From The Hospital Death Bed of Dan Meredith

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Soooooo…I got hit by a car last night…And I’ve decided I’m going to file it under third worst thing that’s happened to me this year2020 is the gift that keeps giving eh?


So I’m writing this you from A&E with a new LOVE of the gas they give to ladies who are giving birth – it was delightful -Anyways bar the fact I got taken out by a car and YEETED into a road sign (thank god I have fancy bike kit, armour & helmet) and that I feel that I’ve had the living shit kicked out of me……I’m in a surprisingly good mood


I won’t be walking anywhere for a bit but as I write this, I have an immense sense of gratitude – I’m alive – The injuries will heal and aren’t that bad tbh – Bikes can be replaced under insurance – Police officers, paramedics, doctors and nurses are wonderful humans – I love gas and air – I got some banging selfies It was quite weird when it happenedCouldn’t avoid it (she didn’t see me and was in shock herself) and as they t-boned me everything went so crazily slow – felt like time had slowed down -I think I remember saying ‘oh for fucks sake’ and then I got taken out- I may of imagined that – #funtimes(I have to say adrenaline is AMAZING I picked up a 280kg bike without a problem before I realised I was all kindsa beat and part of my left leg looked like it was made of trifle Ya know what?Shit happens and there’s no point complaining about itIf there’s one thing I get from mum?It’s her resilienceThe irony was mum and Anna (my sis) were also in a car accident yesterday and hit in EXACTLY the same wayAnd the one reason I was out riding was due to the fact my little sis was shook up and I wanted to cheer her up(Neither of us have ever had an accident until yesterday!)Anyways that ability to just go ‘fuck it’, pick ourselves up and crack the on is something we both share Id say in 2020 – and probably 2021 there’s no other way to be really…Am gonna take a few days to rest, because being hit by a car does sting a bit HOWEVERI WILL still be doing the challenge on Sunday (Spite will always be a hell of a motivator)Ya think a Mini Cooper to the ribs is gonna slow me down?LolNoI got shit to do and maybe you do too, so ain’t gonna bail…there’s work to be done So if you wanna join my battered – but highly capable (and quite good according to one of the nurses I accidentally flashed from wearing a gown) ass- then I’ll see you Sunday when Lianne let’s you in if you think I’m leveraging my situation?Well, why not 🤣I’m lying here in a pair of boxers with my arse hanging out, bored to tears so thought I might as well be useful eh?Anyways I’m gonna rest as I’m shattered, but me and the team will be ready to rock SundayIf nothing else I’m committed eh?See ya soon and send thoughts and prayers to DucatiBAE…she is gonna need some love




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