Dan’s 5-Point Guide on How To Build a Business Online From Scratch

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Would you like to save $1000, $2000 or even as much as $5000 on expensive coaching courses? (while spending jack shit on advertising?)

Well I’ll do my best to show you how 🙂

I have had some people come into my world, though EWD and 121 coaching – as well as hearing some rather shocking horror stories in CWD for what has been sold as ‘business mentoring’

Their model?

So simple its almost offensive that they charge for it!

The advise I am about to impart?

Is HUGELY valuable

I will, of course, litter it with humour and a touch of sarcasm but if you would like a coaching or consulting business, with some simple steps to take to make it happen?

Im happy to share

(PS this is honestly a model some dodgy fuckers are charging thousands for…bless!)

1. Be good at something

If you are going to be a business coach = have a successful business

If you are going to be a mindset coach = be qualified

If you are going to be a PT = be skilled

If you are going to be a consultant = have a track record of helping business

If you DONT have the above? Offer to work with people a) for free or b) for a % of sales AFTER you have done the work for testimonials and then begin in earnest

2. Put out content

Write a book

There are SO MANY WAYS to get your content out there; you have NO excuse NOT to do it

Worried your content will be shit to start with? It always is! But you get better by doing this every single day. Not sexy but it works. Commit to learning and honing your craft and putting it out every day

You won’t get much traction to start with, but no one does

This takes times accept that

3. Leverage my IPP method

I = influencers
P = peers
P = prospects

Connect with influencers in your world. As a rule buy their products, invest in them = quickest way to get the attention of the right people

This is what I accidentally learned (and only figured out when looking back) with the likes of Dexter Abraham, Ryan Lee, Ryan Levesque, Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon, Joe Polish, James AltucherMichael Lovitch & Hollis Carter, and Shaa Wasmund as an example

(worth every penny IMO)

I HAPPILY paid to play (often when I didn’t have the money and lied my ass of to them to tell them that I did lol – you know this NOW) – and although this wasn’t my intention, now as I have grown – I realise IF you want to get someones attention, invest in their world = the quickest way

(and being a tenacious little pricks eh Dex & The Ryan’s lol)

That or drag your ass on a plane any offer to go see then no matter what the cost of ‘ball ache’!

Money tight? Commit to commenting, liking and sharing their content regularly – be respectful, funny, insightful and charming – make yourself known and add value to THEIR content

I would suggest you try to get to as many events as people like this put on, meet them in person and

Do NOT promote yourself

Connect with other people like you – who do the same job, and have the same client base etc

Some people who are friends and peers (and influencers in their own right – plucked at random as they are good peeps and Im waiting for the quad-shot coffee to kick in), often are the likes of Justin Devonshire, Scott Oldford, Stephen Somers, Jamie Alderton, Mitch Miller, Shane Hunter, AJ Mihrzad, Vincent Dignan, Chris Burgess, Mike Samuels, Neil Bannister/ Joe Kensett and so on – again top of mind list & hope you don’t mind being classed as a peer/friend as I have learned something great from you, and you are *proper* mate!)

(when I case a PT – i connected with other PT’s, when I was copywriter, I connected with other copywriter s and so on)

PS ALL the people above are legit, have great products, and worth investing in FYI

Thes are people who a) would like to be doing what you are doing, b) could benefit from your services and c) could learn from you and although they may never invest in you – will be advocates for your work

Show up daily
Serve them
Reply to comments
Put out interesting and infotaining content daily across multiple channels

It may be tempting – especially when money is tight – to PM people to get them on a strategy call (aka the dick move) IMMEDIATELY when you add them; however when you take the slightly slower approach your build a breadth AND depth of ‘fans’ and people who have consciously invested their time in your world

Thank them for sharing, give your time and attention with MEANING

4. Give away your time and skills freely…to START with

When I first started? I shared as much content as I could:

I would offer to put on free webinars, write guest posts, deliver 100’s (was close to a thousand) of ‘turbo coaching calls’ for anyone that wanted my advice or I felt I could add value

I would speak at the opening of a bag of chips, let alone the stages I am asked to speak on now

When you are starting to expect sales, clients or commissions RIGHT out of the gate? Will set you up for disappointment

Of course you will get people interested but I have found this is off the BACK of giving value first

You do, one day, need to transition to a paid model and get paid what you are worth, and once you have the skills, the testimonials and the social infuelnce that is, in my opinion, the time to charge your worth and increase your prices thusly

5. Commit

This. Takes. Time.

No one, and I mean NO ONE does this overnight, quickly or without effort

Yes of course the likes of paid advertising will speed things along and if, IF you have a solid track record OR your product really is ‘the tits’ then this can be a great way to speed things along

But the reality is there is no shortcut – thing 12-18 months if you are mental like me, 2 years+ for a normal person… 😉

I have literally given you a very simple, step loaded approach to growing a business online, exactly how I have done it

Now, here come the do’s AND DONTS (all of em, no order)

1. Don’t add someone as a friend, then send them a message for a strategy call (which is a sales cll in disguise) = THE BIGGEST DICK MOVE OF THEM ALL – lol
2. If you can’t afford to work with an influencer? Be creative – send gifts, offer your time and services for free, have fun with it – some of my close team have gotten my attention by doing some mad shit!
3. Do invest in digital courses, IMPLEMENT them, then give the creator feedback and a testimonial
4. Be patient – for example I get 200-500 inbox messages a DAY, I always make time to get back to everyone but its NOT quick sometimes – if someone is a client, they will always get first priority so be mindful of who you are approaching
5. If you ask someone to invest in your services and they can’t afford them – be nice! We all start somewhere, from fuck all in my case 😉
6. Always take time to comment on peoples comments and tags – it means a lot
7. Start as you mean to go on – consistency is KEY – show up every day
8. Don’t offer free training and then pitch, its shitty – be upfront on what you are offering and if there will be an offer to work with you/invest, no need to be a Sneaky Mc Sneakerson
9. If you are going to go #ballsdeep with a pitch? Do some research; take time to find out about what the person you are messaging likes, dislikes, follow them on social for a while etc – make it a bespoke and custom message – NO canned messages!
10. Be cool – we are all on a journey, we all have similar wants needs and desires; be respectful and mindful of what people are doing, where they may be in life, what THEY may have to deal with day to day – a little bit of empathy with regards to who you are talking to/messaging goes a LONG way

Right, thats it from me – I hope you have enjoyed reading (and if you have been tagged I hope you don’t mind but you is good peoples)

Welcome your thoughts and ideas, and feel free to share this in your worlds if you feel it could benefit people

In a nutshell;

– follow the above
– action
– probably chuck someone a few quid to keep you accountable and push you out of your comfort zone
– don’t be a melt


Off you go now…

Toodle pip



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