2 Nov

One Day Your Star Will Fade

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Don’t be sad that your star is fading, be grateful that you ever got to shine in the first place…


I wrote this four years ago when I was mentally in a different place

Since Dad has passed I’ve been looking at my life and business and relationships and realising how far I’ve come yet how far I have to go 

Super happy I’ve ‘stayed the course’ but there’s some shit I still need to do and this reminded me

I hope it inspires you to make a change 

***BACK TO 2016 DAN***

In 4 years, all being well – I’ll be gone.

And one day, your star too will fade, and only a few of us will ‘make it out alive’…but I’ll explain that in just a tic

Lets face facts, one day you won’t be here anymore – none of us will – and all what we create, within a relatively short period of time in the earths excistance….wont mean fuck all.

And thats ok 

Right now though, we ARE here – and if you are reading this then you can – and likely do – make a great contribution to your family, audience, clients, and maybe one day the world

Yet, there are some people that really need to have a word with themselves.

People say stuff like:

‘I can’t do what you do Dan’

‘There is no way I could share some of the things you do’

‘My friends and family would think Ive gone mad if I tried to do what you did’

And so on…

I’ll let you into a little secret – If I could have ANYTHING I wanted, wave magic wand, all dreams fulfilled and everything I ever wanted, do you know what I would want?


Is to be left alone.

Put me on an island with food, the internet (because Netflix and memes), ALL the books, a jet ski, some great tunes and I would be happy as a pig in shit.

(and maybe a pretty lady time to time ha)

But I can’t do that.

I have a big goal that involves my family and Anna’s care, and I fully intend to help THOUSANDS of ‘Anna’s’ around the world, if not more so.

Equally, it appears I have a ‘gift’(and yes if you are wondering I am fucking cringing writing that) when it comes to inspiring people to create change in their life  – whether that is business or personal or some mess-up hybrid of the two.

I didn’t ask to be good at it.

But I am.

I don’t want to lead.

But I do.

Naturally I am quiet, shy, introverted and happy in a room on my own.

But thats not who I am now.

Ive been willing to make the sacrifices to be THIS Dan to do what I do now.

And really, howow fucking selfish of me would it be to NOT help people if you have a gift, talent or ability?

In my opinion, very.

Which is why I get a ferocious level of rage when I hear of people bitching, slagging off and generally being nasty little fuck bags behind peoples backs to the point that honestly I think the gene pool needs a drop of chlorine in it – when all many of these (good IMO) people are doing is to try and make their own way in the world, and as much of a difference as they can.

Now, the 4 year ‘thing’.

I said by 40, I would have ‘made it’ and will give my all to the world; making as many sacrifices as I had to – including being ME on social media every day, even when I don’t want to.

You see Im a realist

I have NO idea how long my ‘star’ will shine.

You will find that some people want to and WILL hate on you because THEIR star is fading, or it never ‘shone’ in the first place: they don’t have your level of success, they are jealous, they are no longer the ‘catch of the day’, they ‘could of been you if they had the opportunities you had.



Its a sad state of affairs when people you once looked up to and rated become more akin to children in a playground with petty squabbles and ‘your not my friend anymore’ just because you are doing well, dancing to your own beat and doing – what you see – as your best.

Hence by 40?

I want to be done.

I want to be in a position where I can grow and mentor the next round of ‘Dans’ and focus my energy on the next phase of my growth both business wise and personal.

Between now and then?

I will give my all and do everything I can to lead, inspire, develop and grow YOU – if you want me to that is – to the best of my abilities even though it is harder than you think for me to show up.

And show up every.



Let me tell you something.

I was inspired to write this after a conversation with one of a handful of people who’s opinion I will actually respect and listen to.

Lets face  it, on the surface – in the last 4 weeks and since Ive moved to Brighton?

Ive changed.

But thats the surface.

I used to quieten the dark side, the fucking fucker, with Alcohol, and I did that every day (and now Im proud to say nearly 4 weeks without anything or wanting a think)

But the darkness?  

Its still there.

Its always going to be there, and I do now have a handle on it – but I have removed the one thing that gave me peace; I realised that ’that’ side of me needed a new outlet.

Hence, throwing myself into work, helping people, growing others as well as my own businesses in a foreclose way lately


In all honesty keeps me sane.

Someone once said (after spending time with me and seeing me work) that my energy is like rocket fuel.

It burns fast.

It burns bright.

Its powerful.

Buts like rocket fuel it burns out FAST.

I never, being 100% transparent, thought I would live long. I had looked into people who had a lifestyle like had, and in all honesty I thought I had 10-15 years on the old Dan clock.

Not that long eh?

Since I have a new and rekindled lust for life, I want to live longer.

I want to shine as bright as I fucking can 

And I won’t let ANY fucker dim my light

But, Im conscious that with the intensity I ‘shine’ at, I can’t do this forever…so 4 years.

4 years to make as much as a difference.

4 years to make PLANET DAN a thing.

4 years to make a difference.


What after that? I have NO fucking idea…but I do know however long I get to share my light with the world – whatever fate has in store for me – ill burn bright right to the end, mark my words.

And to you?

Well you might be on the start of your journey, this may be baby steps…early days…

You could of been grinding away for year after year and only now starting to get some traction…

My advice?

Its your ‘star’

You know how much fuel you have left to burn – do you want to dimly illuminate a room or light it the fuck up?

Only you can choose.

Good luck


PS to the person who inspired me to write this? Thank you for having my back and keeping me here. Love ya.


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