Espresso With Dan is your one-stop show for everything you need to absolutely crush it in life and business




You’re doing ‘ok’ in your business. The bills are paid, everything is going alright.


But ‘ok’ and ‘alright’ are NOT what you signed up for. AND you seem to be working your ass off to keep it going.


Listen, I get you. AND I want to say “Well Fucking Done”. Genuinely.


See, most people?


Don’t have what it takes to leave the comfort of employment and go out and be their own boss. So in my book?


You’re already winning.


You’ve done the hard bit. Probably put up with the sneers and questions from those around you that said you’d be better off ‘playing it safe’ or not taking too many risks Perhaps some even thought you were foolish or didn’t believe you had what it takes ‘to make it’


Well, look at where you are. You’ve shown them, right?




…When you took the plunge and went self-employed, you wanted – perhaps even expected, that life would become easier. You’d have more free time. You’d be making more money than you are right now.


Listen, those things, and plenty more ARE possible.


But they live on the other side of hard work, and plenty of it.


Unless you get extremely lucky, and just find yourself with the right product, in the right place at EXACTLY the right time?


There are no shortcuts, hacks or magic bullets, And especially NO ‘weird tricks’


Just hard work and getting shit done. For time.

You Don’t Have To Be Miserable

There is a difference between:

Slogging your guts out, making yourself and those around you unhappy, and potentially even risking your health

AND Working hard and efficiently to get you where you need to go quicker, while having fun and enjoying the process

Notice I said ‘quicker’ not ‘super quickly’, because ‘super quickly’ would be a lie.

But quicker. 100% we can do that.

That’s what Espresso With Dan is all about

Espresso With Dan will equip you with everything you need to get from A to B (whatever that looks like for you) quicker, more effectively, and more efficiently than you can do it on your own.

Imagine what that would feel like for a second.

How would you feel in a couple of months from now if you were able to put the laptop down and switch off whenever you like and have an actual proper break?

Knowing that your business is going from strength to strength, and you’ve got ALL the tools you need to smash it out of the park?

You see, Espresso With Dan isn’t just another business group with training and coaching and shiny graphics like so many others.


In fact a friend of mine, Hayley, recently put it like this:

“Love Facebook groups where everyone strokes everyone else’s ego and wanks over how clever they think they are?

Love talking about all the shiny new entrepreneurial stuff you’ve read about & are definitely gonna implement some day?

Then EWD is NOT for you.

If, however, you wanna hang out with super smart (and slightly weird) people who are quick to hand out sound advice, pearls of wisdom, virtual high fives and occasionally ass kickings (delivered with love), then come on in.

I’ve been here for 2 years – my revenue has increased by 509%, I’ve gotten over my imposter syndrome (mostly), increased my business smarts infinitely. You literally can’t lose in here.

IF you do the work”

509% in two years! And honestly? That’s not unusual.


We’ve got people that have gone from zero to 6 figures. From 6 figures to 7 figures and everything inbetween.

Not by shortcutting the system, but by learning what they needed to learn, applying it and having a crack team of cheerleaders around them, celebrating with them, picking them up when they fell and inspiring and pushing them on to reach their true potential

Here’s What’s Waiting For You…

And that’s just for starters.
Behind the scenes, we’ve mapped out how we can make EWD bigger and better than ever before…


If you’ve been following me for any period of time you’ll know that I like to be “Extra” in everything I do.
And of course, that extends to EWD.

I don’t want EWD to be ‘run of the mill’, I want EWD to be the very best it can be.

So we’ve been investigating the ways that we can make that happen.

How can we give EWD peeps exactly what they need, when they need it to make sure they keep crushing it?

Well, one of those ways is by giving EWD peeps more access to me and the team. You see, 300+ hours of teaching is ok.

But what about 300+ hours of teaching and unparalleled access to some of the VERY BEST experts in the various fields?

Business coaching ✅
Copywriting ✅
Systems ✅
Scaling ✅
Graphics ✅
Video ✅
Personal development ✅
Wellbeing ✅

We’ve pretty much got the whole thing sewn up.

And that’s just me and the team.

If you want access to some of the best minds in the business? EWD is where you NEED to be. But that’s not all…

Get Ready To Smash Your Goals

…As well as all that stuff up there we’ve also sorted out a 90-day ‘onboarding’ system so that when you join EWD you won’t just be thrown in at the deep end and left to fend for yourself.
You’ll be guided through for the first 3 months to make sure you get the VERY most out of it AND that you are ready to come out of the traps like a stabbed rat.
Just think about that for a second.
How awesome would it feel if you knew you’ve got everything you need to succeed right at your finger tips. You’re getting the key assets and systems in place and you’re supported every day to show up and play full out – finally creating the business and life you deserve.
EWD is not and never will be a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.
You need to put some time in to get the results.
Not years necessarily, but in 99% of cases, a few months at least.
But here’s where it gets sticky. You see, radically ramping up the service we offer people in EWD means that we’re gonna have to increase the prices.
There’s just no other way around it. The price has been the same for 6 years now and we’ve never once increased it.
We simply can’t do what we WANT to do and provide the service people NEED without it.
Meaning that in about a week’s time…
Anyone who wants to join EWD will have to pay SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than what current members are paying.
But crucially, if you sign up before Friday? You will lock in the current pricing for however long you stay.

You’ll get all the regular EWD stuff, PLUS all the new exciting stuff for the old price.

For as long as you choose to stay.

Which can’t be bad can it?

But if you want in?

You’ll need to act quickly. At most that’ll only be available until Friday, but if we hit our maximum ceiling before then? We’ll shut it down early, and no one else will be able to get in this year, Meaning you’ll be shut out for several months at least AND have to pay probably twice the current fee if you decide you want in.


Listen, if you are after just one thing, one area specifically, like copywriting or facebook ads, or mindset, or one of a million other things?
Espresso With Dan MIGHT not be right for you.
There are groups all over facebook that are hyper focused on individual specialities.
And some of them are really good. So if you’re just looking to level up in one specific area you might be better off finding one of them
As a business owner, you have to wear all the hats.
Yes, you need to be specialised in SOMETHING, but you also have to have a grasp on a load of other stuff too.
That’s where Espresso With Dan is unique.
Yes we can absolutely help you specialise, but we can also back that up with all the other tools you need too.
Like a one stop shop of entrepreneurial delights.


If I was normal, (lol) this part of the page would have a few testimonials. You know the sort of thing. A handful of people saying nice things about EWD. Stuff about how they’ve got on in there. What they’ve found most useful etc etc

That kinda vibe.

Maybe 3 or 4 of them?

So, being a contrariany little shit, I thought: “Fuck That”

So instead of just a few, here, have fucking loads of them.

A whole wall full.



Typically, at this point on the page I’d list out all the different things you get access to when you join Espresso With Dan

The hours of training
The new onboarding system
The live coaching
The unrivalled community
Etc Etc Etc.

Then I’d put a value against each of those things.

Next I’d say “See, if you add all of those up, then really, you’re gonna get access to about £X amount of stuff
(I haven’t worked out exactly what ‘X’ would be, but it would be into the thousands easily)

This is called ‘value stacking’. By showing the total value I’m ‘anchoring’ that price in your mind, so that when I reveal the actual price it looks like a complete bargain.

See, just by reading this page you’ve learnt something…

But here’s the deal.

Sign up today, and you’ll get full access to Espresso With Dan (including the brand new 90 day onboarding program) for just £95  per month for however long you like

At this point, I’d then go on to compare the cost to something else you spend money on already, so, just to keep the Direct Response Gods happy…


I know how this goes.

You click on one of the buttons that are scattered around all over the place 👈👆👉👇 ready to fill in your card details and join is un Espresso With Dan

But then…

That little voice of doubt creeps in.
“What if this is all bullshit?”
“What if the testimonials I read are wrong?”
“What if this doesn’t work for me?”

And all kinds of other things that your mind throws up to stop you making a bad decision.
(For some reason, my mind rarely stops me from making bad decisions lol.)

But seriously, here’s the thing.

Knowing what I do about psychology and words, I could get persuasive AF here and try to force you over the line.

But I don’t want to.

The fact is, that yes, I have used some direct response ‘techniques’ on this page and in the emails I’ve sent you recently. But only in order to get you to keep reading.

Not to mislead you, or tell you some load of bullshit.

I know for a fact that if you do sign up, you won’t be able to turn around to me and say”
“Dan, that thing you said – wasn’t really true was it?”

And I know that because I know that Espresso With Dan is a game changer for anyone who is prepared to roll their sleeves up and do the work. That’s why I wanted you to keep reading.


So here’s the deal.

Answer these two questions:

Do I REALLY want to take my biz and personal lives to the next level?
Am I prepared to do what it takes to get there?

If the answer to either of those is “No”, then fair play. Espresso With Dan is NOT for you.

But if you answered “Yes” both times? Then me, my team and your own personal cheerleading squad are waiting in Espresso With Dan for you.

All you gotta do is join us


You have? Brill, cause I have some answers!

No. In a word. You’ve heard the phrase “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” right? Same here. I can give you all the best content and training in the world, but if you’re a lazy bastard then EWD is NOT for you. So I can’t offer a guarantee. I can however promise you that the quality available to you in EWD is second to none, and if you implement even a fraction of it, you’ll transform your business fo sho’
If you want to raise the bar in your business AND personal life, EWD is for you. If you want the support of hundreds of other funny, talented, smart as fuck entreprenuers, EWD is for you If you want access to a fucktonne of top quality training and content, EWD is for you. If you don’t like Orange fudge, EWD is NOT for you
Then you’re dead to me! Nah, not really! Just drop us a line at and we’ll cancel your subscription. No hard feelings.
When you get in, we’ll make sure you’re familiar with how the group works, and the do’s and don’ts, but really? Don’t act like a dick and you’ll be fine. Very occasionally we have to remove people, because, much like CWD, I want EWD to be a nice place to be, and I won’t put up with ANYONE ruining it for people.
You get to be awesome, that’s what. But, I guess you were hoping to get a more specific answer there? Access to approx 300 hours of training in the vault. Access to one of the most supportive business groups on Facebook. It’s full of some of the funniest, most talented, weird and wonderful people I know Priority booking and discounts to events like the Extravaganza Weekly “Get Shit Done” zoom calls. We all get on the screen, set ourselves goals for what we’re going to do, then, most importantly Get Shit Done. Weekly “Hot Seat” calls. We all get online, then one by one, you get coached by me (and sometimes others) to sort out the most pressing issues in your business. Private content, coaching and treats I only share in EWD The weekly EWD only Digest. An email that rounds up all the best bits from EWD and CWD so you NEVER miss the good stuff. Plus, it’s fucking hilarious! Weekly accountability. An all new system to help you set goals and meet them, every week. More access to me and my time AND that of my wicked team Monthly copy and content critiques The ability to get out of your own way when it comes to business and personal life Work out, with the help of the other great people in EWD how your past failures can become the foundation for your future successes You get to be even more fucking awesome than you already are