23 Mar

My Thoughts And Musings To Get Through Coronavirus

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Right first of all as much of a sausage of silliness; I’m actually moderately smart and don’t let the media influence me with their fuckery

As far as I can gleam:

– yes it’s infectious and but mortality rates are only high for a) elderly or b) those with underlying health conditions/immune suppression but can affect anyone and if that’s you yes you need to be smarter (as I will be with my Dad & sis)
– in comparison its around 10X more lethal than flu BUT the actual mortality rate (full range of ages/sexs etc and understand how the media use this statistic!) is around 1% overall
– masks seem to increase protection around 5 fold from being passed ON if you have it, ‘out and about’/non close contact doesn’t make much difference but horses for courses
– KNOWINGLY putting yourself at risk even if you aren’t in higher mortality/infection bracket isn’t smart
– wash your hands throughly 20 seconds front and back with soap and running water (same length of time for hand sanitsizers but need to be 60% alcohol) soap and water is great!

And the main one


– look at your media sources and their reference
– understand the agenda and political leanings as well as the fact that governments and regulators ARE putting in measures that may be out of your control
– not all media is equal
– apply logic and reason to proven facts not hyperbole
– don’t share without checking your facts and the above

With that in mind I’ve seen the following happen to clients:

– events & meetings have been cancelled
– travel to masterminds cancelled
– income hit due to the above
– reticence to invest ‘just in case’

So far

My advice is apply logic to all your thoughts and as whimsical as I am I apply critical thinking to ALL I do

Do the same 😘

If it’s affecting your business; share and let’s see if we can – as a group help you

Any suggestions or tips for riding this out – I remember swine flu and SARS media panic – the above musings should help

Understand many of those you serve WILL be swayed by the media and social shit storm so you need to fact that in to what you do especially if travel is required internationally IMO

Few ideas for coming periods

– have virtual options; if events live stream/recordings
– understand how to use and leverage tools like zoom; get mic/pop filter/ backdrop to ‘level up’ your game
– if you do mainly in person stuff; now might be a smart time to see IF you can create/leverage digital assets
– if you’re travelling internationally see what THAT countries policy is and weight it up; they may restrict travel/you might (and I say might) not be able to go home etc so think about family/assets/cash etc
– look at where your products come from can you source elsewhere (if struggling to get from China as an example)
– think of how you can serve still serve people with your current role; how could you suggest changes IF needed
– if you are worried Maybe use this as time to spend more time at home work on projects, catch up on admin, reading etc but don’t let it ruin your life
– be supportive of those who are panicking and have adult discussions
– stay fucking calm

^^^ few ideas off top of my head

(And if you LEVERAGE the illness yourself somehow = you’re a 🔔🔚)

But let’s brainstorm ideas and suggestions from a business point of to get through this


– be nice
– discuss as adults without insulting
– don’t be a dick


PS the only leverage I would use this for is to suggest to your significant other to stay in with look at memes and hang around in your pants eating bed snacks

And if you don’t maybe use it to suggest to someone you fancy and would use the like to see without pants on you could use the line ‘let’s this out and keep our germs just between us’

^^^ I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have some filth in here 😈


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