• Sinner or Saint?

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    Sinner or saint?

    Sis is at best challenging…so I told her the government will arrest us if we don’t go for a walk every day….



    Ultimately though, right now?

    We have to take advantage of everything we can while we can WHILE giving a fuck – more of a fuck than ever before it seems – about each other

    There were a few of us lapping the big lawn – all a good 10 meters apart


    Have to give a fuck in 2020

    Being a selfish just can’t be a thing when it comes to society anymore

    Ya know what

    I’ve defo sinned…

    – some of its been some seriously sticky fun –

    Don’t some shit I regret

    – we all have –

    …but how’s the time to be a bit more of a saint eh

    Look after your loved ones CWD

    Do what you can to make a difference x

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  • Selling through a shitstorm with Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

    The lovely Sarah is going the love coaching in the ‘MAKE BANK’ group tomorrow

    She made this today for everyone

    If you need to sell anything ever?

    Give this a read


    Don’t get in the way of your business…and your customers

    So many people are concerned over selling in this current ‘climate’…

    Lots of people I’m talking to are resistant to ‘making money out of this situation’

    The thing is revenue gives you choices:

    You can scale to increase awareness and help more people.

    You can keep a roof over your own head: remember you need to put your own oxygen mask on first.

    If you can truly help people, meet their needs or simply just make their life that little bit easier for them during this time then why wouldn’t you?

    Nobody is making them buy what you sell, your job is to make them aware of it…and make it as easy as possible to buy if they want to…if they see the value then they will buy.

    If you don’t meet their needs someone else will.

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  • stay at home resource #1


    With all that’s going on? I’m asking my peeps – online and offline to step up and offer MORE

    More support
    More kindness
    More effort

    You are going to see a LOT of new resources coming your way

    (EWD peeps you have seen some of the new tools and resources coming over the next 12 weeks post ‘MAKE BANK’)

    I’m going to kick off with something that – now – would be a good idea to focus on

    Your fitness

    I asked the boys who run my fitness business to create some ‘at home’ workouts and they are here for you:

    Mobility drills:


    Core circuit


    Legs/core circuit






    Full body workout #1

    At home workout #No.1 .Complete 30 seconds on followed by 30 seconds rest on each exercise (5 minutes per round)…

    Posted by Pure Results Fitness on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    Full body workout #2


    (And I’ll be adding a kettlebell workout later)

    Any questions my boys Andy DavisCameron Shean and Aaron Mason are on hand to help


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  • Today has been…

    …a day

    I’m a huge believer in positivity and fuck it – I’m going to drag as many of you into the light as I fucking well can

    So there

    Times ten

    No matter HOW small – can I hear your wins, good news, positive things

    – anything –

    That makes another smile

    I’ll go first:

    – I got DOOM eternal after 3 years waiting
    – helped a mum feed her baby for a month
    – got dad all his emergency medicine so now he feels better
    – got my sister a plan to help he stay happy
    – supported a local business
    – gave away 4 hours of my time helping those who needed it
    – signed up 3 new peeps to EWD
    – a follower send me a nude as a thanks for all my hard work
    – 700 people now coming into the challenge
    – cheered up my boys who run my gym and moved forward new business launch
    – I ate pizza


    LOTS I found when I took the time to be GRATEFUL

    How’s about you?

    Share some good shit!

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  • One Day When This Is All Over

    Now is the time to show the world what you can do

    I’ve spoken across various platforms about themes of:

    – Stepping up
    – Leadership
    – Taking ownership

    And in these trying times – and trust me I am 100% aware that this is coming from ME: remaining calm (as best you can), staying positive, (as best you can) and taking action are going to be key things to focus on

    Whether you serve 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s or 10’s of 1000’s if you have a following, community, subscribers or group

    People are looking for YOU to lead them

    People are wanting YOU to step up and show them the way

    People need someone to help them navigate troubled waters

    People need an arm around the shoulder and, from time to time, a foot up the arse

    Now I write this knowing full well that some of you RIGHT NOW?

    Are fucked

    You are more than entitled to be upset, angry and worried

    And yes you may think ‘it’s ok for you Dan’ but as I’ve said across the baronies platforms that I mentioned earlier

    I have people that rely on me
    75% of my family are in the high times category
    There are people depending on me so they can pay their bills
    I have to pay for care and support
    There are those you know nothing about and will never know about that I keep going

    If I go down?

    They’re fucked



    I’ve stepped up everything everywhere and sure as shit I will do what I need to do to get what I need to done ethically

    ^^^ I’ll do that with as much energy and positivity as I can muster; and use every fucking bit of my creativity to drag/motivate/cajole/bully/motivate/leverage/do – whatever I have to to to get those I serve what THEY need as best I can

    Times like these?

    Show you what you are made of

    If life’s fucked you I am truly fucking sorry; I don’t know your situation but I’ve spent times essentially homeless, I’ve lived out of what I could forage from bins and lost everything!


    And you will be too IF you keep your head up and if you endure – and yes you will have to endure

    And endure you will

    If I can help?

    I’m doing all I can over in CWD and sharing stuff to keep you going? Give you ideas and make you smile

    (If talk about what I’m doing next week for FREE but you can find out about that yourself you in the group)

    I’m doing what I can when I can where I can


    One day?

    All this fuckery WILL be over

    But people are relying on you now to step up, to lead, to show the way and to provide for them

    Be the fucking person deep down you know you know you can be and lead

    Yes these are trying times but keep your head straight, do what you can and fucking refuse to quit

    Never quit!

    As long as you are still alive and well you can DO and yes it might be fucking shit RIGHT NOW but you WILL get through the other side

    If you need it my inbox is open, the group is available for you

    Don’t let this fucker beat you

    Keep going

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  • Now is the time to LEAD

    Quite frankly there is a LOT of uncertainty right now

    People are panicking…

    Media stoked fear is running rife…

    Turn on your TV, scroll through your feed, open your emails, there it is Corona-fucking-virus

    And here we are, entrepreneurs, just trying to make sure everyone’s fed and the bills are paid…

    …let’s face it it’s not like we chose an easy route as it is

    Something that I think is causing the most amount is stress is the fact we haven’t got a fucking clue where this is gonna be over

    I’m convinced that a lot of the problem is that we just don’t know where it’s going and how it’s going to end

    We can’t control it

    So today I’m gonna suggest you just concentrate on the things you CAN control

    As I said yesterday I’m NOT going to give health advice as you likely already know what to do and are doing it

    But more than that?

    Concentrate on your business

    Because whatever happens over the next few weeks/months

    I don’t know when but IT WILL GET BETTER

    One day we will be looking back on our Facebook memories at the time people lost their shit I’ve toilet paper!

    We will get back to “business as usual”

    But if you let yourself get too caught up in the hysteria NOW?

    Your business WILL take a hit

    Then when it calms down, it’ll be an uphill struggle to get it going again

    So now is the time to be putting in that bit extra to make 100% certain your business not only survives, but THRIVES

    And my job is to help you do that


    Easiest thing in the world for me now, would be to YEET it all off and keep my head down til it’s all passed.

    I could make sure the fam is sorted and just stay out the way

    But I simply can’t do that

    You see the last 7 years of my life have been dedicated to making sure the people that trust me enough to open my emails, and follow my socials have what they need to GET SHIT DONE and SMILE while they do it

    Back end of 2019?

    I did the first ever ‘MAKE BANK’ challenge

    Now people need this more than ever and for that reason we’re doing it again.

    Starting in a few days time we’re starting the:

    Make Bank 2.0 – The ‘Stay Yo Ass AT Home’ Edition

    It’s gonna be bigger and better than before

    I will give you as many strategies as I can cram in, daily coaching and (favours cashes in) expert help you need to Make Bank now AND going forward

    It will give you the focus and structure you need NOW to drive your business forward, right through the middle of this complete shit storm

    I’ll be taking lessons from GRIT 1.0 and GRIT RED Edition to help the fear and panic you might be feeling and – hopefully – turn into something good

    For free

    Cards on the table – Join the challenge? There will be the opportunity to join us in EWD at the end (but only for a short time, and only got those who want extra support and advice for the next 90 days)

    But truthfully?

    That’s not the main reason I’m doing this

    If you do the challenge, make bank then decide EWD is not for you?


    This is NOT about hard selling you into EWD but I AM leading by example

    I’m getting my fucking head down and doing what I had planned to do before this all happened

    ⁃ just pivoting as many of us are –

    The reason I’m doing this now is so I can share with you the skills, tactics and methods you need keep moving

    This next bit gonna seem a bit weird but go with me

    When shit goes wild = I shine

    Since I was 5 years old I’ve had to deal with my sisters health issues and saved her life twice

    I got CALM when shit gets SPICY

    Times like this?

    I can keep your ass going and provide a bit of stability and structure when you need it must

    (That and I’m fucking funny and y’all need to smile through a shit storm)

    I know my stuff, I’m stepping the fuck up and I want to help as many people as I can ride this out and – all being well – thrive too

    If you have joined the group already


    About 450 of ya now

    If not?

    Join the group here:


    And let me do what I do best

    Keep Going, we’ll get through this!


    PS My email is still open if you want to get some shit off your chest – it’s dan@coffeewithdan.com

    PPS if you are this thinking that you can’t benefit from this or don’t have an online biz?

    That’s fair

    But I’ll be sharing some ways to make ££ online and level up your skills in other areas too – as a team we throwing a lot at this

    The WORSE thing that can happen by joining is you’re motivated for a week and maybe get inspired to do **something** new

    Give it a shot:


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  • My Thoughts And Musings To Get Through Coronavirus

    Right first of all as much of a sausage of silliness; I’m actually moderately smart and don’t let the media influence me with their fuckery

    As far as I can gleam:

    – yes it’s infectious and but mortality rates are only high for a) elderly or b) those with underlying health conditions/immune suppression but can affect anyone and if that’s you yes you need to be smarter (as I will be with my Dad & sis)
    – in comparison its around 10X more lethal than flu BUT the actual mortality rate (full range of ages/sexs etc and understand how the media use this statistic!) is around 1% overall
    – masks seem to increase protection around 5 fold from being passed ON if you have it, ‘out and about’/non close contact doesn’t make much difference but horses for courses
    – KNOWINGLY putting yourself at risk even if you aren’t in higher mortality/infection bracket isn’t smart
    – wash your hands throughly 20 seconds front and back with soap and running water (same length of time for hand sanitsizers but need to be 60% alcohol) soap and water is great!

    And the main one


    – look at your media sources and their reference
    – understand the agenda and political leanings as well as the fact that governments and regulators ARE putting in measures that may be out of your control
    – not all media is equal
    – apply logic and reason to proven facts not hyperbole
    – don’t share without checking your facts and the above

    With that in mind I’ve seen the following happen to clients:

    – events & meetings have been cancelled
    – travel to masterminds cancelled
    – income hit due to the above
    – reticence to invest ‘just in case’

    So far

    My advice is apply logic to all your thoughts and as whimsical as I am I apply critical thinking to ALL I do

    Do the same 😘

    If it’s affecting your business; share and let’s see if we can – as a group help you

    Any suggestions or tips for riding this out – I remember swine flu and SARS media panic – the above musings should help

    Understand many of those you serve WILL be swayed by the media and social shit storm so you need to fact that in to what you do especially if travel is required internationally IMO

    Few ideas for coming periods

    – have virtual options; if events live stream/recordings
    – understand how to use and leverage tools like zoom; get mic/pop filter/ backdrop to ‘level up’ your game
    – if you do mainly in person stuff; now might be a smart time to see IF you can create/leverage digital assets
    – if you’re travelling internationally see what THAT countries policy is and weight it up; they may restrict travel/you might (and I say might) not be able to go home etc so think about family/assets/cash etc
    – look at where your products come from can you source elsewhere (if struggling to get from China as an example)
    – think of how you can serve still serve people with your current role; how could you suggest changes IF needed
    – if you are worried Maybe use this as time to spend more time at home work on projects, catch up on admin, reading etc but don’t let it ruin your life
    – be supportive of those who are panicking and have adult discussions
    – stay fucking calm

    ^^^ few ideas off top of my head

    (And if you LEVERAGE the illness yourself somehow = you’re a 🔔🔚)

    But let’s brainstorm ideas and suggestions from a business point of to get through this


    – be nice
    – discuss as adults without insulting
    – don’t be a dick


    PS the only leverage I would use this for is to suggest to your significant other to stay in with look at memes and hang around in your pants eating bed snacks

    And if you don’t maybe use it to suggest to someone you fancy and would use the like to see without pants on you could use the line ‘let’s this out and keep our germs just between us’

    ^^^ I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have some filth in here 😈

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  • coronavirus business


    Let’s get through this TOGETHER

    This thread is dedicated to sharing

    – ideas
    – best practices
    – suggestions
    – biz opportunities (not dick moves)

    For how to not just survive but THRIVE during this time


    If you are STRUGGLING and need some ideas for your life and business?


    And let’s see if we – as a GROUP – can help


    I’m not being ignorant I’m taking precautions and shoring up areas in my business and life but I am NOT going to be a miserable fuck and I AM going to do what I can to help as many folks get through this shit show and THRIVE out the other side ok?

    Time to step the fuck up

    NOW is the time to help your fellow man and not be a selfish prick

    If you have some ideas that can legit help?

    Share em

    We are stronger together and chaos is where I do my best work


    Time to shine

    Oh and one thing I swear to fuck if there is ANY negativity or nastiness I will YEET a Fucker out of here in seconds

    Let’s be decent humans and help one another

    The ‘MAKE BANK – Stay At Home’ edition is still going ahead and we crack in this Sunday night

    If you ain’t joined yet? Join here:


    Rest of you?

    Step up

    We got this

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  • How A Winner Truly Wins

    If you believe it you CAN achieve it…(and this could be the pinnacle of my life)

    And two days what I believed in – with all my heart, for 7 years, I finally achieved a goal of mine I’ve had since my early 30’s

    As I’ve got older?

    My goals have evolved:

    Firstly it was all about saving my ass and trying to get a business off the ground…

    Next trying to make it as entrepreneurial in my own way…

    Then it to scale and grow to be able to – as much as I could – change the world…

    Some of the things I have achieved?


    – #1 best selling author for YEARS on Amazon in business, entrepreneurship and self help
    – #1 most downloaded audiobook that was so popular Audible/Amazon paid for my traffic
    – Delivered coaching and consulting personally over 3000 businesses
    – Top podcast in health and business multiple time’s
    – Changed 100’s of 1000’s of lives for the better

    ^^^ and there’s more but that’s my past

    Your only as good as your most recent successes

    Old you?

    Needs to be refreshed with new goals, new ideas, new achievements

    And one I’ve been working to for 7 years?

    – this Monday just gone –

    I finally did it

    I’ve lost count of how many times I have triedC and failed


    I felt like giving up

    This wasn’t for me

    Who the fuck was I to dream such grand dreams

    But I’m a tenacious little Fucker; I didn’t give up

    I didn’t quit

    I tried and tried and tried again

    And when it finally happened?

    I didn’t really know how to feel; kinda star eh really – it’s been a dream for so long?

    It was now reality

    I had achieved what i thought I never ever would

    Yeah I know loads of people brag on social; whether is this 6-figure launch, that 7-figure income, cars, holidays…

    – whatever –

    But I made this happen


    Yes I had a little bit of help but I took my thoughts – made them real – and I reached the very top

    And if you would like to see what I’ve done and, should you feel like it, share the joy and congratulate me?

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how to be f*cking awesome




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