Keeping Your Word When Life Gets Tough

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Keeping your word when life gets tough

^^the first part of that sentence?

Is something that I find rarer than it should be 

It’s very easy to talk a good game, make promises while shits good and say you will do X or Y…

…it’s another thing to actually follow through on the things you say

And what I find even worse than the people above who don’t do what they say they will do?

It’s when you do it to yourself 

There’s been plenty a time I’ve kidded myself and not kept my word to the one person above all I need to keep it to

– and that person is myself –

Case in point

Last Sunday when we kicked off the Think It/Fuck it/Do it challenge 

This challenge is free

The quality is good

A lot of effort had been made 


500+ people put their trust in me to deliver

Would it be easy to sack it off or postpone it?

Of course it would 

But that’s not how you get ahead in life

How you get ahead is doing what needs to be done ESPECIALLY when you don’t want to 

Yes I’ve joked around – that’s how us Meredith’s deal with trauma 

But I’m pretty fucked up!

My entire left side is battered; foot, ankle, knee, hip, rips, shoulder and neck

Battered and just not working right 

Between the cracks and the contusions and the stitches it takes me 5 minutes to get out of bed and each wobbly-assed step feels like I’m being stabbed 

That and It literally hurts to BREATH


This isn’t some humblebrag, look-at-how-tough-I-am, give-me-sympathy bullshit

The above is simply my reality right now

And I can fold OR I can play the hand I’ve dealt as best I can

No doubt like you, people rely on me both professionally and personally, and (as I’ve learned the hard way) doing what’s EASY benefits ‘now’ you

Doing what’s HARD benefits ‘future’ you 

Ultimately life is going to go in dry from time to time as is the want of life 

All you can do is decide how you are going to respond to that and act accordingly 

But if you’re going through some shit right now?

Keep fucking going!

This ain’t my first rodeo (it IS the first time being hit by a car though…

) and I know it fucking sucks when you’re IN the suck but once you got through to the other side – and you will – you’ll not only be proud of yourself; but you will have a new level of resilience and a ‘gear’ you never knew you had…

Anyways, hope you found some value in the above 

I’ll catch ya next week ‘proper’ proper once the challenge is over; that and I plan to get down and dirty with my PS5 and CyberPunk 2077 as of tomorrow night onwards 

Stay frosty 



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