• There is not a week that goes by the I DON’T get asked about how to get better at copywriting,

    What I would do?
    How I learned and so on.

    So I thought I would give you a ‘quick and dirty’ version on what I would do NOW to get started quick.

    (BTW I have sweet F.A. ‘affiliate’ nonsense with anything below, I have simply outlined what I would invest in, ain’t
    that much – all can be done for $100-$200 or so – will give you some advanced options as well)

    But before I get to that, Im going to give you some tips from ME that have not only made me a better writer, means that
    I get anywhere from 35-50% open rates ON A BAD DAY, and you know….make monies from writing words


    #1 Write every day

    This is perhaps the most powerful ‘thing’ I have done since learning the craft.

    Write. Every. Day

    Social media, blogs, forums, emails – whatever – just make sure that EVERY DAY you write something

    It doesn’t matter if anyone reads it for starters – in fact (and I say this the same with people who are starting to do videos)
    its almost BETTER that less eyeballs will be on it to stat.

    Because it will be cr*p

    And that’s OK

    Because if you keep practising and learning – it gets waaaaaay better

    #2 Fiction, Films & Comedy

    When I dived balls deep into learning copy, I read nothing BUT copy books and manuals, and watched trainings

    But I stopped the above

    Now although I became ‘technically’ proficient at writing, my ability to wave and craft a story suffered. My copy became ‘too’ copy, if that makes any sense at all!

    Now every day I do the following:

    • watch one film
    • read 2-3 chapters of a fiction book (fast paced ones like jack reacher, or anything with a multi-layered/character based story)
    • listen to or watch stand up comedy, or a comedy podcast

    What happens is I’m learning every day how to craft words in a way that keeps people reading, entertains them and helps me see how to put
    words together to make them ’flow’

    Tis very useful

    Plus a brilliant way to start and end your day, as I do

    #3 Become a student of life

    I consume information from all over across a variety of topics; from history to politics to crime to quantum physics (true) to psychology to
    sport and god knows how many other areas.

    Think about it like this

    Ever been stuck in a social or networking situation with someone who has nothing to say?

    Sucks donkey sword doesn’t it!

    (So, don’t be that guy/guy when you write)

    As the age old saying goes: ‘if you want to be interesting, be interested’

    Now this is generally in regards to when you meet other people, but it also massively applies to copy

    The more you can know of the world at large, the more it bleeds into your copy AND acts as great ‘fodder’ for content

    #4 sneaky headphone ‘hack’ (argh I hate it but can’t stop using that word!!) – also online version

    Want to write some copy that directly speaks to your audience?

    Find out where they hang out…

    Get out your laptop…

    Whack the headphones in…

    Turn on no music…

    Listen 😉

    A little tactical eaves dropping on your ‘avatar’ can do wonders – can give you some great stories and ideas for what to write, as well as a business idea or two

    Online business?

    Well get yourself onto forums and in groups where your audience are – lurk – and keep an eye out for reoccurring topics and themes.

    See any posts that have sh*tloads of comments or threads that run into hundreds or thousands?

    That’s where you want to be hunting

    Works like gangbusters, trust me on this

    (that and there are some amazing subject lines and ideas you can ethically ’borrow’ here too!)

    Right, that’s enough from me – now what I would do resource wise?

    Now as a rule I would, as soon as I can, get myself some copy coaching or put myself in a place where I had access to copywriters
    on a day to day basis (like Espresso With Dan – www.coffeewithdan.com/espresso)

    But I would also get the following as my ‘starter pack’ – and I’ve used ALL of these

    1. ALL of Ben Settle’s ebooks (they are around $5 on Amazon)
    2. Doberman Dan’s ‘Rookie Copywriters Survival Guide – Make 6 Figures With Little Or No Experience
    3. Ryan Levesque’s ‘ASK’ book
    4. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
    5. Words That Sell
    6. Web Copy That Sells
    7. The Boron Letters

    ^^^^ get all of that and ACTUALLY read/digest/implement?

    And then you are waaaaay ahead of the curve!

    If you want to invest a little more I would suggest you get:

    • Ben Settles Email players
    • Doberman Dan’s Newsletter
    • My ‘Espresso With Dan’ membership (www.coffeewithdan.com/espresso)
    • Andre Chaperon’s ARM (auto-responder madness)
    • The Copy Hour membership

    Was that useful?

    I hope so – seems to come up a lot!

    But if you HAVENT started to learn copy – I really, really thing you should take the time to do so

    You DONT have to ‘become’ a copywriter full time like I did, but It will have a huge impact in all areas of your life and business

    As is my want to say, its ‘the tits’



    PS This is JUST my copy courses, have 600 books in the other room!!

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  • reality of living best life

    This time last year I was sharing some of the ‘fun’ things and the entrepreneurial life has given me:

    Countryside rides with DucatiBAE…

    Afternoons working by the beach…

    Nice watch’s…

    Out to sea on the jet ski….

    Fucking around playing on big toys…

    (I Just wanted to see what people’s reaction was)

    Been interesting


    I shared this on a webinar back, and I’m very mindful to do this:

    Yea ready:


    What I teach?

    Is what I did to get to the point in time now

    But people tend to think that once you have made it (whatever the fuck that is) that life is a piece of piss


    Far from it

    Don’t get me wrong the benefits outweigh (for me) the negatives

    But people don’t realise what goes into make a business successful

    How much you have to sacrifice

    What you lose on the way

    The sheer amount of people that rely on you and pressure you are under every day

    Totally worth it

    But very few tell the real story

    I’m fucking sick to the back teeth of the ease and flow fucktards who don’t seem to grasp that to build a business of substance takes (this is factoring in that your product/service is good/ethical/needed etc)

    1. TIME

    1. Time

    As my mentor Dexter has said to me before you cant cheat time and it’s on the side of those who stay the course

    At the beginning?

    Frustrating as fuck

    And when your in a hole (we have all been there) and YOU NEED TO GET THE £££ RIGHT NOW, it’s tempting to cut corners or rob Peter to pay Paul

    Ultimately a choice that’s yours to make, but having done that in my earlier career it fucks you up long time

    2. Sacrifice

    You have finite energy, time and £




    Anyone who tries to convey that a business (or life) of merit doesn’t require in part sacrifice?

    Is talking shite

    The ones that say now that it’s all ease and flow and whatever nonsensical shite most of the time WORKED THEIR FUCKING ASSES OFF FOR YEARS

    Now for them?

    Course it’s fucking easy; with big lists and books and social proof it’s dead easy to sell that fluff

    Ain’t real life though

    Don’t get me wrong the whole enterpreneurial world is batshit and amazing and brutal and 100% worth it

    But if you want the life?

    You got pay the price

    And that’s up to you if you can or want to afford it


    – back to 2019 –

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  • 21 Jun

    Money Can’t Buy Time

    Blog Post

    I literally was just the worst fucking human tonight

    Had a LONG day

    A deep 121 consulting day with a crazy smart entrepreneur….

    3 hour hot seats in EWD…

    Making sure I trained, did all my content, replied to messages…

    Finally got time to speak to the family (I’m totally fucked by this point) – was a very quick one to say thanks for the mug the sent me

    Anna wanted to say hi

    You know what I did?

    Said I was too tired

    (She does find conversations hard and it takes effort)

    Said goodnight and went to go to bed

    All she wants is to speak to her brother, Ive given (by choice) 16+ hours to everyone else and my sister wanted 5 minutes of my time and I was too tired

    I sat down and realised what a selfish fuck I was

    It’s easy to get wrapped up in calls, emails, social media, doing the work

    And forget what’s important

    Why we do the things we do

    And so often our friends, family, loved ones – they bear the brunt of our desires and dreams

    I learned the hard way that you can give people all the things and money and stuff

    But often what people want is your time

    A chat with me – for her – makes her day

    And even though what I’m doing now is to prepare for her future

    All she wanted was ten mins with her big bro

    Which is what she got


    (A tired, pacing around the balcony, trying to stay awake big bro who is doing this post from an Epsom salt bath as he’s fucked – but she got the last of my reserves!)

    Don’t forget to take time for the special people in your world

    I’ve found that all the dumb shit, arguments, social nonsense – whatever – doesn’t mean fuck all then you get down to it

    There’s very few peeps you should give your all too; and often we forget who they are sometimes

    Tonight was a good reminder

    Life is made up of moments, and moments with the right people money simply can’t buy

    Night CWD

    PS hope you don’t think I’m a cock for sharing this; I still do dumb shit

    Still human

    Very easy to fuck this shit up hence wanted to share

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  • Show that you give a fuck with your actions

    We live in a batshit world

    Never have so many been so connected yet have felt so alone and under appreciated

    It’s a truly mind blowing and brilliant time to be alive; but as I wander around observing life and speaking to humans I continually see couples and families nose deep into phones

    Last few days?

    I had Teggles down with me

    When we went for a walk, breakfast, dinner, bowling, pedicure (and yes straight single men get their feet pampered lol)

    My phone = stayed at home

    One of the biggest (and cheapest) gifts you can give is your time, presence, thanks and gratitude

    Today MAKE time to connect with YOUR humans

    The humans that have your back..

    The humans that make you smile…

    The humans that love you unconditionally…

    The humans that pay yore bills…

    The humans that show you love – virtual or IRL…

    A call
    A text
    A small gift
    An offer of help
    A thank you

    Doesn’t matter


    Make TIME

    because it runs out faster than you think and one day you simply won’t be able to

    Do it now

    Let me know what you do and how it feels

    Maybe even use this as an opportunity for reconnect with someone that has fallen by the wayside

    Whatever IT is

    Do IT today

    Thank me later

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  • 14 Jun

    Why Volunteer & Give Back

    Blog Post

    ***Daily Dose Of Dan***

    Volunteering & giving back

    Do you?

    Personally I financially do stuff for Springboard (charity that supported my sister) and Clocktower (helping young homeless people in Brighton)

    I find myself have spare time

    And I would like to give back more with my time and skills


    Equally what do you do?

    (If anything – and there’s NOTHING wrong if you don’t btw of course!)

    Do you volunteer or ‘give back’ in some way?

    Coffee With Dan?

    Was my way of giving back to the world that has given so much to me

    But, I want to do more

    I think as humans if we did more of this we would be happier bunnies; our time is priceless but it is also free

    Not sure where I’m going with today’s post, just wanted to start a conversation


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  • The Basics of List Building

    BUILD YA GOD DAMN LIST (or not, like whatever…)

    Right we all know social media shat itself yesterday – I for one didn’t mind the peace for a few hours


    No doubt you will of seen plenty of people banging on about not relying on one platform

    Facebook isn’t going anywhere….

    Instagram isn’t going anywhere…



    Now if you say or do dumb stuff on THEIR platform!?

    Y’all gonna be banned and IF that’s ya sole way of making money

    Probs gonna be a bit fucked innit


    I ADORE social media I think it’s fucking amazing and one of the easiest and quickest ways to get a business and brand up and running

    You can connect with all the humans you desire, it needs nothing more than a connected smartphone and you’re good to go

    How we do email?

    Is SMART

    The content on FB is custom (I pretty much do custom content for every platform every day)

    So is our email list

    70-75% of ALL our sales?


    Now social media backs that up and as a content marketing medium it’s awesome; plus it helps hammer down the know like and trust thang

    Email and social media go together hand in hand

    Sure you can have just one

    But why wouldn’t you have both working together

    If social media goes tits up it’s gonna be back pretty damn quick so you need to not panic if it goes down

    (go read a book/have a wank/talk to a human…whatever lol)

    Email is epic but you’re inboxes are busy and you do need a bit of practice to stand out

    Email and social media together?

    That’s GANGSTER

    That’s why we teach you how to build and add an email list, along with how to market it in EWD (espresso with Dan)

    Tega has put together an absolute BELTER of a training and its all part of the membership

    Ya might want to think about joining sometime eh?

    Especially if yesterday gave you a bit of a tight bun clench…

    …or maybe the idea of writing an email, pressing and making £££ appeals

    Either or


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  • ***Daily Dose Of Dan***


    I’m going to give you one very simple, very useful (statistically 96% of you don’t do this) piece of advice.


    • follow up or
    • fuck up

    It doesn’t matter what it is

    • a potential lead
    • a pitch
    • a date
    • a meeting request

    Shall I tell you why I am successful?


    I got my mentor – by following up.

    I got the biggest account in my headhunting days – by following up.

    I have 200+ clients in ESPRESSO WITH DAN – by following up.

    And now, I’m going to flip it.

    I RESPECT people who follow ME up.

    I am busy.

    I live life on my own terms.

    I have a simple rule: if you are a friend or are investing money in anything I do?

    You get first priority.

    Want me to be on your podcast, look at your product, ask my opinions – I will do it – I promise.

    But when I’m ready.

    It’s not an arrogance thing – if you have followed me for some time, you will know I don’t see myself in that way. But if you want something which – let’s be honest – benefits you?

    Be prepared to follow up!

    Was discussing this with a friend earlier – he gave someone an opportunity who has wanted to work with him sometime.

    Well, that was presented over a week ago.

    Guess what?
    Still no word.

    Oh, and if I think you have potential but you are being a bit of a fucking melt – I promise you I will read and ignore your messages. 🙂

    I want people in my world who are like me – who actually have some hunger and don’t expect an easy route because I tell you – the more effort you make more I’ll return in spades.

    But I will be a dick if you have been a soft arse for a while…especially if you are talented. Ha!

    When Ryan Levesque gave me an opportunity? I went nearly 2 days without sleep to over deliver on what he wanted.

    When Ryan Lee gave me an opportunity to speak at Freedym Fest I did a round trip to NYC in 24 hours because it was such a good opportunity.

    When Dexter Abraham agreed to work with me after me hassling the crap out of him FOR MONTHS I didn’t balk at what I had to do to join him.

    I just

    But, NONE of the above would have happened without some tenacity.

    Following up and being persistent without being a pest.

    How many times have you reached out to someone ONCE – didn’t hear back and then did nothing else?

    Or you had a potential lead who said I’ll think about it – or even a ‘no thank you’ and left it at that.

    Is that you?

    If so – you are not only leaving a lot of money on the table, you seriously need to grow some balls/ovaries.

    Again simple. If you have an opportunity either

    • follow up or
    • fuck up

    Many of the very successful people I work with have MASSIVE respect for tenacity, resilience, balls/ovaries (…these are all key parts of my GRIT programme for a reason.)

    Giving up.
    Start following up.
    Be a little cheeky.
    See what happens…

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  • Hello CWD’ers here we are with the 4th and final posty in the UGSD Series. One last time drop the word “reading” in the comments before you continue…

    As a quick recap

    Part 1 was all about making big changes and instilling habits in your life

    UGSD 1: Do it daily to dominate https://www.facebook.com/groups/coffeewithdan/permalink/2068002636651392/

    Part 2 was on getting yourself back in the game when life’s going smooth and you’ve lost your fire

    UGSD 2: Sort Your Head Out https://www.facebook.com/groups/coffeewithdan/permalink/2070449559740033/

    Part 3 covered how to handle anything life throws at you

    UGSD3: From Rage To Riches


    And today’s post?

    Today’s is all about living YOUR life, sharing YOUR message, attracting YOUR people

    Having a whole lot of fun and making a whole lot of profit along the way.


    How To Be F*cking Awesome.

    You are here for a reason.

    No I’;m not gonna go all woo on you – lol

    Some point in time be it a couple of days ago, a few weeks ago or even 4 fucking years ago

    You decided this might be the place for you.

    (BTW I appreciate every one of you for coming along for this mad little journey that is my life.)

    That reason is because you’re looking for a better way to live your life on your terms.

    Whether it’s because you want to

    – Grow your business so it’s making a decent income for yourself and your family

    – Leave a soul draining job

    – Shift what you do in business to create more freedom and flexibility

    – Make your dream business a reality

    – Create a huge impact for a cause you care about

    This is the place for you.

    And there are plenty of places you could go instead.

    There’s a whole lot of people who talk about business, success, entrepreneurship, productivity etc

    Yet this is the place you’ve decided to make your home.

    Because it’s more than just business.

    More than how-to’s

    More than tech and tools and bright shiny objects.

    Those things may have brought you here.

    They aren’t the reason you stay.

    And it’s not the reason why those who simply don’t belong here leave.

    You see

    If all you ever have is tools and how-to’s

    Knowledge and products.

    You might do ok for a time.

    It’s a fight.

    You’ll win business because you get lucky and you lose business because something better comes along.

    No loyalty

    No long term business

    No lasting impact.

    When you shift from one-dimensional marketing and bring in depth, personality, experience and values

    You create something different altogether.

    A community of raving fans who buy from you again and again.

    You create influence that magnifies the impact you have.

    And you create a business you love.

    It all starts with you.

    If someone had told me years ago that this would be my life I’d have thought they were having a laugh.

    That I’d be “allowed” to be this much “Dan”…and people would love it

    If they’d said I’d have the experiences I’ve had, I’d call them crazy.

    And when it comes to some of the things others have achieved in some part to do with me – I’m utterly mind blown.

    I hate being called an influencer.

    It’s just so weird.

    I’m just me.

    I grew up in Somerset.

    Quiet little place that ticks away at it’s own slow pace.

    I wasn’t the brightest student in school. Even had to retake some exams.

    Was never the most popular either.

    Teenage Dan had quite a rough ride of it

    Yet, here I am.

    I didn’t start off here as this Dan.

    Think it was 2014 I set up my Facebook account.

    Quite late to the party.

    The posts I made then and the ones I make now are a world apart.

    Steadily shifting from being massively reserved

    Even put *’s in my fucks – something I only do now to get listed on Amazon 😉

    Into the Dan you see now.

    A whole lot more of me being me.

    You see there are two versions of you.

    You you you are inside and the you that you show up as online.

    The closer you bring those together

    The happier you’ll be.

    The easier you will find content creation


    The greater the impact you will have with your content.

    Because when you’re you, it put power into what you say.

    You’re confident because you believe the words coming out of your mouth.

    and it helps people really connect with you.

    No – that doesn’t mean you have to share EVERY little detail of your life.

    What it means is, share the things that you are comfortable sharing that give a little insight into you and who you are behind the business.

    And most importantly

    Write and speak the way you write and speak in real life.

    Don’t try to be perfect and “professional” if that’s not you.

    Don’t try to be me if that’s not you (trust me, you don’t want to – ha!)

    And for the love of God don’t go and swear and make a big deal about it just because it’s what all the cool kids are doing.

    Just be you.

    It shouldn’t be as hard as it is!

    People bang on about authenticity.

    The problem is, the way they do it is absolute ~BS

    Nothing authentic about it because you can’t go and be authentic.

    You just do you.

    It takes time to develop and grow.

    You can’t just leap all the way in.

    Start now.

    Share something small today.

    And go from there.

    Stories That Shape You

    Stories are powerful things.

    They are the #1 way to retain attention and deliver information.

    We live in a fast paced world where no-one has any attention span…apparently

    Yet we’ll sit and watch films and binge watch series on Netflix

    The reason?


    In the social age storytellers are kings.

    Problem is, the moment the topic of story’s comes up self doubt creeps in for so many of you.

    You don’t have stories

    You don’t know how to tell them

    You’re no good at them

    …and other lies you tell yourself

    Yet you’ve got stories after stories locked up in your head if you give them a chance to come out.

    Stories from your trip to the shops, from working with clients, from your childhood, from that crappy job you hated, from that hysterically bad date, from your wins, failures, fears, dreams, hobbies and more.

    And your stories are the best way to show your values and what you stand for.

    Because anyone can say integrity matters, authenticity matters, caring for others matters.

    But actually living it – that’s when it’s real.

    Here’s an example of how I learnt something huge from my dad when I was younger hat’s stuck with me through life.

    When I was younger, I had a paper round – and it was huge.

    One day we were asked if we could handle double the amount of extras and my dad offered to help me out.

    Anyways about halfway through my dad said he had to go; and that I needed to make sure I finished the whole round without his help – that sometimes life throws us a curveball and we have to play the hand we are dealt

    I was only 12 or 13 or so, i was annoyed at my Dad letting me down but realised I had no choice and did what had to be done

    It took me fucking ages, i was tired, my back hurt and was pissed off but as my dad said the job had to be done – you don’t let people down

    – your word is your bond –

    Only when I got home did I realise my dad had neatly ripped 1/2 of his finger off in a letterbox; yet the fucking badass he is – wrapped his pissing-with-blood fingers in a newspaper, found me, made sure I know how important it was to do a good job and not let people down and THEN only did he drive himself to the hospital

    In turn I learnt the following:

    – what being a man (from my perspective) is all about

    – that you don’t let people down – you do what you say you are going to do

    – you fix your own problems; don’t rely on anyone else to help you

    That experience has stayed with me forever.

    And the lessons from it are ones I’ve taken with me.

    Whenever things get tough.

    Whenever problems come up.

    Whenever it’s easy to blow something off.

    I don’t let the tough times win.

    Can you see now it’s the experiences you have that have the greatest impact on who you are?

    How they showcase your true values and can be a beacon for others who share those values?

    And the more you use them, the faster you do this…

    Build Your Tribe

    My old family home used to back onto a riverbank (I was a keen fisherman as a youth) and was on the side of a main road which went over the river

    It was a beautiful view, but the kind of view that – in all honesty – you take for granted after a while

    Now – don’t judge me – we all know Dan used to like a drink or two, two…) and I remember 17 year old me asking the boys what they were up to that night and if they fancied going to the pub

    (We all looked quite old so ‘accidentally’ may of been going to the pub since we were 16…lol)

    Anyways everyone said they weren’t sure/weren’t planning on it, and I thought nothing about it

    Which brings me back to the view

    For some reason I found myself looking out of the window absentmindedly and saw Greg, Paul and Mark walk past my road and turn left to go to the Salthouse pub

    Took me a moment or two

    But then it sunk in

    I wasn’t wanted

    Now I bottled it up for a few days and remember one day in the common room I confronted them

    ‘If you’re my fucking mates, why didn’t you call for me on the way to the pub’

    (remember no mobile phones back then but I DID have pager…haha what a tit!)

    They looked rather shocked….their answer?

    They forgot

    No malice

    No nastiness




    Ever since then I have subconsciously built my own tribes…


    Everyone was nervous as hell on the first night and huddled in 2’s and 3’s at the student union – so I knocked on the other 51 rooms in my halls and took everyone out on a pub crawl

    Rugby club?

    I was a good (but not the best, at that’s being kind ha) player but what I WAS good was recruiting people to the club, and I was the first club president who ran it at a profit, nearly doubled the size and added in a massive social element

    Coffee with Dan?

    I couldn’t find anywhere to keep me accountable, where I could learn from fellow entrepreneurs (who didn’t have a stick up their ass) and be unapologetically me

    So I created it


    All my life I have felt like an outsider looking in, and in typical entrepreneurial fashion instead of moaning I just thought:

    ‘Fuck it’

    I’ll do my own thing

    When I created Coffee With Dan I had no idea what it would become and how much it would do for me.

    Income wise – it’s allowed me to build a 7 figure business completely organically.

    No ads.

    No funnels.

    No fancy tech.

    But beyond that it’s done so much more for me.

    It’s allowed me to meet you.

    To connect with thousands of entrepreneurs all trying to improve their lives without any of the bullshit.

    It’s allowed me to belong and make true friends who’ve helped me through some of the darkest moments.

    It’s given me a place where I want to show up day after day.

    Even though there are times when the crown gets heavy.

    It’s helped me find people I truly care about and want to see win.

    And you guys have inspired me to do so much more.

    When the time is ready for you to build your own tribe – for some of you that might not be immediately.

    It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

    The problem is you can’t simply build a tribe.

    You need to make sales in your business so you can grow, serve and live a great life whilst making a positive impact.

    However big or small that may be.

    And that brings me to the final point…

    How To Create Words That Sell (without feeling sleazy and spammy)

    Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up.

    Because it’s something you will use whenever you need to influence and persuade

    And if you can sell with words – you’re pretty much set for life because you can always find a way to bring cash in through the door.


    I don’t say this to turbo-douche (even though it is fucking awesome!), but I say it to give you an example of what your life can be like once you get good at writing the words.

    You see, I went from working 12-hour P.T sessions

    Going home

    Smashing in a litre of coffee

    Then sitting writing & working away for 6-10 hours


    EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY I earned?

    Went straight back into my copywriting education

    After a shameless bout of pitching, I ended up working under some big names where my simple ass learned clever word things

    In fact, It was around this time where I invented the rather infamous AMEX Gamble lol

    Where I would max out an Amex card and invest in some coaching or a new course

    Theeeeeeeen I have ONE month to make the investment back…

    Or, option 2

    Le Dan le fucked

    Now, I’m telling you this because WORDS ARE RATHER IMPORTANT

    I want you to truly understand just how important mastering the skill of writing words which produce money was to this bearded plum

    I knew there was no better way to help my family and to get where I wanted to in life than mastering the skill of writing words that persuade

    It was the only thing I could fit in around PT sessions and looking after my sis

    And after just 5 months of this?

    I was charging £10,000 for a sales page…

    £500 per email….

    £6,500 per advertorial…

    Plus, I scaled my agency to $55,000/mo within 4 months…

    And part of a 3 man team that took a client from £60,000 to £600,000 a month in under a year….

    Which considering I ‘started cold’ ain’t too bad eh?

    In fact I’ve been able to build EWD & CWD by writing posts on social media…

    Got myself some rather fancy goodies like DucatiBAE, SeaDooBAE and of course — DucatimusPRIME


    It’s even bled into my personal life…

    From getting upgrades in hotels… to get my sister some things a guy from Somerset never should’ve got and making sure the Meredith’s future looked rosy


    And, lastly – considering I have what’s at best a ‘niche look’, don’t drink and can’t chat anyone up in a bar for shit – my words have gotten the attention of some very pretty ladies way out of my league lol

    Now, my point?

    This copy shit is pretty fucking important

    In fact, I’d as far to say…

    There isn’t any greater skill I would rather learn in biz

    ESPECIALLY if you want to make money quickly

    It’s something I use every day of my life

    And back when I was “The Fitness Copywriter”

    It was something I used to help my clients make millions in sales again and again and again.

    On top of that, it’s something I’ve taught to others and given them the skills to generate more sales either in their own business or as a copywriter for others.

    I’ve been lucky to have mentored some incredibly talented copywriters.

    The thing is

    To get to that stage – it’s cost me thousands upon thousands of pounds in training.

    Flights round the world to attend private masterminds.

    Hours of writing and rewriting copy, tearing apart other peoples work to figure out what works, what doesn’t and how I can replicate that success.

    Chances are you can’t invest that time and money and do all that travelling.

    That and you want results now – not months down the line.

    As always – you have to do the work

    There’s just no way around the fact that putting in the time is how you reap big rewards and putting money down and investing in your growth is critical when it comes to actually following through.

    What if there was a way you could cut out hours of studying and rapidly upskill?


    Not have to travel around the globe for masterminds or workshops.

    Not spend hours and hours handwriting classic sales letters (powerful exercise yet quite honestly you ain’t got time for that)

    Most importantly

    You don’t have to find thousands and thousands of pounds to invest in trainings and courses and coaching.

    Instead, imagine if you could right now this week go deep into learning copywriting.

    Cut through all of the fluff and nice to know information and get straight to the heart of it.

    What if you learned

    How to understand people’s wants, desires and needs – so that you could communicate with them on a deep level so your writing has a massive impact that compels them to take action.

    How to write a powerful headline that grabs attention and makes people read more

    How to create an irresistible offer so good it sells itself.

    How to craft a powerful story so compelling your reader says “shut up and take my money” before they even get to your offer in the first place

    How to get good fast so you can up level and start earning more money right away


    How to make money as a copywriter whether you are new copywriter looking to grow OR if you have a different kind of business and want to be able to have a side gig or a back-up plan whenever needed.

    All this and more is what myself and Mike Samuels covered in the Copy Course we produced a couple of years ago.

    Universal principles for making money with words that will last you a lifetime.

    It doesn’t matter what happens to Facebook or any other platform you use.

    This translates everywhere you go.




    And you can pick it up right now at coffeewithdan.com/copycourse

    You are reading this because you want more out of life.

    You want experiences.

    You want to be surrounded by great people.

    You want to serve clients you LOVE to work with.

    You want to be able to live comfortably.

    You want to be able to give back to the world.

    The only way that is going to happen is if you find a way to deliver enough value to others to be able to create the life you want to create.

    You might offer the greatest most wonderful products and services that are so much higher quality than your competition.

    You get greater results.

    You give better customer service.

    But if people don’t come to you.

    If they end up with your competition and don’t get to experience what it’s like with you.

    They miss out.

    You miss out.

    Your inability to communicate the value you offer means everyone loses.

    You can change that right now by picking up the copy course at coffeewithdan.com/copycourse

    The investment for this course is £495

    With it

    You make that money back over and over and over again.

    For the rest of your life.

    And the way the course is designed

    It’s direct focused outline designed to help you get your copy skills up fast means that you don’t invest now and hope and pray that in a few months time you’ll get something out of it.

    It’s the kind of skill that can have you get money in the bank right away.

    You can pick the course up now

    Spend next week going deep

    Write your best over post on Friday and have your stripe and Paypal notifications pinging away day and night for the rest of the weekend.

    Sound like a plan?

    Here’s that link one last time


    I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to learn this skill.

    It’s something I’m passionate about for good reason.

    No bells and whistles and ads and tech can replace being able to communicate your value.

    I’ve had enough of seeing great people suffer because they can’t make the impact they should be making in this world.

    It was a big inspiration for writing this series

    and I hope you’ve got a lot out of it.

    Drop me a comment below with all of your thoughts and if you’ve picked up one of the training, let me know which one it was and how you’re getting on so far with it.

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  • ***Daily Dose Of Dan***

    Learn to harness your ‘dark side’…

    We all know the good traits:

    • honour
    • respect
    • love
    • empathy
    • loyalty


    But what about your dark side? It’s just as much a part of you as the light.

    Some of the most successful people in the world exhibit traits which – taken out of context – you would probably be terrified of.

    But when combined – the dark and the light – and embracing both for what they are, you can truly unleash your full potential.

    I know I am a good person.

    I’m also honest

    I am loyal

    I look after those close to me

    But I know that I have a side that – without those gold traits to balance me out would make me a horrible fuck.


    But the thing is?

    I have learned how to harness them.

    • Spite
    • Wrath
    • Rage
    • Fury
    • Vengeance


    All of those have – in the right amount – created GOOD things that have helped THOUSANDS of people

    BUT, the key is knowing when and how to unleash them…

    There are people far more qualified than me – but since I helped revive my sister when I was a little boy?

    When situations become overly emotionally stressful of heightened?

    When someone I trust fucks me over?

    I get cold, hard, emotionless focus.

    Hence, I am able to do what I do every day because when my back is against the wall I rise to it, just like I had to the last few weeks

    When I end up in the middle of a horrible, stressful day, I know how to leverage ‘that’ side of me.

    I am cool as a cucumber.

    That negative (if thats the right word) feeling – i often discuss with a close confident, or have some time alone

    and turn that into action

    As a rule a big ‘fuck you’ to whatever or whoever triggered it; but I keep that inside

    Just for me

    as MY fuel

    Part of the reason I have grown so much as a person over the last few years is that I have learn to love my good qualities and accept and leverage my bad ones.

    My question to you, is do you?

    And if not? What scares you about leveraging the side that – lets be honest – we all have….


    PS a little tip; some of the most sweet, kind, loving people- when pushed – can unleash a torrent of hell

    my advice? Be nice to the quiet ones… 😉

    Oh and the hairy over-testosterone angry beasts…ha

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