This is something I see all the bloody time and coming from someone who WANTS TO DO ALL OF THE THINGS ALL OF THE TIME LOL LETS BUY A NERF GUN YAY COFFEE OOOH LETS GO FOR A MOTORBIKE RIDE 

    1. Find a human (ideally one who has a) done the thing you have done before or b) is patient AF and will deal with your busy assed brain)

    2. Tell said human ALL OF THE THINGS that you need to do. Get them to write it down 

    3. Bugger off for a bit, do something, crack one-off, have a nap, ride your motorbike like a fucking mental patient (whatever tickles your pickle)

    4. Read ya list figure out the shit that makes you money NOW, thats a priority – do that 

    5. Then look at the lost and figure out which shit is doing ya fucking head in and if you just got rid of the bastards you could CTFO – do then 

    6. Repeat 4 & 5 over and over again 

    7. ALL THE WINS 

    I wish it was more complicated but you simply need a spare human, some paper and to stop being a plum and DO SHIT

    *******back to 2020 Dan********

    All of the above?

    Still true but what I have found to work for my clients now is:

    1 – they tell me all their things 

    2 – I them what to do (3-5 things tops)

    3 – layer that weekly and increase volume

    4 – tell them no more than yes (if busy brained) and inspire/motivate/punishment/rewards if need to do more work


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  • What would you recommend to someone who wants to be a life coach

    Now before I go ANY further…



    There’s a LOT of coaches in here and yes, I DO still believe what I said in my book – that personally I think you have to have lived a life (and probably fucked up a bit time to time to learn some lessons lol) 

    But an old school friend reached out and they want to do this PROPERLY 

    They are looking to invested in some acredited courses, as well as books 

    I would class them as a ‘natural’

    What I mean by that is some coaches are book/course taught and some people are just naturally good at getting the best out of people

    I fall into the latter but did some trainings etc just to polish me off

    I’ve given my advice

    Anything you would add for them to truly make a success of this?

    They are very human focussed and is the person everyone goes to for help

    I said why not make a few quid out of it too

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  • 19 Oct

    My Favorite Apps

    Blog Post

    What apps CANT you live without now? (Drop a screenshot below)

    These are mine

    Productive is perhaps one of the most elegant and simple habit forming apps I’ve used

    (And I’ve tried a LOT)

    It’s very intuitive and after a few weeks of back/forth I now have a morning/daytime/evening routine NAILED that is keeping me on track

    My goals are more health/wellness related atm but I will be using it for business

    The second one is GoWod

    I’ve moaned about being inflexible for AGES and bought several routines and programmes – but found them a bit repetitive and didnt ‘grab’ me as much as I like

    GoWod caters for my need for change (it gives me different routines every time) and now after 5 weeks – combined with my other modalities – I am pain free in areas that have been causing me shit for years 

    What about you? 

    What apps should your fellow entrepreneurs know about?

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  • 16 Oct

    Disconnect To Reconnect

    Blog Post

    Reconnect with nature, disconnect from life and come back swinging

    Lately I’ve been mildly obsessed with my mindfulness

    I’m pretty good at such things, but part of the healing ive been doing post the goats passing is has been throwing myself into how to be a better dan

    From business to life to relationships to health to happiness – learning what works and applying it to my life (so I can share it with you) has become a happy little obsession 

    I’ll be sharing what I find works as I test it on me, and get results

    Whether than be things that grow my bank account of brain

    – I’ll share here –

    I’m tracking results/data where I can but the first one I wanted to share is (as long as you can travel/get acces to it) has been one of the simplest and cheapest ones that has had a profound effect on me

    It’s simply getting back into nature

    We have – as a species – disconnected so much from the natural world it’s a bit scary

    We spend so much time away from plants and trees and animals and rocks and seas it’s a bit worrying

    I’ve read a few books on this lately; there’s some product studies that show the negative effects from not being – time to time – in the natural world…

    …and some profound effects of being in it

    For me?

    Downloading some songs that put me in a good mood (certain songs tend trigger me about 

    ), banging my phone into airplane mode and just wandering around a forest or park or seashore

    – whatever you have – 

    Just find Green n blue shit And get amongst it

    It’s been shown to be super beneficial for your mental health, happiness, it’s great for kids and your health overall

    That and I tend to have so many ideas and get so much clarity when I go adventuring in the shrubbery and what have you

    Really please give it a go, like I said above, it has so many carry overs to all areas of your life 

    – feel free to bring a positive human as well –

    Costs so little

    Pays out so much

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  • 12 Oct

    You Will Get There

    Blog Post

    Get up/get going 

    As promised this week is going to be content heavy (and also going to be sharing some things from the team too)

    But I wanted to start the week with some lessons I’ve learned from quite a challenging summer 

    Most days in the run up to dads passing I didn’t want to deal with not only reality but life full stop 

    I know I joke about not being an adult, but let’s be honest I wouldn’t of achieved what I have so far if I was completely incompetent 

    But I did

    Because not only did I have people to that relied on me, my dad wanted me to step into his shoes…

    …and I needed to demonstrate that to him so he knew that all would be ok in his absence

    (I promised him ‘I got this’, and I do) 

    As well as death, I’ve struggled with my own thoughts, drink, being battered emotionally by ‘friends’, people letting new down, heartache 

    But no matter how many time’s I get knocked down – by others or my own hand –

    I get back up

    Yes it’s harder as I get older; the energy of your 20’s is different to that of your 30’s and now 40’s

    But no matter how shattered I am

    I get up and I get going

    I often have to FORCE myself to do the things that I know I need to do to ENSURE that I keep my word

    – It’s not fun or comfortable to start –

    The first few days suck ass

    Then the first week passes, then before you know it’s it’s weeks and months and your flying 

    You just have to keep going

    I said this recently it’s Fucking EASY to smash goals and achieve awesome things when you flying high when you are buzzing, resources are plentiful and your mind is in a good place

    It’s a fucker when the opposite is true 

    But as hard as it is when it’s hard, grind yourself through the work that needs to be done and eventually it gets better

    And if it doesn’t?

    Well, you ain’t through that part of the journey yet

    Keep going 

    If you are smashing life and business and all is great now?


    Make as much as you can out of this time while you can; but it it ain’t so 

    Be honest with yourself 

    End the pity party 

    And get to work

    Future you will thank you

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  • If you do what you said you would do when you were motivated when you DONT want to do it?

    You will go far

    I am one of the hardest working lazy fuckers I know

    I will work escsescsively and obsessively to never have to do something I don’t want to again


    Age is catching up slightly and am having I said I would do two lots of my stretching daily 

    Today I:

    – did not want to

    – couldn’t be arsed

    – has more fun things to do

    But here I am contorting myself into ridiculous shapes for a man of my beefiness because I said I would

    It is not comfortable or enjoyable or what I would like to be doing in the slightest

    But here we are

    Current me thinks this sucks a bag of dicks

    Future me will be grateful 

    Le sigh lol

    It’s very easy to have grand plans, lofty goals, massive transformative ideas and so forth and it’s pretty easy to work towards them when your motivation is high

    But when you don’t want to do it forever reason and then you FORCE yourself to do it in spite of how you feel

    That’s when the magic happens

    And it’s a lot like strengthening a muscle, you progressively get stronger and the load you can tolerate gets heavier; what was previously a challenge and miserable becomes easy and light

    Doing what you said you would do when you don’t want to do it will change your life

    By all means have fun, rest, enjoy life…

    …but I find ‘earning’ it by doing what I don’t want to do gives me quite a glorious ROI but physically, financially and mentally 

    Little food for thought for the weekend…

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  • Ya ever get fed up of all the doom and gloom merchants on social?

    Don’t get me wrong life and business has changed and possibly will stay so for a long time 

     ⁃ some for better, some for worse – 

    But I’ve seen a fair few posts saying how theres no one buying, that clients are deserting them etc 

    (Some completely valid but those that have adapted have done ok to great and TBH some people aren’t buying from certain ‘coaches’ as people now see what they DONT get)

    I digress

    But I wanted to share with you what happened with an email I sent out last week 

    Now I think in the last year I have talked about working with me 121 four times

    That’s it

    It’s something I do because I ENJOY it and not because I NEED it 

    I get a kick out of people achieving THEIR goals as much as I enjoy achieving my own

    And because I don’t NEED it, I can be selective with who I work with; if we don’t ‘click’ it’s a polite no; my energy/time is hyper precious esp since the goat climbed his final mountain

    – our time is the most precious possession we have – 


    I get between 5-10 replies over 2-3 days 

    Last week?

    I received 38 replies in less than 24 hours  and that’s with the caveats of:

    – It’s a robust 4-figure investment for 3 months 

    – The fact it’s done in MY style (which is custom/consultative and not some formulaic ‘fit-my-box’ bullshit)

    – There’s only 1-2 (maybe 3 if I find a last minute ‘banger’) spots

    – There’s no diary link to book a call; you had to reply (and in depth) 

    – It won’t be starting until my family duties are handled 

    Why am I sharing this?


    1) This post in itself is a brilliant soft sell; it’s a way of me reminding you what I have to offer


    2) You should model what I’ve done it and use it in your world

    But the fact is I WAS surprised at the sheer amount of people who are in an investment mindset

    The lesson for you




















    Of course you kinda have to be vaguely good at what you do and put something together that people actually want

    But seriously you can listen to the miserable media and cockwombles on social media who are moaning every fucking day

    Or you can just crack the fuck on anyways because I GUARANTEE you there are people in YOUR market RIGHT NOW making bank and living the dream

    You just gotta be prepared to work a bit harder for it – but I assure you it IS there

    And if I can help?

    Well, please refer to the subtle pitch above and drop me a DM

    If not?

    All I can say is I implore you to crack on; yes life can like you are shafted…dry as well…at times

    But the more I think ‘fuck it’ and just get out there in as positive and meaningful way as possible?

    The better my life gets and everyone else I touch


    Hope y’all had a good Monday!


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  • 2 Oct

    The Future Gets Better

    Blog Post

    Now REALLY is the time to take charge of your life

    I’ll share with you a little story

    When I first started out I had to hustle a £100 to spend it on a copy course

    When it came to spare cash I had fuck all

    I remember learning of alL these entrepreneurs and copy writers and personalities and experts earning 10’s and sometimes 100’s of thousands a mont

    That seemed INSANE back then

    My logic was simple though, they had to start out somewhere and if I just started – with no idea how or when it would happen – then one day I would get there too

    Wasn’t immediate but a 10k month appeared…and after a few years more a 100k month appeared 

    These were things I didn’t expect but simply applied the above thought process

    Now, times aren’t great but they are ok ish kinda

    They are likely to get worse before they get better, and the effects of what’s happening NOW will be in YOUR future you

    Future you needs you NOW to start 

    Future you needs you to invest in your skills

    Future you needs you to get good at shit

    Future you needs you to be shameless and get out there

    Future you needs you to ditch the excuses and get shit done

    Future you needs YOU

    Because future you doesn’t want to get fucked in the ass by current you’d decisions, or lack of

    I promise you RIGHT NOW it will NOT feel worth it

    There is rarely an immediate reward 

    It is often uncomfortable 

    You will get knocked back and knocked down


    If you keep going, and this sounds like such bullshit and I HAD to experience it to believe it 

    IF you choose to crack on? And keep going no matter what?

    The future DOES get better

    Food for thought…

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  • 28 Sep

    Consistency Leaves Clues

    Blog Post

    Consistency leaves clues (do something nice for future you)

    This morning I’ve done thing things I don’t want to do

    – I am doing them every day – 

    Right now?

    – unpleasantness 

    – not very good at them 

    – simply don’t want to do them and they smell and are rubbish heads 


    I know if I keep doing them, yes every day, that one weeks I’ll feel better and In months I’ll feel great

    – and then they will be habits – 

    This group you are part of and the things I have achieved have been down, in part, to stubborn consistency 

    It’s doing things WHEN you don’t want to do them for a long period of time – which doesn’t sound ‘sexy’ I know – that leads to rather fab results

    As well as having been around online for a bit now, I won’t won’t into it but have a rather odd visual memory 

    I can remember things in crazy detail and posts and chats from ages ago like it’s a picture or video I’m playing back

    There are people who I met online who were just starting out of waaaay ‘behind’ of where I was

    Those that kept consistent and didn’t flip flop what they were doing every few months are genuinely doing great now

    I was running through my friends list and a good chunk of these peeps were at best modest if any success and are now most low six/mid 6-figures and a few 7+ (as a biz overall not just them)

    Doing the same shit they did 6 years ago but got better and better and kept growing

    Here’s something I’ve found 

    If you’re a reader there will be a time when you need to move on from business/marketing/personal development books

    Because you will know the basics, what works and some great models and how to apply them 

    For me a lot of inspiration comes from history (it’s tends to repeat itself), philosophy (great for when your mind becomes less ‘busy’ and want more from life once basics sorted) and mainly biographies (and QUALITY – I emphasise that word for a reason) podcasts

    Learning form those who have achieved success in business, spots, science, the arts etc is fascinating

    All of them faced set backs…

    Many of them WERENT naturally talented or ‘the best’ at what they did..

    But they WERE consistent 

    And right now the ability to keep going ON MESSAGE while staying the course will see you sail through to the other side of this shitstorm


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