16 Aug

Why I’ll ‘Steal’ Your Chips And Piss On The Rest

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Today’s lesson – I’m not directing it at anyone in here; but this needs to be said:

If someone gives you an opportunity…

The metaphorical ‘leg up’…

A ‘crack’ at a new audience…

That opportunity that you have been waiting for…


It **might** involve a little bit of hard work, maybe lowering your standards for a bit, doing ‘grunt’ work, putting hours in ON TOP of what you already do or maybe something for free?

If you DONT take it?

You are – quite frankly – a fucking dick

Now this was a chapter in my book, so am probably a little more ‘fired up’ than usual – and not because it has anything to do what what I earn – that I see people who are truly deserving, who work hard every day – yet when an opportunity comes that isn’t ‘perfect’ they pass

Fucks sake!

Case in point, myself and Jamie Alderton ran a fun little competition to get a ring card guy and girl for the Gary V event. It wasn’t going to be all skimpy clothed bollocks – but it DID involve the following:

– making a fun 30 second video

– writing a very specific number of words

– making a fucking effort!

Considering how many fitness people we have in here, the response was fucking pathetic.

What did they get in return for the above?

Well they got to attend the event for free, hang out with all the speakers, meet and get some camera time with Gary V – oh and coaching with me AND featured on Jamie’s social media (and spend a half day with him) which I GUARANTEE (because I’ve been on the receiving end of it!) would of made a massive impact on your business, reach and credibility

So I picked two people myself who had gone above and beyond to show how much they wanted this

Will I return the effort?

In fucking spades

(One guy is even coming over ON HIS OWN DIME to do this)

Another example – I have said this before – I worked for Ryan HAPPILY doing the jobs that a) nobody wanted to do and b) I would do HAPPILY without whining like a little bitch.

The result?

My career EXPLODED, I was introduced to some of the worlds best in my niche WHO ARE NOW MY ACTUAL PROPER FRIENDS WHO I HANG OUT WITH AND STUFF

What I am trying to say is this



But you have to be open to them, and open to the fact that they are NOT going to be perfect – and sometimes you have suck a smidge of balls to get to where you be

Doesn’t make you weak

Doesn’t make you a loser

Makes you smart in my opinion – if it helps you AND helps the other person – whats wrong with it?


SO do me a favour fucking STOP waiting for the ‘perfect’ opportunity, don’t be so prideful, get your bastard hands dirty – thats IF you want to put what you are doing on ‘turbo’ as it were

If you are happy where you are and the pace you are going?


But please please please start to THINK about the opportunities and possibilities that are presented to you on a DAILY basis. – but don’t JUST think, bloody DO!

Far everyone that is writing down goals, wiping up visions boards, telling their friends they are going to do X, ‘manifesting’ (lol) or anything else that DOESN’T involve doing the work….

Guess what?

Some horrible hairy fucker like me, who is too dumb to take no for an answer, and sees rejection and knock backs as a hobby – I WILL beat you to it

Head to head

Same market

I’ll win

Because while you’re thinking about it – I’m doing it – and whatever market YOU are in? I GUARANTEE (again) that there will be a driven fucker who is going for it while you are writing it down in your notepad

STOP thinking

START taking a chance

BE willing to do what others aren’t




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