29 Jun

Check This Checklist

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Why your free Facebook group (may) be shit, and what to do about it…a 20 point checklist

Right, now – I get added to a lot of groups

And thats cool, if it looks vaguely interesting ill stay and have a nose around – as a rule I am less than impressed

Do I think I am the bee’s knees at FB groups?

Well, Im pretty good – but one thing I AM – is very, very observant (and I’m a little be smarter than people give me credit for ha)

So below is a little checklist I put together a while back about what you are doing wrong, and will help you focus on what you can do to fix it. I have spent a LONG time studying groups, tribes, social dynamics – Im quite a geek about this!

The groups that work have common themes of do’s and donts – this is a brain dump of the list, and if you have ANY problems with your group – whack them up below, and ill try give you some pointers as best I can

RIghty-o, here we go

1. you’re not consistent
2. you don’t show up daily
3. your sole purpose of the group is to make $$$
4. you lose interest
5. you mass add people without messaging them first
6. you haven’t spent long enough building influence online before you create a group
7. you try and take from the group (sell shit) before you add value (give shit)
8. you don’t put your hand in your pocket (i.e. you don’t do prizes, give aways, treat people) or give your time freely without expecting anything in return
9. you don’t enforce rules – have a clear ‘this is how the group works’
10. you don’t make people feel welcome; you allow cliques to take a hold
11. you don’t encourage/foster people who add value
12. you don’t call out people for not contributing or taking without giving
13. the the theme of your group is boring
14. you don’t treat people like people – no fun/personal stuff
15. you change what the group stands for too often
16. you promote too often
17. you let anyone in – you don’t have any ‘filters’ for who can/cannot come in
18. you don’t know what curation is, and what it means to the group as a whole
19. you are rigid; you don’t adapt with the group and its needs
20. its all about you, when the focus should be on the community

NOw, if your group is humming – people are commenting -good shit is going down?

Ignore the above

BUT, if its died off, you are losing interest or its just not working – run it though the above

have a question on FB groups or commutes as a whole?

You know what to do….its called comment below btw


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