26 Jul

Consistency In Action

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Really, how far are you prepared to go to ‘make it’ I mean really now?

My online business has seen me travel of 55,000 miles across the pond and back again, as well as Christ knows how many flights internal.

When I went to my first mastermind – I had $400 in my pocket, and an Amex card.

That was it.

The event



The works

I whacked on the card and trusted myself with that focus (worked out to be $11000 ish from memory) I would find the money to make it back.

Did I have any idea how?

Did I fuck

But one thing I’ve noticed as soon as I invested that money my mindset switched from ‘how the hell can I afford this’ to ‘ok now I need to find $11000’

The result?

I made around $17,000 that month

Actually could afford to do something AND pay off some debts 🙂

It was not just my online endeavours that I have done this in.

When I was a headhunter, I remember going to trade shows and events that were for my industry (technology, fmcg, defence) and NOT recruiter events – at the bar, by myself – forced myself to shake hands, say hello and make the connections that made my career.

Fitness Buisness?

In the gym I would walk the floor 16 hours a day, getting a minimum of 20 contacts per day, 6 days a week = 50+ hours within 5 weeks EVERY time I have done it.

My own facility?

I sold PT door to door.


I found the wealth my streets and knocked on door after door selling my services.

Oh, and me and my little team door stepped every business, school, coffee shop, supermarket and EVERY SINGLE DAY made the effort to get out and meet people even though we didn’t know what would come of it.

And that’s the thing.

Until you TRY you don’t know what’s going to happen!

Anyone one promising to 10X your clients, triple your profit or have you fully booked in X days (talking the ads we see daily on the feed)

Is talking a pile of shit

Be user unless they know you, your business, your needs etc – how can they make such blanket statements?!

You know what does work?





Every single day you need to invest time into your time and business to move the needle further more.

Do this every day, for enough days – and provided you have a service or product people want?

You will achieve a degree of success.

It’s that simple.

Which is why, with my trusty porter 46 in hand I am going to spend 13 hours in the sky, jet lag the shit out of myself, come back next Monday feeling like a bag of dicks JUST to spend 4 days locked away on a mountain top with 100 entrepreneurs.

Do I know if anything good is going to come off it?


Will something good come off it?

One day, I 100% guarantee it.

How can I say that?

Well all I need is one idea, one connection, one little ‘spark’ and I promise you I will add considerable profit to my bottom line.

Because I will take action.

I will make the effort.

I lay it out before you everything that I do, just copy me! Fuck steal away I don’t care – if it improves your life go for it!

So while I’m in the sky, have a ponder – when was the last time you took a bit of a risk, did something that isn’t in your comfort zone and just thought ‘fuck it’ and went for it?

My challenge to you is today, do just that

See you on the flip side…..



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