18 Apr

How To Be Happy In Life – A ‘Danifesto’

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This is a recent ‘philosophy’ that I have been trying to live my life by, and its rather simple to be honest – and as a result my happiness as gone up many times over.

But since going online there is this insidious ‘underbelly’ that is really starting to get on my tits – and there are some sneaky little shits that out there.

You see with my philosophy? Its VERY simple:

If I am related to you, or have a friendship with you (romantic or otherwise)

Im certainly interested to hear what you say…ESPECIALLY if you have boobs heh

Take the time to follow me out of all the millions of other people on social media, or hang with in Coffee With Dan? I’ll happily and readily listen to you and weight up your argument; but its not guaranteed (if offered) that I’ll take your advice – but will thank you for your time none the less

If you give me food?

CLEARLY I’m a happy Dan, look at me ha 🙂

Financing me (as in investing in my time)?

Then you have my attention; and will give my all accordingly as my role in many peoples lives os to serve and lead to the best of my abilities – and as you have invested in me whether it be a copy of my book or a intensive coaching client; you are entitled to an opinion

So why do sneaky little shits – often via closed groups and private messages bring down others who, lets me honest, WISH they could as successful as person A or person B?

I think it comes down to one thing:


I remember when I first started out, was lucky enough to get a brilliant stage with a gifted entrepreneur and when I finished I was on SUCH a high!

Yet, it got back to me that 4 people were being fucking NASTY about me to anyone who would give them an audience

It crushed me

All I was doing? Was my best

Yet there people decided that for whatever reason they wanted to tear me down – and with such bravery – behind my back

I posted about it the following day

And guess who the first four people that messaged me were?


The 4 people that were talking shit…

Lol @ humans eh?

I know for a fact (because people are VERY silly, and Dan gets sent plenty of screenshots buy true online friends) that people in the past who have – to my face – been nothing but:
– supportive
– a fan
– publicly ‘backing’ me

Were in private were spreading dissent, rumours and were being all round Snakey McSnakersons
(i’ll never say who, but I know – bless em lol)

Those times are pretty much in my past now – its something every entrepreneur seems to go though. And, sadly this has happened to many of my friends when THEY tried to step up – people just want to tear you down

Old me?

Would of wanted to go to fucking war, call them out and generally get my rage on



I would much rather just build my own ‘castle’ than try and tear anyone else down – its just too much negative energy and Im lazy…I really can’t be arsed!

One thing I have noticed though, and I have yet to be shown otherwise, is that people who spent a decent amount of time gossiping, tearing people down or spend their lives trying to attack anyone who is aspiring for more…

Never really amount to much in the business world
(not as humans, some truly shitty people online are great partners, parents, friends and so on – just not here ha)

Their social influence and reach?


The revenue they generate?

Doesn’t change much

Their impact?

Minimal at best

And there is NOTHING wrong with that, nothing at all – if that person is happy? More power to them

But as I said to an online chum the other day:
‘why are you worrying about someone who has zero impact on your life, earns a fifth of what you do, their posts get made a like or two or an **occasional** comment – living at home with no partner and seemingly very little social life?’
^^^ yet this person was fixated on one relative nobody in their world because, for some reason, they had a ‘beef’ over their work?

Silly isn’t it eh?

These people, when you encounter them in your life (and you will) are no more annoying than a housefly or a stone in your shoe…and in time they will soon disappear or find someone else to annoy 😉

Hence now I simply don’t worry about the opinion of people who have no impact on my life

If you ain’t investing in me with your time, energy, finances or company?

I really am not interested, and if this is happening to you? It does take time to train yourself out of giving a fuck about these people, but when you do?

Its truly liberating

If you simply keep focusing on doing good work, serving, giving value and – to the best of your abilities – showing up every day as the best version of ‘you’?

Again – focus on you, and the people that matter

Everyone else?

Can simply jog on

Just a thought…..

Dan ‘Foul-mouthed Philosopher’ Meredith

P.S. Just because I’ve ditched the drink, and am enjoying things like opera and poetry and art and what have you…don’t think I’ve gone soft – and the fact Im posting this PUBLICLY? Should show you my thoughts…

BE NICE is an ethos I will try, every day, to live by….but don’t forget chapter 7 in my book…sometimes its a principle thing – I still have teeth 😉

Dan Meredith

Wirte, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

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