15 Mar

I Walk My Fcking Talk

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The CASE for getting it out & swinging it about…

That is your entrepreneurial ‘digital dick’ – or lady equivalent – that is

(and why y’all should invest your time & £££ into those who have ACTUALLY achieved something)

Got your attention?


This post is a bit of an odd one for me

It’s been spurred in parts by a few things:

The first one was a long term (lovely) client who said I needed to take some of my own medicine…

…and the second is over the last few months I’ve screenshotted some pretty big and bold claims from some online ‘experts’ that I can’t see being backed up….

And finally?

Well you have decided to join this list and some of you may have no idea if I’m ‘the real deal’ and have achieved some of the things I say I have 

So thought would do what you don’t see very often online 

Prove it 

I’ve kept records of my achievements as far back as I can remember; few little blasts from my past:

 #2 out of 6000 headhunters/recruiters when I was 19 and earning 6-figures aged 19/20 (didn’t take home that much though lol #britainisexpensive) in 1999

 Whilst I was studying at at Leeds university I was PT’ing for 40-45 hours- kicking the ass of deven the London PT’s back in 2005

 Set up 3 new vertical markets in the FMCG industry COLD billing 1/2 million each for my employer, and achieving the single biggest invoice for one client with direct mail and generated most of my business with cold emails and cold calls in 2006

 Co-launched a headhunting firm in the square mile (central london finance distract) winning the biggest contract awarded for one of Europe’s biggest retailer in 2008

 Took 3 central london gyms from 4-6 PTs doing under 20 hours to doubling both staff and their hours AND doing 60+ hours at £60-£100 myself 2008-2011 – ended up as director of special projects for the CEO, recruiting & co-setting up multiple concept gyms and being the business & marketing coach for 1000 fitness professionals

 After going from zero to fully booked (for me that was 50 hours) of PT in a local somerset gym – where most trainers were doing around 10

 Went from a 500sqft studio totally self financed to a 2000sqft double facility with NO facebook ads or online traffic; launching with £22,400 in sales via ‘old school’ advertorials/local advertising/print ads and networking – now with a fully staffed, fully automated, totally hands off business that easily generates 6-figures now (And has some of the most successful individuals in the south west with a 94% retention rate YOY)

 Started as a business & marketing consultant and got to 7-10k/month in 8 weeks,  ‘iamthefitnesscopywriter’ generated 6-figures and when that pivoted into an ‘all inclusive’ agency; scaled to $55,000 + 4 staff @ 55% profit circa 4-8 hours work a week 

 Delivered 2000+ ‘turbo coaching’ calls for my first online employer, set up agency and generated $250,000 in first month 

 Was a guest at the playboy mansion and had dinner and drinks with Branson, twice (if such things impress you)

 After several weeks (may be months) of HOUNDING Dexter when he has turned down people for years got him to mentor me AND stick with me

^^^ and that’s all before I became ‘Coffee With Dan’ Dan 

Since then how about this?

1. #1 audiobook on Audible in both business and self help (with THEM running paid traffic as it was such a good seller)

2. #1 best seller on Amazon in Entrepreneurship (a ‘one down) category and not only that but #2 on Amazon in Europe in ‘self help’ to the Dalai Llama AND #2 in the entire business category on Amazon to Elon Musk 

3. Put on, sold out and co-headlined with Gary Vaynerchuk the sell-out event ‘The Best Marketing Event Ever Times Infinity + 1’- in just a few weeks from idea to event

4. Having a #1 podcast in heath with ‘The Body & The Beast’ #3 in business & smashing the charts with my solo podcast Death Glory or Disappointment

5.  An organically built 17,500+ group of entrepreneurs in ‘Coffee With Dan’ that is known as the highest quality FB group for Entrepreneurs everywhere.

6. An organically built paid membership of 500+ entrepreneurs in ‘Espresso With Dan’ which transforms lives

7. Two sold out ‘EXTRAVAGANZA’s (250-400 people) one sold out US high ticket event & 3 sold out weekend masterminds 

8. Continually invited to guest speak, deliver expert content, consult and coach at the highest level 

9. MULTIPLE business that have rock solid team that can step up big time and keep things running smooth – kinda handy when you get smashed by a car or less dramatically simply want a holiday (so many business owners run themselves into the ground creating a business that would crash and burn if they aren’t at the coalface 24/7)

And my fave

10. I live my life on my terms doing what I want, when I want, with who I want. All whilst having created a vehicle that secures the future of not only myself, my loved ones, my team – and has allowed it to help hundreds (yes 100’s) of 1000’s around the world AND continues to do 


– and I managed to kick drink for good 3 years sober in two days –

Plus I have all the toys, live on the seafront and don’t do my own washing







So if your have ever seen me dicking around, doing dumb shit and going on about memes/motorbikes?

I’ve earned the fucking right

I did the majority of that having to deal with my alcohol issues, heartbreak, hypomania, death, betrayal/backstabbing, severe depression, my sister breaking her neck/having 10-hour liver operation, and generally life not being ‘perfect’

[edit – someone reminded me about the double #heartattacklols

I showed up even when I 100% didn’t fucking want to 

So if you have ever thought maybe I full of shit?

I’m not 

I’ve done more that most at the highest levels and I’VE BARELY STARTED 

But what I HAVE been is consistent online for over 5 years and can back up my shit with not only actions but fucking proof 

I wanted to share this because if you are reading this? You have (for some reason!) chosen to be here and your reading this

Now I don’t know about you, but if I followed someone for a while who turned out to be a total bullshit artist?

I’d be pretty pissed off

So I wanted to tip my digital hat to you and say y’all one smart fucker (and feel free to zoom in on the pic or check the comments for ‘proof’ 

Because I’ve done all the things – and I’ve done them WELL; I have a consistent life-long track record of getting shit done and getting results not just for me, but more importantly those I SERVE across multiple industry’s from (often) fuck all

So if someone starts shouting how ‘fucking awesome’ they are? 

That’s cool, they may very well be, and probably are 

Ask them to prove it 

Maybe they can even write a book on it eh? 


Now I’m probably breaking some ‘golden rule’ of email as it’s all been about ME so far

 ⁃ and there’s a reason –

Especially in today’s economy, if you are good at what you do?






The above isn’t massaged – I’ve done more since the above – they are just things I have done

I have a track record of success but even more important than that I have a track record (not a clean sheet, people are lying if they say that) of achieving success for OTHERS

And I’m telling you because if you believe I am someone who can support you and guide you to the next level – whatever that is specific to YOU

Then we should talk 

If not


Tell the world what you can do, what you have done and how you can help people 

Don’t be ashamed or shy


(It’s an entire chapter in my book for a reason..)

If you can help someone with what you do it’s your DUTY to tell the world to get those that need it where they need to be 

That and there will be some fuckwit in your industry who isn’t as skilled making bank yet not delivering like you can 

So step up

Get it out

Give it (your skills and results lol) a swing about 

And see what happens



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