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How To Be f*cking Awesome (Book)

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#BeMoreDan – Simple Ways To Be More F*cking Awesome (Book)

I also created a book which consisted of ALL the best lessons I have taught in CWD to date; there is utter GOLD in here – really -I went proper nuts making sure this was the best of the best of the best

Its called #BEMOREDAN and is the highlights of my teachings and advice.

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Groups & Programs

Espresso With Dan (Members-Only Facebook Group)

This is my private hybrid coaching group & membership site, it consists of hundreds of hours of content across every area an entrepreneur could possible need to get shit done, and grow their business

That, and daily access to me and my team of experts across fields such as FB ads, copy, mindset, tech, systems, funnels, e-commerce and all manner of bloody geniuses!

I have worked hared to curate the group and we only let 20% of total membership in, once per quarter

To get in? You need to leave a deposit here for £20:

How does it work?

Well once per quarter we ‘open the doors’ – and if you have left a deposit? You will be emailed, and will have 4 days when we offer membership to those that paid the £20

If you sign up? Its then £95/month and you can cancel any time.

If you miss the emails (we will always email you) then we open up the available spots to the group, and we give your £20 deposit to Springboard Community Group charity (the one that supported my sister when she was a small person) and publicly thank you for your donation

All the wins eh?


A 1-email-per-day habit forming e-coaching training that helps you create effective habits, one at a time. Designed to improve your life in business, health, wellness and relationships – and vetted and approved by one of the worlds TOP habit-forming experts.

It’s yours for £95: Get It Here

G.R.I.T. 1.0

This programme was done on a whim in response to an abundance of ‘melt’ posts I saw at the time, and has been one of the most successful and transformation programs I have done

People have spent tens of thousands to get the results that G.R.I.T. 1.0 have achieved (honestly the testimonials are quite nuts and happy to intro you to peeps who have gone though this)
4 hours training, harsh realities accepted, brutal truth exposed and a clear path and suggested actions to go from mediocrity to mastery

Honestly? Am proud as fuck of this, and it sells for £95

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The Body and The Beast

What Happens when you combine one of the UK’s top Fitness Models and Body Transformation Coaches with One of the UK’s top Business Beast, Entrepreneur and Social Influencer. You get the Body and The Beast Podcast! Listen to Jamie Alderton and Dan Meredith as they discuss Business, Fitness, Mindset, Crayons and Living the life you want.

Listen here:

Death, Glory, or Disappointment

This show is for entrepreneurs – online or offline who want to have a better life. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran and you just feel like you can get more out of life. I want to talk you through some of the things I’ve learned to help you through your journey.

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Springboard Charity

My Sister is also disabled and has a charity called Springbroad. Donations are appreciated HUGELY.

Donate here: