10 Feb

Nothing Beats Consistency

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“What are you doing here, shouldn’t you be in the aerobics class twilglet?”

At 19 years old (and thats me in the picture!) that charming comment was levelled at me by what can only be described as ‘bigger boys’ when I joined David Lloyd ( – my first *proper* gym as a skinny young man.

After being quite a chubby (aka fat) teenager, I want though what I lovingly call my ‘manorexia’ phase where I only ate dinner, and ran 6 miles a night

Resulting in this 154lb physique, at 6ft tall as looked ill, as you can see

So, as a young man who was quite say and rather rubbish with girls did, I joined the gym

Which is where on my SECOND day, I heard that when I ventured, timidly, into he weights room.

I diligently went 3 times a week, **thought** I was giving it my all, and after a year of solid, hard work I had gained all of 10lbs

Thats it

Now as someone who truly hated how he looked, and didn’t enjoy confrontation I spent most of my nights out on the town in fear, worried if anything kicked off? I would be battered

ZERO confidnce

Great way to hit 20 eh?

Do you have ANY idea how many times I wanted to give up and say ‘fuck it’ Im always going to be skinny?

A lot
Daily in fact

Now I can’t explain to you how disheartened I was to look essentially like a stick man, and after I managed to secure an amazing but utterly cut-throat corporate job – I knew something had to change

Do you know what I did?

I bought 200k’s of weights

Bribed my parents to let me turn their garage into a gym

That, and told my friends I had left town

For just over 7 months I didn’t go out, didn’t see anyone (I was always ‘away’ working) and forced down 6500-7000 calories every day.

I ate until I was sick, was sick, and then kept eating

I woke up in the night (twice!!) to eat

That, and every single evening I did heavy assed basic as balls lifiting to th one tape that was stuck in the machine, Linking Parks first album

6 days a week

Never missed a workout

Never missed a session

And the result?

I went from around 165 to 240lbs in 8 months

No supplements
No drugs

Just consistent, hard, boring, daily fucking work

Thats it

So when people (and stuff gets back to me, its all good – people are entitled to their opinions) throw the ‘overnight success’ shit at me?

Go back though my feed

Everything, EVERYTHING I have done since I went ‘online’ has been pushing me towards where I am now

15+ international flights
45+ internal flights
100’s of thousands in masterminds, events, coaching and calls
1000’s of hours in training
20 A4 books of hand written out fucking pages of bloody copy (can you tell I liked that one ha)
18 hour days
Handfuls of nootropics, BUCKETS of coffee, sleepless nights and panicked mornings
That, and untold failures and fuck ups on a weekly basis!

(yeah, NO ONE hits a home run or has a clean sheet – i assure you…)

When it comes to ‘success’, or achieving ANYTHING the simple fact of the matter is nothing, NITHING beats consistent, forward momentum towards your goals

You are not going to get there in a few fucking months!

Sure, you can make some quick cash (if we are talking business here), but I guarantee you will be spending your life between feasts and famine

Building something, a business, a movement, a legacy

Takes a combination of time, relentless action, thick skin, sacrifice and constant, constant forward motion

Was it fun essentially putting my life on hold for 8 months to gain the muscle and strength I craved since I first saw ‘Arnie’ in Running Man?

Was it balls

Am I glad I did it?

I would change ANYTHING

And the same goes for your business, career, physique, health – whatever it is

If you want ‘it’, and I mean TRULY want it, you are going to have to put in the hard yards

But I’ll tell you this

You will look back on the journey FONDLY when you get there

That, and I don’t want to be on my death bed thinking ‘what i’…

Would you?

Dan, aged 35, November 2015


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