25 Jun

How The High Ticket Coaching Scam Works – And A ‘How To’ So You Too Can Be An Unethical C*nt In just ONE Post!

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How The High Ticket Coaching Scam Works – And A ‘How To’ So You Too Can Be An Unethical C*nt In just ONE Facebook Post!!!

(the ‘how to’ is at the end if you want to skip the morality part and dive straight in to being an asshole btw)

Firsly, I am NOT against ‘high ticket’ item selling, far from it

I have some pricey services myself

I also have a programme that teaches you how to sell high ticket with the caveat RELATIVE TO THE VALUE THAT IS BROUGHT AND YOUR EXPERIENCE LEVELS and that is what me and Justin Devonshire teach – we have spent time getting very, very good!

Now, I have had a LOT (really, not the marketing ‘a lot’) of people message me after the live stream we did yesterday and I went off on one about high ticket selling

I am NOT a finger pointer

I will not name names

I have friends who charge $25K to ONE MILLION (yep) for a year of their time – these people?

Are in their thirties, 40’s and up to 50’s

They have time served

They re good at their job

Now I am NOT saying anyone under 30 SHOULDN’T sell high ticket but I say this: If you do


If you are not there, YET – thats life! The masterminds I am now in, my mentor, I COULD NOT AFFORD When I started – but it spurred me on as a motivation to work with them

I told a young lad who I fucking love to bits (honestly he is doing online PT the right way btw…) wants to work with me: I told him my rates and he said he can’t afford right now without going to debt

So, the snazzier from me – no, of course

I gave him a target to hit, which would mean to work with me, my coaching would be 20% of profit, which I am happy with

Guess what?

He hit the target and (he doesn’t know this as I haven’t told him and no doubt he will read this) we are now working together 😉

Did I force him?

Did I tell him to get a credit card, loan, borrow from people who love him (and I have a fucking parasite I know who had a close called ‘why don’t you love me’. Asshole.)


Relativity is VERY important – what is high ticket to you might me normal for me, and what is high ticket to me is one hand of poker for Dexter Abraham


What IS important as my friend Ryan Lee says (and yes actual friend, not wanky IM ‘friend’ shite, we have each others cell phones and everything lol) is VALUE

I remember getting coached by Ben Settle – i badgered the fucker for months. He doesn’t do one to one, and likely won’t again – but Im a persistent little shit

He charged a pretty penny, and one day we had an 11 minute call

Was it worth XXX dollars?


Joe Polish – I wanted to join his 25k/GENIUS network – this is filled with the who’s who in business. When I asked him he told me what level I needed to be, what I needed to earn to come in and what I had to bring to the table

So I fucking brought it!

I went out and hit the targets and it was worth every oenny

Don’t let me get started on Dex (who is essentially my 2nd dad now; but the kinda hard dad like Tony Soprano you do NOT want to fuck with but will do everything for you) – I would of sold (and he will back this up) everything I owned WILLINGLY to work with him but that was my choice so if someone does want to work with you, they are willing to do anything and want ‘IN’ then who are you to say no?

But if you are pressurising people to sign up, you need to learn ‘closes’ as opposed to learning what a consultative sale is; if you don’t advise but merely push people into YOUR ONE FUCKING EXPENSIVE THING

Do me a favour?

Fuck off out of my group

However, as I have curated this group quite well I would be stunned if there are any of ‘those’ people in here

But, would you like to know how the scam works?

Well, let me tell you!

1. you see a FB post – they are often talking about the following:
– how much they have – generally with tropical backgrounds and cars and fly women n shizzle
– how easy it was; no hustle or hard work – just flow (oh do fuck off)
– that they are ‘just like you’ and you need no list, skills, eyes, lungs, CNS, oxygen to do what they did (just download their free report)

2. They get you to have a strategy call:
– release the hidden $$$ in your business RIGHT NOW
– help you unblock the blocks that your blocking yourself to have blocks of cash delivered EVERY FUCKING SECOND to your blocl
– hey this isn’t a sales call (it is)
– ell you you’re a fucking pussy for not being a real man/woman, standing up to your true power (yawn, go suck on a hosepipe)


And if you don’t, you will be told
– to find the money by any means (debt)
-i f you valued yourself you would invest in yourself (make you feel like shit)
– if you don’t act now, this won’t be available again (fear of loss, and FYI it will, trust me)

etc etc

4. you are now in debt

KUDOS! you backed yourself, but you can’t eat, your partner hates you, you’re turning to drink, and you cry yourself to sleep as you have NO idea how you are going to make the first payment

but don’t worry, you just have to believe

(and even though you were in a heightened emotional state ate the time of the call YOU ARE LOCKED IN MOTHERFUCKER)

but you trust in the programme, you calm your nerves – you take the first (group, you were told it was 2-4 people but you see on the gotoweboinar panel 41 people on the call) call

What are you told….


Sure, you have been doing what you have been doing for 6 months, your DEFO worth $156,000 for a year



So you go from being wanting to help people to desperately trying to copy YOUR coaches model and cram people into a cookie-cutter plan with no idea how to deliver it BECAUSE YOU NEED TO SELL HIGH TICKET TO PAY OFF YOUR DEBT/MAKE THE PAYMENTS

It doesn’t matter that they could get the exact service from someone, in person, and be given oral sex by super models (male or female) for THE SAME PRICE you, you are SPECIAL and if you believed in your prodcut and the coach enough you too would wok one hour every Saturn year (look it up), HAVE MONEY MANIFEST ITSELF ABUNDANTLY INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT WITHOUT EVER DOING ANYTHING EVER AND NEVER GETTING GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO AND JUST CHARGING ALL THE FUCKING MONIES BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT


Can you see what is happening here?

Its going to burst soon, I promise you

The people who charge all the monies, that I know and rate – deserve it – because they have:

– time served
– developed the skills continuously
– a bank of results, testimonials and proof

If you don’t have that?


Just keep sign what you are doing; take time to get good at shit – Dexter is constantly slowing me down and only now do I see why – being fucking good, building a legacy and getting paid what you ant TAKES TIME

I am ALL for ambition, drive, and success

But, if you have to pay someone ALL THE MONIES to be told YOU need to charge all the monies?

ThenI have just saved you a fortune, embrace your inner asshole and do just that


If you want to do things the tight way, invest in your skills, get good at shit, fail fast and fail often, improve, adapt and charge what you are worth

Would you like to know my ‘shit test’ when it comes to what I charge

Its very simple

I say the figure to someone on a call, email, or message – if it sits well with me?

its the right price

If I feel ‘fuck if I get away with this, I’m quids in’

Then, quite frankly, I am being a c*nt

Same goes for raising your prices too btw

Anyways, I’m actually in a really good mood but I had single mum who got took for 5k and I want to knock the fuck out who made her get into debt and caused her all manner of pain and sadness and fear

Im watching fucker, you are on my radar now…


Tega D

Wirte, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

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