• I have lost count of the amount of times I have spoken to some truly talented people,who have this ‘great idea’ that they have been working on for months, if not years.
    Yet I have never seen it:

    • could be a book
    • could be a digital product
    • could be a physical business

    But it stays in the planning stages for, well, ever.

    These are the people that are going to look back one day and think…


    Why didn’t I just do it?

    So far,on my travels and having met all the clever and successful peeps I have,none of the buggers really had a clue that they would be doing what they were doing now.

    They took an idea, did some research, then went in…

    I have in the last year set up a total of 8 business ventures, and 4 of them (gym/studio, iamthefitnesscopywriter.com, Coffee with Danand my coaching business) have been a success.

    The other 4?


    Went nipples north.

    The thing is I used to be attached to failure -when things went wrong I thought I was a screw up.


    I have a simple system.

    I give myself 12 weeks / 90 days to do the following:

    • research
    • launch
    • make a profit
    • automate
    • step back

    If after 90 days I’m doing too many hours, it’snot profitable and quite frankly if it’s annoying me?

    I tank it.

    Shut up shop.

    Move on.

    There is no emotional attachment to it -I mean you can’t hit a home run every time right?

    12 weeks, 3 months, 90 days -from start to finish.

    Easy and peasy.

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  • 25 Apr

    Just Say No

    Blog Post

    One of the BEST pieces of advice I can give you is:
    95% of opportunities say ‘NO’ to

    With a caveat…
    I had been 100% guilty of saying ‘YES’to everything and when you start out it’s mega-tempting to say yes to everything -especially when the coffers are empty:

    • do you want to JV on this
    • let’s launch this new product
    • how about we pitch X to Y
    • podcast, should definitely be doing more podcasts
    • and so on

    There comes a point where there is only so much of you to go around -and you can become something I learned about in my headhunting days -a ‘busy fool’. (more…)

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  • 20 Apr

    Remember Where You Came From

    Blog Post

    Sometimes,I get a bolt out of the blue that reminds me of the humble beginnings of my entrepreneurial journey…

    What am I talking about?

    Well how does the idea of turning sideways and Indiana Jones style inching along the wall to get INTO the shower cubicle sound like?

    Or having 8 mini heaters in the winter, wearing jumpers and tracksuit bottoms to bed?

    How about sharing your living space with every shape,size and speed of spider known to man?

    How about banging your head EVERY FUCKING NIGHT when you go to bed?

    Or pooling your cash together to figure out of you had enough to get food the next day, and rushing into Morrison’s just before closing when you realised you had enough to buy yourself a treat for a quid from the reduced section?

    Sound fun? (more…)

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  • This is a recent ‘philosophy’ that I have been trying to live my life by, and its rather simple to be honest – and as a result my happiness as gone up many times over.

    But since going online there is this insidious ‘underbelly’ that is really starting to get on my tits – and there are some sneaky little shits that out there.

    You see with my philosophy? Its VERY simple: (more…)

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  • 8 Apr

    Schmooze Like A Pro

    Blog Post

    Effort, goes a long way.

    In this online world, it’s super easy to send a FB message, an email or a cheeky tweet.

    But to offer to drive/train/fly to meet someone for a coffee?

    It’s -sigh, sorry for using this phrase -next level stuff. (more…)

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  • 6 Apr

    The Birth Of #BeMoreDan

    Blog Post


    ^^^ I’ve decided to make this a thing -care to join me?
    Firstly, I have not let anything get to my head.

    A few folks used this in a thread -namely what would they do is they were me or had me there telling them what to do

    Apparently, saying ‘fuck it’ and just doing it anyways is the short and simple summation.

    How would I define myself then?

    Well, definitely a work in progress but the more ‘DAN’ I am -they better my life gets! (more…)

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    Here’s the thing… people won’t understand what the fuck you are doing, or why you are doing it.

    You will be told (more than once) to get a proper job.

    At times, you will be isolated as fuck, and riddled with self -doubt.

    People who you loved/cared for/respected as industry friends and peers will turn on you,block you, bitch about you and generally surprise you by their actions.

    This hurts more than you can imagine. (more…)

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  • Its a word that gets banded around a lot like clarity, passion and what have you

    But whats YOUR take on it?

    I used to be horrifically scarcity minded, saving for what **might** happen….but often didn’t

    As soon as I realised there are more money and opportunities than I could EVER possibly realise is when my life truly changed

    Someone sets up a ‘Coffee with X’?

    NO problem

    Someone sets up a new Gym in my town near my facility?

    NO problem

    One of my clients (copy or coaching) goes to work with someone else?

    NO problem


    Because there are MORE than enough people and pennies to go around!

    The thing that can’t be replaced is YOU

    Thats the ‘secret sauce’

    And if someone goes elsewhere?

    Then you have served your purpose, and the NEXT person, place or business they go to is what serves THEM better

    Bets thing that has happened to me?

    I am NOT attached to the outcome

    If it goes my way, or not

    Im really not worried



    If I lose a partner, colleague, business opportunity – whatever – its all good! There will be another 🙂

    My RAS (reticular activating system) will kick in and Ill soon be spotting the opportunities and connections and will be back on track in no time

    There is truly, 100% more out there than you could possible hope to claim for yourself, let go of the issues and go get what is yours

    you don’t need permission

    you don’t need to ask

    there are no forms you need to fill out or committees to get approval

    Just go get whats rightfully yours, because I promise you if you approach it with an abundant mindset – you WILL get it 🙂




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  • Follow your passion? How about create a product or service that people want, to a viably sized audience – and serve them at your highest level, doing something your trainings/skilled at that you enjoy too?

    This was snatched from a thread, but tickled me so I HAD to share – love to hear your thoughts?! Should be a good conversation

    (Thank you Sean Kaye – stolen with no regard and a micro edit ha)

    I look at it this way, you’re a grown man/woman, you own your shit. If you want to jump out of the plane and put your parachute on during the free fall, that’s on you. If you want to walk to the pub and have a pint not wearing pants, that’s you call.

    I think there’s a cottage industry of muppets and dickbags who are telling people to follow their dreams for personal financial gain and I detest that.

    Selling results and showing people how to do something is hard work and the people who sell the hope message are the antithesis of hard working. Selling results polarizes people because you know what? Some people suck at life and aren’t good enough. So they fail and nobody ever blames themselves and they end up blaming the person who sold them a result.

    On the other hand, hope is amorphous. It is almost in endless supply and nobody ever fails, they just haven’s succeeded yet.

    You didn’t ask someone’s permission, you just got on with it.

    My gripe is with the hope pedlars.

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