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Going From Zero to ‘Something’

I put a post out in Coffee With Dan the other day asking people what they wanted to learn from me.

Or in other words, ‘sucking from the teet of my knowledge’ that I’ve somehow managed to accumulate over the last three years on my entrepreneurial adventure.

And one of the questions that came up over and over and OVER again was how to get something off the ground, how to launch a product or how to create something from nothing.

And I’m sick to death of giving the same answer.
So let me show you a really really f*cking simple system I use to get things off the ground and off to the races.

One: I have an idea
Two: I spend an incredibly short period of time researching on Google or Facebook to see the validity of the idea.
And Three: I Take Action

Now this may seem incredibly – fucking – simple. And the truth is….it is.

Case In Point: Now I’ve been wanting to do stand up comedy for a long time now. So what did Dan go and do?

Dan did a Google search for ‘stand up comedy in Brighton’. Dan found a course. Then Dan immediately messaged the person and signed up. That simple.

When we launched GRIT 1.0, which was the most successful – probably ever – off the cuff training course about personal development and ‘getting out your own way bullsh*t’ course we’ve ever ran.

I came up with the idea. I had a look to see what was on the market already. I wrote a very ‘salesy-esque’ post in Coffee With Dan and I launched it….plus obviously letting Tega there was going to be some ‘stuff’ happening soon which he was delighted to hear.

Here’s something I learned from a film called We’re The Millers. This is in regards to the young chap in the film who was struggling to meet a lady. The main character was giving him some advice from a dating perspective and he called it his ‘Three Second Rule’.

He said you’ve got three seconds to talk yourself out of doing something.

Every single person I speak to has an internal monologue that runs the same old story; ‘I cant’ do that’ and ‘I’t won’t work’. They spend so much time analysing their own bullsh*t, they don’t take any action.

This may seem incredibly simplistic – and you’d be correct.

A lot of people ask me for advice on how to set up a business or how to launch products or how to become a coach…even if you’ve got the skillset. And here’s the answer I tell them…


I really wish I could wrap it up in some expensive course and just take all of the monies for it but it really is not that hard. You have an idea. You look at the validity of that idea and you take f*cking action.

And the best way I’ve found to do that is with money.

For example, when I first wanted to start my gym, I spent a few years collecting credit cards and kept them empty. I went into a Real Estate Agent, and as soon as something came up and took my fancy…BOSH. I snapped it up. Deposit down.

Consider this for a second…

Had I launched a gym before? No

Had I staffed a gym before? Nope

Had I done any of the things I’d needed to do to set up a gym before?

Had I fuck. Nothing.

As soon as you take action, put some actual pennies down and set a deadline; whether it’s in a course, personal training or you want to do something…something happens.

All the bullsh*t thoughts disappear and you’re mind focusses on ‘how do I fulfill this’ rather than ‘this can’t work’.

All the ideas you may have…if you don’t take action, they’re just dreams and thoughts that will stay up in your little peanut and take them to the grave.

My mentor Dexter says this is my genius – surprisingly enough.

Dan is kinda smart but dumb. In other words, I like to think I’ve got a decent brain on me but I don’t think things through too much. I spent a long time of my life just thinking and overthinking about the things that could happen. But you know what matters?


What matters is the fact I took – fucking – action.
It’s really that simple. and I do wish I had some fancy programme I could sell to you off the back of this but I don’t.

It’s dead simple.

Find out if your idea is available. Put some money down. Give yourself a deadline. Crack the fuck on.
Here’s a little secret. Some of the most successful people in the world, some of which I’ve met have absolutely no idea what they’re doing until they do it.

And that’s the fun thing! But a lot of people have lost the joy in figuring things out. None of us know what we’re doing when we start out. You could get coaching, read books and go through courses but ultimately, we’re all figuring it out as we go a long.

I’m not saying you should do stuff that you’re not good at. You’ve got to have a degree of skill first and have the ability to do what you say you’re going to do.

But honestly, so many people I’ve spoken to who’ve got 8-9 figure empires have absolutely no idea what was going to happen until they did it.

And I said this on a coaching call the other day to one of my clients…

Imagine you want to launch a business, put a product out there or even ask someone out.

You don’t know what’s going to happen until you invest.

Whether it’s your time, energy or money. It doesn’t matter. What matters more is that you choose to invest in it.

Think about your phone or laptop. I can bet right now you’ve probably got 5,10,15,20 tabs open at the same time.

Imagine how much RAM your phone is using trying to keep up with all the ‘stuff’ that’s going on in the background? You’re no different.

Once you’ve invested and said ‘F*ck It, I’m doing the thing’, all those ‘what ifs’ vanish. All your precious thoughts and energy are now focused on how you actually fulfil this thing.

Once You Commit…Good Shit Happens!

So when did things switch for Dan?

I just decided to stop giving myself excuses and put my money where my mouth was. I announced what I was going to do socially to my tribe and did it.

Did I have failures? Of course. But not that many. Definitely more successes than failures.
I’ve written two books now, both of which best sellers.

How to Be F*cking Awesome

I Get Sh*t Done Planner

What did I do? I put my money down, hired someone who know how to create books, paid them and wrote my book in 7 days. I did the best I could. I just gave it a go. I learned on the job.

And that’s my little tip bit today…

Fail first, fail often and crack – the – fuck – on.
Hope that was useful. If not, no worries. It’s only 10 minutes of your time.

Toodle Pip.



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