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Highlighting Shelly’s success

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Highlighting Shelly's success

5 success principles, 3 powerful self-assessment tools & a story of how you CAN achieve anything, IF you want it bad enough

This is a story of Shelley Roe. A story of how a struggling mum of 3, with part time gig prepping food and selling coaching to make a little bit on the side to take the pressure off; went from debt, stress and basically fuck all to…

..a 6-figure+ turnover, UK wide distribution network, 100’s of (happy) clients, a brand, 8 staff, a fucking SHOP…and another one on the way

This is a story of how your past doesn’t have to define you, and what you can do with a little bit of courage, a good idea, passion and fucking hard work!


Now, Shelley has become a good friend of mine, along with Ollie OJay Matthews & Mike Samuels they were my first EVER coaching clients 2 years ago

(remember that ‘2 years’ bit as well for a bit later, OK?)

So let me set the sense, and I am in NO way being mean (I have run the copy via Shelley before posting) but she was not an overly academic person, and a young mum – so many of the advantages that a lot of us have?

She does not

Having no one entrepreneurial in her family (like me), it was hard for her to even THINK about achieving what she has now

What she wanted, in all honesty?

Was to be able to afford the kids Christmas presents (she IS a fucking good mum) without putting them on credit cards like she had done every year…

Fuck – she just wanted to have a spare £200-300 a week that would take a mountain of pressure off of running a home and providing for 3 kids!

Now I HAVE spoken about Shelley before (she is in my book #BEMOREDAN) and when we first started she gambled her mortgage money on working with me

I did not know this

If I had know this I would of 100% said no fucking way!

But if she hadn’t?

She wouldn’t have what she has now, if she hadn’t back herself and believed in her product & vision AND was prepared to back it up with hard work

I have know Shelly now for 2 years so have been uniquely placed to observe someone from a disadvantaged starting point to where they are now

Of course I hear snide comments about me (sent via screenshots, thank you true friends) about my level of success, you know usual bollocks; overnight success, easy for you, you’re lucky etc etc

Fair enough

People are entitled to their opinion and they as open as I have been with the sacrifices and struggles I have had, some people simple don’t believe

Hence when I highlight someone like Shelley, where she has come from and where she is now I want to prove to you that yes, you fucking CAN change you life, grow a business that not only makes you $$$ but also helps people AND enjoy life

But for the last 2 years (until opening the store), she has:

– Got up every day at 4.30 am to being the cooking & meal prep
– maintained a fucking huge allotment where she grows all her own organic fruit/veg
– shipped all the meals herself, and acted as delivery driver in the local area
– done all the social media, content, branding, packaging herself with NO experience of any
– handles all customer service & admin
– still been a mum (and one of her kids is ADD, and the other is 2 as well so throw that in too!)

That, and as she is selling meal delivery solutions, healthy treats and other such goodies – she still has to hit the gym daily to ensure she is looks ‘on point’ for her brand

(you should see the traps on the woman – i have NO idea why I like it so much ha sorry Shell!)

What I am trying to say is this

After two years+ of extremely hard work; she now has a successful business


After 2+ years of extremely hard work; I now have a selection of successful businesses

NONE of this is to brag in ANY way, but can you see a fucking theme here!?!?!

People who want:

– success/status
– financial/geographical freedom
– amazing relationships
– top notch health/fitness/wellness

(it applies to all of the above)


There is, I’m seeing, a lot of ‘anti-hustle’, just go with the flow, business should be easy etc etc


That happens AFTER you have hustled your fucking ass off for years, given your all, made sacrifices (yeah buttercup, you DO have to make sacrifices AT THE START) – anyone who is telling you it is easy is simply trying to sell you coaching so they can cover the cost of their coach telling them it is easy


But back to Shelley;

What advantages did she have?

What ‘leg up’ did she get?

Where is her ‘ease and flow’ 6-figure business?

Any ideas?!?!?!?!?

Sure she got coaching for me for a few months to get her started, but she gambled her bloody mortgage payment on it (which still makes me shudder a bit you mad Scouse fuck lol – she is from Liverpool) but there than that she had a few core elements that – if you are not where you want to be – I would fucking start doing

1. Have an idea that people actually want/springs from a pressing need

Just because you have an idea for a business, doesn’t mean that people owe you a living. If you are going to go on this batshit business journey? You HAVE to provide/create something people ACTUALLY want

Shelley was asked by her bodybuilding & boxing friends at the time to make some healthy meals for them as they were too busy to do it, and didn’t know what they should be eating to achieve their goals

Hence we now have ‘No Excuses Nutrition’

2. Accept NOTHING good comes without HARD WORK

Yes there will be stressful as fuck days

Yes there will be (initially) areas of your life that take a dip or you have to put on hold

Yes people will question you and YES you will question yourself!

I have been very lucky to have met hundreds of very successful people, and a few billionaires too – they did not get there with peace and flow

They got there with HARD WORK


for a while

THEN they work a few hours a day, toss off to tropical islands, twat about on boats and generally do what they want


you need to accept hard work comes first – THEN freedom

3. Health & fitness (physical and mental) should always be worked on

I don’t care if you have a six pack, and are the healthiest person in CWD or fat as fuck and live off chips

This is not a dig at ANYONE and I myself fucked up on this hence the aggressive approach I am taking with my team (yes bloody TEAM!) to get me back in shape – Alex Backhouse, Jamie Alderton, Dan Aguilera & Karl Brandt

If you let these slip (and yes the mental one is VERY important), you will become a wreck

– eat well (healthy with occasional treats)
– cut back on bad shit (alcohol, cigarettes, crystal meth…lol)
– exercise multiple times per week
– work on your mobility & flexibility
– have a support network around you
– have a TRAINED professional to speak to if your head gets fucked

4. You can’t go it alone

When you start out, it IS just you

Your vision
Your drive
Your goals

Most people think you are a bit nuts and should get a job 😉

But if you want to grow, you re going to need a team around you, fact

Yes, when you first invest in team members (note INVEST) you lose $$$ to start with – but once you have their training done and systems in place what a team gives you is more freedom, more money, more fun and , honestly?

Less loneliness

^^ it IS lonely what we do, and if you are assuming the mantle of leader? You need a tight, strong team around you to support you through thick and thin – hence the likes of Tega Diegbe, Sarah Louise Carter, Neil Bannister, Joe KensettMike Samuels, Lianne-Carla Savage, Greg Fidgeon, Alex Holowko, Emily-rose Alice Knowles, Colette Mason, Andy Davis & Cameron Shean


(oh and an inspiring/terrifying mentor – aka Dexter Abraham – DEFO helps!)

**special thanks to Stephen Craven, my podcast co-host Jonathan Rivera, Carly Jennings Leah Butler-Smith & Jessica Morrod and many others who I may of missed – but not meant to!**

Really, teams are the tits

5. The only thing holding you back from this? Is YOU

I get asked often ‘how are you where you are Dan’

The answer is simple

I was prepared to do the things that other people weren’t prepared to do

Thats it

Shelley, I think its fair to say, didn’t want to get up at 4.30am, work until 11pm most days of the week for 12-18 months do you?

But she did

And now look at what she has?

And thats my closing question to you

How badly do you want it (whatever ‘it’ is)?

If you are not happy about your situation, what are you prepared to do about it?

And finally:

What the fuck are you waiting for?

If its permission?

Its granted

Now crack the fuck on!

PS if you want to see what Shelley does? This is her page:www.noexcusesnutrition.co.uk – go buy some shit lol

Tega D

Wirte, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

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