27 Jan

Re-Introduce Yourself

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What’s new with you?

Hey CWDers, I was taking a browse through the introductions post the other day and it dawned on me

That thread has been up and running since waaaaay back in 2015

And some of you were here right back when if all began

Whether you’ve been here for almost 5 years or not quite 5 days, chances are there’s been plenty of changes happening in your world.

In fact the biz you were running, starting up or even just thinking about when you wrote your intro could be nothing like the one you’re running now.

Time for an update?

Drop a comment below to let us know

– Who you are

– What you do and who you do it for

– What you love about what you do

– What would make what you do even more awesome

You never know there could be someone else here who needs what you have to offer


The more I know about where you’re at right now, the more I can tailor content and challenges to what you need


Just the way we like it 😉

Speaking of tailored content,

A short while back I did a content series covering 5 key areas that really move the needle in your busines

AKA the 5 Pillars of Fucking Awesomeness

It was some of my best content covering:

Copywriting: How to improve your copy so you generate more leads and sales online AND offline.

​Mindset: How to keep powering forward whatever life throws at you – because life WILL bend you over from time to time

Health & Fitness: If you’re out of shape with fuck all energy your confidence, happiness and business suffers. Let’s change that.

Skill Development: How to break out of bright shiny object syndrome, choose courses that work and actually get shit implemented

​Productivity: My personal productivity systems for getting shit done without getting buried in work
And it WOULD have got lost in the abyss of Facebook

…if we hadn’t got it transformed into a 60 page PDF which is yours to keep absolutely free.

What you need to do to get your hands on it is head on over to www.coffeewithdan.com/5pillars

Drop your email in the form and you’ll get a copy in your inbox within 5 mins

You’ll also get onto the CWD email list if you aren’t already which means you’ll get access to the content I send out there that isn’t seen anywhere else.

Here’s that link again


Head on over and request access then pop back here to give us an update on whats happening in your world

By the time you’ve written your re-introduction, the PDF will be ready and waiting in your inbox

Looking forward to re-meeting loads of you and meeting some of you for the first time


P.S. We have a rather useful bot that’s specific to CWD

You can ask it Q’s, get stuff and you also get notified of the free trainings, content, webinars and offer we do at times

We are very much NOT spammy with it, but it stops you missing out on the good stuff:

Here’s the link https://m.me/coffeewithdan?ref=jointhebot

And your added

Oh and – because I admire cheekiness but not spammy ways – no opt inlinks/sales pages/groups etc

If your good? They will find you – as well I 😘

Right hope that all makes sense – feel free to add me/follow me as me (Dan – my personal profile) on FB or @therealdanmeredith on IG…my stories are wild 😉


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