29 Nov

How To Build A Community That Benefits You Both

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How to build a community/tribe that actually benefits you BOTH

This is something that I have seen people FAIL at time and time again

For those of you that have been around a while, do you remember that time when loads of big names closed their FB groups?

Because for them it wasn’t ‘worth it financially’??

IMO = bad move

We (here in CWD, and over in EWD) have always taken a long game approach

If you have a FB group, tribe, community or following?

You actually HAVE to give a fuck


Because they are PEOPLE!!!

Not leads FFS


People with wants, needs, desires, fears, hopes, dreams, senses of humour and goals

I’ve seen those with groups take a very short term view to it

They don’t ‘make bank’ immediately

So they either stop making the effort or just sack it off and move on to the next shiny object

They don’t see the bigger picture

The online landscape is noisy

Lots of proper vying for your attention

Lots of shouting
Lots of grandstanding
Lots of ‘look at me’ stuff

It’s a free country, ultimately they can do what they want

Our mission?

Has been to serve

Lead by serving and then – in time, and when it’s right for them – people can choose to invest or not

There’s people in here who have made MILLIONS yes actual millions!!) from my advice

The have never paid me a penny

And that’s ok


(They often update me of their successes; more power to them! They took the free advice and ran with it. It’s good to see)

A large chunk of EWD have – when they join – have been in my world for 3 months to two years before they join

It’s up to ME (and the rest of the team/experts) to demonstrate our knowledge, add value and break down that ‘know/like/trust’ barrier over time so that when they decide to invest in themselves – and ultimately us – it’s the right deception for them

No false scarcity
No trickery

Just us showing up and inviting people to join us if they want

And we do that by giving a fuck

Over in EWD?

We make a huge effort and have spent a fortune making sure it’s as good as it can be (our back end migration and content catalogue of 300+ hours of trainings and digital products has cost a small fortune)

Did we need to do it?

Maybe, maybe not

But if someone’s going to invest in you – you need to make it as good as you possibly can

Don’t get me wrong

Giving a fuck IS exhausting, more mentally

My inbox is at BEST disgusting but I get back to everyone as soon as I can

Whether you run a free community like CWD, or have a membership site + community like EWD

This is something you NEED to do if you want it to last

Most don’t even make a year

CWD is 5 years old
EWD is 4 years old

Think about that

In the online landscape, how many have been around that long and been that consistent?

Not many

(And as a great ‘FYI’ we did a launch for 100 members of EWD when we opened waaaay back when. We still have 61 people from that launch. Think about that eh…)

You see, many of us turn to the online world because the offline world doesn’t give us the connection we crave – plus it’s easy access (if you are in the right place) to experts and specialists who can help you massively

A TRUE human connection?

Getting rarer and rarer

So if you want to get ahead?





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