3 Jul

Keep Goating

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Yesterday I had a nice surprise

When I was on the phone with my mentees, the goat – aka my dad – just ‘appeared’ in the hallway

Not in a spectral force-ghost kinda way, mum said she was nipping out to get the shopping…

…and she came home with my dad

(I was hoping for snacks…but the goat probably better lol)

Now because the world is a cynical and jaded place when it comes to many entrepreneurial things – nothing is sacred – I’ll cover exactly what HE said to me:

1. ‘Can you make a few quid off me coming back’

2. ‘You should sell a thing you do on the internet I can teach goaty sales and we can spend the money on the nurses who helped me’

3. ‘Would your people from the internet want a book, I could write it called ‘the wisdom of goat…they can add it to yours’

Bear in mind he has been in hospital for 3 weeks, had 6 pages of procedures done and – I know I joke but he shouldn’t even be here now

(The doctors were genuinely surprised that he was there on the Monday after seeing him a week ago Friday)

He does crack me up with his cheeky and shameless ways


(TBH I’m probably going to do all of the above with him while I can because he wants to do it…I’ll do anything he wants – no questions asked)

So anyways I’ve learned a lot from my dad; but lately I’ve simply just been proud

I don’t know how he got through what he did, I’m not gonna go into detail out of respect to him – but he wanted me to share this

So I am

If I can pass on ONE piece of advice form him to you, it’s this


That’s it

As long as you are still alive it’s your duty to keep fucking going – as best you can – for a as long as you can

I’m sure in the quiet hours dad didn’t want to keep going

But he’s a husband and a father and equally even at the age of 69 (#lol) he still wants to look after and provide – however he can – for his family

Shit proper choked me up eh?

So I’ll level with you; there has been multiple times both personally and professionally when I have wanted to give up


But I didn’t

Even when I was this *makes very small gap with fingers* close to saying:


– I’m out –

I keep going

Not because I was told to, but because the goat and mum and my sister lead by example

Everyone should of quit but no one did

Now I don’t know if it’s because I’m smart or dumb or some mixture that seems to work

No idea

But even when I don’t want to I keep going, and as much as I learned anything from goat it’s exactly that and I do

It’s that to you HAVE to keep going ESPECIALLY when you don’t want to

Because as long as your heart beats in your chest, you can still change your life for the better

And that’s that

I’ll be back to more ‘entrepreneurialy’ things from tomorrow onwards; but you’ve been patient with me last few weeks

– hence wanted to update you as to whats happening –

We ain’t out the woods yet (gotta help build him up for chemo next, dusting off my PT boots 🤣) but I got him home and now it’s time for me to step up for him, my family AND you…

…tomorrow 😉


Right, I’m off to go get the shopping for everyone seeing as mother didn’t yesterday the little liar that she is…🤣

Y’all have any idea how hard it is to bring home the weekly shop on a 170mph crotch rocket?!?


Speak soon & fighting the good fight



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