29 May

It’s Never Too Late To Make It

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Earlier this year – 6 years ago – I opened my first **official** business

I’d been self employed/consultant/minor shareholder in previous biz before…

…but this one was all me, all in, zero fucking safety net

4 maxed out credit cards….

One loan…

Selling all my shit..:


My first venture?

A PT studio

That 500sqft little cube where it all started

I was 33 at the time

(And this is what I used to look like)

And if you would of asked me if I REMOTELY thought I’d be doing ANYTHING like I’m doing now?

I wouldn’t of laughed at you

I would of been quite confused and politely changed the subject because I would assume you were talking complete and utter shite


This next bits gonna sound a bit depressing thought – but bear with me

This (I hope!) isn’t one of those woe is me look at me now kinda posts

Just how it was

I’ve shared before – and I’ll share again now but I:

Never felt Good enough
Never felt worthy of love
Never liked (let alone loved) myself

^^^ all things I happily buried deep down

You would of met a happy and relatively (on face value) chipper cheeky chap

But was all a happy little facade I kept up as I didn’t want to be a burden – far easier to bury shit deep down eh?

For me I always thought if I achieve something with my life – be a somebody – maybe then I’d be happy

Fuck you Dan – you’re NOTHING was a regular musing

Therefore =


If you work, if you achieve then MAYBE you will be. ‘Worthy’

^^^ that was my logic

So with pretty much zero clue how I was going to do anything

I started doing stuff

Each thing I achieved I thought I’d feel different

The first 10k month was a milestone I wanted to hit

So I did

Felt the same


Maybe a 100k month will make me happy?

I was proud but all I was was tired and exhausted

So each time I achieved a new level it was always

‘You ain’t shit you bearded fucking nobody, keep going you ugly fat fuck’

(Literally had that on my wall as an ‘affirmation’ once lol)

I kept ticking off things that I would never even of dreamed of:

7-figure business ✅

(Legit/actual) Best selling author ✅

(Legit/actual) #1 most downloaded podcast ✅

Headlining with Gary V and other ‘A-players’ ✅

3000+ individuals and businesses helped ✅

1400+ testimonials ✅

There’s more if you can be bothered to search

✅ after ✅ after ✅ after ✅

(I mentioned some of these last night)

Simply because I didn’t feel like I was good enough

I mean

Why should someone like me have X or Y?

I’d have little conversions with myself


Generally would go along the lines of because I’d tell myself I wasn’t worthy of anything like this

I’ll prove myself wrong – and those that doubted me)

(Never said I was normal or once tried to be)

Over time I learned that you can achieve a lot through pure willpower and spite and rage and ‘fuck you’ attitude

But it’s always been underpinned with helping others

That’s what made – and makes – me happy

A lot of what I have was born out of frustration and seeing shit not done right

So fuck it if no one else is gonna do it?

I’ll do it myself

With each time I level up (ugh) that’s my attitude now

More out of frustration at how the market is served or a need rather than a panacea for my own darkness made light via helping others

(There’s lots of you that use helping others to help yourself…it feels good eh)

Life now?

Less anger
Less rage
Less sadness

More fun
More connection
More bringing people together

And the most important thing:

I’m able to be there for my family over and over again

But I never ever once expected it to be that way and I never ever fucking once expected to be a ‘thing’ and when it sucked the deepest suck I’d ever get I kept going when I didn’t want to

– glad I did now –

I simply ‘dared’ to have ideas above my station; it’s kinda why I am not a fan of the privately educated, wealthy land owning, entitled connected posh fucks

I despise them

Because they will never have to worry about if they are eating or can afford to put petrol in their cars like many of us had to

Fuck em


I only have time for those who earned their stripes and earned their £££ through hard word

Those are the people I look up to and – I hope – inspire others to be like

And those are the people I learn from and I invest in

People who built empires and success from the ground UP

And whether or not you like me?

That’s cool

But I have made a difference and my life has purpose now – so even if you can’t stand me?

Me daring to be me has changed lives for the better – a lot of lives – and I’m proud as fuck about that more than anything Else

The point of this post is simple

If you’re a decent human
If you’re prepared to work hard
If you’re good at shit/getting good at shit
If you understand this takes time
If you invest in those who have walked the walk and do what they say

And the most important thing

Is if you think you deserve more or want more and prepared to work for it

You CAN get it

I had no idea where I’d be where I am now – and (give or take) no bloody clue where I’ll be in 6 years time

But as long as I keep going?

Shit tends to happen

So if you’re at the start of your journey stay the fucking course

And maybe one day being well y’all be writing a post like this

Do the work
Invest wisely
Keep going



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