4 Nov

How To Package Your Expertise Into a Digital Product

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Digital products are a favourite of the online world for a good reason.

You can take what you know, turn it into a product, and sell it again and again and again to thousands of people with minimal time and effort once initially created.

Particularly appealing to those in service based businesses who’s income is massively restricted by the fact there is only so much of them to go around.

Is it completely passive income?

Is it fuck

You still need to make sure people are looked after and get what they need.

You still have to launch and promote it

You still haveto show up for your people.

You still have to keep it updated so it stays relevant if it’s not entirely evergreen.

That said, it’s pretty close to passive and you can create a whole lot of positive impact in the world (and a whole lot of positive impact on your bank balace) by turning your expertise into a digital product.

Some fly, others flop and even more still never actually get made in the first place because smart people like you hold themselves back.

Here’s 5 steps to overcome all that and get your digital product out there into the world.

Step 1: Get good at something

…as in actually know what the fuck it is you’re talking about

Do NOT fall into the trap of being led to believe all you need is to read a few books on a topic, record a course and sell all of the copies and live happily ever after.

It’s not ethical AND it wont last.

Because people really don’t like being scammed.

You have to genuinely know what you’re talking about.

If you’ve got experience and results for people, you’re good to go.

Passionate but don’t know enough?

Find someone who IS an actual expert in the area you want to help people.

Often there will be people put there with all of the smarts but no clue how to market it and don’t want to be the ringleader in centre stage.

You can work out a deal to split course profits and share their knowledge.

That way you ensure quality and results from what you’re selling and can develop from there.

Step 2: Research your market.

For a start, you want to know:

What they want
What they need
What they are willing to pay for
The challenges they face
What they know and what they don’t know
How they feel about their current situation
Their fears for the future
What makes them feel shame

Without knowing these things, you’re running on pure luck and could fid yourself doing all of the work and selling fuck all because they don’t want to buy it.

Your research helps 2 things

Your copy
Your course content

Step 3: Outline your course

Your expertise and your research help form your course content.

Brain dump everything down on paper to get it out of your head.

Then index cards or mind maps are great for getting it organised into some form of logical order.

You’ll want an intro that lays out expectations and an outline of the course then to roll into course content starting with any foundational information or prep they need.

Then build from there step by step what they need to do to get results.

Finally you’ll want to add any advanced or bonus steps at the end.

This means you make it super easy to follow and get results and then people can move on and improve by following additional/advanced trainings.

Step 4: Create your course

Sometimes steps 4 & 5 switch or happen at the same time depending on how you work best and how much of a lead up is needed to launch.

Also, how much of a team you have to help.

Course creation is pretty straightforward because you’ve done the groundwork.

Take your course outline and create slides for it.

Use something like Loom to record your screen as you go through the training and you can mix in slides and over the shoulder screen capture where suitable.

For some of you, you’ll record these live via a webinar using something like GoTo Webinar.

If running live, you’ll launch first and record with your clients there.

You’ll also want to look at adding things like PDF notes and worksheets to go alongside the trainings.

Not critical but good to have.

You may want to do your first launch without them and then upgrade the course by adding them in for a future launch.

This reduces.the workload a little so you have less that could potentially delay and hold you back.

Step 5: Run a seeded launch

A seeded launch is one to your current audience and brings up the topic in advance of the launch and teases that something is coming.

This raises interest and intrigue and prepares people because they know there is something to watch out for and keep a lil spare cash around ready for it to come.

We all have busy lives with plenty of things pulling our attention so it also helps to make the problem you solve a top of mind priority.

This way when you do launch you aren’t springing up out of nowhere with a big fat “buy my shit” talking about solving a problem they haven’t thought about for weeks.

Launching a product isn’t as complicated as it seems.

This is something you can do and do well.


It’s easy for products to flop if you’ve not done the above right.

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