• 10 Jan

    How To Declutter Your Life

    Blog Post

    When did you last clear the fuck out of your life…

    Shit you don’t use…

    Courses on your laptop…

    People that don’t serve you…


    So the lady with me runs the cleaning company I uses and her employee is essentially my back up mum

    (I have her twice a week because ‘apparently’ not living like a feral manbeast is a thing…)

    I was one of her first clients and she has since grown it into a little Brighton empire

    She looks after me and I said

    ‘Can got help me bin the fuck out of my life’

    Ever the entrepreneur?

    She said yes

    This is the start of 6 hours (yes six) of going room to room and harshly deciding what stays it goes

    As much as I HATE HATE HATE cleaning and admin and sorting shit out

    I’ll feel fucking awesome AFTER – and that’s what’s keeping my going

    I’ve done the same with people in my life who have either outgrown one another or simply gone in different ways

    Same with my health and fitness – binning shit that doesn’t serve me

    Now it’s my physical space

    Which brings me to you; when was the last time you said ‘fuck it’ and had a massive clear out?

    Or do you like to hoard things for a ‘rainy day’ that never happens

    My advice?

    Get someone who has zero emotional attachment to your life and pay them to help clear it

    Physical, digital or emotional

    Clearing shit out gives you not only freedom but space for new shit (that’s probably better) to serve you…

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  • 6 Jan

    Manners Matter

    Blog Post

    How important do you think thinks like manners, charm, politeness and generally being a gentlemen (or lady equivalent) is?

    I checked out of a hotel this morning

    Because #entrepredouche – it was a rather pleasant one

    You find the staff in such places are usually extremely well trained and almost overly helpful

    Saw an extended family leaving with a lot of luggage and DEMANDING they be seen to first ahead of the rest of us politely waiting for a taxi

    They were so fucking rude

    Making demands…

    Being dismissive…

    Turning their backs to staff mid conversation…

    Aka no manners

    (The hailed from a country that is traditionally not known for manners/politeness culturally – it’s how things are it seems)

    It’s one of the true bug bears I have and I simply can’t ignore bad treatment of others – especially when there’s a sense of entitlement

    When I’m in another country?

    I spend time looking up what’s acceptable; what laws to obey, any religious considerations, any words of gestures that are ‘no no’s as well as trying to memorise a few phrases in the local language

    – I believe making an effort is paramount –

    So I asked them, politely, to please speak to hotel staff nicely or I would happily delay their ‘important’ journey – as well as my own – to prove a point

    They subsequently apologised to the staff

    And I went on my merry way


    I see it a lot online

    People speak to and about people that they would NEVER do in real life

    (Mainly because it would probably get you slapped…)

    There’s a sense of entitlement and arrogance that quite frankly I wasn’t raised to be like

    Be forward
    Be tenacious
    Be cheeky
    Be charming

    But underpinning it all?

    Be fucking polite

    I believe in treating people how they treat me; and I try be nice to everyone

    I have bad days time to time…

    Peoples messages sometimes lack nuance or the right emoji to offset or lean the message the right way

    But I swear it’s something on the up and something I don’t want to be a part of

    I’m sure i could of got more followers, more £££, more influence being a ruthless rude bastard

    – I simply can’t be arsed –

    Sure people talk a generous amount of shit behind my back

    But day to day?

    Zero stress

    I just potter along doing my own thing

    For 2020 if you are looking to be/achieve/do more?

    I’d keep this as a focus on your business; treat people how you want to be treated

    It gets you surprisingly far

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  • 3 Jan

    The Power of the Day Room

    Blog Post

    (The ‘casual lovers’ tip to get more clear, get productive and get more shit DONE….and blag a bargain to boot)

    So yesterday I said that I would show you how (when I need to, I do this every 2-4 months it seems) I get:

    – clear

    – focused

    – productive

    – happy

    – £££

    Some of you may know that you can do this – and there IS more to this than asking (which I’ll come to, I have a ‘system’)

    But did you know you can book a hotel from 9-5, for a FRACTION of the cost – generally I get them around £60 I find – use ALL the facilities AND have a nap too

    Yep, you can

    This shit works like stink as change location = change state


    If you do it like I do? Tends to work really rather well

    This is what I do

    1. Make a list of hotels in the commutable area and hit the phones (don’t email)

    I then call them up, generally around 10am as the AM rush is gone and ask them what their rack rate is for a day room

    If the person doesn’t know what it is? Ask to speak to a supervisor I’ve YET too find one that wont offer me one

    Premise being its better to have SOME money than NONE – aka an empty room

    – and as I said earlier don’t ask how I found out about this –

    #ihavesomequestionableexes haha

    2. Get your supplies in beforehand

    As you can see, I have a few things with me

    I ALWAYS get a new notepad and pens when I do this

    There’s something about a ‘fresh start’ when the mind is muddled

    I also always have:

    – fiction book

    – biz/marketing/entrepreneur book

    – personal/self development book

    3.Get dirty

    Go though the books, highlight the chapters that resonate with you – read them – take notes

    Do NOT be precious about it

    Yes you are fucking up a few books but we are looking for huge clarity and new ideas here so let your mind run free

    Take note of ideas that resonate with you and write them down

    Spend an hour or two doing this

    4. Nap


    Every time I do this process, when I wake up – generally within a minute or so of waking – I get an answer I need/clarity/a great musing

    Your subconscious is smarter than you

    Close down your ‘tabs’ (your non stop chattering monkey mind!) and let it do its ting

    5. Queue it up

    I LIVE by queue cards

    Once I have done all the above I have a double espresso, put on some looped music (usally one song that gets me amped AF) and I just rattle the fuck out of the cards

    I write idea after idea

    Hook after hook

    Thought after thought

    If I get stuck?

    I pace around the room, do some press ups, dance around like a loon (Dont I Sarah) – anything to get the blood pumping

    Then I read my notes from earlier the day and start again with the cards

    The secret is NOT being perfect

    That’s for TOMORROW you

    Get whats in your head, OUT – and tomorrow go through the cards with a more ‘rational’ mind

    Use the 3/5 system (with the 1-2-3 ranking as per HTBFA) and then plug it into your diary

    Et voila

    New ideas


    Less fuzzy head

    New revenue ideas


    This is like a brain dump but more furious and less ‘neat’ if that makes any sense

    And, well, of your smart…

    6. Be charming (it gets you far)

    Take your time to talk to the staff, ask to thank the manager, be a kind/genial/charming human

    It gets you UPGRADES

    Its – as a rule – NO skin of their nose to give you a better room

    This room has:

    – a fucking amazon rainforest as a shower

    – a sick coffee machine

    – a balcony

    – a table football game

    – a PS4 and Wii

    It cost me the grand total of?

    Le zero


    I made an effort to have a GENUINE conversation – aka took a fucking interest – and asked if they had any upgrades

    (And if you fancy a naughty night out, you can often get overnight for bargain as if its not booked – why not?)

    The above sounds SO simple doesn’t it?

    But it WORKS

    It works so so so well its ridiculous

    Oh and if I was you, find one with a sweet spa – there’s something gloriously indulgent about smashing in a load of work and then soaking your bones as a reward

    (That and I 100% LOVE tarting around in a robe. Robe life is sexy AF)

    7. But be DISCIPLINED

    I don get to go to the spa or have a nice food if I don’t do the work

    That’s it

    I’m VERY hard on myself

    You HAVE to exert some discipline in your life and if you want to get ahead

    Do the work?

    Get a reward


    Then you don’t


    Notifications OFF – on everything

    Family need to get in touch? Give em your room number when you check in

    That’s what the key is to making this work

    Like everything in life eh?


    And that’s it, what do you think – would you be willing to give it a go?

    If you have anything you want to add to it? Then I’m welcome for any other tips you have for achieving:

    – clarity

    – productivity

    – new biz ideas

    – fun



    Most wont do it

    ^^^ but those that do and stick to the outline above?

    WILL get ahead and feel light as a balls after

    (I always do)

    And seeing as I’m feeling generous, if you feel you need a day like the above?

    Let me know WHY below

    If I see someone deserving?

    My treat….

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  • 27 Dec

    Keep Your Word To Yourself

    Blog Post

    Eat your veg before you treat yourself to dessert

    It’s Sunday
    I’m doing 90 mins of minging leg training
    It’s arm day

    I don’t want to be training legs
    I want to be training arms

    However I didn’t get a chance (had to rest my 39 year old spine due to packing all the boxes 😭)

    What am I talking about? Simple:

    Too many folks either a) put off the shit they need to to, b) justify it to themselves/make excuses, or c) aren’t prepared to do the work needed to create a lasting change

    If you want to get ahead (in any areas of life) your not just going to have to keep your word to others…

    …but keep your word to yourself

    Don’t keep eating dessert before you have had your veg

    EARN the right to do the stuff you want to do ONCE you have done the work…

    Hard work – let’s be honest – ISNT fun

    But once it’s done you KNOW you deserve that metaphorical cake eh?


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    Any of those seem familiar when it comes to money?

    Most of us at one point or another have come to a point in our lives where cash has simply not been there

    – far too much month at the end of the money –

    For my?

    My lowest was £22 to last me 6 weeks; and I’m going to share that journey with you today – and over the next two posts this little ‘saga’ will all come together nicely culminating in one of the most valuable lessons I can impart to you

    (If you miss part #1, it’s in the announcements)

    So anyway


    Can’t do much with that can you?

    When I had my life completely turned upside down, my ego hammered and my confidence completely shot to shit?

    That’s all I had to my name

    It was a £10 note I had in my wallet and the various bits of change I found around the flat

    I had to cancel every single thing that made me happy



    Nights out




    Love film


    There was more but I had to cancel every single thing that even made me slightly happy JUST to survive

    Then I had to take stock of my ‘assets’

    1 x tub of protein powder
    1 x jar of marmite
    1 x loaf of happy shopper white bread

    That’s it

    That was the entire of my food to last me 6 weeks – along with what I could get with £22

    (The whole 6 weeks thing will make sense tomorrow, at the time I had no idea how long it would be until I got paid)

    So froze most of the bread, rationed myself to 2 slices of marmite toast a day and two protein shakes

    – it wasn’t much but it was something –

    I still had (for now) a roof over my head, 17 days left until my mobile got cut off and electricity…I could work with that

    Now before I go on there’s a phrase I heard yesterday on a podcast I think

    ‘An empty wallet, a hungry stomach and a broken heart teach us the most valuable lessons in life’

    And NOW, looking back?

    I can see they do

    But when you are so fucking hungry…

    You are exhausted from walking miles and miles
    In the summer heat handing out CV’s by hand…

    When all you want is burger or a beer – fucking ANYTHING for a moment of pleasure or happiness but all you have is a single slice of bread and spread at home to feed you…

    You don’t just hate life

    You don’t want to BE alive

    You question yourself

    You beat yourself up

    You smash yourself in your head over and over again

    Because at that time?

    You feel like the biggest piece of shit failure ever

    It’s truly hard to make yourself get up and do what needs to be done

    At the time?


    ^^^ that’s what motivated me

    Spite = I’ll show you fuck face, I’ll get back on my feet

    Pride = I couldn’t go back home a failure

    Fear = if I didn’t make it, my sisters future safety was fucked

    So I got up

    Washed my clothes every day by hand and using a bar of soap

    Dried them on the window sill

    And did what I could

    Knocked on doors

    I refused to quit and with the fact I was going to be evicted in a few weeks as a motivator I just buried that voice deep down inside and walked

    Every night I cried myself to sleep

    Every fucking night

    No one knew

    No one cared

    I just had to keep going because if I stopped to think for one minute

    I’d crack

    Shall I tell you what – for me – truly bought home how much of a failure I felt?


    (The frozen food store not the place)

    Mum and Dad didn’t have much spare at all at the time – but they managed to send me £15 worth of food vouchers for Iceland

    I went round with a calculator

    Firstly was adding up the cost of the food and keeping it under 15…

    …and secondly I was finding the cheapest, highest calorie foods I could

    For me to be me?

    My maintenance is around 2400/2700 calories a day

    I was on 400 calories a day

    Probably waking 5-7 miles a day – couldn’t afford a bus or tube – seeing what I could find for work as was legally limited and no one wanted what I was offering at the time

    That ladies and gentlemen is tired
    That ladies and gentlemen is skint
    That ladies and gentlemen is the lowest I’d been

    The big sad came every night and it was sheer willpower I managed to get out of bed and try ‘put on a brave face son’ as she used to say to me

    It’s very hard to motivate yourself when you are that low, so I partitioned of £1 a week as a treat to try and keep me sane and give me something to look forward to

    If I did a CV walk every day, and did at least 5 pitches

    I was allowed my £1

    Wanna know what it was

    You’re looking at it

    99p got you 5 hot wings and a can of tango

    4pm on a Friday – the afternoon school special

    So there I am each week, with all the kids – wiring up for 5 little bits of fried chicken and a can of orange drink

    Sounds nuts doesn’t it?

    But you have no idea how much that kept me going

    If I did my 5 days then I had this epic treat that was the highlight of my week was all mine

    I’d earned it
    I deserved it

    Mad eh?

    And you wanna know what was the best day I ever had?

    I found 50p near the gates of where I lived

    Hidden near the post, had been there a little bit as was a bit filthy

    I actually cried


    27 years old

    Over 50p


    Because I could go over the road and afford a Freddo chocolate bar

    – it was the best day I had in weeks –

    Scroll forward to today; I have a nice home, multiple businesses, 5-figure watches, sports bikes, jet skis, 5 star hotels, the book



    But I NEVER forget that day I found 50p

    And I never ever forget what it’s like to be so hungry you drink water to keep you full and try and ignore the pain you fell

    I have been to the bottom

    I have seen the depths

    But I managed to rise up and – eventually – get back to the surface

    It can be done
    I’m literally nothing or no one special
    I managed to – in my own way – make it

    And as promised this trip down memory lane does have a reason that’s not for humblebragging or flexing purposes

    My ass ain’t for kissing or blowing smoke up

    (This is my past – it’s just a story – but one that shaped me)

    Yes there is one reason that I needed selfishly for myself

    – and what I ended up with last night was exactly what I needed –

    But if you stick with me?

    The pay off for you – I hope – will be a lesson that sticks with you for life

    One more story to go:

    One that involves stealing from bins, being spat on, a level of tiredness that I’ve never before or since experienced and doing things that I’m not proud of to survive

    Then the big ‘reveal’ lesson wise – for you – on Friday

    Thank you for reading

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  • 16 Dec

    Mixing Work and Pleasure

    Blog Post

    Mixing Work and Pleasure

    What’s your thoughts on mixing work and pleasure?

    For me it’s simple – I do – because:

    1. My life is more enjoyable
    2. Less stress (when we have issues/obstacles as we get on makes it easier to fix + I want to)
    3. Make more £££ (they stay with me longer/refer me biz)
    4. One life – seriously why would you NOT work with people who energise rather than drain you
    5. I’ll go above and beyond in servitude (basically if I like you I’ll do more #simple)

    ^^^ that’s the TLDR version

    Yes of course you need boundaries – these should ALWAYS be established at the front end

    If that’s done and theirs mutual respect – I think your onto a winner

    Yes it has backfired in the past (my fault for not establishing boundaries) but day to day

    I enjoy my work!

    Do you agree!?

    (And FYI if you haven’t seen this quite before – I in fact did say this on stage in front of 700 strangers 🙃)

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  • 13 Dec

    Go Easy On Yourself

    Blog Post

    Go Easy On Yourself


    When was the last time you treated you? (You DO deserve it ya know)

    I have done a LOT of coaching calls, 121 and chats with entreprehumans over the years

    Just today I spoke to a pleasant human who had achieved all manner of epic shizzle

    Yet the focussed on the shit they HADNT achieved


    Seriously a big chunk of y’all need to be kinder to you

    When you fuck up – duh – don’t celebrate that

    But DO take time to:

    1. Reflect on where you were
    2. How far you have come
    3. What you have achieved

    So if you haven’t in a while do the above and fucking celebrate!

    It’s a great time to be alive – you have achieved more than you think – so do me a favour

    Do something for YOU time to time ok?

    Look I’m as guilty of this myself

    – had an epic EWD launch with an amazing intake
    – a huge us company (you know them 😉) picked up my book for a few hundred stores
    – I moved house and set up completely again
    – mapped out a new biz and did an epic challenge
    – dropped 12lbs

    I haven’t celebrated once!

    So I am

    (Tomorrow I’m just going to go south from Somerset until I run out of road then potter along the coastline for a few days because #reasons and #happyplace)

    My advice?

    Do the same

    Right now

    Tell me ONE win you have had in the last month

    Big or small
    Biz or personal

    Then tell me what you gonna do to celebrate?!??

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  • 9 Dec

    Why Do I Do What I Do?

    Blog Post

    Why Do I Do What I Do?

    In the last few weeks you would of seen a few hundred posts from entrepreneurs all over the globe

    As many of you will be aware I was challenging them to get out of their comfort zones and – all being well – make ‘bank’

    Now most of you know WHO (family) I’m doing it for

    But why?

    Maybe that’s something you don’t know and – seeing as I’m getting everyone else to share – I thought only fair I do too

    I USED to pretend my way was about having all the things & stuff; baller lifestyle, VIP treatment and shiny stuff

    Did that a few times

    It was fun

    But ultimately was pretty hollow

    (Mad how the things that you THINK will make you happy often don’t eh?)

    The real reason


    I’ve always – ever since I was a kid – felt like I was an outsider looking in

    I wasn’t bullied (probably because they gave me a ‘pass’ because of my sister)…

    Had friends…

    Was actually – in a weird way – vaguely popular

    But I continually felt like I wasn’t rememberer; I was easily forgotten and wasn’t malicious but people didn’t remember me for stuff

    Kinda hurts in your teens eh?

    So I always said to myself if I ever had the chance? I’d do it myself

    As a kid I didn’t think people would want to spend time with me on my bday so I hired the rugby club – partnered up with a hot girl in my year – and invited 200+ people

    At uni first day everyone was nervous and in their rooms so I thought fuck it knocked on 51 other doors (the whole of my hall) and took myself and 51 other people down the pub

    Never wanted anyone to feel like I felt – alone – so thought if no one else would if bring everyone together

    Cool kids

    Sporty kids

    Quiet kids

    Weird kids

    Naughty kids

    I’d get them all together and get them talking

    I’ve been doing this my whole life apparently; mum showed me a school report which said:

    ‘Daniel is a kind child who often puts the needs of his classmates ahead of his own’

    And I did

    And – give or take – I still do

    Yes I care about myself way more than I used to; but I do what I do because it makes me feel good to to make others feel good

    That and I don’t want anyone to feel like they have no one

    I’ve been there

    It sucks ass

    – it really does –

    That’s why ‘Coffee with Dan’ is as good as it is

    Its the reason that ‘Espresso With Dan’ has such crazy low turnover because we actually give a fuck and truly give a shit about everyone – on their own terms – succeeded

    But (I like to think) I’ve lead by example to create a community of people who actually give a Fuck about their fellow humans

    And ultimately sometimes we all need to be heard, noticed and that there is someone there for us

    That’s why I do what I do

    Not only because I want to help people achieve th lives they want through the vehicle of entrepreneurship

    But so that peeps never have to feel like they have no one to turn to

    I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like I did back when I started

    So I do what I do so that they don’t

    And that’s that


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  • 6 Dec

    Mental Health Matters

    Blog Post

    Mental Health Matters

    Are you OK? (and its alright if ya not, OK? Lets help)

    So, as you are probably aware – its world mental health awareness day

    Im sure you have seen some really personal, moving and emotional stories – and probably some truly upsetting ones

    Sadly some folks never get the help they need – much as a few friends of mine didn’t – and they are no longer here

    So I have sat here for an hour or so, thinking:

    “What should I write?”

    Do I do some practical tips…

    Maybe I share a story of my own issues with mental health…

    Perhaps some ‘masked’ (no names/genders/identifiable info) stories..

    None of the above sat right with me

    So this is what I wanted to do:

    1 – If you have a story of how you overcame your mindset/mental health issues and are willing to share it?

    Please share it

    Sometimes just seeing how someone else overcame it can make a world of difference


    2- If you have any practical tips?

    Please share them

    This group is more than I can ever be – because its a community

    Help your fellow humans with your knowledge ;because its the right thing to do


    3 – If you’re struggling?

    Ask for help

    Seriously this group is compassionate and caring as fuck

    You would be blown away by the support the members give in here, plus I’ll tag in my experts from ‘Espresso With Dan’ who are on hand daily over there

    We can all help one another

    Theres no need to be alone eh?

    Y’all not broken, ya just need a hand right now


    I’ve been ‘not ok’ many times in my life – and if it weren’t for my folks/team/mentor/friends and my own stubborn/spiteful nature?

    Really, I wouldnt be here now

    Not being OK is OK

    Staying not OK – long term – isn’t

    So, lets share, help and give a hand to those that need it

    Equally if its too hard for you to share, welcome – for today – to DM me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

    We got this aiiiight

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