• 26 Jul

    Consistency In Action

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    Really, how far are you prepared to go to ‘make it’ I mean really now?

    My online business has seen me travel of 55,000 miles across the pond and back again, as well as Christ knows how many flights internal.

    When I went to my first mastermind – I had $400 in my pocket, and an Amex card.

    That was it.

    The event



    The works

    I whacked on the card and trusted myself with that focus (worked out to be $11000 ish from memory) I would find the money to make it back.

    Did I have any idea how?

    Did I fuck

    But one thing I’ve noticed as soon as I invested that money my mindset switched from ‘how the hell can I afford this’ to ‘ok now I need to find $11000’

    The result?

    I made around $17,000 that month

    Actually could afford to do something AND pay off some debts 🙂

    It was not just my online endeavours that I have done this in.

    When I was a headhunter, I remember going to trade shows and events that were for my industry (technology, fmcg, defence) and NOT recruiter events – at the bar, by myself – forced myself to shake hands, say hello and make the connections that made my career.

    Fitness Buisness?

    In the gym I would walk the floor 16 hours a day, getting a minimum of 20 contacts per day, 6 days a week = 50+ hours within 5 weeks EVERY time I have done it.

    My own facility?

    I sold PT door to door.


    I found the wealth my streets and knocked on door after door selling my services.

    Oh, and me and my little team door stepped every business, school, coffee shop, supermarket and EVERY SINGLE DAY made the effort to get out and meet people even though we didn’t know what would come of it.

    And that’s the thing.

    Until you TRY you don’t know what’s going to happen!

    Anyone one promising to 10X your clients, triple your profit or have you fully booked in X days (talking the ads we see daily on the feed)

    Is talking a pile of shit

    Be user unless they know you, your business, your needs etc – how can they make such blanket statements?!

    You know what does work?





    Every single day you need to invest time into your time and business to move the needle further more.

    Do this every day, for enough days – and provided you have a service or product people want?

    You will achieve a degree of success.

    It’s that simple.

    Which is why, with my trusty porter 46 in hand I am going to spend 13 hours in the sky, jet lag the shit out of myself, come back next Monday feeling like a bag of dicks JUST to spend 4 days locked away on a mountain top with 100 entrepreneurs.

    Do I know if anything good is going to come off it?


    Will something good come off it?

    One day, I 100% guarantee it.

    How can I say that?

    Well all I need is one idea, one connection, one little ‘spark’ and I promise you I will add considerable profit to my bottom line.

    Because I will take action.

    I will make the effort.

    I lay it out before you everything that I do, just copy me! Fuck steal away I don’t care – if it improves your life go for it!

    So while I’m in the sky, have a ponder – when was the last time you took a bit of a risk, did something that isn’t in your comfort zone and just thought ‘fuck it’ and went for it?

    My challenge to you is today, do just that

    See you on the flip side…..


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  • 22 Jul


    Blog Post

    GRATITUDE (and a challenge for you, if your game….)

    ^^^ I see that a LOT online, and people talk about it a lot but I wonder how many ACTUALLY show it – and will explain this turbo-fruity pic in a sec

    What do I mean by that?

    Well it’s pretty simple really…when did you last take a moment to thank someone, to be grateful, for something they did or for being in your life?

    It could be your partner…

    It could be a member of your family…

    It could be a client (for investing in you)…

    It could be your coach/mentor for supporting/helping you…

    It could be an employee or contractor for doing a great piece of work…

    But why not pick up the phone and call them, send them a message, shoot them a video – your choice

    And just thank them for whatever it is they have done

    I did this with my parents, mentor, and a few close friends lately. There was NO agenda, I just felt that these people deserved a moment of my time to let them know how much I appreciated them, what they have done for me….and what they have tolerated ha!

    Which brings me to this picture, now Pat Divilly is a fair bit deeper than me, but we had a great weekend – honestly It was good to just kick back and have some fun (there wasn’t a work agenda)

    But as we were waiting for Big Papa Nige to take us to Bristol airport, he came back upstairs with a bottle of Goose and a thank you card (gloriously pink) to thank me for hosting him

    ^^^ honestly I was made up by this!

    So think how you could make someone else day, and think how that in turn makes YOU feel

    This is especially powerful if you are in a little bit of a funk yourself

    Be grateful

    Let people know

    So the challenge?

    Pick 5 people

    Send ‘em a message WHY you are grateful for them being in your life (in whatever capacity, and it doesn’t have to be all emotional and shit – could just be thanking them for what they have done with/for you)

    Let me know what happens?


    PS The Pic? Well Pat’s s tough Irishman, so I decided to make it as camp as possible just because it looks deeply wrong….enjoy!

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  • 21 Jul

    An Abundant Mindset

    Blog Post

    Abundance (and my take on it – episode link at bottom)

    Its a word that gets banded around a lot like clarity, passion and what have you

    But whats YOUR take on it?

    I used to be horrifically scarcity minded, saving for what **might** happen….but often didn’t

    As soon as I realised there are more money and opportunities than I could EVER possibly realise is when my life truly changed

    Someone sets up a ‘Coffee with X’?

    NO problem

    Someone sets up a new Gym in my town near my facility?

    NO problem

    One of my clients (copy or coaching) goes to work with someone else?

    NO problem


    Because there are MORE than enough people and pennies to go around!

    The thing that can’t be replaced is YOU

    Thats the ‘secret sauce’

    And if someone goes elsewhere?

    Then you have served your purpose, and the NEXT person, place or business they go to is what serves THEM better

    Bets thing that has happened to me?

    I am NOT attached to the outcome

    If it goes my way, or not

    Im really not worried



    If I lose a partner, colleague, business opportunity – whatever – its all good! There will be another 🙂

    My RAS (reticular activating system) will kick in and Ill soon be spotting the opportunities and connections and will be back on track in no time

    There is truly, 100% more out there than you could possible hope to claim for yourself, let go of the issues and go get what is yours

    you don’t need permission

    you don’t need to ask

    there are no forms you need to fill out or committees to get approval

    Just go get whats rightfully yours, because I promise you if you approach it with an abundant mindset – you WILL get it 🙂



    Listen to Podcast:


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  • 19 Jul

    Fucking Be More!!!

    Blog Post

    What do YOU accept?

    This is an extract from THE book that flipped my switch almost exactly two years ago:

    ‘What To Do When Its Your Turn – And Its Always Your Turn’

    This page, was one that I have tried to live by since I read it

    Can you think up a better list than this?

    I know I cant

    ME and Pat Divilly chatted about where we were and the journeys that we have both had to get to where we are

    Has it been easy?

    Has it balls!

    But thats the thing, each of us had ‘something’ inside us that drove us forward, to want to make a difference – but could we tell you what it was to start with?

    I don’t know about Pat, but I knew I couldn’t

    Take a moment


    Have you always ‘felt’ you were destined for more, yet right now you arrant realising it?

    Well guess what

    That’s EXACTLY how I felt for most of my adult life, and still to a degree feel it now. Honestly If I wake up in the night for a pee, find myself in a queue, on hold on the phone, walking to the shops


    That comes into my head

    It permeates my very ‘being’ as it were, in fact its all I often find myself thinking about






    I keep hearing the phrase its not about the destination, its about the journey (and have written a long assed blog post about that Ill share sometime) – but I am inclined to disagree

    I want to get to the destination, and I want to get there as fast as possible and have as much fun, and do as much good shit as I can

    And when I get there?

    I take a few ‘metaphorical moments’ to enjoy myself, get my bearings, plot a new course on my ‘map’ and set course for the nest destination

    I don’t see life as a journey, I see it as a series of destinations that I have decided to visit – and its up to me – and me alone to get there

    And as long as I can follow these little guidelines, I think Im doing ok

    So if there is a little voice inside you telling you to be more

    Then fucking be more!

    You need NO, zero, none, fuck all permissions to ‘go for it’ – that’s what held me up for years and years; waiting for someone to say ‘its OK, you can do the thing’

    You don’t need that

    You just need to DO

    Today, if you are in this position – take some time to think what you could do if all the perceived obstacles, fears, shitty thoughts and ‘stuff’ that is holding you back was removed

    What would you do next?

    Write that shit down

    Then tomorrow, you do it

    You in?

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  • 4 May

    It’s All Your Fault

    Blog Post

    Two words that can change your world


    When you master those two? I believe you can truly be in control of your life AND your future/destiny


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  • 3 May

    The 60/30/10 Strategy

    Blog Post

    Here’s how I scale and grow businesses.

    I use the 60/30/10 method for picking and choosing what I work on(along with what I call ‘blast and cruise’ and the 12-week year principle)to:
    . gauge profit

    . success and ultimately

    . freedom


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  • 3 May

    Blast & Cruise

    Blog Post

    What could YOU do in 28 days?
    I have realised lately that I CAN’T work with people (closely,as in 121)for long periods of time…
    Because if they can’tdo it in a month, or at the MOST 3 months?
    In my opinion…
    They are lazy as fuck!!
    I have a system called ‘blast and cruise’.
    I truly think we (as humans) are limited by our own stupid fuckingbrain that tell us what CAN’T be done…instead of realising the fucking POWER we have above ournecks to be able to achieve ANY shit we desire.
    The best things I have achieved in:
    . life

    . business

    . health
    I have had a fast, aggressive, focussed turnaround -and as a result? THAT SHIT WORKED!
    Look, I am truly fucking pissed off with the towering cockjockeys online who promise the earth and as soon as you pay?
    They vanish!
    I will HAVE to tell you the story of the c*nts who took my for my LAST $1000 and then vanished with their shitty ‘online MBA’ programme… that reminds me, I need to look those cocks up and let them know I’m not a little bitch anymore!
    So here’s the thing
    (It’s the reason why I came up with my GRITprogramme. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s not)
    Iguarantee if you fucking FOCUS for 28 days, you can achieve some epic shit.

    THINK what you could achieve if you actually went balls/ovaries deep?
    . how much weight could you lose if it’s ALL YOU FOCUSSED ON

    . how much business could you generate if it’s ALL YOU FOCUSSED ON

    . how great could your relationships be if it’s ALL YOU FOCUSSED ON
    28 days…
    Make a decision.
    Shit or get off the pot.
    End of.

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  • Want to know how to grow your business without being a cock:
    . make an effort
    Invite someone for dinner and fucking pay-send someone a book they will like-bust your balls and travel to see them -like 5000 miles of bastard effort
    . stop being so fucking serious
    All my best work and connections have been at the bar or at the beach-have some fucking fun
    . have some humility
    We all start somewhere-but not being a suck up and being genuinelyinterested in PEOPLE goes a long way -don’t act Bertie Bigballs even when you are.
    . stop bitching
    It’s fucking easy to bitch about X or Y who are doing Z-why not focus on building your own tribe, your own brand and stop caring so much about what other people are doing.
    . back yourself
    Remember, no-one is going to save you –no-one is going to do it for you -you’re going to have to step up and do it for yourself self sooner or later.
    . be prepared to not be liked
    Simply put, people will give you shit at sometimes–I have heard this more than once.But if you are not being criticised,you probably aren’t marketing hard enough or are being too passive.

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  • 3 May

    Shiny Object Syndrome

    Blog Post

    Want to change the world?
    Here we go….
    Me and a good friend of mine have a good laugh seeing social updateslike…
    We watch.
    World stays relatively the same.
    The thing is,what a lot of people don’t get is, as you get further along in your career, unless you are a towering arsehole,you often become friends with people who -to all intents and purposes -are yourcompetitors.
    The person we referenced in our chat has reached out to me, my friend here (and a few others multiple times) and NEVER pulled the trigger on anything.
    Hence, nearly two years since I first came across this person, they are still doing the same thing…
    Hopping from
    . mentor to

    . coach to

    . system to

    . mastermind…
    Yet still doing what they were doing 2 years ago.
    I’m not sure about you, but 2 years seems like a lot of time to waste doesn’t it?
    So why not try this?
    . pick ONE coach -do exactly what they say

    . pick ONE course -implement the fuck out of it

    . pick ONE group -learn all you can from it

    . pick ONE business book -implement the big idea
    Just try it
    I know for a fact,I HAVE to learn from multiple places as it’smy job to bring what I know to you.
    However, unlike the person we were having a friendly giggle at, I will implement like fucking crazy.
    Imperfect action beats ideas every damned time!
    There is a reason I keep using the phrase ‘go balls deep’.
    Firstly, it’sVERY enjoyable!)
    Secondly,get a rough idea of what you need to do, get some quick research done and just fucking go for it.
    The amount of things I have done (my gym, COFFEE and Espresso with Dan, mastermind, event, books, speaking) that I have NEVER done before -but got the basics dialled in and then just pulled the trigger.
    All in.
    Balls deep.
    Trust me if you start DOING more than THINKING, you will be amazed where you will be 2 years’ time!
    Not saving ‘the lizard people’for starters….
    P.S.nothing against the vegans, you know me and that woo woo bollocks though 😉

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