12 Jun

Dominate Your Newsfeed

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If you are looking to come out the other side of all this craziness ahead of the game – now is the time to go all in on organic social media.


Everyone is online.

Everyone is bored.

Everyone is scrolling away.

All looking for something to plug into.

If you can take the time now to go hard and capture that attention

Even if you’ve had to put the brakes on your business due to shut downs you can get yourself positioned for re-opening and be bigger and better than ever before.

Already selling lockdown-friendly products and services or pivoted what you offer so you could keep going?

They aren’t going to sell themselves if you don’t talk about them.

It’s really as simple as that.

If you choose now to show up consistently for your audience.

Be the steady voice.

The place they can trust.



Take their minds off some of the crap that is weighing them down, it’ll pay off BIG TIME.

Not really sure what you should be posting, how to post it, where you soul,d post and why the fuck people would even want to pay you attention?

You’re in luck.

If you want to build a solid fan base who loves you and what you do, social media is one of the best ways out there to do it.

Especially if you have more time than money which is a situ a whole lot of people are finding themselves in right now.

This whole Planet Dan “thing” has developed through social media.

Completely organically.

Over the last 6 years, my ad spend has been £0.00

Will that change in the future?

At some point I’ll possibly run some ads.

For now? Nope!

Coffee With Dan has over 16,000 people in.

16,000 GOOD people.

People who engage, share, support and inspire.

People who – beside the occasional rare numbnuts – don’t spam the fuck out of the group and cause trouble.

People who I enjoy spending time around.

From CWD’s small beginnings has developed a 7-figure business, a thriving membership community that takes things to a whole other level, book sales in the hundreds of thousands, courses that have transformed peoples lives and businesses and so many great opportunities.

All through organic social media.

I’ve earned my stripes for sure.

This…it’s taken time.

It’s taken graft and genuine care.

I’m not gonna promise that you can go from zero to achieving everything I’ve achieved in 6 weeks.

Or am I going to say you’re going to have just an easy time of it as I’vew had it.

Let’s face it, there are BIG changes going on in the world right now so it would be disingenuous for me to make big promises based on my experience.

There is going to be a different trajectory in the growth of your reach and the income you generate from it.

Depending on how things go and what industry you are in, things could go faster or slower.

What I have found is the best ways you can create a MASSIVE impact online.

The SOLID principles that never change.

Because people – at their core – are human.

So no matter what is going on in the world.

You can always rely on humans being human.

And if you know how to work with that, connect with them and serve them well?

You have the power to influence and create a positive impact in this world.

I’m not gonna show you any sneaky tactics.

I’m not going to tell you how to hack the system.

I’m sure as shit not going to tell you to schedule and automate the fuck out of everything.

Because all that sneaky bollocks and techie magic only screws things up.

You get ahead for 5 minutes till you get caught out and shut down because you’re playing in someone else’s sandpit.


You spend so long trying to do it the easy way without putting the work in, you don’t build up that genuine connection with your audience, you don’t understand what makes them tick, they know you don’t care about them and they rightfully reject what you offer them.

As always, I’m here to share with you the shit that works…and keeps on working.



So you can succeed and profit for a long time to come.

Instead of jumping from bright shiny object to bright shiny object.

Here are 5 things you MUST do to dominate social media in 2020 and beyond.

1. Commit to consistency

Heard me talking about consistency time and time again?

Well I’m gonna keep on talking about it because it really is that important.

You NEED to be consistent in the way you show up.

For your productivity – because consistency creates a habit

For your mindset – because it’s harder to get started again once you stop and you get all those shitty self doubts

For your audience – because you need to be a stable presence.

You need to connect with them.

Show them again and again what you’re all about.

Expect them to only see a fraction of what you’re posting and be there at the time when they are ready, willing and able to buy.

2. Give a shit about your audience

If they are giving you their time and attention, you should return the favour.

It’s called social media for a reason so don’t expect to just blast out your stuff and run.

The added bonus is you get to really know who is in your world, what they need and what drives them so you can create packages and offers they actually want.

3. Be infotaining

You want a mixture of entertainment and information that you’re posting as well as the occasional straight up promotion

Too much of one or another and people tune out.

Dull, predictable, seen and heard it all before.

Plus have you seen the state of the newsfeeds right now?!

Corona, conspiracies and lockdown galore.

People are uncertain, lonely, drowning in lonlieness and surrounded by crazy.

Bring some positivity, support and guidance into their feed and you can make a real positive impact – for them and for you.

4. Be YOU

You’ll drive yourself loopy if you try to be someone else.

Best you can do is a crappy second rate version of someone else’s personality that the whole damn world can see through.

Don’t get sucked into the need to copy “what successful people do” just because you’re scared and stuck comparing yourself.

Model what other people do and put your take on it for sure.

Just don’t try to be someone else.

It never works. If feels bad and you’ll only attract people you’d never get on with and wouldn’t even like you if they knew who you were.

Whatever personality you have – there are people out there who will love it.

Show up YOUR WAY and let the people who love you find you.

5. Share your story and your peoples stories

Storytelling is one of THE most powerful things you can do to grow a following that is truly connected to you and rooting for you to win.

It’s how we have communicated information since the dawn of time because stories stick in our minds.

Stories take ideas and concepts and turn them into something real and tangible.

They help us connect and they help us find the places we belong.

It CAN be intimidating to put yourself out there to start with but the more you do – the easier it gets and the happier you’ll be to be even more you.

Sharing stories of clients and group members you want to highlight is a great way to make your people feel seen and valued, and showcase how you help people too.

Combine these 5 things and you have a recipe for long term success whatever the platform.

Because you’ll have a strong audience that will follow you wherever you go and you’ll stay top of mind and top of their feed.

This ^^^ right there has been my advice for years.

And it will still be my advice for years to come.


Because it works.

It builds your following.

It maximises your reach.

It creates real connection and leads people to buying the things they want and need from you rather than anyone else.


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