Decide and Believe You Are Worth It

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You get what you focus on

Lately I have been trying something a little novel

In the past I worried so much about everything it totally toasted my mind

I struggled to get out of bed….

Are nothing but shit food…

Stayed inside for days…

Really there were times I couldn’t remember last time I went outside, spoke to a human or even brushed my teeth

I would spend SO MUCH time trying to plan for every scenario that it totally fucked my ability to critically think, create and ultimately work myself out of the problems I had

(Which when your known as the guy who ‘gets shit done’ is a little bit embarrassing…)

That was a while ago

And all being well?

Those demons are exorcised

Now what I’ve been doing lately is totally, 100% doubling down on only things I can control

If I can’t

– Influence

– Persuade

– Fix

– Motivate

– Outsource

I move on

It simply gets removed from the ‘to do’ list and only the ‘fuck it’ pile

I decided that to focus on

– my health

– my business

– my connections

I decided that I was worthy of looking and feeling good

I decided that I was worthy of the plans and goals I had set for my businesses…

I decided that I was worthy of meeting an awesome human, an amazing family, friendships and network

And I believed it

And I started putting the work into ME and MY world to make that happen

That process started some months ago

And the seeds planted have turned into trees that are now bearing modest fruit that, in the next few months, will be an abundant harvest

But that all started with me having taking quite a considerable beating (aka ‘2018’) and deciding that enough was enough

No self pity

No believing my own bullshit

No half-arsed efforts

All in

All out

One or the other

I chose all in

But it all stared with a conversation with myself that I was a worthy enough human to have the things I have, create the things I wanted to create and do the things I wanted to do

That was the seed

The trees were action

Periods of intense effort interspersed with steady daily progress

Rapid growth

Steady growth

– both were needed –

The fruit?

Well that is the weight loss, the new epic humans, cemented relationships, new businesses and creative content, the awesome new clients, the mental freedom and the love and happiness I have in my life

But it all starts with you planting that little seed in your mind

And the you have to water it and nurture it and feed it good food it and shelter it and wait and keep doing it over and over again until it shoots

Because turning a seed into a sapling into a tree takes time

But if you are prepared to plant that little seed and help it grow?

The fruit tastes fucking amazing



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