How Many Rods Do You Have?

***Daily Dose Of Dan***

I don’t just have one big rod….

(Cc Tega Diegbe)

I have LOTS of rods

Always have done

When I was a headhunter? Everyone just used to hammer the phones


Cold email, direct mail and events

When I was a PT most just put up a poster or walked the floor


I covered the town with billboards, posters, sponsored local events, hand delivered lumpy mail and went door to door on the ‘posh road’


Started with FB, then evolved into masterminds, meet ups, events, other social platforms, books and podcasts

Every time?

I made sure what I was doing was RELEVANT to my target market

Is this what they were investing in?
Is this where they hang out?
What do they like to go to and do (sponsor it/be there)

If FB closed groups tomorrow?!

I’m fine

Because I’m not relying on one ‘rod’ to catch my fish

I have lots of rods

All over the place


I’m fishing where they are

Are you?

Do you have multiple ‘rods in the water’

Or are you solely reliant on one rod and luck?!