19 Jul

None of You Are Getting Out Alive

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The less you give a fuck, the more fun, money, and opportunities you make

Let me state this before I go on:

(and you know this)


Unless Musk finds a way to get us downloaded via some jack in the head

When you’re gone?

You’re gone


I am judged – rightly so – by those who only know the surface; don’t know my backstory, previous successes or only have interacted lightly

I’m whimsical

I’m daft

I don’t take anything overly seriously

(Side note: I DO take shizzle seriously when it comes to peoples investment, family, friends, partner – if I had one that is – I swear to fuck I attract fucking nutters lol; but that’s not for now)

Now I say this as – quite frankly – AN OVERLY EMOTIONAL EMPATHETIC MELT

I have had to learn to control my emotions


Good shit
Bad shit

All the same

Had a lovely mid 5-figures drop into my account courtesy of Stripe and some consulting gigs last week


Had to block someone who I used to have feelings for and saw a post where someone gave me some shit (was sent to me)


Easy come
Easy go

Of course, good shit is better than bad shit – but equally, they are both shit (that sounded better in my head…)but I don’t get overly excited or bothered or happy or sad about anything anymore

And as a result?

I’m now pretty chill

Very at ease in my own company

Don’t need anyone or anything to make me happy

I’m in control

Something I like doing makes me happy, adds value to my life, helps my clients out, makes the universe a better place

Well, I do more of that

Something or someone in my life pissing me off/sapping my energy, behaviours of mine holding me back, or generic bullshit

I either fix it or get rid of it

I don’t feel much anymore

It’s all just – well – things and stuff

if you are living a good life, giving back, having fun and not hurting anyone

That’s good shit as far as I’m concerned

I just wanna check out of life more in the black than green, have made a difference, provided for my nearest and dearest and the main thing

— for me —

Is to of had a giggle doing it

I won’t be serious

I can’t be fucked

I don’t want to adult

It’s boring as shit

That’s why I want to live in a hotel, ride motorbikes and do silly things while dressed in unicorn attire

I care about providing, making others happy and doing a good job

I don’t really give a fuck about anything else

I’ll do me

You do you

If I can help you ‘do you’ better

Then that’s cool

If you think I’m a massive cock womble and you would rather learn from a ‘book/lambo/garage’ based wanker?

Then that’s cool too

I have never liked being told what to do – and yet that is what we are conditioned to do so from a young age

Do as we are told
Colour in between the lines
Don’t step out of line

Get the fuck

As long as I’m not harming anyone – I’ve always thought I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to TBH


And the more I have been like this?

The better life has got

yes bills have to be paid

So have taxes

You’re a part of society so you kinda have to chip in

But outside of that?

Don’t take this shit so seriously

No one really gives a fuck anyways – the only person who is worried about you looking like a tit most often is you

And those that give you shit?

Let me tell you this from 4+ years of doing the online thing

They aren’t around
No one invites them to anything
Their impact is about as noticeable as a gnat in the ocean

I’ve had my share of shit bags, and at best they are scraping a living of have their handful of shit bag followers who suck up to them

They ain’t worth your time

And if you ignore them they are like a dog turd in a field; soon it starts to decompose and your view – in time – becomes shit free


My advice?

Care about what’s important
Look after the right people
Make sure YOUR cup is filled first
Stop giving a fuck about shit that ain’t important


Go have some bloody fun youtube



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