From Breakdown To Breakthrough

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[A valuable read for anyone who DEMANDS more from life]

From cracked to crushing life; lessons from my pain for your gain

I can still remember it as clear as anything; I had a pretty tough New Years and some personal stuff that was beyond kicking my ass

I was on my knees

Literally in fact

Now as you know, I’ve struggled with my demons and he panacea was often at the bottom of a bottle of distilled grains or potatoes

I quit the drink a year ago, but still had the urge

If you have ever struggled with a ‘bad habit’? You’ll know what I mean…

That ‘little voice’…

The nagging ‘hunger’…

The pull of something – or someone – that you KNOW is bad for you tagging you inexorably towards your own downfall…


Fucker ain’t it?

Anyways that first 6 months was PURE will power and spite

Then what happened over New Years happened and then the familiar dark passenger came along for the ride once more

I couldn’t of felt more of a last down…

A liar…

A fraud…

If I tried

Hardly a fucking ‘hero’s journey’ is it?!


I realised I had come close to losing it all – and possible my life – not even 6 months prior to this

Aaaaand they do say breakdown comes before breakthrough

So I did


I had so much pent up rage and anger and sadness and regrets as well as felt my life was no longer my own to control

I felt taken advantage of…

I was mentally battered via supposed trusted confidants who had ended up being ‘snakers ’n’ takers’…

I was pushed past my limits and I was fucking DONE


Roll forward to now:

Life is pretty fucking good


In fact, life is FUCKING AWESOME


Because for the first time in my ENTIRE life I attacked the root cause of the head trash that was holding me back

I had managed to achieve a surprisingly successful empire from pretty much nothing but will power and work ethic alone

But at the expense of other areas of my life

Now my mentor Dex has a huge part fo play in this, because we came up with a way to:

Get my physical and mental health on point so I looked and FELT good with enough ‘gas in the tank’ to get shit done daily…

My productivity nailed the fuck DOWN to work on only what I needed to work on…

Reconnect with who I am as a person, what I stood for (and didn’t) and rebuild old relationships and create new ones from scratch…

AND the big one?

Business grew without killing myself in the process by a profit margin of 32%; as well as adding in 3 new streams of revenue, new team members, opening another gym

Not bad eh?

Ya see, I’m a complicated fuck

I know this

As flawed as the next man

But I’m also – and some of you may struggle with this next bit – actually kinda smart…



Due the the fact I do have some lovely folks who have my back, and the crazy memory thing I spoke about; I remember all the things


(Well the ones The Goose didn’t destroy the neurones for banwaysy lol)

I see people launching and selling shit they ain’t even done before

Let alone had success with

Which is why I’ve done some things they way I’ve done them

For example; ‘Espresso With Dan’

Usually we open every 3 months, we decided 6 months was better this time


Because the first three months of the year I was a human fucking guinea pig

Kill or cure

Sink or swim

Death or glory

The next 3 months I was PROVING what we had created worked and massively improved the 4 areas that – from my perspective and 10’s of 1000’s of hours of coaching have taught me are crucial for a happy, productive and wealthy life

– Health (physical, mental and spiritual – yes I said spiritual!)

– Wealth (assets, cash, business growth, leverage and scale)

– Productivity (getting shit DONE; having more time & energy to pursue life and business pursuits as well as personal development)

– Connectivity (family, friendships, relationships – biz & personal, dealing with limiting beliefs/inner head trash. Being part of something bigger than you. Giving back & loving life)

I have this, I think (in this really permutation anyways)


And I wanted to make sure that I had conquered pretty much every fuckery I had let rule my life

I took full control of ALL aspects of my life


And I made it 100% what I wanted; healthy, happy, wealthy, fun, free and on my fucking terms

I truly believe that ANYONE can take what I’ve learned and make massive changes in their life; because I would be an incongruent piece of shit writing to you now If I didn’t eh?

This could end up being my ‘magnum opus’

But I need people to come with me on this journey to prove what I have done for me and my private coaching clients can be done for YOU as well

This WILL be a thing

A BIG thing in my world moving forward

And I would like to invite you – if you feel there is more to life than you currently have – to join me

Is this free?

Is it fuck

But for this first ever group there will be a reduction in costs (in return for comprehensive feedback), free membership to ‘Espresso With Dan’ for the duration, and private coaching with me monthly to ensure we are on form

Everyone I see is churning out the same old tired crap; and the system I’ve created IS different

We attack the root causes FIRST

Most people?

Try burial a business on fucked up foundations

My job is to gut the ones you have, and help you rebuild something that will actually LAST and allow you to build the life and business you want on top of them – as well as kicking the living shit out of the negative self talk, and helping you get control over your thoughts and feelings

Like I mentioned the other day

Had bit of an epiphany

My ethos?

Fun and profits

My group?

Get shit done

My mission?

I finally fucking have it

To create well rounded entrepreneurs who get to experience the life, business, health and relationships THEY want on THEIR terms – and have a fuck tonne of fun doing it

And if that sounds like a ‘mission’ you would like to be part of?

There’s nothing to pay right now

We had 69 applications yesterday – I sent this to my list after the massive live stream I did

Going through them tomorrow

If you would like me to send you the link to find out more?

Drop me a comment below

Not interested?

At the very least learn from the fact that it’s never to late to change and take ownership of your life

Own it
Get help
Take action

And if I can help? Lemme know


Wirte, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

how to be f*cking awesome




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