• 1 May

    Valuable AF Post# 1 of 7

    Blog Post

    Why copywriting is one of the most useful skills to level up on NOW

    As you are probably aware – content consumption is through the roof right now, with people reading and watching more than ever

    Thats why this week?

    Im going to (as of tomorrow) bring in some of my team to ‘guest expert’ on the emails to share with you how you can (ethically) capitalise on this by giving people what they want

    Because if not you, it WILL be someone else

    With that in mind, being able to convey your message effectively is going to be more important than ever

    Hence todays email is all about one of the most valuable skills you can ever have.

    A skill that can boost your success during the highs & keep you afloat during the lows – A.K.A. right now.

    Transfers to any business you run.

    & even help you land a date.

    And that skill is – probably fairly obvious right now – copywriting

    There’s an old saying:

    ‘A good copywriter never goes hungry’

    Because if you can write persuasive copy?

    You can sell.

    And if you can sell?

    You can make yourself money – either by selling someone else’s product or your own

    If you can:

    – Cut through the noise and capture attention

    – Inspire strong emotions that lead people to action

    – Present your offers in a powerful way that persuades

    You’re always going to be able to create income and opportunities in your life right?

    If you know how to write or speak in a way that is more influential, connects with people deeper, captivates their attention (and thats fucking hard nowadays) AND helps them bond with you on a deeper level – why wouldn’t you learn this?

    In fact when I polled the group last year on what people wanted to learn – Copywriting came up again and again and again

    So here’s my balls deep blitz on the key things you need to tap in to so you can elevate your copy immediately and create more impact and sales with your words.

    (And for those of you who want to skip the wait entirely and rapidly transform your copywriting skills, theres something you can get your hands on at the end)

    But for now – let’s kick things off with 7 universal principles of copy you must get right every time.

    1 – Why the fuck do they want to read this?

    Your copy could be absolutely banging but if it’s of no interest to them, it ain’t getting read.

    Simple as that.

    The job of your headline is to get them to start reading

    And the job of the hook is to get them to keep on reading.

    Do it well and you’re in with a chance.

    Otherwise you’ve lost people before you’ve even really begun

    You always want to be thinking about what’s in it for them

    Why do they want to read this?

    How can I capture their attention.

    And most importantly, how can I keep it?

    Getting stuck on headlines?

    Here’s a few winning formula’s for inspiration:

    Result Focus: How To Get [Result] [Quickly] [Without Risk]

    Pain Focus: How To [Eliminate Specific Pain] [Without More Pain]

    Situation Focus: If [Specific Emotional Hot Button Situation ls Happening] Then [Worst Fear Might Be True]

    Action Focus: What To Do If [Specific Hot Button Situation]

    Approach Focus: Why [Common-Sense Approach] Doesn’t Work And What To Do About It

    Customer Focus: 10 Mistakes Most [Customer Description] Make [In Situation] And How To Avoid Them

    Magic: How To[Turn Problem][Into Benefit]

    Use them to get you started and remember – nothing is set in stone.

    Get cracking write your copy and then swing back around to the headline and the hook.

    Sometimes once you’ve got the rest out of your head and onto paper – that perfect headline and hook leap out at you and instantly create much more impact.

    2 – If you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no-one

    The #1 way to guarantee yourself a piece of wishy washy copy that doesn’t sell is to try and write it for everyone.

    It creates bland vagueness that doesn’t draw anyone in.

    It rolls back to point number 1 – why the fuck do they want to read this?

    If you don’t know who “they” is then how can you expect to write something they want to read.

    And please for the love of God don’t make your audience “Women over 18” or something so equally wide because then you might as well have not bothered picking anyone.

    Think of your ideal person and get into their head.

    What do they love?

    What do they hate?

    What is the most important thing in their world right now?

    How does solving the problem you solve impact their lives?

    What happens if they don’t solve it?

    What could put them off from taking action?

    What are they scared of?

    Why could they fail to get results?

    When you know this, you can make your copy relevant to them and their lives.

    They can put themselves into the picture and take a test drive in their mind of what it’s like to buy what you have on offer


    You answer the questions they have before they even come up – these q’s are conversion killers if you leave them lingering.

    3 – A confused mind never buys

    You want people to take action and buy.

    That means you need them to make a decision and be able to act upon it.

    ANY confusion about what you have to offer and how to get hold of it means they need answers before they can take action.

    A few will ask the question.

    Respond quickly and clearly and you may save the sale.

    Delay or further confusion and it’s game over.

    But that’s the tiny tiny fraction who actually ask you.

    The rest?

    They’re out of there.

    Don’t have the time to ask you.

    Not interested enough to bother asking.

    Don’t know how or where to ask you.

    And more often than not…

    Don’t want to look foolish by needing to ask the question.

    All those people are lost because you didn’t make the offer clear and easy to buy.

    You know exactly how things are and how they work.

    Your reader doesn’t.

    Any places of confusion…they’re gone.

    Giving it the once over yourself is great.

    Getting an outside pair of eyes is even better

    Sure, for certain things in certain industries there’s a level of sophistication and in-speak that an outsider wouldn’t understand.

    For most you, you need anyone to be able to understand what you’re saying, what’s on offer and how to get it.

    4 – Irresistible offer or meh, whatever?

    I don’t care who you are

    You can’t out-write a shitty offer.

    You can however out-offer shitty copy.

    If your offer is good enough, it can speak for itself and sell at least a little even with the weakest copy in the world.

    Improving your copy then ups your conversion rate so you can sell more with less effortAnd

    If you’re paying for ads

    You’ll spend less to get each sale upping your profit margin.

    An irresistible offer is all about value

    And it’s NOT about dropping your pants and reducing your prices down to nothing.

    Especially when you do the IM bullshit of “This is valued at $9,995 but for today only you can have it for $97”

    Complete with a fake ass countdown timer that rests every fucking day.

    Want to make an irresistible offer?

    Demonstrate the value.

    If you’re going to add bonuses – make them relevant!

    Deadlines? Sure if they are real

    Above all else you need to be showing the RESULTS they will achieve and the PAIN they will endure if they don’t take action.

    That’s where the value lies.

    That’s the difference between the guys out there who can come out the gate and confidently charge the same rates as seasoned pros.

    Which is exactly what I did when I launched i am the fitness copywriter.

    Your value.

    Know it.

    Show it.

    5 – Use stories to make an impact

    Stories are powerful things.

    They are the #1 way to retain attention and deliver information.

    We live in a fast paced world where no-one has any attention span…apparently

    Yet we’ll sit and watch films and binge watch series on Netflix

    The reason?


    In the social age storytellers are kings.

    Problem is, the moment the topic of story’s comes up self doubt creeps in for so many of you.

    You don’t have stories

    You don’t know how to tell them

    You’re no good at them

    …and other lies you tell yourself

    How did you get into doing what you do?

    How did you discover your method?

    How did someone else make a discovery that you use e.g. scientific research, a method you learned from elsewhere, a unique ingredient.

    You can tell the story of the experience of working with you and what their life will be like on the other side.

    You can tell the story of your past clients the challenges they faced and the results they achieved.

    All you have to do is say what happened and the more you tell your stories, the stronger that “storytelling muscle” gets.

    The stories place your reader into the experience.

    It encourages them to keep on reading.

    Transforming your offer from a cool thong to have into something they can see transforming their life.

    It builds credibility and social proof which does a lot of heavy lifting for you.

    Start using stories now.

    6 – Limp dick CTA’s sell fuck all

    Some of you are scared of making sales.

    It shows the moment your reader reaches the close

    You’ve been big and bold.

    You’ve talked about all the wonderful things your product can do.

    The fabulous results people have had.

    How awesome you are and what the experience is like.

    And just at the moment when they’re about to reach out and grab their credit card

    They come to your soft-sausage (dry clam?) CTA.

    All the confidence has vanished.

    You fail to perform at that crucial moment.

    All that effort winning them over comes to nothing

    Do you not believe in what you have to offer?

    If so you have no business offering it.

    If you do actual deliver value then why aren’t you making sure they know about it and leading them across the line with full enthusiasm?

    If you’ve got a meek ass “if you might possibly think that you may like to get access then click buy now…or don’t. I don’t want to pressure you”

    Drop that shit NOW

    If what you sell can change lives, or make someones pain go away ETHICALLY?

    Its (as Dan Kennedy liked to say) your duty to offer it to them.

    7 – Your head plays tricks on you – so do this.

    Ever read something that just felt clunky?

    The words don’t quite flow right.

    As you read it you stumble over the words wondering why they wrote it that way.

    Truth is – they don’t write it that way.

    Not in their head at least.

    When we write, we speak in our heads and our brains automatically fill in the gaps because we know what we’re saying.

    To us, it sounds fine.

    It’s only when you go back and read it out loud, those clunky parts rear their heads.

    What seemed to flow brilliantly in your head fumbles when it comes out of your mouth.

    And this happens to everyone.

    When your readers come across it, they will stumble over those parts.

    It distracts and breaks the flow of the copy.

    Because they don’t know what’s coming next so their heads can’t fill the gaps yours did.

    A simple run through helps you catch these parts so you can quickly edit them before publishing your copy.

    It also helps you spot any bits that don’t really make sense or feel a little weak.

    Only takes minutes to do but has a tremendous impact on your copy.

    And there ya have it

    Those seven things are key to writing words that sell AND they make up a quick and dirty check list to run your future copy through before you hit send.

    You can use what’s been posted above and INSTANTLY go off now and use it to write better copy.

    In fact, I challenge you to do that

    Is it everything you need to know?

    Fuck no.

    That can’t be crammed into an email lol

    But it’s exactly what you need to give yourself an edge and make your next piece of copy just that little bit punchier and nudge a few more sales across the line

    The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

    Looking to go a little deeper but pennies are tight?

    Here’s a list of books is what I class as a perfect starter pack for copywriting

    1 – Ben Settles Big Book Of Business
    2 – Doberman Dan’s ‘Rookie Copywriters Survival Guide – Make 6 Figures With Little Or No Experience
    3. The Boron Letters
    4. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook
    5. Words That Sell

    Those five ^^^ will give you a solid foundation so you can boost your income.

    Want to bypass baby-steps and go all in?

    Then the Copy Course is what you need to rapidly up your game.

    This is for anyone who wants to take fast action and start selling more right away.

    As with everything I do – it’s all about giving you guys the simplest actionable advice so you can get what you need and go do.

    If you’ve invested the time reading this post, you know that upleveling your copywriting is a key step you need to take to grow your income and impact.

    The above?

    Useful AF!

    Wanna get there quicker?

    This is what we cover

    -Writing a Headline (and getting attention)

    -Understanding People’s Wants, Desires, And Needs (Once You Get Humans Life Becomes A Lot More Fun)

    -How To Tell A Story Which Moves To ACTION

    -Crafting An Irresistible Offer (Which People You To Take Your Money)

    -Getting Good FAST

    -How To Make Money As A Copywriter (If You Actually Use This & Don’t Get Paid… You’re Dumb lol)

    And, so much more…

    I also invited some of my good friends and some of the best in the game to give you a few lessons as guest experts

    We’ve got everything covered…

    Whether you’re looking to improve your own copy, or start offering copywriting as a service, the copywriting course has all you need to get up to speed fast.

    If ya want it? Its £495 (or 3 x £195 split pay)


    If not


    Print the above out, save it – wherever – but ACTION it first and foremost

    Its useful stuff AND IT WORKS

    Anyways thats it from me today, hope y’all doing well

    Lockdown is kinda the new norm eh?

    (NOT forever, but you know what I mean)

    You’ll see post from the rest of the team (via me) that will cover:

    – podcasts
    – FB ads
    – sales
    – content/video creation
    – systems/hidden cash


    I’ll be announcing the training that I have planned for you in CWD tomorrow

    Y’all having a good week so far!


    P.S. I have two peeps who have been ‘in the shadow’ that I have been mentoring in copy for quite some time

    If you have any copy work (sales pages, email marketing or launches), critique or strategy needed

    Let me know, I can hook you up

    Plus I’ve got those who are epic with paid traffic if you need more eyeballs

    Occasionally I do some copy projects too so if you have something extra tasty for me to get my teeth into I might have a play myself 😉

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  • REASONS TO JOIN EWD post #2 of 4

    I’m not gonna twist anyone’s arm to get in there.

    If you want in?


    If you don’t?

    Also cool

    I’m just gonna use these posts to tell you something about EWD every day this week until Friday and you can make up your own mind

    After that?

    Ain’t saying a thing about it for a long time

    Today, I wanted to tell you specifically what is happening over there in the next 3 months stating next Monday

    First up

    The team and I have put our heads together and come up with:

    ‘The 90 Day Extra Care Package”

    Obviously, I can’t tell you how long this current shit storm is gonna last

    But, it seems like 3 months is a good place to start

    That is why, if you join now you only have to commit to 3 months, (not a year like normal)

    After 3 months?

    You’re more than welcome to stay on a monthly basis, or, if you want, you can leave.

    No hard feelings

    And that is why we’ve put together this 90 Day Extra Care package.

    So that YOU know from the outset that everything you need is gonna be freely available for you

    You’ll know that we’ve got your back.

    So as well as all the “normal” EWD good stuff

    We’ll be doing Hot Seats twice a month (live coaching) and Zoom calls twice weekly

    My team have all been prepped and are raring to go, above and beyond the norm (and the norm is pretty fucking good anyway)

    See, the plan is not just to help you survive this.

    The plan is to help you THRIVE

    The second thing that’ll be happening shortly, will be ‘The Virtual ExtravaDANza’

    Every year, we have an in person event, last year was the extravaganza down in Brighton

    This year we had planned to do something similar in or around Bristol

    I was going to call it the ‘ExtravaDANza’ coz #notrightinthehead

    But guess what happened?

    We all get grounded for 3 months.

    So sometime toward the back end of April/start of May we will do my take of a virtual summit (aka better and more fun)

    If you’re part of EWD then you will get access to the event

    It’s gonna be RIDIK

    A whole day of experts giving you their best stuff

    And you don’t even have to leave your living room?

    An online gathering of hundreds of people in their pants.

    But maybe not as….unusual as that sounds!


    When this viral fuckery has ended there will be an IRL event

    Not sure when or where yet, but it will be a chance for us to all get together, get shit done, and have a bit of a party.

    Even if you decide to leave before that happens? As long as you sign up to EWD now, your place is booked.

    So there you have it, a couple more reasons to be in

    And if you want a link to join?

    It’s on the pic

    If you want a more personal touch?

    Send me a DM and I’ll send you a link



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  • There are LOTS of changes in life and how you adapt AND move forward will be key to your future success

    How you may of done business until the coronal shit show may have completely changed – but there is nothing you can do about the past; ALL you can do is take action NOW to change the future
    Whether you like it or not – this is the situation we are in

    If you can keep your head straight? You WILL come out the other side

    If everything has gone nipples north? Then I feel for you – one of my physical businesses had to close for now as well

    But after the intimate pity party, we just got on with it and made a bad situation pretty fucking good
    If you need help? Now is NOT the time to bury your head in the sand – now is the time to invest in YOU and YOUR skills (free or paid) and figure out how you can not survive but THRIVE on the other side

    (Ask for help and seek out those who can shorten the journey to getting where you need to go)

    As someone who has been ‘online’ for several years this is NORMAL for me – but for many of you it’s alien

    If you need some ideas you have my group too help you

    If you want more help and have some £ spare you have my coaching group ‘Espresso With Dan’ or you’re welcome to DM me if you need a pointer or two

    This is life right now; so come to terms with it – as best you can – get guidance, then get GOING

    Good luck 😘

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  • 20 Apr

    How I Face Tough Times

    Blog Post

    A life lesson about (eventual) success

    A trait of mine is resilience

    Ain’t the smartest or most gifted or whatever


    I can take a physical or emotional kicking better than most people I know


    It was not always this way

    I was a weak, timid, fearful young man that would actively do anything to avoid pain or confrontation or stress

    Now? I fucking THRIVE off it


    Because I can only say this after a) experiencing, b) enduring and then c) succeed AFTER I’ve been through the shit

    One thing that is so often overlooked is the ability to endure

    The ability to keep going when you don’t want to

    And – in my case – borderline probably psychiatric disorder in the ability to stay positive no matter how many beatings I get

    Life is an absolute bastard at time’s

    My January was pure hell; I honestly don’t know how I managed it TBH and I my say this now OUT THE OTHER SIDE but I had to because so many people rely on me

    So I didn’t bitch or moan just did what needed to be done

    (If you keep going) Hard times create strong people and as much as I hated periods in my life they gave me the resilience and strength to keep going

    Hence now?

    I’m finding this current situation WAY less stressful as compare to January this is nicer

    (Yeah it was that bad…)

    Whatever life is throwing at you now take your beatings and get back up; shit gets easier over time and once you have navigated a few fuckeries you have well of strength and energy to draw on when you need it most

    Time to shine fuckers 😘

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  • As you’ve probably gathered, Espresso With Dan is now open:


    And if you were reading along yesterday, you’ll have seen that this week you’re gonna get one email a day from me, in as NON-hypey as I can way

    You see, normally when we launch EWD?

    Le me goes into full on old school direct response mode

    (I was quite good back in the day 🙃)

    And, because I AM pretty good with the old persuasive words, I can get nudge people who are on the fence to jump off it

    Let’s be clear.

    I have no moral or ethical problem doing this (and neither should you if you if your product/service is sound and helps folks)

    I’m happy to do this I know that the value in EWD is fab

    And if you put a bit of effort in?

    The investment you make will be repaid time and time again

    It would be different if what I was selling was a load of old shit

    But I’m not, so we’re good


    Anyway, like I was saying, this week?

    You’re gonna get some emails from me that will be somewhat whimsical and as non-hypey as I can

    (Very much features as opposed to benefits)

    For 2 reasons

    Regardless of the immense value offered in EWD, now is NOT the time to be strong arming people

    Na fam

    Right now?

    I only want people who are 100% committed to taking their businesses and personal lives to the next level in EWD

    If I go full tilt direct response?

    The vast majority of people that come over will benefit hugely from EWD, but 1 or 2 will only be there because they got carried away and excited

    And right now people need to be sensible and people need to be smart

    Hence at the moment?

    I only want to work with peeps who able and WANT to push THROUGH this shit show WITHOUT breaking their ‘bank’ (financially, mentally or physically)


    Peeps that need a bit of help and direction, but are willing to put the effort in to make it work.

    Everywhere you look right now?

    There’s a LOT of spammy shit being touted

    And I’m a contrarian little arse


    So I’m gonna do it differently

    It’s all about the features baby lol

    Hence today, I want to tell you about THE VAULT

    The Vault is where keep all the good stuff

    About 200 hours of the good stuff in fact.

    Trainings, webinars, round tables on pretty much ANYTHING you could imagine business or personal wise.

    Including 8 end to end courses.

    Subjects include:

    Social Media
    Email MArketing
    Paid advertising
    Family and Relationships

    And that’s just for starters.

    Want access to all that?

    3 months, £285 all in, no ongoing commitment unless you want it

    Here’s comes the link again:




    PS tomorrow is my ‘down day’

    It’s arts and crafts shenanigans with my sister

    I AM available on DM’s all day so any Q’s hit me up


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  • 13 Apr

    Sinner or Saint?

    Blog Post

    Sinner or saint?

    Sis is at best challenging…so I told her the government will arrest us if we don’t go for a walk every day….



    Ultimately though, right now?

    We have to take advantage of everything we can while we can WHILE giving a fuck – more of a fuck than ever before it seems – about each other

    There were a few of us lapping the big lawn – all a good 10 meters apart


    Have to give a fuck in 2020

    Being a selfish just can’t be a thing when it comes to society anymore

    Ya know what

    I’ve defo sinned…

    – some of its been some seriously sticky fun –

    Don’t some shit I regret

    – we all have –

    …but how’s the time to be a bit more of a saint eh

    Look after your loved ones CWD

    Do what you can to make a difference x

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  • Selling through a shitstorm with Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

    The lovely Sarah is going the love coaching in the ‘MAKE BANK’ group tomorrow

    She made this today for everyone

    If you need to sell anything ever?

    Give this a read


    Don’t get in the way of your business…and your customers

    So many people are concerned over selling in this current ‘climate’…

    Lots of people I’m talking to are resistant to ‘making money out of this situation’

    The thing is revenue gives you choices:

    You can scale to increase awareness and help more people.

    You can keep a roof over your own head: remember you need to put your own oxygen mask on first.

    If you can truly help people, meet their needs or simply just make their life that little bit easier for them during this time then why wouldn’t you?

    Nobody is making them buy what you sell, your job is to make them aware of it…and make it as easy as possible to buy if they want to…if they see the value then they will buy.

    If you don’t meet their needs someone else will.

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  • 6 Apr

    Stay At Home Resource #1

    Blog Post

    stay at home resource #1


    With all that’s going on? I’m asking my peeps – online and offline to step up and offer MORE

    More support
    More kindness
    More effort

    You are going to see a LOT of new resources coming your way

    (EWD peeps you have seen some of the new tools and resources coming over the next 12 weeks post ‘MAKE BANK’)

    I’m going to kick off with something that – now – would be a good idea to focus on

    Your fitness

    I asked the boys who run my fitness business to create some ‘at home’ workouts and they are here for you:

    Mobility drills:


    Core circuit


    Legs/core circuit






    Full body workout #1

    At home workout #No.1 .Complete 30 seconds on followed by 30 seconds rest on each exercise (5 minutes per round)…

    Posted by Pure Results Fitness on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    Full body workout #2


    (And I’ll be adding a kettlebell workout later)

    Any questions my boys Andy DavisCameron Shean and Aaron Mason are on hand to help


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  • Today has been…

    …a day

    I’m a huge believer in positivity and fuck it – I’m going to drag as many of you into the light as I fucking well can

    So there

    Times ten

    No matter HOW small – can I hear your wins, good news, positive things

    – anything –

    That makes another smile

    I’ll go first:

    – I got DOOM eternal after 3 years waiting
    – helped a mum feed her baby for a month
    – got dad all his emergency medicine so now he feels better
    – got my sister a plan to help he stay happy
    – supported a local business
    – gave away 4 hours of my time helping those who needed it
    – signed up 3 new peeps to EWD
    – a follower send me a nude as a thanks for all my hard work
    – 700 people now coming into the challenge
    – cheered up my boys who run my gym and moved forward new business launch
    – I ate pizza


    LOTS I found when I took the time to be GRATEFUL

    How’s about you?

    Share some good shit!

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how to be f*cking awesome




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