23 Sep

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Try

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For a big lump, I can be an emotional bugger.

Shit can set me off and you will see this bearded lump swallowing faster than a professional porker at at all you can eat in 10 minutes challenge!

(I won’t be able to make eye contact for fuck as well ha)

I was at Ollie’s wedding (and am not tagging him in case this sets HIM off) and its the day after his wedding.

I’m sat here trying not to look like a misty eyed nut job writing this on the bloody train, but next to Ollie on the head table was a picture of his Dad who sadly passed away some years ago – and a large part of his speech was dedicated to his memory, and how proud he was of him and what he learnt.

(and If you have bought/read my book, you know my thoughts on death)

We are all colouring in the squares, there is only so many left.

Don’t let yours – or someone else’s squares run out with regrets in you

Love someone?
Tell them

Miss someone?
Reach out

Want to tell the world your ideas
Tell the world

Want to write your book
Write your book

Want to apologise for past misdeeds?

Broke something
Fix it

I can’t stress this enough, the amount of people I know who have regrets in them and they miss the chance to try, lose out on an opportunity because they were too embarrassed to put themselves forward, or lost the love of their life because they were too pig headed to apologise for fucking up = many

Case in point, I fell out with someone in a business and personal capacity with someone a little over a year ago. Not one to dwell on things, but I missed this persons chats and they were a good friend

It took one text

ditching the ego

Swallowing ones pride

And now?

We are on the way back to being good friends again (and we have a year of ‘content’ to catch up on too!)

Me and my best friend at Uni fell out on a drunken night out – we didn’t speak for 10 fucking years! Such a waste – until HE reached out to me and offered an olive branch – and ever since then (and he is one TOUGH mother fucker, like terrifyingly tough) is HE can do it?

So can I

And so can you

Its a bank holiday today in the UK, and after Gary V, the impromptu (genuinely – big papa Nige left a review so I had to kick it off 2 weeks early!) so after I have clicked ‘post’ I am going to take some time to reflect

I’m going to write out on this fucking bastard long train journey they things I’ve wanted to do

I’ve been too scared to do

The bridges I wish to rebuild

The new bridges I want to build

I’m going to tell some people I missed them

I’m going to tell a few people I’m sorry

I’m going to give a few people a non judgmental open platform to say sorry to me

I’m going to tell those who I love, that I love them

What I’m NOT going to do, is go to my eventual (and hopefully quite far away) grave knowing that I didn’t try

So my challenge to you, is to take an hour or so – have a think about what YOU would regret if you DIDN’T do it

And for once don’t argue

Don’t say ‘i needed this’

Don’t leave me a like or a nice comment or like UNLESS you fucking go out there and DO it


I won’t won’t its bloody hard, and some (especially those you have hurt, or they have hurt you) will require some iron will – but trust me on this, its a great way to live life

Don’t leave the songs that are in you unsung

Don’t leave the words in you unwritten

Don’t leave how you feel in your head

Don’t let your masterpiece stay on the drawing board

Honestly its never, EVER too late to make big changes – until it IS too late

So go the fuck out there and just DO

let me know how it goes…

*mic drop*


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