the sunset) every day, and my goal is to get it done first thing (the gratitude) then a spite filled rage of Lycra and sweat