30 Nov

Going The Extra Mile

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Going The Extra Mile

The power of going the extra mile

This week is a pretty special week for me, I get to speak to one of my first ever mentors Mr Ryan Levesque‘s MASSIVE community about what I do

3 years ago, I didn’t even know what copywriting was

When I look back? I can identify some ‘big breaks’ that I can say that have helped me grow as a person and as a career

Getting Ryan to mentor me, then bring me into the team as one of the coaches, and put me in THAT room #31st chair…

Landing Ben Settle as a mentor for my copy (especially as he refused everyone for FUCKING EVER lol)…

Being put on stage with some massive hitters at Ryan Lee‘s FREEDYM fest…

Meeting Tina Marie through Darren Casey and landing a monster of a fitness copy client…

Hounding the living hell out of Dexter Abraham (who I wouldn’t of met without the other two above) to luckily get as my mentor…

Having lunch with Daniel Priestley which resulted in me getting my book to #1 and in the hands of Gary V

Through Chris Burgess meeting Jamie Alderton and now having the most downloaded podcast in the UK

ALL of the above took effort, here is a (small)selection of things I have done to meet and connect with the people above

– sat on a haemorrhoid ring during an 8hour flight as had cracked my coccyx (I couldn’t sit or stand without all the pain)
– bought and given out 100’s of their books
– flown to NYC and back, no sleep, for a 20 min speaking gig
– bought everything they ever created and told everyone I know to do the same
– had a video ‘pitch’ created and send (with graphics!) to secure a chat
– flown for 4 hours for a 10 minute coffee chat
– worked for 3 days without sleep to finish a sales letter
– created and delivered free content with NO expectations of anything in return
– sent out innumerable gifts and Amazon vouchers and cards and fucking anything to say thank you
– pushed my body mind and health to its limits

Do you think it’s an accident I am writing to you now?

Yes, of course it is!



But one thing my dad taught me is that you need to stand out but more than that you need to go the extra mile

Not just to work with the legends above oh no

Your customers and audience deserve the very best of you

I have been accused in ‘Espresso with Dan’ of doing TOO much, and you know what?


I would rather over deliver, give up more of my time and make sure people are getting value than see how little I can get away with

The boys who run my gyms?

Will be getting ALL their clients gifts to say thank you for being with us

Everyone in EWD?

Will get a New Years treat from me (don’t ask, not telling!)

You in CWD?

How about a 10 hour+ webinar with ALL my guest experts for FREE

Why not eh? 😉

Listen – NOTHING good in life comes without effort; What you get OUT of life = what you put IN to life

It really is that simple


Case in point Luke Nevill sent this to me today; it says:

‘Presented to Dan Meredith, on the occasion of going balls deep – the legacy you leave behind is the life you lead today – #bemoredan

I won’t lie

It choked even me up!

Also is an original newspaper from the day I was born, and brilliantly the headline is ‘SEX LETTERS’

This is from someone who pays ME (not the other way around) but he has consistently been a valuable member of my groups, helps my friends and gives back freely

Which is why I’m bringing him (I haven’t told him till now) in a new project in January 2017 – he is still ‘bitch’ too; and he got that role by doing exactly what he says above)

So for fucks sake PLEASE listen to this:

Don’t think about how little you can do to get the result you want, consider how much you can do to provide value

^^^ when you change what you are saying in your head to that? You will be amazed at hoe fucking awesome life gets

(Yes its upside down but my fingers are cold and if that’s the first thing you notice or comment about you are a shitbird lol)

Tega D

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