22 Jun

It’s Never Too Late To Make It

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You don’t want a “Dan” in your industry

Might seem like a strange way of starting a post, But let me explain

What I’m about to tell you?

Probably the most important thing I know and try and impart

Taking action will get you ahead quicker and more effectively than any other technique or strategy that exists

There, I’ve said it, its out

“The Magic bullet”

The “One Weird Trick”

“The Golden Key”

Everything I’ve achieved?

Everything I’ve earned?

Every success I’ve ever had?

All comes down to:


See an opportunity – take an opportunity

And that is why YOU don’t want a “Dan” in your industry

A “Dan” will see an opportunity, take action and make bank while you’re still wondering if it’s even an opportunity

It’s what I do, It’s how I’ve built all my businesses

See it
Like it
Take it
Do it

If you take nothing else from all the emails I ever send you?

^^^That is gold

(And of course you have to have skills/talent/something useful to sell…that goes without saying – and don’t think you’d be on my list if you were the sort of scammy douchebag who does such things)

But enough about that, and more about this

Today is your last chance to grab The How To Be F*cking Awesome System for the frankly, stupidly low price of £595

After that it’s going up to £995

Maybe more.

And I don’t say that just to try and strongarm you into getting your credit card out

I think you know that’s not my style

I say it because it’s true. Check back in a few days and I promise you the price will be up around a grand.

That and when we made this available before people thought I was making up what’s on offer.

Wondering why?

There were so many pieces of training, resources and bonuses included (all of which have been kept inside the course so you get access to each and every bonus offered before) people simply didn’t believe that so much could be offered for such a low rate.

Because really and truly, we’re not just talking about another internet course that promises the world but only delivers meh…

We’re talking about


Distilled down into easily digestible “chunks” that you can implement simply into your own life and business

How do I put a value on that?

I can’t

But what I do know is that I’ve seen courses that don’t even come close to The HTBFA System selling out for £2000 +

So realistically, I could charge that and then some for this

But I know that would put it out of reach for a lot of people that would benefit from it
So a price of around a grand is is a steal

A price of £595?



It’s like that for a reason

That reason?

I know that the people who will make the most from this?

Are the people who are prepared to take action quickly

Like I was saying earlier

See it, like it, take it, do it

Those are the people that HTBFA is truly for

So I wanted the barrier to be as low as possible for them – for the last time – and at a time when you likely HAVE time to invest in you


Even if ALL you did was consume 30% of this system and implement 10%

(Which would be daft, but there are people who do this.)

Do I think you’d be in profit?

Without a doubt.

Clearly I want you to do more than that.

But worst case scenario –

Implement just 10% of HTBFA and I’d be amazed if you weren’t in profit in 8 weeks’ time.

So the question to ask yourself is:

Do you trust me to give you ALL my tools PLUS all I’ve learned (which has cost me a legit 6-figures+) to get where I am now, AND at a fraction of the cost?

If the answer is yes?

Click here to get started now:


P.S. £595 as a lump sum might be a bit of a stretch right now

There is ZERO ‘tax’ for instalments

In fact, I’m putting my trust in anyone who does this

If you want you can do 4 x payments of £150

Can’t say fairer than that:


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