• My mentor has drilled into me that a collar saved is a dollar earned; hence befriended the jet ski people to get a good daily deal

    So what do I actually need, each week, to live an ideal life?

    This is an exercise that you really should think of doing because it gives you a target/goal and the fact it’s often not as hard as you think…..

    So, this is Dan’s:

    (Saying I end up living in Cyprus because it’s fucking ace)


    Rent – 400

    Daily jet ski – 240

    Food (I ain’t cooking shit) – 500

    Weekly night out – 400

    Phone, Netflix, wifi, work stuff – 200

    Transport (a driver, because reasons) – 500


    And let’s jack it up to 3500 because I have very little impulse control and like nice things

    So I need to earn:

    Around £120 a day to live a fucking great life, duck around on motorized death bikes, have all the fun and do fuck all to look after myself

    Not that much eh?

    I’m all for being frugal, saving and being sensible – by when you (as my American cousins like to say) ‘do the math’

    You can have a lot for less than you think

    And let’s be honest I’m not having a shit life with the above budget am I?!

    So my challenge to you is:

    Work out what you need to live the life you want, make that a target then brainstorm how you can make it

    Look I’m all for action but if you have no idea what the end result (aka YOUR version of success) is how the hell you going to know when you get there eh?!

    Go on,

    Post up – what you need for your ideal life

    And how you gonna get there

    PS: I am pointing to a jet ski because I fucking love jet skis


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  • 29 Sep

    You Can Kill It On A Friday

    Blog Post

    Do this NOW:

    Get on the phone

    Write that email

    Send that social media message

    Do that LIVESTREAM

    Arrange that meeting

    Send that broadcast email


    Friday afternoon is THE best time for new business, pitches, sales, connection and all round getting what you want

    It doesn’t matter if you, or your prosper works a 9-5, or every day of the week

    The Friday feeling is a thing!!

    People are in a good mood, the weather is amazing (for me Anyways ha), people are core amenable to ‘busy fool’ kinda work, and you get the tonality right?

    I mean it!

    Go do the thing, go on…

    (Might even do something myself – I’ve even given my week long ass kicking/power

    Coaching a cool name now….)

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  • 27 Sep


    Blog Post

    The combination of being horribly triggered (and subsequently being a fucking knob – I am human and do dumb shit time to time), having my landlord be a towering cock knocker and forcing my hand to move, a brutal exercise I did in Espresso with Dan and trying to keep everyone happy

    I cracked

    Now before this would involve going on a crazy bender and probably making matters worse

    Now, I know better

    I lock myself in a hotel room

    Phone goes off

    Films go on

    The world simply disappears until the next day, aka today – where I now have a non-emotionally charged head on me I can deal with everything in a rational way

    – make the apologies

    – call a letting agency/make travel plans

    – serve my paying clients first and ensure I respond to their requests

    – begin to recruit someone to handle excess work

    – have some time to reflect and do some ‘me stuff’

    In telling you, as you climb up the greasy post of success – however high you want to go; you are going to have situations that will push you to breaking point

    My suggestion to you

    – recognise the warning signs

    – have a ‘plan’ of things to do, people to see/call, whatever to help you out of it

    – sleep on it: 99% of the times how you react or what you say/do isn’t a good idea when you are under pressure

    – be logical: address the problems and fix them one by one DO NOT try and fix them all at one time

    I hope you are having a great start to your Friday and end to the week – I’m going to rent a boat and get a massage

    Adulting can wait till tomorrow 🙂

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  • 25 Sep

    Why being CRUEL can be KIND

    Blog Post

    How by blocking a struggling mother of 3 created a 6 figure empire, and why *sometimes* being brutal is the best thing for your clients

    ^^^ how much of an asshole do I sound eh?

    But its true, at the height of when she was up against the most stress…

    The most change…

    The most challenging time of her fledging business career…

    I blocked Shelley Roe

    Horrible human?

    Well, let me explain

    Shelley was one of the first people (along with Ollie) who I coached when online – as in ever

    So, my ‘firsts’ tend to hold a bit of a soft spot for my clients and Shelly and me had become very good friends.

    But there was a problem, the problem was that Shelley had reached a level of success with me (from barely having enough to get the mortgage paid, looking after 3 kids, trying to make ends meet in the gym and with her meal plans and hand made treats/nutrition) – to having more money than she ever thought she would have

    With clients all over the country, money SAVED for the first time, fully able to afford OUTRIGHT Christmas presents for her little ones she relied heavily on me

    And, as (what I thought) was good coaching?

    I allowed it

    I allow it for a long time – long after we had *officially* ended our formal working arrangement

    When is when I had to the hardest thing I have ever done

    I cut the strings

    Blocked the chats

    And left her to stand on her own two feet

    Now, before you thing ‘c*nt’ this has been done to me before, my mentor did this to me – and with HINDSIGHT (as Shelley now agrees) it is THE best thing to of happened to me, and Shelley


    Because sometimes we lean on people TOO much:






    Yet what we REALLY needed to do – the thing that will help us grow the most?

    Is to stand on our own two feet

    Step up

    Take charge

    Assume the mantle of leader

    Stop relying on others

    And define out own success, our own reality, our own future and STOP relying on others for validation, happiness or financial gains

    Like it as for me, Shelley had a few weeks of fear, unsure footing and a little rudderless

    (this was EXACTLY how I felt btw)

    But then something amazing happened…..she found her footing, she ‘stood up’ and she took action – which was (and trust me, i fucking HATED doing this) exactly what I wanted her to do

    Being a coach is not all sunshine and rainbows

    Sometimes you have to do something so fucking hard that it tears you up inside, you have to have the conversation that someone needs to hear but will – briefly – crush them, to give people the cold hard facts that they need to hear to be able to affect the following changes they have always wanted in their life

    Its tough

    But sometimes you – as a coach (and your client) have to suffer for period to grow

    In this case?

    I am safe to say she did

    After our little hiatus she has come back into my world, a little driven by spite (as I say in my book its a HELL of a motivator with not only a solid 6-figure business, but 3 staff, a national delivery network AND her own kitchen and shop – supplying the Olympic olympic athletes, trainers, bodybuilders and those looking for healthy ways to lose weight with taste

    Its safe to say www.noexcusesnutriton.co.uk is the fucking tits now


    See, sometimes being an asshole is the best thing you can be

    I just wanted to give Shelley a massive public shout out as a true, proper, put-the-fucking-work-in, did-as-i-fucking-said success story

    No body believed in her before me

    But she needed to believe in herself

    Now she does

    In fact, after this – she got a tattoo:

    ‘she believed she could, so she did’

    And fuck me she did!

    Out of the dark light does come, and as a coach its up to you to use the tools at your disposal

    Sometimes scalpel

    Sometimes hammer

    Whatever is needed to get the job done, sometimes it hurts – but in the end – if its what they need? Then you do it

    Congrats you scouse fucker, we have sorted the business….now lets sort that hair do eh? 🙂

    Dan ‘strategic arsehole’ Meredith

    P.S. Will you look at the fucking traps on her! I did all the above risking a kicking and a half I tell you!

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  • For a big lump, I can be an emotional bugger.

    Shit can set me off and you will see this bearded lump swallowing faster than a professional porker at at all you can eat in 10 minutes challenge!

    (I won’t be able to make eye contact for fuck as well ha)

    I was at Ollie’s wedding (and am not tagging him in case this sets HIM off) and its the day after his wedding.

    I’m sat here trying not to look like a misty eyed nut job writing this on the bloody train, but next to Ollie on the head table was a picture of his Dad who sadly passed away some years ago – and a large part of his speech was dedicated to his memory, and how proud he was of him and what he learnt.

    (and If you have bought/read my book, you know my thoughts on death)

    We are all colouring in the squares, there is only so many left.

    Don’t let yours – or someone else’s squares run out with regrets in you

    Love someone?
    Tell them

    Miss someone?
    Reach out

    Want to tell the world your ideas
    Tell the world

    Want to write your book
    Write your book

    Want to apologise for past misdeeds?

    Broke something
    Fix it

    I can’t stress this enough, the amount of people I know who have regrets in them and they miss the chance to try, lose out on an opportunity because they were too embarrassed to put themselves forward, or lost the love of their life because they were too pig headed to apologise for fucking up = many

    Case in point, I fell out with someone in a business and personal capacity with someone a little over a year ago. Not one to dwell on things, but I missed this persons chats and they were a good friend

    It took one text

    ditching the ego

    Swallowing ones pride

    And now?

    We are on the way back to being good friends again (and we have a year of ‘content’ to catch up on too!)

    Me and my best friend at Uni fell out on a drunken night out – we didn’t speak for 10 fucking years! Such a waste – until HE reached out to me and offered an olive branch – and ever since then (and he is one TOUGH mother fucker, like terrifyingly tough) is HE can do it?

    So can I

    And so can you

    Its a bank holiday today in the UK, and after Gary V, the impromptu (genuinely – big papa Nige left a review so I had to kick it off 2 weeks early!) so after I have clicked ‘post’ I am going to take some time to reflect

    I’m going to write out on this fucking bastard long train journey they things I’ve wanted to do

    I’ve been too scared to do

    The bridges I wish to rebuild

    The new bridges I want to build

    I’m going to tell some people I missed them

    I’m going to tell a few people I’m sorry

    I’m going to give a few people a non judgmental open platform to say sorry to me

    I’m going to tell those who I love, that I love them

    What I’m NOT going to do, is go to my eventual (and hopefully quite far away) grave knowing that I didn’t try

    So my challenge to you, is to take an hour or so – have a think about what YOU would regret if you DIDN’T do it

    And for once don’t argue

    Don’t say ‘i needed this’

    Don’t leave me a like or a nice comment or like UNLESS you fucking go out there and DO it


    I won’t won’t its bloody hard, and some (especially those you have hurt, or they have hurt you) will require some iron will – but trust me on this, its a great way to live life

    Don’t leave the songs that are in you unsung

    Don’t leave the words in you unwritten

    Don’t leave how you feel in your head

    Don’t let your masterpiece stay on the drawing board

    Honestly its never, EVER too late to make big changes – until it IS too late

    So go the fuck out there and just DO

    let me know how it goes…

    *mic drop*

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  • Me and a good friend of mine have a good laugh seeing social updates like


    We watch

    Nothing happens

    World stays relatively the same

    Thing is what a lot of people don’t get as you get further along in your career, unless you are a towering arsehole you often become friends with people who – to all intents and purposes – are your competitors

    The person we referenced in our chat has reached out to me, my friend here (and a few others multiple times) and NEVER pulled the trigger on anything

    Hence, nearly two years since I first came across this person, they are still doing the same thing

    Hopping from mentor to coach to system to mastermind

    Yet still doing what they were doing 2 years ago

    Im not sure about you, but 2 years seems like a lot of time to waste doesn’t it?

    So why not try this

    Pick ONE coach -do exactly what they say

    Pick ONE course – implement the fuck out of it

    Pick ONE group – learn all you can from it

    Pick ONE business book – implement the big idea

    Just try it

    I know for a fact I HAVE to learn from multiple places as its my job to bring what I know, to you

    However, unlike the person we were having a friendly giggle at, I will implement like fucking crazy

    Imperfect action beats ideas every damned time

    There is a a reason I keep using the phrase ‘go balls deep’

    Firstly, its VERY enjoyable 😉

    Secondly get a rough idea of what you need to do, get some quick research done and just fucking go for it

    The amount of things I have done (my gym, this, WED, mastermind, event, books, speaking) that I have NEVER done before – but got the basics dialled in and then just pulled the trigger

    All in

    Balls deep

    Trust me if you start DOING more than THINKING

    You will be amazed where you will be 2 years time

    Not saving the lizard people for starters….

    PS nothing against the vegans, you know me and that woo woo bollocks though 😉

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  • Now and then you deserve to celebrate the successes

    I won’t say who in case anyone knows this person, but I have a frightening talented person in my world who doesn’t celebrate the wins often

    Yet they are bloody brilliant at what they do

    I don’t think it’s good sport to run anyone’s noses in it, but if you work your ass off, make sacrifices, put in the work and have invested time and effort into your skills?

    When you get a a win, a high, a goal achieved

    You have every right to celebrate

    You do deserve it

    You are worthy

    We haven’t chosen the most easy ride when it comes to work – yes the nights are brilliant but the lows are bloody awful

    So when you get a win?

    You celebrate

    This week I will celebrate with Franc Feliu, my PLATS, my espresso members, my friends, my family because I’ve worked my arse off to get here

    You do deserve good things in life

    You do deserve success/money/happiness/health

    Whatever it is you want

    You put in the effort, you should be able to reap the rewards

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  • 15 Sep

    Quick And Dirty Videos

    Blog Post

    To say I was stunned at the reaction I’ve had to my talk is an understatement

    Humbled really doesn’t do it justice

    I was brutally honest and said that I didn’t know often what I was doing – until AFTER I had done it

    Bit of reverse engineering and good to go

    One think that a surprisingly large amount of people were uncomfortable with, or simply don’t do is video

    Mark Whitehand has a great storytelling method, and has filmed me and my friends and done an amazing job

    But as much as you can learn from the guy, if you want THAT magic?

    You need to hire him

    However I taught a group of 100+ people a quick and dirty way to:

    – communicate with your audience

    – create compelling stories using infotainment

    – basic set up that makes you look professional

    Firstly start brainstorming ideas. Either carry a notepad or have a little Evernote on your phone and every time you get an idea for something you could teach your audience

    Wrote it down

    Get a stack of them together to start with, then when you have 30+, pick one and write it down in a post it note or piece of card at the top

    Next write 3-5 bullet points that are in line with the topic underneath

    If you are holding the phone, clamp this between your fingers and the phone so you can use the selfie camera and still see the points

    Press record


    I’m now a HUGE fan of doing this LIVESTREAM now


    Because the fear of fucking up, doing it over and over again, and then NOT doing it is simple removed

    Live in 3…2…1 and your on

    Trust me this helps you ‘get over’ the problems you have NOT doing this, because you have just announced to your audience

    Remember your audience are your audience because YOU have skill, value and something useful to share

    But for the love of God do NOT hard teach – as a rule it needs to have a good story of two, be infotaining and you want to demonstrate your value but also keep people’s attention and enjoy their time with you

    If you can evoke emotion?

    Even better too

    Don’t try and be someone you are not, enjoy it, keep it simple (3-5 key takeaways), don’t over think it – and practice

    Like do this every day for 30 days

    Every day WITHOUT FAIL

    And I guarantee you in a month your audience will be more connected to you, you will of added value and, your reach will of grown and you probably will of made some sales too

    Getting over yourself quite a good thing eh? 😉

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  • 13 Sep

    A Challenge For You

    Blog Post

    You have, if I remember correctly, 0.3 of a seconds to grabs someone’s attention on social media.


    Caught my attention!

    Now the lady in question, Elisa, is a very successful relationship coach….and the REST of the message was very useful advice, interesting, and gave insight into what she does for people around the world.

    But without that headline?

    Would I of stopped?

    Would anyone else of stopped?

    Who knows?

    No, whether you agree – or disagree (you know the rules, be fucking nice!) – with what was said, you have to hand it to her – a very smart move. Even if you read it; and think;

    ‘You cheeky fuck’

    When you read the REST of the copy? It ‘undoes’ any negative feelings you may of had.

    Like I said, smart

    Also, I am a HUGE fan of cheekiness, humour and infotainment and this ticks all the boxes.

    So my challenge to you:

    If you dare

    I want you to write a post that is:

    – bold

    – possibly polarising

    – ‘stops you in your tracks copy’

    – with a congruent image

    TRY – to grab someone’s attention and bring them into your world

    • Don’t fake it
    • Don’t try be someone your not
    • Be YOU – But be a BOLD version of you
    • Make an offer
    • See if you can get someone in your world

    See what happens?

    When you have done it post up below….

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