Why Volunteer & Give Back

***Daily Dose Of Dan***

Volunteering & giving back

Do you?

Personally I financially do stuff for Springboard (charity that supported my sister) and Clocktower (helping young homeless people in Brighton)

I find myself have spare time

And I would like to give back more with my time and skills


Equally what do you do?

(If anything – and there’s NOTHING wrong if you don’t btw of course!)

Do you volunteer or ‘give back’ in some way?

Coffee With Dan?

Was my way of giving back to the world that has given so much to me

But, I want to do more

I think as humans if we did more of this we would be happier bunnies; our time is priceless but it is also free

Not sure where I’m going with today’s post, just wanted to start a conversation


The Art Of Follow Up (Best of the Best Series 1 of 5)

***Daily Dose Of Dan***


I’m going to give you one very simple, very useful (statistically 96% of you don’t do this) piece of advice.


  • follow up or
  • fuck up

It doesn’t matter what it is

  • a potential lead
  • a pitch
  • a date
  • a meeting request

Shall I tell you why I am successful?


I got my mentor – by following up.

I got the biggest account in my headhunting days – by following up.

I have 200+ clients in ESPRESSO WITH DAN – by following up.

And now, I’m going to flip it.

I RESPECT people who follow ME up.

I am busy.

I live life on my own terms.

I have a simple rule: if you are a friend or are investing money in anything I do?

You get first priority.

Want me to be on your podcast, look at your product, ask my opinions – I will do it – I promise.

But when I’m ready.

It’s not an arrogance thing – if you have followed me for some time, you will know I don’t see myself in that way. But if you want something which – let’s be honest – benefits you?

Be prepared to follow up!

Was discussing this with a friend earlier – he gave someone an opportunity who has wanted to work with him sometime.

Well, that was presented over a week ago.

Guess what?
Still no word.

Oh, and if I think you have potential but you are being a bit of a fucking melt – I promise you I will read and ignore your messages. 🙂

I want people in my world who are like me – who actually have some hunger and don’t expect an easy route because I tell you – the more effort you make more I’ll return in spades.

But I will be a dick if you have been a soft arse for a while…especially if you are talented. Ha!

When Ryan Levesque gave me an opportunity? I went nearly 2 days without sleep to over deliver on what he wanted.

When Ryan Lee gave me an opportunity to speak at Freedym Fest I did a round trip to NYC in 24 hours because it was such a good opportunity.

When Dexter Abraham agreed to work with me after me hassling the crap out of him FOR MONTHS I didn’t balk at what I had to do to join him.

I just

But, NONE of the above would have happened without some tenacity.

Following up and being persistent without being a pest.

How many times have you reached out to someone ONCE – didn’t hear back and then did nothing else?

Or you had a potential lead who said I’ll think about it – or even a ‘no thank you’ and left it at that.

Is that you?

If so – you are not only leaving a lot of money on the table, you seriously need to grow some balls/ovaries.

Again simple. If you have an opportunity either

  • follow up or
  • fuck up

Many of the very successful people I work with have MASSIVE respect for tenacity, resilience, balls/ovaries (…these are all key parts of my GRIT programme for a reason.)

Giving up.
Start following up.
Be a little cheeky.
See what happens…