• 6 Apr

    The Birth Of #BeMoreDan

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    ^^^ I’ve decided to make this a thing -care to join me?
    Firstly, I have not let anything get to my head.

    A few folks used this in a thread -namely what would they do is they were me or had me there telling them what to do

    Apparently, saying ‘fuck it’ and just doing it anyways is the short and simple summation.

    How would I define myself then?

    Well, definitely a work in progress but the more ‘DAN’ I am -they better my life gets! (more…)

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    Here’s the thing… people won’t understand what the fuck you are doing, or why you are doing it.

    You will be told (more than once) to get a proper job.

    At times, you will be isolated as fuck, and riddled with self -doubt.

    People who you loved/cared for/respected as industry friends and peers will turn on you,block you, bitch about you and generally surprise you by their actions.

    This hurts more than you can imagine. (more…)

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  • Its a word that gets banded around a lot like clarity, passion and what have you

    But whats YOUR take on it?

    I used to be horrifically scarcity minded, saving for what **might** happen….but often didn’t

    As soon as I realised there are more money and opportunities than I could EVER possibly realise is when my life truly changed

    Someone sets up a ‘Coffee with X’?

    NO problem

    Someone sets up a new Gym in my town near my facility?

    NO problem

    One of my clients (copy or coaching) goes to work with someone else?

    NO problem


    Because there are MORE than enough people and pennies to go around!

    The thing that can’t be replaced is YOU

    Thats the ‘secret sauce’

    And if someone goes elsewhere?

    Then you have served your purpose, and the NEXT person, place or business they go to is what serves THEM better

    Bets thing that has happened to me?

    I am NOT attached to the outcome

    If it goes my way, or not

    Im really not worried



    If I lose a partner, colleague, business opportunity – whatever – its all good! There will be another 🙂

    My RAS (reticular activating system) will kick in and Ill soon be spotting the opportunities and connections and will be back on track in no time

    There is truly, 100% more out there than you could possible hope to claim for yourself, let go of the issues and go get what is yours

    you don’t need permission

    you don’t need to ask

    there are no forms you need to fill out or committees to get approval

    Just go get whats rightfully yours, because I promise you if you approach it with an abundant mindset – you WILL get it 🙂




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  • Follow your passion? How about create a product or service that people want, to a viably sized audience – and serve them at your highest level, doing something your trainings/skilled at that you enjoy too?

    This was snatched from a thread, but tickled me so I HAD to share – love to hear your thoughts?! Should be a good conversation

    (Thank you Sean Kaye – stolen with no regard and a micro edit ha)

    I look at it this way, you’re a grown man/woman, you own your shit. If you want to jump out of the plane and put your parachute on during the free fall, that’s on you. If you want to walk to the pub and have a pint not wearing pants, that’s you call.

    I think there’s a cottage industry of muppets and dickbags who are telling people to follow their dreams for personal financial gain and I detest that.

    Selling results and showing people how to do something is hard work and the people who sell the hope message are the antithesis of hard working. Selling results polarizes people because you know what? Some people suck at life and aren’t good enough. So they fail and nobody ever blames themselves and they end up blaming the person who sold them a result.

    On the other hand, hope is amorphous. It is almost in endless supply and nobody ever fails, they just haven’s succeeded yet.

    You didn’t ask someone’s permission, you just got on with it.

    My gripe is with the hope pedlars.

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  • ***Daily Dose Of Dan***

    Do you ever get filled with envy? Racked with jealousy?

    I know I do from times to time, its something that I have learned to control – but thats the problem with human emotions: they are little fuckers 😉

    When I was trying to ‘make it’ I would sometimes look at people who it seemed so easy for and think:

    ‘its OK for them, they have XXXX’

    Then as I took time to get to know them, I realised many had overcome similar struggles, pains and issues as I had when I started to catch them up

    Now, from where I am now a while ago I found myself comparing myself to some my clients, friends, colleagues and thinking I was a complete and utter piece of shit

    A fraud

    A failure


    That it was all going to be taken away from me

    My ’15 minutes of fame’ was over

    Do not pass go

    Do not collect £200

    (see, told you I was a normal person too!)

    When you see people doing $250,000 weekends….£100k webinar launches….groups a fraction of the size of yours seemingly buzzing….people with crazy hot and awesome partners happy as shit….great social circles….amazing kids a body to DIE for….sports cars, mansions with infinity pools….

    You name it, all the things that you **may** want, but yet for some reason they have it

    Hard not to let the green eyed monster out for an angry spin, eh?

    What a bitch/bastard they are?

    Fuck em, right?

    Well, er, no

    Thats where this book comes in. Was recommended to me be one of the few people that I will never question, Brian Kurtz.

    Its called the origin of Illness

    Now its quite a read, but in essence, is thus:

    ‘Drawing on 30 years of clinical research, this book asserts that envy is humankind’s primary pathology, the root of all ills’


    Pretty powerful concept eh?

    But think about how being envious (or jealous) makes you feel……

    Pretty shit right?

    And that shitty feeling spills out all over the place! Like ten pounds of shit in an eight pound bag, it ruins your thoughts, conversations, plans – you name it

    Little shit

    Yet thats all it is – a feeling, but one that is so powerful that its often hard to ignore, especially as you can’t often see what its taken that person to achieve what YOU desire

    You don’t know what sacrifices they have made

    You don’t know what THEY are envious of

    You don’t know how THEY feel when they lie down at night

    People are like bloody icebergs, unless you get close to them – you will only ever get to see whats on the surface – 10% – with the other 90% under the water

    Very few people know what demons we are dealing with – and maybe you have none – and thats great

    But I am guessing thats rare as rocking horse shit 😉

    But what I have learned to do is this

    If I see someone that has the life I want…

    The business I want…

    The body I want…

    The happiness I want…

    The relationship I want….

    Instead of getting envious

    I say:



    Sounds simple, but the best way to obliterate any form of envy is befriend the person, learn from them, model (not steal), perhaps invest in some of their time, and then bring it in to your own world

    That, and unfollow anyone that triggers you, leave groups that piss you off, don’t involve yourself in shit that doesn’t bother you

    you can’t be me

    I can’t be you

    Thats the beautiful thing when you start to let go of envy, you realise that there is a fuck tonne of stuff out there – I hate to say this – but whatever it is you want IS abundant

    You just need to be you, focus on you…DO YOU

    There are things that you can do that will piss on any of my attempts, and likewise I will have things that I can kick your ass on

    Thats just life

    We can’t all be awesome at the same stuff, how dull would that be.

    So if you see someone with the life or assets your want, don’t get envious – let it go – simply focus on your talents, learn what you can – and do your thang

    Life is one big game, no point looking at the other players and hating them – sometimes they are going to beat you – and sometimes you are going to beat them

    Is what it is 🙂

    Thats it from philosophical Dan today

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  • 23 Feb

    Being Fearless

    Blog Post

    I love doing “AMAs” – Ask me anything sessions.

    Here’s one question that I was asked that I loved.

    And the answer surprised even me!

    I wrote it pretty much without thinking… (more…)

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  • Dan Meredith Productivity Blog Post

    “Doing work for work’s sake is f**king stupid”

    Me (Dan Meredith)

    You cannot get on my level (being f**king awesome) without being super productive. It’s the cornerstone of my philosophy and quite literally how I have built my career.


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  • Doorman Tip

    Remember where you once were, but understand it doesn’t define you

    The case in the right contains the first £10 that I was given (as a tip as a doorman) when I lost everything (more…)

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  • 30 Nov

    Going The Extra Mile

    Blog Post

    Going The Extra Mile

    The power of going the extra mile

    This week is a pretty special week for me, I get to speak to one of my first ever mentors Mr Ryan Levesque‘s MASSIVE community about what I do (more…)

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