26 Jun

I don’t Give A F*ck What You Think Makes It Work

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THANK YOU for not fucking this group up (and why the fact I don’t give a fuck what you think* = makes it work)

The world – is quite frankly – lol

As someone who has made a pretty penny of odd words, I simply don’t have the ability to convey my thoughts



I digress

You see that’s are groups bigger than this one…

More popular than this one…

More successful than this one…

That’s for sure

But so far it’s remains day to day:

– spam free
– argument free
– dickhead free

AND it’s ALSO free

Which I think is pretty good tbh

We have worked hard to set both the tone and the ethos for the group

Yes some take advantage
Yes some are snakes
Yes some will only ever be here for their own good

Humans are humans and do human things

But as someone who has done this for a while, you have to if you run/lead anything is set the tone

What you do/don’t stand for
What you do/don’t belief
What you will/won’t do

And so forth

Do I have views or opinions that some of you would fucking hate?

Likely close to 100%

Equally there are some of yours that, quite frankly, might me a little meh

But do you see me wasting my time arguing with people online?

Do you see me calling people our and being deliberately polarising?


I simply can’t be arsed

My opinions, thoughts and feelings are sovereign and my right to have

– as are yours –

But much like your ‘esoteric’ porn searches; they are for you to enjoy and keep to yourself most of the time

Hence why we have such a diverse group

There’s plenty of people who I am friends with/follow who I think talk utter shite in some matters

And that’s cool

Because I can separate the person from their beliefs and – believe it or not – I’m an adult and can have a good conversation without resorting to insults

#socontroversial eh?

I know some groups are a bit more of a free for all, pitch whatever you want, lots of drawn out posts, non stop engagement coloured boxes


We have been around for 5 or 6 years now (I can’t remember lol) and bar a few very very rare occasions I’ve shown up here every day

We will still be around for many, many years to come

Because we set the tone right

If you want to run a group, a movement, have a following – doesn’t really matter

Getting the who/what/why bit right, plus leading from the front with those in the forefront of your mind is key

That and understanding you are dealing with humans

And humans are who frankly ridiculous

(The sheer amount of effort and energy they expend to touch another human in the place where they wee from is quite hilarious when you think about it)

Most humans at their core are good

Some were bad and have now worked hard to be good

And some are just complete scum

It’s up to you to define who you want to work with and why, and you attract the right ones from the above medley by setting the tone and leading from the front

Ultimately I judge people on what they do and how they do it, not what they say (or type on social media)

Hence the * at the start:

I simply don’t give a fuck what you believe in as long as you do good work, be as decent a human being as you can and try not to harm others

Pretty fucking simple really


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