18 Nov

Dominating Social Media In 2020 And Beyond

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If you want to build a solid fan base who loves you and what you do, social media is one of the best ways out there to do it.

Especially if you have more time than money.

This whole Planet Dan “thing” has developed through social media.

Completely organically.

Over the last 5 years, my ad spend has been £0.00

Will that change in the future?

At some point I’ll possibly run some ads.

For now? Nope!

Coffee With Dan has over 16,000 people in.

16,000 GOOD people.

People who engage, share, support and inspire.

People who – beside the occasional rare numbnuts – don’t spam the fuck out of the group and cause trouble.

People who I enjoy spending time around.

From CWD’s small beginnings has developed a 7-figure business, a thriving membership community that takes things to a whole other level, book sales in the hundreds of thousands, courses that have transformed peoples lives and businesses and so many great opportunities.

All through organic social media.

I’ve earned my stripes for sure.

This…it’s taken time.

It’s taken graft and genuine care.

I’m not gonna promise that you can go from zero to achieving everything I’ve achieved in 6 weeks.

Fuck me if there’s a magic button somewhere, I’ve sure as shit not found it.

What I have found is the best ways you can create a MASSIVE impact online.

So you can model my successes and avoid my failures.


Recent changes have got a lot of people worried…and with good reason.

Platforms keep adding and removing features.

Changing what is and isn’t allowed.

…and usually breaking their damn apps whenever they do.

There’s forever more going on.

More noise.

More competition.

More paid ads in your feed gobbling up that valuable real estate.

All the while it seems like it just gets harder and harder to get seen, get heard and get engagement.

So, how long are these good times gonna last and how can you future proof your business in 2020?


I’m not gonna show you any sneaky tactics.

I’m not going to tell you how to hack the system.

I’m sure as shit not going to tell you to schedule and automate the fuck out of everything.

Because all that sneaky bollocks and techie magic only screws things up.

You get ahead for 5 minutes till you get caught out and shut down because you’re playing in someone else’s sandpit.


You spend so long trying to do it the easy way without putting the work in, you don’t build up that genuine connection with your audience, you don’t understand what makes them tick, they know you don’t care about them and they rightfully reject what you offer them.

As always, I’m here to share with you the shit that works…and keeps on working.



So you can succeed and profit for a long time to come.

Instead of jumping from bright shiny object to bright shiny object.

Here are 5 things you MUST do to dominate social media in 2020 and beyond.

1. Commit to consistency

You can’t get ahead if you’re half arsing things going all in when you’re motivated and then doing fuck all the rest of the time.

You have to show up for your audience. Be a familiar face in their feeds. Make yourself known as someone worth paying attention to.

If you don’t your audience’s attention will drift in your absence to other content which then takes a priority on their newsfeed so you won’t even get to be seen by them.

There begins your downward spiral of reach.

2. Give a shit about your audience

If they are giving you their time and attention, you should return the favour.

It’s called social media for a reason so don’t expect to just blast out your stuff and run.

The added bonus is you get to really know who is in your world, what they need and what drives them so you can create packages and offers they actually want.

3. Be infotaining

You want a mixture of entertainment and information that you’re posting as well as the occasional straight up promotion

Too much of one or another and people tune out.

Dull, predictable, seen and heard it all before.

You have to mix it up.

4. Be YOU

You’ll drive yourself loopy if you try to be someone else.

Best you can do is a crappy second rate version of someone else’s personality that the whole damn world can see through.

Model what other people do and put your take on it.

Whatever personality you have – there are people out there who will love it.

5. Share your story and your peoples stories

Storytelling is one of THE most powerful things you can do to grow a following that is truly connected to you and rooting for you to win.

It’s how we have communicated information since the dawn of time because stories stick in our minds.

Stories take ideas and concepts and turn them into something real and tangible.

They help us connect and they help us find the places we belong.

It CAN be intimidating to put yourself out there and if you’re around tonight, you’ll want to catch my livestream where I’ll be helping you break past things that are stopping you from sharing your story.

Combine these 5 things and you have a recipe for long term success whatever the platform.

Because you’ll have a strong audience that will follow you wherever you go and you’ll stay top of mind and top of their feed.

This is just a taster of what you can find in the Social Media Domination course in Espresso With Dan.

Inside the full course

What is it?

Well it is 20 lessons and action points (and accompanying resources) that have allowed me to great a $7-figure T/O business without – so far – spending a penny in paid advertising or traffic

I have done this offline

I have done this online

It works

It works REALLY fucking well

If you follow this, and are consistent daily, weekly and monthly?

Then you can DOMINATE your market too, if you want to…


The key areas we cover are:

– The concept of ‘being everywhere’ (and why you should)

– A done-for-you content planner

– How to leverage influencers and groups for maximum growth

– A simple formula to make social media your bitch (and when to use it)

– Syndication: a basic ‘how to’

– Content and copy structure for maximum effect on social platforms

– 3 things that you need to do to make simple but effective videos

– Why you DEFINITELY need to go ‘whale hunting’

– The rotation method: why a few weeks of testing will jack up your results for organic social content

– How to leverage your personal story to make people ‘fall in love with you’ online

– Find people don’t watch your videos? Ill show a method ‘swiped’ from my copy training to make sure that doesn’t happen

This was done LIVE over 4 weeks in EWD

This is all my content, truly some of my best work and I know for a fact (because I have bought them from my ‘Jedi’ email address) that my competitors charge many hundreds for this; and have a couple at the $1000 mark – that are now way as in depth and real-world practical as this

Honestly, if you ACTUALLY follow the lessons outline over a period of months you will be amazed at how this works, really it all comes down to:

1. Knowing what to do
2. Consistency

That’s ALL you need to know to make this happen..really!

Let’s be real, you are here, in part, because of what I outline in this document

Is it simple to follow?


Will it ’work for me’

If you do as outlined and your are CONSISTENT over time?


This is just 1 of the 5 BIG month long trainings you can find in the vault along with 300+hrs of trainings on just about every topic an entrepreneur needs to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

EWD is open until midnight on Wednesday.

When you join you get access to:

Access to approx 300 hours of training in the vault. But here’s where it gets really good, alongside the raw training, my main man Tega has been working his socks off to make this more accessible than ever before. He is currently working his way through the vault and putting together a playbook for each topic, so that not only have you got the original training, but also a clear, step by step blueprint of how to actually ACTION to content too…..

Priority booking and discounts to events like the Extravaganza

Monthly “Get Shit Done” zoom calls. We all get on the screen, set ourselves goals for what we’re going to do, then, most importantly Get Shit Done.

Monthly “Hot Seat” calls. We all get online, then one by one, you get coached by me (and sometimes others) to sort out the most pressing issues in your business. (Full disclosure, I’ll probably call you a minge or something, but only coz you are!)

Private content, coaching and treats I only share in EWD

The weekly EWD only Digest. An email that rounds up all the best bits from EWD and CWD so you NEVER miss the good stuff. Plus, its fucking hilarious!

Weekly accountability. We set goals at the start of the week, check in midweek and check out/review at the end of the week.

More access to me and my time AND that of my wicked team

Learn how to get out of your own way when it comes to business and personal life

Work out, with the help of the other great people in EWD how your past failures can become the foundation for your future successes


You get to be even more fucking awesome than you already are

For full details and to join go to coffeewithdan.com/joinewd


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