• Fight to earn what you need to support the ones you love (and get angry if you’re not)

    Today was challenging

    Peeps in EWD know as planned to do a live so told em; the goat (my Dad) was back into hospital last few days and shits not fab

    But the charming old devil was getting the nurses on side when I saw him so he could get extra treats

    – I am my fathers son lol –

    We don’t have an extended family

    It’s me, mum, goat and my sister spud

    That’s it

    My family have always been there for me when I haven’t been well, and I’m proud I’m in a position to be able to help them when they need me

    They haven’t asked

    I’m just handling shit

    Which is why I truly urge all of you to work as hard as you fucking can NOW so IF you need it?

    You can be there for the ones you love

    My mentor Dex said to me not so long ago

    ‘Money solves most problems’

    And it does TBH

    It gives you freedom to help those who need it and help yourself as I’m able to next week when shit needs to be DONE

    Which is why I always advise focus on looking after your first

    Get your own house in order – get paid – THEN look to help others

    You simply can’t pour from an empty cup…

    And if you’re not in that position?

    You need to harness something deep inside to make you do the work that – let’s be honest – you probably don’t want to do

    I’m able to help my family NOW because of the YEARS of 5am starts and 1am finishes, 6 days a week, that built the foundation of what I have now

    It was exhausting but I just powered the Fuck through

    I got pissed off and used that negative energy for good:

    I was angry my folks had to work into their 60’s so hard

    I was angry at the fact we (as a family) get fuck all help for my sister what other lazy fucks get hand put out after hand out

    I was angry that I couldn’t give my family what they needed when they had given me all I got

    I channeled that anger into energy and and I worked my ass off


    Fuck no

    You get balance AFTER the hard yards have been walked

    Sure you can have it at now if you want

    But you probably won’t achieve all you want to achieve if you do

    There needs to be an element of sacrifice if you want to achieve more

    – only you can decide at what level you want to play –

    But if your maybe a month or two away from being fucked…

    If you aren’t where you need to be…

    And if people rely on you?

    Get angry
    Get to work

    It will suck ass now, but future you will be be grateful AF


    **post posting edit**

    PS Realised this could come across as one of those chest beating look at me raaaa alpha bullshit kinda posts

    If it does – soz

    I’m angry that my fam have to keep getting kicked in the teeth but I’m proud I can step up when they need

    I don’t often think when I write I just share what’s in my head or heart

    Hope someone got some value from this – appreciate you reading if you did

    PPS in the scope of honesty I vaguely look like I have a bicep here so yeah I’m getting mileage out of it #polishedturd

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  • [So you know why I’m doing what I’m doing and asking what I’m asking]

    Recently you will of seen me ask a few Q’s such as:

    – what level of biz are you at
    – what goals do you have outside of work

    Being the last few (and I have a few more to come)

    I believe in adding value

    – I hope you know this –

    But equally as a leader I believe it is my job to LEAD

    You won’t find me asking insipid questions over and over again

    Ya know why this is done?

    1 – engagement, people love talking about themselves

    2 – to feign interest thus building up a picture of your issues/weaknesses/obstacles to make closing you easier as you have told them what cracks to insert the knife and twist


    For me I try use it to get a ‘lay of the land’ and my ego isn’t so fucking massive that I think I know it all

    I don’t

    Think of it as a ‘pulse check’

    And then subsequent content is in alignment with a) my values and b) the greater good of the group

    I will personally DM everyone who took time to comment on the pinned post with the content and a few suggestions depending on where they are at

    Will I suggest some work with me?


    But I’m fucking open about it

    I’ll equally suggest some folks invest in trusted partners

    And yes I’ll be telling people who and what to steer away from as well

    If you lead a group you have a DUTY to lead with courage and conviction and morals

    If y’all JUST doing it to make £££

    You don’t have a community as far as I’m concerned

    You have a farm

    How I see it like this

    This is like a digital sea

    Time to time I fish

    If my bait is right, and I have picked the right spot

    I’ll catch some fish

    I see a fair few with groups – meh – it’s like they have a captive fish farm

    There’s no effort because the fish can’t go anywhere due to the manipulation techniques used and because they have been fed the same (shitty) food every day they actually think it’s good for them

    Hence when the food (bait) comes in from a fisherman

    They just bite – no matter if it’s good or not

    I’m not a greedy fuck; I do well and I enjoy what I do – no desperation from me

    So when you see me asking Q’s and figuring shit out?

    It’s so I can do my job and serve the masses not so I can prey on your weaknesses

    For those that want to be caught – if my bait is good and nourishing – they will bite

    May not be the smartest From a making all the £££ point of but fuck it

    Sits right with me

    So yeah if I think I can help – and I’m the right person to do it – I’ll say

    If I’m not, I’ll recommend

    But know this

    What you a) have seen me ask and b) will see me ask is to benefit the group overall

    I’d rather create LESS content that’s fucking gold and actionable than shitty post after shitty post- with a giggle and a competition and a challenge from time to time

    Your time is valuable and if ask yourself to engage it’s for you as well as me


    Just to show you a little of what’s going on behind the eyes and why I’m doing what I’m doing

    Any Q’s ask away, feedback welcomes as well as suggestions

    Hope y’all having a good day


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  • 14 Feb

    One Day It Will Happen

    Blog Post

    One Day It Will Happen

    Are you working on your weak points (or even worse kidding yaself that your working at all)


    This week


    Is gonna be a bastard; I’ve got a pretty cool goal for my 40th in June and I need to be a) lighter, b) more flexible and c) with able to withstand rapidly changing g-forces/impact

    – it’s gonna be legit fam –


    It’s VERY easy to focus on the areas we are good at – I could it cracked on with my nutrition and lifted heavy assed weights (I’m relatively strong)


    That’s all the shit I’m good at

    This week – and the next 94 days are all about the weak points I have in not just my body, but my mindset, relationships, businesses, happiness


    6 hours of my day, every day, is all about weakness in ALL the areas above

    I’ve read the books
    Had the calls
    Consulted the experts

    Thing is MOST people do exactly that – just what I’ve outlined

    But they do DO THE WORK that needs to be done after knowing WHAT to do

    – it’s not fun
    – fairly boring most of the time
    – painful (physically and mentally depending)

    But the thing where most fuck up is the fact they want it NOW

    Wanna feel good now?

    Have a wank

    Ya good?


    Now do the fucking work 😘

    Twattery aside the stuff I’m doing now is really just not what I wanna be doing as I get no pay off NOW

    I want the £££ NOW
    I want the body NOW
    I want the freedom NOW
    I want the happiness NOW
    I want the relationship NOW

    – we all want it now –

    And I’ll have all the above, I have a fair bit already – but there’s bits I don’t have

    And for those bits I have to do the work

    And the work that gets me those bits isn’t fun but it IS crucial

    Everyone wants the end result no on sees the fuckery it took to get there

    So if you aren’t there yet


    Because – and I can’t say when because there’s no way of knowing – but it kinda just ‘happens’ one day

    And that ‘happening’ (surprise surprise) is after a sustained period of work for time

    Shocker eh?

    Keep it up y’all

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  • 10 Feb

    Nothing Beats Consistency

    Blog Post

    Nothing Beats Consistency

    “What are you doing here, shouldn’t you be in the aerobics class twilglet?”

    At 19 years old (and thats me in the picture!) that charming comment was levelled at me by what can only be described as ‘bigger boys’ when I joined David Lloyd ( – my first *proper* gym as a skinny young man.

    After being quite a chubby (aka fat) teenager, I want though what I lovingly call my ‘manorexia’ phase where I only ate dinner, and ran 6 miles a night

    Resulting in this 154lb physique, at 6ft tall as looked ill, as you can see

    So, as a young man who was quite say and rather rubbish with girls did, I joined the gym

    Which is where on my SECOND day, I heard that when I ventured, timidly, into he weights room.

    I diligently went 3 times a week, **thought** I was giving it my all, and after a year of solid, hard work I had gained all of 10lbs

    Thats it

    Now as someone who truly hated how he looked, and didn’t enjoy confrontation I spent most of my nights out on the town in fear, worried if anything kicked off? I would be battered

    ZERO confidnce

    Great way to hit 20 eh?

    Do you have ANY idea how many times I wanted to give up and say ‘fuck it’ Im always going to be skinny?

    A lot
    Daily in fact

    Now I can’t explain to you how disheartened I was to look essentially like a stick man, and after I managed to secure an amazing but utterly cut-throat corporate job – I knew something had to change

    Do you know what I did?

    I bought 200k’s of weights

    Bribed my parents to let me turn their garage into a gym

    That, and told my friends I had left town

    For just over 7 months I didn’t go out, didn’t see anyone (I was always ‘away’ working) and forced down 6500-7000 calories every day.

    I ate until I was sick, was sick, and then kept eating

    I woke up in the night (twice!!) to eat

    That, and every single evening I did heavy assed basic as balls lifiting to th one tape that was stuck in the machine, Linking Parks first album

    6 days a week

    Never missed a workout

    Never missed a session

    And the result?

    I went from around 165 to 240lbs in 8 months

    No supplements
    No drugs

    Just consistent, hard, boring, daily fucking work

    Thats it

    So when people (and stuff gets back to me, its all good – people are entitled to their opinions) throw the ‘overnight success’ shit at me?

    Go back though my feed

    Everything, EVERYTHING I have done since I went ‘online’ has been pushing me towards where I am now

    15+ international flights
    45+ internal flights
    100’s of thousands in masterminds, events, coaching and calls
    1000’s of hours in training
    20 A4 books of hand written out fucking pages of bloody copy (can you tell I liked that one ha)
    18 hour days
    Handfuls of nootropics, BUCKETS of coffee, sleepless nights and panicked mornings
    That, and untold failures and fuck ups on a weekly basis!

    (yeah, NO ONE hits a home run or has a clean sheet – i assure you…)

    When it comes to ‘success’, or achieving ANYTHING the simple fact of the matter is nothing, NITHING beats consistent, forward momentum towards your goals

    You are not going to get there in a few fucking months!

    Sure, you can make some quick cash (if we are talking business here), but I guarantee you will be spending your life between feasts and famine

    Building something, a business, a movement, a legacy

    Takes a combination of time, relentless action, thick skin, sacrifice and constant, constant forward motion

    Was it fun essentially putting my life on hold for 8 months to gain the muscle and strength I craved since I first saw ‘Arnie’ in Running Man?

    Was it balls

    Am I glad I did it?

    I would change ANYTHING

    And the same goes for your business, career, physique, health – whatever it is

    If you want ‘it’, and I mean TRULY want it, you are going to have to put in the hard yards

    But I’ll tell you this

    You will look back on the journey FONDLY when you get there

    That, and I don’t want to be on my death bed thinking ‘what i’…

    Would you?

    Dan, aged 35, November 2015

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  • 7 Feb

    Pizza and Productivity

    Blog Post

    Pizza and Productivity

    What do you think of this:

    PIZZA & PRODUCTIVITY….if I built it, would you come?

    So I’ve been musing


    An interesting year so far… 🙃

    One thing I put on my own personal ‘danifesto’ was to being people together more

    I’ve mapped out a few ideas, but kept coming back to this:

    1. I like spending 4-6 hours with groups of people
    2. I like pizza
    3. I like getting shit done

    Now due to the fact I shamelessly talk to everyone, I’ve befriended a local cafe biz who I swapped some meal prep for biz advice

    We get on
    It’s a cool venue
    They have dedicated pizza ovens
    There’s lots of space but not so much it’s too much
    The pizzas are RIDIK

    I believe in serving and longer term vision (the latter now thanks to the cartoon…) and here’s the seeds of the idea

    1. Once a month I hold a ‘Pizza & Productivity’ session
    2. Thinking will be Wednesday, 5/6pm kick off and will be in Portishead (it’s near Bristol UK
    3. We get shit done. Eat pizza. Network. Go home with a plan (and yes there’s vegan options!)

    Price wise had two musings

    Sub £50 if you are willing to do some form of testimonial/post for CWD/the session/EWD/my book etc….

    …probably double if you aren’t

    All profits go to charity

    (And yes I **could** do it for free, but quite frankly people don’t value free shit so a few quid invested in YOU helps others AND yourself)

    Now when I do posts like this I always get ‘if love to come but I live in X’

    Well, we may come to ‘X’ one day – but when I was starting out I travelled 56,000 miles across the UK, Europe and America

    So yes, effort would be required – BUT I also have logic in this

    When you travel HOME, that’s when the next bit of the magic happens

    You subconscious will do it’s thing and your mind will be POPPING

    The ideas, clarity and breakthroughs you get AFTER our time together are just as valuable as the ones in the session

    (And I’ll show you how to maximise it and give you some tools to use as well)

    This is not a thing yet

    If you want it to be; you need to TELL me – and that’s what the comments below are are for

    Let me know your musings; if enough of you are prepared to do this?

    I’ll do what I need to do (can even get the goat to do shuttle runs from the station…I’ll make him wear a hat 🤣)

    Lemme know


    PS i really really love pizza, and FYI if I ever meet anyone wearing what I’ve posted in comment one (plus a few more criteria haha you know me)

    I’d probably marry them on sight 🤣

    PPS I won’t be cooking the pizza lol

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  • 3 Feb

    The Main Thing I Do

    Blog Post

    The Main Thing I Do

    When was the last time you did this

    1. Had an idea
    2. 80/20’d it
    3. Said ‘fuck it’ and just DID


    I had someone very successful DM me on IG yesterday saying they admired what I have done and how did I do it

    Of course a mixture of:

    – self development
    – network
    – coaching/mentoring/courses
    – books
    – learn from experts and my own mistakes

    But the main thing I do

    Is I just DO

    There’s LOADS of stuff that I’ve tried that doesn’t work; but I still gave it a go

    And plenty does work

    – this group
    – HTBFA
    – my gyms
    – my copy and marketing agencies (back in the day)
    – 9’s and 10’s 😏

    You have to TRY

    People aren’t talking about you as much as you think they have their own shit to handle 😘

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    There’s nothing worse than getting aroused and then not being able to ‘finish’


    Would you rather have a good experience or a half arsed one that your companion isn’t into?

    I’d much rather a good one

    Hence I’m asking a favour from you

    Seems this week, lots of you have massively resonated with my stories from my past

    If you havent read them so far, part 1, 2 & 3 are here:

    Losing it all –
    Part 1 https://www.facebook.com/groups/coffeewithdan/permalink/2459878084130510/

    Hungry and hating life –
    Part 2 https://www.facebook.com/groups/coffeewithdan/permalink/2461852747266377/

    The lowest point –
    Part 3 https://www.facebook.com/groups/coffeewithdan/permalink/2463808823737436/

    Now as promised the final part will – I hope – be a massive pay off for you

    I went to london to reconnect with a part of my life – and a part of myself – that I had lost touch with

    But I was struggling

    There was an element that I was torn between sharing or not

    Some of you will judge me
    Some of you will resonate

    – that’s ultimately going to be down to you and your filter –

    So like I did earlier this week I went for a walk

    And this?

    This inspired the ‘missing piece’ for the finale to my ‘RECONNECTION’ series

    (I think it’s going to be some of the best content I’ve written for a while)

    I have what I need

    But I need something from you



    I promise

    It’s how I can wrap this up in a way that’s valuable to you and your business

    This isn’t ‘engagement hacking’ (ugh)…

    This isn’t laziness on my part…

    This is simply me wanted to honour the 1000’s of you that have read my post and the 80a+ DM’s I’ve received

    I owe you my best

    And I need your help – and a bit of time – to give you my best

    So the favour?


    Inspired by this woodland discovery:

    ‘What wish, if it came true, would make you truly happy’

    I don’t care what it is


    I just want to know what – if you chucked a coin down this well – what you think would make you truly happy

    (Can even be as ridiculous as being a famous celebrity type or have a foot long ‘sausage’ – whatever’s good for you)


    what is it?

    Don’t low ball it

    If you have limiting beliefs around what you think you deserve/want/can have

    For this?

    Park them if you can

    You want it – thinks it’s the thing you want – I wanna hear it

    Go nuts

    And you could let me know what it is by Sunday night?

    Then part #4 can be completed Monday….I think when you read it you will see it’s worth the wait

    As well as that, any feedback, comments, breakthroughs or musings on the previous 3?

    I’d be greatful to hear them

    Once again, thank you for your time



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  • 27 Jan

    Re-Introduce Yourself

    Blog Post

    Re-Introduce Yourself

    What’s new with you?

    Hey CWDers, I was taking a browse through the introductions post the other day and it dawned on me

    That thread has been up and running since waaaaay back in 2015

    And some of you were here right back when if all began

    Whether you’ve been here for almost 5 years or not quite 5 days, chances are there’s been plenty of changes happening in your world.

    In fact the biz you were running, starting up or even just thinking about when you wrote your intro could be nothing like the one you’re running now.

    Time for an update?

    Drop a comment below to let us know

    – Who you are

    – What you do and who you do it for

    – What you love about what you do

    – What would make what you do even more awesome

    You never know there could be someone else here who needs what you have to offer


    The more I know about where you’re at right now, the more I can tailor content and challenges to what you need


    Just the way we like it 😉

    Speaking of tailored content,

    A short while back I did a content series covering 5 key areas that really move the needle in your busines

    AKA the 5 Pillars of Fucking Awesomeness

    It was some of my best content covering:

    Copywriting: How to improve your copy so you generate more leads and sales online AND offline.

    ​Mindset: How to keep powering forward whatever life throws at you – because life WILL bend you over from time to time

    Health & Fitness: If you’re out of shape with fuck all energy your confidence, happiness and business suffers. Let’s change that.

    Skill Development: How to break out of bright shiny object syndrome, choose courses that work and actually get shit implemented

    ​Productivity: My personal productivity systems for getting shit done without getting buried in work
    And it WOULD have got lost in the abyss of Facebook

    …if we hadn’t got it transformed into a 60 page PDF which is yours to keep absolutely free.

    What you need to do to get your hands on it is head on over to www.coffeewithdan.com/5pillars

    Drop your email in the form and you’ll get a copy in your inbox within 5 mins

    You’ll also get onto the CWD email list if you aren’t already which means you’ll get access to the content I send out there that isn’t seen anywhere else.

    Here’s that link again


    Head on over and request access then pop back here to give us an update on whats happening in your world

    By the time you’ve written your re-introduction, the PDF will be ready and waiting in your inbox

    Looking forward to re-meeting loads of you and meeting some of you for the first time


    P.S. We have a rather useful bot that’s specific to CWD

    You can ask it Q’s, get stuff and you also get notified of the free trainings, content, webinars and offer we do at times

    We are very much NOT spammy with it, but it stops you missing out on the good stuff:

    Here’s the link https://m.me/coffeewithdan?ref=jointhebot

    And your added

    Oh and – because I admire cheekiness but not spammy ways – no opt inlinks/sales pages/groups etc

    If your good? They will find you – as well I 😘

    Right hope that all makes sense – feel free to add me/follow me as me (Dan – my personal profile) on FB or @therealdanmeredith on IG…my stories are wild 😉

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  • Where I Used To Be And How I Got To Where I Am

    2 Years sober today

    Lessons from ditching the demon I never thought I’d live without, if I even lived at all

    Two years ago, and maybe a few hours from posting this, I drank my last alcoholic drink

    To say that alcohol had featured heavily in my life is, somewhat, of an understatement

    For those that have followed me for a while?

    You will likely be familiar with elements of this story

    But theres some bits that I’ve been reticent to share – but I cant preach what I don’t pratice can I?

    So yes, there may be some who are turned off by what I say

    – and thats cool –

    But equally it might help out a peep or two; and thats a fair price to pay

    Before I dive in, I’ll explain the picture later as this is the 2nd year I’ve used the pic in the above left of me on the bike – and it has meaning to this post (many of you know her…)

    For now?

    Im going to try and explain why this is such a big deal for me – and as the story goes on – I hope it will begin to make more sense and be valuable to you as well

    (This has taken a few days to write, there may be some randomness as we go along but I think it comes together nicely at the end)

    Shall we then?


    Now I’ve always drunk since my teens; I was a naturally shy and quiet kid (really!) and I wanted to be fun like the other kids and less quiet

    Alcohol – it turned out – was that magical elixir that seemed to do it for me and had been a passenger to most, if not all, of my social gatherings

    And I turned out Dan could drink a LOT!

    I was very much the ‘life of the party’ and even though I could put it away?

    I could be relied on to get the party started

    Sure, I did some dumb shit

    But nothing bad, no fights, no nasty stuff

    Just fuckery and saying stupid things TBH

    Never really thought I had a problem, and didn’t really until I started to become a thing

    It started off fairly innocuous

    I started the agency (marketing/copy/funnels etc for the fitness/supplements industry)

    Before I knew it had scaled it up to mid/high $6-figures and was ‘on the tools’ for maybe a 1/2 day a week

    – we were good, and yes that really was it –

    So I drank because I was bored

    And because I was lonely (I’ll be coming back to that theme bit later, and more than once as I meander along with the prose)

    My partner at the time was a dancer – quite famous in her world – and was away on tours and what have you

    So I was on my own a lot with nothing but my mind for company

    What started at a few drinks to end an evening…

    …routinely ended up being a bottle of grey goose every night

    (Ive never had a hangover and when I discovered ‘The Goose’ it was – for my body – a victimless crime)

    Sadly myself and my partner at the time broke up due to my own BS and I thought I needed to escape so literally packed a single back pack and fucked off from Somerset to Brighton to start a new life by the seaside

    The fresh start WAS amazing, but I found if harder and harder that I was a ‘thing’ as time went on

    (Looking back just running away from shizzle and not dealing with it eh?)

    This random little bearded nugget of a human had sold 100’s of thousands of books and the sheer amount of kind messages and emails and what have you – to be totally honest – overwhelmed me

    I mean, I had one person who had planned to tap out and they got an email about my audiobook and were listening to it AS THEY WERE PREPARING

    My book saved their life

    It messed with my head

    Hence the drinking got earlier and I’d sometimes ‘top up’ with a 1/2 bottle of gin

    Now you might be thinking:

    ‘boo hoo, look at the poor beardy man getting all sad over being successful’

    Ya know what?

    TOTALLY with you on that one

    I used to se successful people and when they had issues or whatever I was like

    ‘Fuck em, they got money’

    But you know what

    If you don’t like who you are, are lonely as fuck and – honestly – couldn’t give a shit if you saw another day

    Ya start to feel sympathy not for what they have done but for the fact they are human

    I had all these people saying I had changed their lives – 100’s of 1000’s

    And there I was

    Seemingly most nights (if I hadn’t passed out by this point)

    Sat on the floor in my living room with the same headphones Im wearing now on crying my eyes out – downing neat gin – with zero fucks about if I saw the next day


    Because all those years of drinking was my coping mechanism to deal with the fact that I never, ever felt good enough or worthy of anything

    I felt like I was NO ONE


    Haha Dan fuck you no one will ever love you


    No one gives a shit about you ya bearded twat, your only as much use as you can do for someone

    So thats what I began to believe

    Yes I had an amazing family/team/mentor (more on them later, as they feature prominently)

    But when you dont feel anything towards your own existence bar what you can do for others, you begin to just stop caring about yourself

    I showed up
    I made a difference
    I did the work
    I changed lives
    People got paid
    Everyone got what they wanted

    As long as I worked?

    I was useful

    So thats what I focussed on, doing what I could to make others lives better – my logic being back then that my life isn’t particularly important; so as long as I make a difference to OTHERS lives then It was, technically, a worthwhile life

    I mean, I had a couple of little mini-heart attacks and I wasn’t even bothered

    Still remember being covered in electrodes (I took selfies, theres a post or two around) and more concerned with and more bothered abut the fact I was running out of battery and would be stuck there with nothing to do…

    Mad eh?

    But thats the thing when you are trapped in this spiral of self destruction, you tend to only think about yourself

    The gratitude I have for my family, mentor, team, some close friends I dont know If my words can do it justice

    It had me locked into a selfish, destructive downward spiral that made me – looking back – a fucking asshole at times

    Alcohol had me in its grips and I just didn’t care

    I ruined my mentors summer and nearly drove him insane m with endless calls in between manic highs and crippling tear drenched lows…

    My family had to see me beat myself up – literally – as I was in such a destructive and sad place with only my sister giving me a cuddle stopping me…

    My poor team would lose me days as I would go off on a bender…

    (I cant ever thank them enough for sticking with me)

    I had no idea why They did, but they didn’t leave me and I am very lucky to have them all in my life still

    Sadly though some took this opportunity to attack, poison, back stab and go to TOWN trying to destroy me

    Funny who steps up when you need it the most?

    People I had been there for, pretty much created businesses for, people I classed as friends?

    Had literally done everything they could to destroy my business and reputation – I didn’t find this out until some time after the event

    That hurt you know

    Yes I was a mess at times, and sure I had done some dumb shit

    But the screenshots I was sent, fucking killed me inside

    If I hadn’t made the vow Im about to tell you about?

    I reckon it would of seen me off for good

    Which brings me back to the picture

    Top left?

    Thats DucatiBAE

    Now this is gonna sound weird – and only a few know this – but I wanted to share as recently I had to decide If I was going to sell her or not

    (I’m quite a good biker now and the power and speed of her I’ve simply outgrown a bit)

    This night 2 years ago I had conversations with people I love and respect – hard, tearful, painful ones

    I made a promise

    Not a promise – a vow

    I was done with alcohol

    Not for a month
    Not for 90 days
    Not for 6 months


    I had some great help and support during this period, but I said I was gonna get a bike so I (still a bit tipsy on what would be tomorrow morning) got a taxi to the dealership

    And bought DucatiBAE there and then

    (Don’t worry I didn’t ride her home, she was delivered a few days later)

    She saved my life

    I remember patting her on the tank in the store and said

    ‘You don’t kill me, I wont drink again’

    She didn’t
    I haven’t

    Thats why – no matter what – I can never sell her

    I wanted to share that because I know my love of motorcycles seems a bit OTT but it gives me a sense of happiness and peace that alcohol never gave me

    Now we are getting a bit off topic here, so we are gonna go back in time for bit, then forward

    Dex did this post a year and a bit ago


    Ya know all I’ve ever wanted?

    Was to be happy

    And asking for help to be happy was kinda fucking hard

    But I did

    You see, I’ve done some pretty crazy things from partying in the playboy mansion….to flying in a first class cabin on a party jet…to being in VIP suites in vegas partying with models…

    …and some crazy, filthy, probably dangerous, very ridiculous shit in-between

    Ive done all the things that I thought would make me happy

    – money
    – women
    – alcohol
    – VIP life
    – watches
    – toys
    – experiences

    Literally every thing that I wanted to do and experience – I’d done – yet I didnt feel any happier deep down

    WTF eh?

    Hence drink became my ‘go to’ whenever the nights used to draw in and Iw as lets with my own thoughts

    ^^ and here we have the rub

    My own thoughts

    I have what I have and I manage it well (the hypomania)

    Its good now

    But it wasn’t for a long time

    But the idea of BEING LEFT ALONE WITH MY OWN THOUGHTS was fucking terrifying

    For weeks and weeks I used to make myself exhausted and run podcasts from 8pm all night until I passed out – sober – but distracted

    Before long, I simply couldn’t keep this up

    So I was forced to do the work on me that – honestly – I dont think I’d ever done

    Why dont I feel worthy of love
    Why dont I think I have any friends
    Why dont I care if I’m here or not

    Honestly some of the most painful shit I’ve experienced and as hard as it was? Its perhaps the most worthwhile thing Ive ever done

    I couldn’t of done it without my family, mentor, close team/friends ad a few special humans who (when others jumped ship) stepped up

    You know who you are in both categories – and Im grateful for both

    Because it showed me that even though there are some truly shitty humans on this planet, there are some amazing ones that are worth their weight in gold

    And with the right ones around you?

    You can get through all manner of shit

    As you can see, a bit of a merry go round of a story – highs and lows, here and there

    I think it makes sense, and I hope you got something out of it

    That me?

    That me that wanted to destroy himself because he didnt feel good enough…

    Still shows his head time to time – I’ll never believe my own hype – but I have it in control now, it doesn’t control me

    Which is kinda cool

    I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and love myself?

    Well, I’m only two years sober

    Baby steps eh


    Me clearly avoiding the subject aside, I’ve learned a fuck tonne about me and life and business in general through this journey

    And as you can see on the pictures, theres a happier less fucked up Dan

    Im closer to my family than ever before (Ive always loved them to bits) but see them all the time and especially since Ive been sober Anna has both broker her neck and had a liver tumour removed – and Dad has survived cancer

    I was able to step up when needed, and be there for my family as they have been there for me

    Alcohol was such a crutch it seemed

    Ive had some of the hardest, most painful, challenging 2 years of my life – and although it hasn’t ben easy

    It hasn’t broken me either

    Ive been able to deal with shit and get shit done, its amazing what you can do when you don’t buy your head in the sand and just deal with shit eh?

    That and I have a job I love

    I don’t have to do things/buy stuff/go places to either try make me feel happy to impress people

    I am – in essence – a quiet kid who likes nature, the sea, his family, motorbikes, books and orange fudge

    I like making people happy
    I want to make a difference
    I actually do give a shit about others

    If that makes me a bit soft?

    Then so be it

    Im a bit soft

    (Most of you fucking know it anyways lol)

    Ive got a loving family, a great team, a brilliant/batshit mentor, a nice home, the toys I need, and a job I love

    Not bad eh?

    That and look how happy I am in the bottom pics; loving life and getting to help epic peeps

    The loneliness I mentioned earlier?

    Still there – but Im getting better at combatting it; and in a position (with my network & CWD) to be able to do soemthing about it

    – which is my big plan for 2020 –

    I haven’t done a mammoth post in ages, Im sure theres some waffle, grammatical fuckery and randomness in this

    But thats me


    (And In my defence felled by man flu today so im kinda fucked and wrote this over a few days….I did my best!)

    In closing?

    Life can change – if you want it too – but you cant do it alone

    I never thought I’d be able to not only kick the drink, but deal with the shit that made me want to numb myself to life

    I managed it

    And I am NO ONE special

    If life isn’t where you want it to be right now?

    Try not to panic

    It can, and if you ask for help and just be fucking honest with yourself that you aint 100% right now you CAN change

    Yes there are some total cunts (and I never use that word, but what some people did to me was pretty awful) in the world

    But there are even more people that are fucking awesome who will go to bat for you and help you when you need it the most

    No need to tag anyone, you know who you are and I fucking love you

    (That and theres too many, I am behind grateful)

    Life is for living ladies and gentlemen, and if the last two years have taught me anything?

    Is that many of the ‘riches’ you seek?

    Are within your grasp

    You just have to put out your hand

    Thank you for reading, and for being a part – no matter how big or small – in my life



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