27 Mar

Make Bank 2.0 – The ‘Stay Yo Ass AT Home’ Edition

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Now is the time to LEAD

Quite frankly there is a LOT of uncertainty right now

People are panicking…

Media stoked fear is running rife…

Turn on your TV, scroll through your feed, open your emails, there it is Corona-fucking-virus

And here we are, entrepreneurs, just trying to make sure everyone’s fed and the bills are paid…

…let’s face it it’s not like we chose an easy route as it is

Something that I think is causing the most amount is stress is the fact we haven’t got a fucking clue where this is gonna be over

I’m convinced that a lot of the problem is that we just don’t know where it’s going and how it’s going to end

We can’t control it

So today I’m gonna suggest you just concentrate on the things you CAN control

As I said yesterday I’m NOT going to give health advice as you likely already know what to do and are doing it

But more than that?

Concentrate on your business

Because whatever happens over the next few weeks/months

I don’t know when but IT WILL GET BETTER

One day we will be looking back on our Facebook memories at the time people lost their shit I’ve toilet paper!

We will get back to “business as usual”

But if you let yourself get too caught up in the hysteria NOW?

Your business WILL take a hit

Then when it calms down, it’ll be an uphill struggle to get it going again

So now is the time to be putting in that bit extra to make 100% certain your business not only survives, but THRIVES

And my job is to help you do that


Easiest thing in the world for me now, would be to YEET it all off and keep my head down til it’s all passed.

I could make sure the fam is sorted and just stay out the way

But I simply can’t do that

You see the last 7 years of my life have been dedicated to making sure the people that trust me enough to open my emails, and follow my socials have what they need to GET SHIT DONE and SMILE while they do it

Back end of 2019?

I did the first ever ‘MAKE BANK’ challenge

Now people need this more than ever and for that reason we’re doing it again.

Starting in a few days time we’re starting the:

Make Bank 2.0 – The ‘Stay Yo Ass AT Home’ Edition

It’s gonna be bigger and better than before

I will give you as many strategies as I can cram in, daily coaching and (favours cashes in) expert help you need to Make Bank now AND going forward

It will give you the focus and structure you need NOW to drive your business forward, right through the middle of this complete shit storm

I’ll be taking lessons from GRIT 1.0 and GRIT RED Edition to help the fear and panic you might be feeling and – hopefully – turn into something good

For free

Cards on the table – Join the challenge? There will be the opportunity to join us in EWD at the end (but only for a short time, and only got those who want extra support and advice for the next 90 days)

But truthfully?

That’s not the main reason I’m doing this

If you do the challenge, make bank then decide EWD is not for you?


This is NOT about hard selling you into EWD but I AM leading by example

I’m getting my fucking head down and doing what I had planned to do before this all happened

⁃ just pivoting as many of us are –

The reason I’m doing this now is so I can share with you the skills, tactics and methods you need keep moving

This next bit gonna seem a bit weird but go with me

When shit goes wild = I shine

Since I was 5 years old I’ve had to deal with my sisters health issues and saved her life twice

I got CALM when shit gets SPICY

Times like this?

I can keep your ass going and provide a bit of stability and structure when you need it must

(That and I’m fucking funny and y’all need to smile through a shit storm)

I know my stuff, I’m stepping the fuck up and I want to help as many people as I can ride this out and – all being well – thrive too

If you have joined the group already


About 450 of ya now

If not?

Join the group here:


And let me do what I do best

Keep Going, we’ll get through this!


PS My email is still open if you want to get some shit off your chest – it’s dan@coffeewithdan.com

PPS if you are this thinking that you can’t benefit from this or don’t have an online biz?

That’s fair

But I’ll be sharing some ways to make ££ online and level up your skills in other areas too – as a team we throwing a lot at this

The WORSE thing that can happen by joining is you’re motivated for a week and maybe get inspired to do **something** new

Give it a shot:



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